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Mood Board 4 Analysis

Because of the specialist genre of clothing, music and make up that my target audience are attracted to I decided that I needed advertisers that where connected to that genre. One of these specialist clothing shops is “New Rock Boots” as it is the main store for gothic footwear and is famous throughout the world. Another specialist clothing shop is “The Gothic Catwalk” which is directed (of course) towards Gothics and Punks even though it will be mostly Gothics reading my magazine. Another possible advertiser is “Corpse Clothing dot com” which would be very useful as they sell band merchandise which would appeal if the readers wanted to own a t-shirt or accessories by one of their favourite Symphonic Metal bands then it would be easy for them to get in contact with the shop. Seeing as how my magazine is about music I decided that some record company’s would want to advertise in my magazine so I selected “Nuclear Records” and “Tour Dates” as they are used for all sorts of metal genres so it would be good advertising for them. Although I would obviously only want my audience to read my magazine it would be understandable that they wanted to read others as well. I know that the most probable music magazine they would read apart from mine would be “Kerrang!” Most Gothics tend to have a few tattoos or piercings so I thought that a tattoo/piercing shop like “Skin and Ink” would be a good idea.

Overall I would say that I have found quite a few potential advertisers that I feel would be perfect for my magazine as they are all based around the Gothic culture and also Symphonic Metal.

Mood Board 4 Analysis.  

This is the analysis of my last mood board talking about what advertisers I feel would be suitable for my magazine and who would be interest...