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Volume 1 Issue 2 August 2012

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In This Issue 04 Linda Koukkuluoma on Diet and Healthy Eating 06 100 Words - Bill Murtha 07 Eco Design 08 Matternet - delivering supplies to local villages 09 Tips to boost Self Confidence 10 Tarotscope - Aug/Sept 12 Atlantic Array - offshore windfarm trimmed to improve the view 13 Conversations with Valery Coburn 15 Event guide

Sarah Louise Canty - Events and Entertainment No stranger to the world of entertainment Sarah studied her degree in film and is a scriptwriter, singer and gamer. Sarah joined Moonshadow Media Productions in 2011 and has since worked on Cauldron FM as their events correspondent. Her latest venture is on IlfracombeTV in their forthcoming series “Teach Sarah To…..” Paul Clews - Paul is the newest member of the Moonshadow Media Productions team and his role is that of local events and social commentator. Paul is an active member of the local Social Media fraternity and can often be found actively promoting North Devon on sites such as Twitter, Audioboo. Paul is a musician, a keen sailor and foster parent to Stuart his daughter’s hamster. . Dave Baxter - Dave is the creator and founder of Moonshadow Media Productions. Dave trained as a counsellor and a Life Coach specialising in confidence issues and phobia work. Dave is also a musician and keen to develop music therapy as part of his practice.

A Warm Welcome Connect North Devon is a free magazine that talks about local issues and events. It has been created for local people by local people and we welcome contributions from residents and visitors to North Devon alike. For many years the team who have put this magazine together have worked on projects in both the media and the therapy fields. We all have a strong drive to see Ilfracombe and North Devon gaining recognition as an area rich in holistic and green practices. Ilfracombe already holds Transition town status and yet there is so much more that can and should be done to help us realise the area’s potential. We are ideally placed here in North Devon to capitalise on our areas of outstanding natural beauty, our wonderful light, our moorland and our villages with a policy of ethical commerce. So it is in the light of this that I and the team welcome you to your magazine, and we look forward to making this work and raising awareness of green issues, natural therapists and local eco issues together with building a following and creating a magazine that people will want to read every 2 months We hope that you enjoy reading this issue and that you all find something of interest within these pages.


Our newest correspondent - LINDA KOUKKULUOMA will be providing a series of articles that concern diet and healthy eating. You can also catch an interview with Linda on CauldronFM’s New Litha Show at Dear Readers, I thought you might be interested in the information I have collected over the years concerning enzymes and the role they play for a healthy digestive system and gut. After having suffered from ill health my husband Harald and I decided to learn more details about the workings of our bodies. We have read a huge amount of literature and from what we have learnt we have completely changed our life styles and improved our health.

So what are enzymes? They are proteins produced both internally and in raw food and are required for all chemical actions in your body. Unlike what most people think, your food does not just drop into a pool of acid to be broken down. Nature intended us to eat enzyme rich raw food and chew the food properly but most people only chew about 25 percent of their food, which makes it harder for the digestive system to break it down. The meal enters your stomach laced with digestive enzymes that "predigest" you meal for approximately an hour, breaking down at least 75 percent of your food. After the enzyme predigestion, hydrochloride acid begins to break down what is left of your meal. Eventually the nutrient rich, concentrated food moves to the small intestine where the acid neutralised. The pancreas then reintroduces digestive enzymes to the process. The completed digestive nutrients then pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream. This is how it should work in an ideal world but most people do not eat a healthy enzyme rich diet due to eating processed and cooked food. Their meal then enters their stomachs severely deficient in enzymes where the food sits like a heavy lump for an hour with very little predigestion. Even after the acid has broken down the food and done its job, it enters the small intestine mostly undigested.

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It is no wonder people suffer from so many illnesses. If you are like the average person who eats cooked and processed food then it is recommended that you take probiotic and enzyme tablets ( don't forget to consult your GP first if you are on any medication, suffer from allergies or any medical conditions), which you can buy over the counter from any good health food store. It is also better to eat fruit before a meal on an empty stomach as fruit digests quicker than most other foods. If you eat food after a meal it sits in your stomach and ferments, causing bloating and flatulence.

IN A NUT SHELL Try to take an enzyme and a probiotic tablet with every meal. Chew your food properly and eat slowly (it takes 20 minutes for food to reach the stomach after swallowing - eating slowly gives your body time to recognise when you are full and will help prevent you over eating). Eat as much raw food as you can. Until next time dear readers!

Linda Recommended reading "LESSONS FROM THE MIRACLE DOCTORS" By Dr Jon Barren Links

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100 Words In 2010 a book was published that has had a dramatic effect on me. This work is by my friend and colleague William Murtha and is entitled 100 Words - two hundred visionaries share their hope for the future. As the title suggests it is a compilation of the vision statements of 200 hundred people and here on this page and with the kind permission of William I have shared some of this collection. David Crystal - “How do you explain a vision? Only through language - and languages. Each of the six thousand or so human languages provides a unique record of the community that uses it - and they are currently dying out a the rate of one every two weeks or so. This means that half the world’s languages will have disappeared by the time this century is over. We urgently need to document disappearing languages, therefore - for once a language that has never been written down dies, it is as if it has never been. We also need to celebrate the languages that are secure, and help the communities that want their endangered languages to be revitalised. My hope is for a renewed awareness of the central importance of linguistic diversity in achieving peaceful coexistence, and I want to see language and languages placed centre stage. A Nobel like prize for language.. Major artworks celebrating language. And a living museum of languages in every country. For a start!” Katy Clarke - “As a child on a seesaw, we learn about balance. We discover what sends us soaring too high, what brings us crashing to the ground. Finding balance within ourselves is important. For humanity to not only survive, but to thrive, finding balance is now more crucial than ever. For the well-being of our planet and for humanity. For all time, we have know about consciousness and spirituality. But now we are in extra time. The desire for change, for more weight in this direction, is at a new zenith. And love is the fulcrum, the absolute centre point”. Rod Crook - “Our children shape our future. The fetus that is not yet born cannot be blamed for what is happening in our world. So we must ensure that all children receive a stimulating and challenging education that prepares them to shoulder responsibility for the stewardship of our fragile planet. Schools must become happy, secure places where the academic, practical, social and emotional aspects of learning are given equal value; where new technologies enhance but do not replace teacher / child communication; where every child is treated as an individual and has the inalienable right to grow up in a world free from hunger and abuse”.

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Eco Design Eco design and sustainable design cover a wide range of design topics. But eco design is generally referred to as the life cycle of the product, it factors in many principles, raw materials, manufacture, retail, use and end of life. Below we discuss each individual topic and look into it in a lot more depth. From start of eco design to end of eco design. Raw Materials Manufacture Retail Use End of Life Eco Design – Raw Materials Refers to the environmental issues incurred with the use of the raw materials you are using to make your product, are your products environmentally sustainable? Eco Design – Manufacture Are the Manufacture of your products sustainable? This refers to fairness, pollution and equality also. So be sure that you’re only taking from the earth, what you can put back in. Make certain that you paying all of your employees a fair living wage, from the people that package your products, to your managing directors. Eco Design – Retail Sustainable retail, refers to applying your sustainable design principles to the workings of a bricks and mortar store. Do not waste products, or resources, use recycled carrier bags for example. Eco Design – Use Sustainable use refers to the intended destination for your product. It may be ‘all singing, all dancing’ eco friendly, but does it actually perform what the customer is expecting it to do? Will it fulfil it’s sustainable design purpose with ease? Or will it leave the customer not trusting eco design products again because they have been let down by yours? Eco Design – End Of Life Is it eco friendly to dispose of this product? If not, then what are supposed to do with it, when it has reached the end of it’s life? Are they expected to recycle it? If this is what you expect your end user to do with this sustainable design product, then should provide them with instructions or directions on how to do so. To prevent it ending up in a rubbish tip in ten years time. In our opinion, with both eco design and sustainable design, as a business you need to be thinking long term. You need to be building products for the future, that are sustainable sourced, ethically built, green retailed and always be thinking of where they are going to end up! A good piece of eco design or sustainable design is a piece that can lend itself to easy repair, disassembly, and recycling. Products certified by a certified product regimen are a perfect example. These products can be easily taken apart, sorted into their constituent parts, and recycled or reclaimed at the end of their useful lives. Reproduced from

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Matternet would use UAVs to deliver supplies to remote villages Across Africa, along with other parts of the world, there are many villages that are inaccessible by road for at least part of the year. The only reasonably fast way of getting medicine and other essential goods to these locations is to fly them in by conventional aircraft. Such an approach can be costly, however, and requires the services of a trained pilot. Matternet, a startup company currently based out of Silicon Valley's Singularity University is proposing an alternative - a network of ground stations for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which would inexpensively deliver payloads to remote communities. Matternet is presently in the process of designing the electric quadrocopters that would be used within the system. While they can currently carry a one-kilogram load for three kilometers (2.2 lbs for 1.9 miles), the group's target range is ten kilometers (6.2 miles) - ultimately, they would also like to see the UAVs able to carry up to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lbs). This does not mean, however, that the system would only serve villages within ten kilometers of a city or road. Instead, the UAVs would take off and land from ground stations located in the villages, where local people could swap in batteries that had been charged by a solar-powered charger, along with performing other maintenance. In this way, the vehicles could make their way from village to village, until they reached their destination. "A good analogy is the Internet," Matternet's Justine Lam told Gizmag. "In the same way that the Internet works by transferring packets of information, villages that are far away from roads or cities will receive packets of goods through a network routing system." Such an arrangement is not in the group's immediate plans, however. It hopes to start with a simple pointto-point system, where goods are simply ferried back and forth between two locations. A complete kit for such a set-up, which would include one UAV and two ground stations, should sell for about US$2,500. According to Matternet, its operating costs would be similar to those of a motorcycle. In the later phases of the project, when it does become a network, users could buy or rent the equipment, and subscribe to the service - one would assume that governments or charitable organizations would cover those costs for impoverished villages. An artificial intelligence-driven logistics system would handle the traffic, and optimize cargo routing. Acknowledgment to Ben Coxworth GizMag Aug 31 2011

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12 Tips to boost your self confidence RIGHT NOW! 1

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Focus on your achievements rather than your failures. If you do find yourself thinking about how you failed then look at what you did manage to do right and how you could correct what you did next time Look for a model (someone who has self confidence) and learn from them. What is it that they do that makes them confident, how do they act? Learn how to feel good about yourself Act as it you were self confident. You will feel more confident Focus on who you are and what you like about yourself. Why do your friends like you? Prepare thoroughly for any task so that you can be sure you are ready. Work on any skills you need to do what you want, you can never be over-trained or over-skilled for any life challenge Work on you relaxation skills Always smile and stand up straight Set reachable goals for yourself and break difficult tasks into smaller steps Reward yourself when you succeed no matter how small the achievement Do not be too competitive or compare yourself with others. Be yourself and accept that life is not a race against others but your self confidence depends on you and your personal needs

These 12 tips are brought to you by Altered Image Life Coaching (Coaching to the Stars) {see our advertisements elsewhere in these pages}

Conversations that Count an Openhearted Group for Inspired Conversation’ How are you doing so far in 2012? Why not join an informal group and explore some inspiring topics of discussion? Share with others, stories and experiences about life today? Inspired conversation uplifts, is fun and helps you to come alive again. Meeting the last Monday of each month in Yelland 10-30am start until 12-30pm. Call Valery for a chat on 01271 860317 Share in Friendship, Fun and Fabulous Conversations. Life Path Readings Life Path Readings are for those who want to take a deeper look into the journey they are travelling with sensitive help and guidance. Whatever the issue, relationships, work or health, everything can be explored within a Life Path Reading. They are powerful and enjoyable ways for transformation and healing. For more information contact Valery on 01271 860317

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Tarotscope by Delphine Spirit

AUGUST - SEPTEMBER ARIES – 3 OF PENTACLES As a 'go get' and fearless sign you are now being asked to expand your horizons and keep going, but in a way that is contained, well planned and organised. There is a need to co-operate and work with others and you are being asked to put aside your impulsive nature and complete any unfinished business or projects, but don't worry Aries, as there will be a huge feeling of satisfaction gained from achieving what you once thought was impossible. TAURUS - 4 OF CUPS There is a sense of inertia at the moment with you Taurus and a feeling that you may be a little bit to wrapped up in your own world. Take the bull by the horns and try to get out a bit and socialise and look at what is really being offered. It is better than you think! Stubbornness just for the sake of it will get you nowhere and the only one to suffer will be you. Open yourself to your surroundings and you will soon be on your way again. GEMINI – WHEEL OF FORTUNE Quite an auspicious time for you Gemini! There are many changes coming in and there is a sense of destiny around you. Do not be afraid to make decisions but go with the flow as the outcome may not be what you expect. The dice of fate has been rolled and the wheels are set in motion. Expect a roller coaster ride so enjoy the journey. Where it will end nobody knows, but one thing is certain - you won't have time to get bored. CANCER – 2 OF CUPS Being with another person or persons does not mean you have to lose yourself completely. It does however, mean you have to recognise and respect any differences between you. Give and take is the key here so find the balance and have fun with it. If you are in a relationship or even just a friendship, then this card suggests a deepening of affections and commitments, one where both parties will understand the need to stand separate but together. LEO - TEMPERANCE Moderation, humility and patience are required at this time Leo as you will need to use your skills to inspire and motivate others. However, this is something you are very good at, so all you have to do is step back from the limelight and allow those around you to bask in their own rays. Cultivate a comforting presence and endeavour to exude a quiet composure and you will bring out the best in any situation. VIRGO - PAGE OF PENTACLES This is a great time for you to implement any new plans and bring your dreams into reality. Planning and preparation are the key and it is the details that matter, but as you are intelligent and practical this won't be a problem for you Virgo. Just remember though to listen to others as you never know, there may be something they can bring to the table! Be sure to remain opened minded and enjoy any new experiences that come your way.

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Tarotscope (Continued)

AUGUST - SEPTEMBER LIBRA - THE MOON Something that has been hidden may be revealed to you and you will need to stop sitting on the fence and really see things as they are. This does not mean that you have to form an opinion or even take sides. It just means you have to get real and connect to your emotions and start to see how your own behaviour is affecting your situation. This is not a bad thing as it will open up a whole new world for you. SCORPIO – 6 OF SWORDS Now is the time Scorpio to let go of the past and to move on towards new horizons. There is a recovery from a difficult situation and change is in the air. Things are now going to progress positively in a slow steady manner but you will need to learn to trust in the future and realise that any fear you hold has its attachments in the past. Let go of any past hurts and you will start to see a clear, calm future ahead of you. SAGITTARIUS – 4 OF WANDS Any effort and commitment you have invested in the past will now pay off and a nice surprise looks set to be in store for you Sagittarius. A get together with friends and family may turn into something more wonderful than you could ever possibly have imagined. When it happens, go with it and completely throw yourself into the moment. This is the stuff memories are made of. CAPRICORN - PAGE OF SWORDS There is a time for everything and right now you need to slow down and think before you act or speak. There is a an opportunity for growth but it will have its challenges. If you are studying or learning something new then patience and steadfastness are required at this time. AQUARIUS - 9 OF CUPS Be sure to know what you really want Aquarius because as sure as eggs are eggs you are going to get it! You are a sign that simply knows when something is right so put your thinking cap on that brilliant mind and make sure any desires you have go with what you want. Other than that simply enjoy the moment and remember, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back! PISCES - QUEEN OF PENTACLES Get practical, get organised and come down off that cloud you often frequent Pisces! It's now time to deal with the real world and make sure you have security in your life. Money matters should figure high on your list of priorities over the next two months so put aside any day dreaming in favour of hard facts and truths and nurture your bank account. If you want to spend your time living in cloud cuckoo land at least make sure you can do it in comfort.

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Atlantic Array - offshore wind farm trimmed down to improve the view RWE npower has slashed the number of turbines it plans to install at the Atlantic Array offshore wind farm in the Bristol Channel by more than a third, in a bid to appease local concerns that the project will create a blot on the landscape. The utility had originally planned to install 417 wind turbines at the Round 3 site located in the channel between North Devon and South Wales. But it today unveiled plans to cap the number of turbines at 279 in response to concerns by nearby residents about the impact of the wind farm on the view. RWE will informally consult on the new plans this summer, before submitting for final consent to the planning inspectorate in December 2012. However, it remains unclear by how much the changed plans will reduce the overall capacity of the project. Robert Thornhill, RWE's Atlantic Array development manager, said it was still expecting to apply for consent for the maximum capacity of up to 1.5GW, with turbines ranging from 3.6MW to 8MW. If the company installs 278 turbines with a 3.6MW capacity, it could deliver 1GW of capacity. However, 5MW machines could create a total capacity of nearly 1.4GW. Thornhill said the changes would reduce the view of the wind farm by around 40 per cent in North Devon and by 30 per cent in South Wales. "We have listened to the feedback received during our formal community consultation held during autumn 2011 and analysed the results of our environmental and engineering assessments," he said. "After taking full consideration of environmental and engineering factors, and in response to the feedback from the public, we have revised the proposed offshore wind farm boundary and made alterations to the maximum number of turbines." Taken from an article published May 2012 via

About Moonshadow Media Moonshadow Media is the brain child of entertainment industry professional and Life Coach Dave Baxter M.A.S.C. It was created to satisfy a desire to get his creative work into the public arena and it began with the establishing of a dedicated website for his photography. Later Dave was working with his very good friend Tom Armstrong at the now defunct Blue Rooms Recording Studio when they decided that it would be fantastic to be able to transmit their studio sessions live around the world and create a teaching platform. Sadly financial constraints meant that this could not happen but the idea never went away and with the advent of “Podcasting” Dave saw the opportunity to reach a global audience, so linking together his radio experience and his coaching skills he established “Coaching Radio” Shortly after this a friend of Dave’s suggested that he could turn his idea of “Coaching Radio” into a something much bigger and the upshot of this was the birth in September 2010 of “Cauldron FM”. In September 2011 Dave began broadcasting the two radio channels on the Veetle website, and this enabled programmes to be broadcast up to 24 hours a day, but Dave limited the time to just 12 hours. Still not convinced that the business had reached its maximum potential Dave launched the twin sites of Cauldron TV and Ilfracombe TV and though successful channels their fortunes have been somewhat mixed but now Ilfracombe TV is back and getting stronger by the week. And so we end up at Connect North Devon the publication you are reading (and hopefully enjoying) now. This new venture is aimed at raising public awareness of the wealth of skills and knowledge we have here in N.Devon. So welcome to issue one and we hope that you enjoy it. DAVE

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Conversations with Valery L Coburn I find it deeply upsetting to hear and read about so many who are experiencing increased levels of sadness, depression and solitude. Is it possible we have bought this upon ourselves by all of our modern day technology? Have we simply lost the desire, the need or the time for one to one personal communication? We have certainly more opportunity for conversation these days but the sad fact is, mainly because of the lack of time, it is all by mechanical means. Now I’m not saying I am not a participant in emails and texting, but my love is being with people of like mind. Twitter with its tweets and Facebook may work for some but they are certainly not for us all. Social networking, a bit like the multiple stores that kill our high streets, I believe are responsible for the lack of one to one conversations and often peoples isolation and aloneness. Many years ago I started a group which I called ‘Conversations that Count’ exactly for this very reason. I had run groups on and off over the years for many different reasons. What I had observed as time went on was that no matter what that group was about, when a number of people came together with one focus, healing happened anyway. Eventually ‘Conversations that Count’ was born with a very simply theme. Meet once a month with a suggested topic for discussion and then sit back and simply be a part. Where this would lead would never be dull, always be inspiring and most times extremely informative. What we were doing was sharing who we are, able to feel safe in the environment I had created. It was designed so people could be real, open their hearts to each other and as such healing would be just taking place. There was nothing to be done only that we all just be ourselves. Bringing people together is what I love. I believe in the difficult times we are all living through that unity is key. Community or common unity as I refer to it is vital for us all. Many community choirs have now been formed after the programmes created by the wonderful Gareth Malone on the BBC with the Military Wives. Unity at large was so well demonstrated recently with the Jubilee celebrations also with the Royal Wedding last year. Next we will see how all of this plays out with the Olympics, and all of these events which are very visual, are showing us exactly what being with others of like mind can mean. When people join together friendships are formed, lives can be changed and hearts can once again sing. Many, many years ago as a child my Mother would often take me out to tea and I was always being reprimanded ‘Valery will you please stop staring at people,’ she would say. I think this was my early training in wanting to be connected with folk. I love observing interactions between people when they meet for coffee or in a restaurant; I am a great people watcher. I am also a recent newcomer to North Devon having arrived just last September, so meeting new people is very important to me. I offer through my work and my groups many opportunities with a sense of community and for inspired conversation. As we all find our way in which to live in 2012 and beyond I do feel it is important for us all to be anchored and supported but people places and things that we love and what resonates with us. Let’s have more conversations next month? Here’s to Friendship, Fun, Food and Fabulous Conversations88 With Blessings from Valery

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August 1st 9:15 am - 11:45 am at Brynmill, Brynmill, Swansea SA2 0AP is a Reiki Exchange for Personal & Professional Development. Repeats every other week on Wednesday until December 19, 2012. Contact Jacqueline Daly 01792 424857 & 07765 405263 August 5th 7pm - 8pm at The Living Tree, 4-5 Paiges Lane, Barnstaple is a Gong Bath Meditation - all welcome. The first one starts on the 5th August 2012. The second one is Oct 7th, and the third is on Dec 2nd and every two month there on. Please bring a blanket and a pillow. £8 entry fee. Booking is Essential for more information call 01271 342687 or email August 18th 10.30am - 4.30pm @ Holsworthy Memorial Hall is the Holsworthy Mind Body + Soul Fair Readings, Therapy Tasters, Crystals,Books, Jewellry etc. Refreshments available. For more information contact Liz on 07875 120733 or email August 25th - 10.30 pm to 5 pm Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe, Mystic Fayre. A three day Mystic Fayre in the beautiful grounds of Chambercombe Manor. There will be various readers & therapists plus many stalls. Call 01271 862624 for more details

August 25th - 7.30pm Temptations, High St, Ilfracombe. A Psychic Supper a private reading and a delicious supper £25 per ticket from August 26th - 10.30 pm to 5 pm Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe, Mystic Fayre. A three day Mystic Fayre in the beautiful grounds of Chambercombe Manor. There will be various readers & therapists plus many stalls. Call 01271 862624 for more details August 27th - 10.30 pm to 5 pm Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe, Mystic Fayre. A three day Mystic Fayre in the beautiful grounds of Chambercombe Manor. There will be various readers & therapists plus many stalls. Call 01271 862624 for more details

September 10th @ 1:00 pm at Ceridwen Retreat Centre, Felindre, Carmarthenshire SA44 5XE UK is a Transformational Retreat Holidays for Dogs and their Owners. Daily until September 13, 2012 Costs £595 or £495 Phone 07980 933702 or for full information visit September 22nd @ The Living Tree, 4-5 Paiges Land, Barnstaple is the Autumn Equinox Event and 5 Rhythms Taster for more information call 01271 342687 or email

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Connect North Devon Advertising To discuss advertising your business or event in this publication please call us on either 01271 864886 or 07050 644101. Alternatively you can email us at FREE EDITORIAL If your business is local food, renewable energy, complementary health, arts and crafts, green tourism or any other green service or product, our publication is the perfect place to advertise contact us for details of our introductory prices. We can write FREE editorial copy about you or your company if your business is one in the above range Alternatively you can supply your own copy to us and subject to approval we will use that EVENTS LISTINGS Voluntary approach to cutting plastic bag use is not working A lineage listing for your event costs just 90p per word with a 10 word minimum. Then 30p per word Call for details of our display advertising rates. CLASSIFIEDS To place a listing in our Classifieds cost just 90p per word with a 10 word minimum. Then 30p / word Tel: 01271 864886 / 07050 644101

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The government was left more than a little embarrassed this week as figures were released confirming the supermarkets are continuing to flout the Prime Minister's pleas for them to curb plastic bag use. Instead the numbers of bags being issued rose over five per cent last year. Thankfully, an answer is at hand if the coalition can be bold enough to grasp it. Over the Severn Bridge in Wales, where a bag tax has been introduced, plastic bag use fell by over 20 per cent

“If you only innovate when you know you will succeed, you will never innovate. You must be prepared to take risks and accept some failure will be inevitable”. - extracted from The Think Tank Forum’s report on disruptive innovation

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North Devon Sights


Ilfracombe Quayside

Woolacombe Sunset

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