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a new way to live.

“Just like thoughts and ideas cannot be held in your clutches, let your conscious be open to possibilities�

We care about the future, our world. No one man is an island. A simple gesture can do wonders. Because our loved ones are worth it.

The time and money spent on technology was meant to aid communications between us. Yet we have become money and power hungry, and now we are fighting amongst ourselves. Today, our world is on a downward spiral. Animals, our planetary co-habitants are never given a fair share of their right to live, and live well, as we the dominant ones assume superiority. Passing through generations, we take it as our right to own.

Portions of society have had to endure our barbaric ‘survival of the fittest’ ideology. Our exploitative and advantageous behavior make povertystricken nations especially vulnerable. The repercussions are an onslaught of disturbed mental peace, and suppressed anger leading to violent acts directed right back at us.. More and more, death is starting to look welcoming, at least for some.

With tension mounting and nations on the brink of war, our kids face the brunt of the backlash of our actions. When engulfed in a state as such, we shut into self-sustenance. We stop giving to our neighbours, family and friends. With little resolution for unhappiness, we assume an even more selfish mindset. Society’s improved communications should be fostering better relations. Are we losing the ability to love?

Bit by bit you seek to sweep, The senses off my clockwork feet. You play a saint and spew tall tales Of peace, when all you see in ruins. Is this the world of wrongs we live, Or my mind just tells me lies? For nothing makes any more sense, Than good or bad are words from men.

Those masks you wear, they cannot last, One day, yet again they’ll strip away. You know you’ll have to face the light Of truth, too piercing for your eyes.    How much more time will you buy,  Bliss from a state that gets left behind? ‘Cause time can wait for as long as space, As patient as cycles of night and day.

Take Me Away... To a Better Place.

We’re in the business of making you happy. Today, when values and ethics are compromised for profits, when religion is used as an excuse for dominance and control and where natural devastating phenomenon follows one after the other, where are we left to place our buoy of hope and faith?   What used to give prosperity and happiness, now serves only to create suffering.   So we have try another way.

évolué is the future évolué embodies a new way of life. We envision a future stripped of negativity, of love and care, and no prejudice. A world where everyone gives, because it feels good to share. This is a future to embrace, one of harmony and happiness.

The Truth is Simple. At the very core, we seek to be happy. It is our lifetime’s quest.  Yet the concept of happiness seems far-fetched in our world today. But we have to remember, that in one way or another, we have contributed to whatever has happened, both good and bad. If we understand that everyone wants to be happy as well we can continually cultivate compassion towards all, and this is the start of the path to liberation.

So many of our actions and responses have become mechanical., we essentially lose

Life is a Choice.

our ability to question.

When we focus on what we

If what used to work has ceased

want, our awareness of what is

its efficacy or the methods

around can be shut out. When

applied no longer see results,

we stop paying attention, we

isn’t it time we changed our way

may potentially miss out on what

of handling things?

we are really looking for. Living well is our responsibility, Sometimes the answer is right in

thus it is worth every minute of

front, just that we don’t see it.

contemplation. Life is a choice.

Life is about managing changes and problems. If things get too stable, we seek something new, yet if there are constant upheavals, we find peace and yearn for the calm of simplicity. Essentially we want change too, just that it is never always within our control. Évolué is representative of a future to work to, based on an ideology we hope to adopt. It is formed to create funding and awareness for a social group, The RealCare People. Évolué

capitalizes on networks of associations, on the global arena, for businesses opportunities to get the maximum returns in the shortest possible time to advance her causes. We keep track of what people face in their everyday lives and recognize the many reasons for disharmony. From feelings of hurt and sadness, resentment to anger, as long as issues do not get addressed, we inadvertently project these negative emotions upon another. This distressing pattern has plagued humanity for the longest time.

Évolué Consulting thus seek out alternative ways to resolve conflicts and relieve society of the bondage of these negative emotions. We accept responsibility for our well-being by making what is around work for us, contrary to allowing the external control our emotions and state of mind. And we choose to apportion part of our earnings to The RealCare People to advance our cause for humanity’s progression. Where contentment is the basis for all that we seek, only by consciously being aware of

the repercussion of our actions, can we then improve situations in the external. Évolué brings together The RealCare People and other companies and individuals all around the world, to adopt an alternative lifestyle and exemplify a new way of life. Hopefully the rest of society can benefit from this and issues that can potentially escalate to create further complications for our future generation of leaders, be eradicated. 

At least we are trying.

Design A Home

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For the first time I knew, That all that I’ve felt, From then until now. No more questions nor doubts. The universe has given me my own cards to deal, Where fate and destiny are in my palms to seal. The keeper of our secrets, A world of knowledge so vast. Before time we’ve wrote our story, As another’s supporting cast. This page serves to remind us when all cannot last, So we’ll know how we’ve suffered, This blast from our past. Maybe dreams are the truth, If only we knew, For why do they come to no one else but you? Remnants of your future, They serve to prove, Of a magical place , Where fantasies do come true.

Lynn Chen

Joshua Maker


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evolue consulting pty

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