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Brand Guidelines MARCH 2021 | V1

Welcome If you’re new here, welcome! And if you’re not new here...welcome back! The book you’re about to read (or re-read) is our HRVue brand guide, an important collection of our written and visual brand standards. If you’re just learning about HRVue for the first time, this document is an important starting point to understand the what and why’s behind our brand. But as you continue on working with HRVue, this document will serve as a reference point any time you have questions about our company, our brand design, our social media strategy, etc. As you look through this document, there are two important things to keep in mind. First always remember this brand guide is constantly changing. As the brand grows and the company changes, there will be new changes to learn and adopt in daily practice. So always take time every few months to review the brand guide and stay on top of changes. Secondly, always know this document does not fully cover EVERY facet and detail of the brand. This is a starting point, but always know if you have questions or need more details, you can reach out at any time to the team at HRVue. Happy reading!

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Primary Logo Secondary Logo Spacing Usage tips


Heading Body Copy Font Hierarchy & Sizes Examples of Hierarchy






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HR Vue Brand Guidelines



March 2021

With over 25 years of experience and an employee-centered approach, we know how to build and sustain a workplace that people want to stay. We believe success comes from an equal, dynamic, and diverse workforce. We offer a full suite of services, from mentorship to reorganization, for all sizes of businesses. We’re able to meet clients' needs at the capacity that makes sense for them. We started to create and maintain equal and diverse workplaces so dynamic people want to stay and grow. Our passion is helping women promote themselves in their career with mentorship and education.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines


January 2021

BRAND NOTES HRVue is full of energy, empathy, and the expertise to navigate others through their journeys in the workforce—in the capacity that is right for them. HRVue is founded on the need for a better view of the Human Resources department within companies.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Voice & Tone


January 2021

POSITIVE, not negative. ENERGETIC, not dull. EMPATHETIC, not ineffective. EMPOWERING, not condescending.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Moodboard Our moodboard captures the visual essence of our brand. You’ll find that our voice and mission resonates through these images, and serves as a one page translation of the inspiration behind our branding. In the next spread, you’ll find a breakdown of why each image speaks to our brand.


January 2021


HR Vue Brand Guidelines



HRVue brings energy and excitement to the

We believe kindness is an important trait for

HR components of any business. We show this

leadership, and an important quality to search

through the lightning bolt imagery - although

for in a team. We believe in putting empathy

we have a lot of experence, we speak to new and

first, and approaching tough situations with a

small businesses looking to invigorate their HR

kind heart. When leaders invest in spreading

processes with positivity.

positivity and kindness throughout their team, they can change the outlook of their employees,

Our sunset imagery speaks to the new opportunities we can help unlock through our services. By leaving the HR work to us, you’ll be able to expand your business to new levels. We believe each day is brimming with possibilities— every step you make today leads to long term growth in the future.


and inspire big changes from their coworkers.

March 2021

EMPOWERING As a company, we believe each individual has the power to make impactful change. With that in mind, we aim to help our clients inspire their employees to make the changes they wish to see in their company, and in the world around them. When employers can empower their employees to be themselves and make big changes, employees will stay on and continue to grow along with their workplace.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Logo PRIMARY LOGO The primary wordmark logo is featured in the brand’s Coral color, Coral Vue. The color version is generally preferred and it is recommended to use it as often as possible - however, there are two variations of this logo available for use. Do NOT use this logo on Coral Vue colored


backgrounds, or backgrounds with low color contrast. Examples would include Iconic Pink or Sunny Disposition.

March 2021

SECONDARY LOGOS The secondary logos are the same structure and design as the Primary Logo, but these versions come in black and white for use in situations where the primary logo does not have enough color contrast on the background it’s being displayed on, or if the background color does not work well with the primary logo color. The black logo should primarily be used in

lighter color combinations, such as with our Iconic Pink, while the white logo can be used on dark colored backgrounds, such as Coral Vue or Coastal Teal.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Logo LOGO SPACING When working with the HRVue logo, it’s important to provide plenty of space between the logo and the content on the page. A good rule of thumb is to provide the width of one “H” around all sides of the logo. This means that as you scale the logo up and down, the amount of required spacing will vary.


However, this may not always feel like the right amount of spacing, depending on the context - providing more space around the logo, when appropriate, is always recommended. Use your best discretion when placing the logo, but always be sure to not use any less space around the logo than the width of one “H”.

March 2021


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Logo LOGO USAGE TIPS For our tips on how to best use the HRVue logo, we’ve compiled a couple common design mistakes to avoid when using the logo. Please note however that this list is not all-encompassing and some misapplications beyond this list are possible.

If you are unsure about a logo application, please be sure to ask and confirm if your work is on brand before printing or sharing it online.

Do NOT use the logo on a background with poor color contrast.

Do NOT provide minimal to no space around the logo.

Do NOT use unapproved color variations of the logo.

Do NOT place the logo on top of any of the blob graphics.


March 2021

Do NOT make the logo extremely small or large.

Do NOT use any variations of the old logo.

Do NOT apply a drop shadow to the logo.

Do NOT resize letters or sections of the wordmark.

Do NOT place the logo on a background where it has very little color contrast.

Do NOT stretch or condense the logo.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Typography HEADLINE FONT For headlines and sections of important text, HRVue uses the font Lexend Deca, created by Thomas Jockin and available via Google Fonts.

The font is available in one variation - regular.

Lexend Deca ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$&(){};:’”<>?


March 2021

BODY FONT For body copy, captions, and other pieces of text, we use the font Mada, a sans font by Khaled Hosny and Paul D. Hunt, and available through Google Fonts.

The font comes in multiple variations - however, we primarily use the Regular, Semi bold, and Bold variations. Other weights are welcome but must be used with discretion and purpose.

Mada ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$&(){};:’”<>? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$&(){};:’”<>? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$&(){};:’”<>?


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Typography TYPE HIERARCHY When working with the brand fonts and laying out type, you can start by using the type hierarchy laid out in this guide. By starting with these standards, you’ll continue to hold consistency across the brand, and it’ll make the initial design process just a bit easier. Type hierarchy is especially important to use in consistent, regularly shared pieces, such as social media posts, blog posts, business cards, email newsletters, and more. When working on unique pieces, however, experimentation with the type hierarchy is highly encouraged. These could be pieces such as print advertisements, packaging design, and more. If your design piece also uses more type hierarchy examples than this page provides, we still encourage experimentation when possible.


March 2021

Lexend Deca

Sentence case, no more than 8 words

Mada Bold All caps

Mada Regular

Sentence case only. Use this for body copy, and primarily use black for this text. Can add bold for emphasis.


When working with the brand fonts and laying out type, you can start by using the type hierarchy laid out in this guide. By starting with these standards, you’ll continue to hold...

Mada Semi bold

Sentence case or all caps, can use for second headlines or informative text, such as headers and footers.

Mada Regular

Sentence case, use this for captions. Can add bold for emphasis.

HRVue Brand Guide

Do NOT provide minimal to no space around the logo.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Typography HIERARCHY EXAMPLES When it comes to laying out type, it can be tricky to decide what hierarchy sizes and styles should be applied. Our best advice is to just start following the type hierarchy strictly, then tweak your work as you go!

Before the rebrand

In addition to the social media content examples we’ve shared, and some of the earlier pages showing the mission and voice of the brand, we’ve put together some type hierarchy examples to help you feel confident in your layout choices.

After the rebrand

Who We Are

ABOUT OUR FEMALE-OWNED START-UP: • We are a driven, authentic team. • We work virtually. • We don’t take up your office space. • We work anywhere. • We are global with room to grow.

• We work with small businesses as their HR partner. • We work with large businesses with projects from sales, to reorganization. • We know what we are doing.

Let us be your partner!


March 2021

TYPOGRAPHY TIPS As you get into the design phase, here are some tips that can help keep your design on track: • For body copy, always try and use either the color “Rise” or “Hatteras Black”. • When combining body copy with headlines, always feel free to use different colors than black or white - but try and avoid using more than two accent colors. • Keep type consistent across the same deadline. You don’t want to keep changing the headline color or font size for each column of text.

• If your text feels too close together, add some spacing - but don’t spread your text out too far apart! • Be intentional when breaking the rules - if you’re bolding or italicizing a certain word, why? Text changes can be used to create emphasis, but always be purposeful with your decisions. • Center aligned text is always difficult to get to work right - try and lean towards left aligned text in most, if not all, situations. • A good rule of thumb in general is to never go below 11pt font in print pieces for body copy. • The more space you can put around your text , the better! Give your work PLENTY of room to breathe.

Before the rebrand

After the rebrand

Our Team JULIE SHAW | CEO Our founder + managing consultant, is an HR geek who reads employment law for fun. Julie understands start ups & tech-added to manufacturing, sales, non-profit, and service organizations. She leads with passion.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Colors COLOR PALETTE Below, you’ll find the primary brand color palette for HRVue. In order, the numbers featured are the hex codes, CMYK values, and RGB values.

* SUNNY DISPOSITION is only acceptable as a background color when used with white text or a white logo, and NO black.




DC816E 11, 59, 55, 0 220, 129, 110

F4C7C3 2, 25, 16, 0 244, 199, 195

F4A773 2, 40, 58, 0 244, 167, 115



March 2021

** COASTAL TEAL should only be used as an accent color, not as a background color or primary text color. Use sparingly, often only as a line blob.




59A5AE 66, 19, 30, 0 89, 165, 174

FFFFFF 0, 0, 0, 0 255, 255, 255

59A5AE 72, 66, 65, 73 33, 33, 33



HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Graphics BLOBS When it comes to adding graphics to the HRVue brand, the brand blobs are a great asset to utilize. There are five blobs to choose from and rearrange as you see fit, HOWEVER, please be sure to follow some of the rules listed below when using them: • The blobs can be changed to different colors, HOWEVER: the teal is always used as an outline color, typically as an accent. • Always apply a faint drop shadow on the blobs • Do NOT use blobs that are the same color of the background. • Do NOT put text over the blobs. Instead, create an empty space to put text and have the blobs around the empty space. • You can use blob shapes on Canva, but be sure to follow the rules of the blobs listed here and on page 18, such as putting text over the blobs (see below).


January 2021


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Photography IMAGE STYLE Photography used for the HRVue brand should be consistent, and compliment the graphic side of the brand. Photography should be well lit, with some portion of white present throughout - bonus if there are any brand colors present in the imagery.


The images should have a bright, energetic and empowering feel to them - even if it’s a work meeting, or a photo of someone working on a device, the image should evoke thoughts of the modern workplace, with an emphasis on the people in that workplace.

March 2021

SUBJECT MATTER Primary images should feature the workplace, especially a workplace with individuals present. The “workplace” in mind is flexible, to match the ever-changing nature of work - this could include a Zoom meeting, a coffee shop, a traditional office, or even somewhere at home.

Photos should also intermix images pertaining to themes of empowerment and feminism, along with still life images relating to work life.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Photography IMAGE SOURCING Free images can be found as free stock through When sourcing images, be sure to find images that reflect either the company or the client, depending on the situation.


March 2021


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Social Media PLATFORMS


HRVue is active primarily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Below are the handles for each platform:

When it comes to social, HRVue shares a mixture of content, such as:

Instagram: @HRVue Facebook: @HRVue Twitter: @hrvue1 LinkedIn: HrVue

QUOTES - Inspire followers and be their cheerleaders throughout the work week. EMPOWERMENT - We aim to inspire our audience and clients to make the changes they wish to see in all aspects of their life, be it at work, at home or in their communities. BLOGS - By resharing our blog content on our social channels, we can build up our website presence and relevance. HR TIPS - We use social media as a way to give potential clients a small taste of what we have to offer, and what we believe when it comes to HR best practices. BEHIND THE SCENES - Whether it’s sharing more about our team, or giving viewers a sneak peek into our lives, we like to share how we run things behind the scenes!


January 2021


great love.


fresh start.


magic. WOMEN ARE


you decide.


HR Vue Brand Guidelines

Social Media CONTENT CREATION To make our social content, we use Canva, a free design platform available at To help get started in the design process, templates and images are available for use in our Google Drive folder for social media.

While our fonts are available to use within Canva, not all of the same weights of the font are available to use. Use the following conversions for our standard weights when designing: MADA SEMI BOLD OR BOLD - Mada Black MADA REGULAR - Mada Regular


March 2021

Below, we’ve compiled some tutorials for getting started in Canva’s site, which you can review below: •

Getting Started series

Design tips in Canva

Creating a Brand Kit (pro feature)



fresh start.

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