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board. This board The DR is Dean‘s signature h fuller rails and has a slightly racier outline wit t with a slight kick the rocker is lower through ou under the front foot in the tail. The bottom is flat e between the to a single then double concav is gives the board fins to slight v off the tail. Th feel while being a very forgiving and positive turns. Dean rides very fast and drivey through dition but is best in this board in almost any con waist to well overhead surf.

the DR model

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Baptism Northern NAtives Puerto

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Bay and Taylor Ave. Beach Haven, NJ 08008

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Mon. - Thurs. 8 to 11 am, Fri., Sat. & Sun. 8 am to ?? • 2 Eggs & Homefries, toast $1.99 • 3 Pancakes $1.99 8 am - 9 am • Egg cheese bacon on english muffin $1.99 SPECIALS $1.99 Mimosas • $2.50 Bloody Mary’s

story time

I would like to start off by letting you know that all the stories we will be telling you are 100% true. These are the idiotic happening’s most people try to forget. This story happens to take place at a bar called The Road House. It’s a pretty large bar that’s known for their giant draft beers. when we walked in there was a small group of people eating and drinking, then there was us. Me, my brother, and rich started off with a few beers, which quickly lead to shots thank’s to Rich. It’s our tradition that the first shot begins with sambuca... from there it was just random shots and beer until we could barely get off our bar stools to take a piss. I get back from the bathroom and Rich points out a very attractive older women has just walked in with two other dudes. My first thought... I realy hope he doesn’t try and hit on her, but I know Rich... and Rich was drunk. A few minutes pass and Rich say’s something like “yo dan I’ll bet you two cases of beer that I can pick this chick up.” I already owed Rich 2 cases of beer from a bet I lost before... we like gambling with booze because no one really loses anything. Then, he say’s, “dude if anything goes wrong you got my back right?” as he walks over to the table. keep in mind that if anything goes wrong we’re out numbered 2 to 1, but we were way to drunk to care about things like that. Rich walks up to the table acknowledging only the female of the group and starts in with “hey how you doing,”” I’m Rich,”” I like your acscent.” At this point I’m only half paying attention and not even a minute later I hear “hey man thats my wife!”... I chuckle to myself thinking I just won the bet. Smart ass Rich says something like, “hold on man I’ll get to you in a minute” and goes back to his conversation with the female. After that snarky little comment, knew it was on. I started chugging down the remander of my beer, finish it, turn to stand up and hear “HEY MAN THATS MY WIFE!!!!” I glance over and see the guy slap Rich open handed across the face. Immediately two guys grip him up as I rush over and say “hey whats going on over hear?” The guy looks at me and says “ Oh, you want some of this to?” WWWHHAAACCCKKKK.... He mollywhops my ass face with another open handed slap. I don’t know how most men react after getting face slap, when it happened to me... I stood there like dumb ass, shocked that I was slapped... shocked that I was slapped by a dude. I remember thinking, “did this guy just slap me?” Before I knew it these two gorillas grip me up and drag me into the bathroom, when I saw where they were taking me I instantly thought of the rape seen in pulp fiction. Thankfully it didn’t go down like that... I guess they just wanted me to cool off and let it go which I did considering I couldn’t do anything about it anyway because as soon as I stepped foot out of the bathroom they threw me out of the bar. When I get outside Rich was standing in the parking lot looking at me with a smirk on his face and say’s to me, “dude... I almost had her.” My brother litterally sat on his bar stool, and was laughing histericcally with the bar tender the entire time. The moral of the story is don’t approach a couger unless she’s solo... and never go to the bar with Rich. Also, that my brother is a big help.

IrIsh Pub 26TH AND PARK BLVD. NORTH WILDWOOD (609) 729-5900


Monday - Fish cake platter with mac + cheese and stewed tomatoes $7.99 Tuesday - Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and vegetables $8.99 WEDNESDAY - 35¢ WINGS THURSDAY - POT PIE NIGHT


Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon

Salute to Fallen Phill Firefighters




Clay Pollioni


photo’s by

Dennis Symons

Alex Brooks

TAKING BACK B A C K S U N D A D AY Taking Back Sunday has been one of the staples of the American rock scene since the late 90s and early 2000s and have since become one of the most popular acts in their genre. We sat down with John Nolan (lead guitar & back up vocals), and Shaun Cooper (Bassist) for a quick chat before their show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City



photo/Max Korn

JJ Egan

3.9 0.6 3.3 0.6



0.1 3.9 0.2 4.6

4.2 0.3 3.8 0.4

L -0.9 H 4.6 L -0.7 H 5.5


01:18 08:03 14:12 20:07


4.0 0.6 3.4 0.8

29 (1st)

02:59 08:56 14:50 21:07


03:48 10:09 16:29 22:31


03:12 09:14 15:20 21:40


03:07 09:44 15:52 21:45




SR 06:01 02:20 SS 19:50 08:58 15:14 MR 12:42 21:15 MS 01:48


SR 06:10 03:37 SS 19:43 09:33 15:23 MR 06:41 21:42 MS 21:17


SR 06:20 04:46 SS 19:36 11:01 17:22 MR 03:15 23:27 MS 14:30


SR 06:30 04:05 SS 19:29 10:06 16:11 MR 22:12 22:33 MS 07:26


SR 06:41 04:09 SS 19:22 10:37 16:49 MR 13:52 22:47 MS 03:14

N 39° 21.3' / W 74° 25.1'

4.0 0.4 3.7 0.3




4.0 0.5 3.6 0.6

0.1 3.7 0.3 4.5

4.1 0.2 4.0 0.3

MR 13:47 MS 02:21

SR 06:00 SS 19:51

SR 06:09 04:15 SS 19:44 10:10 15:57 MR 07:19 22:17 MS 22:11



0.3 3.6 0.4 4.4

4.1 0.2 4.2

L -0.6 H 4.1 L -0.3 H 5.1

H 4.3 L 0.1 H 4.1 L -0.1

SR 06:19 05:37 H SS 19:37 11:48 L 18:07 H MR 03:45 MS 15:31


SR 06:29 05:01 SS 19:30 11:01 17:05 MR 23:21 23:28 MS 08:16


SR 06:40 05:05 SS 19:23 11:26 17:40 MR 14:57 23:43 MS 03:50



SR 06:07 04:53 SS 19:45 10:48 16:34 MR 08:02 22:54 MS 23:02


SR 06:17 00:16 SS 19:38 06:22 12:29 MR 04:13 18:47 MS 16:30




0.4 3.4 0.6 4.3

0.2 4.1 0.1 4.3

SR 06:27 05:59 L -0.3 SS 19:31 12:01 H 3.8 18:05 L 0.0 MS 09:12






0.6 3.3 0.7 4.2

0.1 4.1 0.1 4.5

4.8 0.0 3.6 0.3

L -0.4 H 4.6 L -0.5 H 5.0




SR 06:05 06:19 L SS 19:47 12:15 H 18:04 L MR 09:43


SR 06:14 01:42 SS 19:40 07:42 13:42 MR 05:07 19:59 MS 18:26


SR 06:24 01:35 SS 19:33 08:06 14:18 MR 01:17 20:19 MS 11:18

0.7 3.2 0.8

0.0 4.0 0.1 4.6

4.5 0.2 3.6 0.4

13 (3rd)

L -0.7 H 4.7 L -0.7 H 5.3

6 (Full)

SR 06:35 01:29 SS 19:26 07:36 13:45 MR 18:28 20:03 MS 05:29




4.3 0.2 3.6 0.5

L -0.8 H 4.7 L -0.8 H 5.5

SR 06:03 00:23 SS 19:48 07:08 13:10 MR 10:40 19:02 MS 00:33


SR 06:13 02:21 SS 19:41 08:19 14:16 MR 05:36 20:33 MS 19:23



4.1 0.7 3.2 0.8

0.0 4.0 0.1 4.6

MR 11:40 MS 01:12

SR 06:02 SS 19:49

MR 06:07 MS 20:20

SR 06:11 SS 19:42

MR 02:41 MS 13:28

SR 06:21 SS 19:35

MR 20:58 MS 06:43

SR 06:32 SS 19:28

April 2012 Saturday

21 (New)

SR 06:23 02:43 SS 19:34 09:10 15:27 MR 02:03 21:28 MS 12:24


SR 06:34 02:20 SS 19:27 08:24 14:32 MR 19:42 20:51 MS 06:04


SR 06:06 05:34 SS 19:46 11:29 17:15 MR 08:50 23:35 MS 23:50


SR 06:16 01:01 SS 19:39 07:03 13:07 MR 04:40 19:24 MS 17:28


SR 06:26 00:29 SS 19:32 07:02 13:07 MR 00:24 19:10 MS 10:14


SR 06:37 00:37 SS 19:25 06:47 12:59 MR 17:15 19:16 MS 04:56


SR 06:38 05:57 H 4.5 SS 19:24 12:13 L -0.3 18:28 H 4.6 MR 16:05 MS 04:24


Tide Tables, Charts and Scripts available at

Tides for Cape May, NJ Atlantic Ocean

©2012 - For comparison only - Times are local - Tides in feet from MLLW


L -0.8 H 4.4 L -0.6 H 5.3


New Jersey, Atlantic City

It’s almost Summer Time ! Check out our new stock of 2012 Gear Open Daily - Pray for Surf 315 Washington St - Cape May, NJ - 08204 - (609) 884-3422

Beef and Beer for Brody Bove Sunday, April 22, 2012

4:00pm until 7:00pm Only a few weeks ago Brody Bove, 19 months old, underwent two lifesaving brain surgeries. He was diagnosed with Communicating Hydrocephalus, a lifelong brain condition which causes an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. A shunt was implanted to divert this fluid from the brain to the abdomen. Since a cause cannot be determined, Brody will need multiple surgeries throughout his life to modify this shunt as he grows. Please help support Brody Bove by joining us for an evening of fun and great food! Come out and eat and drink all you want for $25. Lots of prizes to auction and raffle off. If you would like to purchase tickets in advance please feel free to contact Madonna at 609.408.5667. Call or text. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Big Air, Rail Jam,

& Slope


Fearless competitors raise the bar with dangerous aerials. The tricks being done today were unheard of nearly 5 years ago, and have become the norm for competition standards. Check out more photo’s and heat standings at

Baptism “the wave hits you with the impact of a small car going 40 miles per hour” In the middle of the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean lies the most isolated island chain in the world: the Hawaiian Islands. The gems of the Pacific, they have become the Mecca of the surfing world of today, the proving grounds. If any aspiring surfer is trying to make a name for themselves, they must do it in the waves of Hawaii’s North Shore. After years of surfing New Jersey’s beautiful brown water, I made the switch to a more tropical locale and to test fate my fate upon these waters. I was frothing hard. Underneath the blue water, clear skies, and warm temps, though, is the beast hidden within Hawaii’s beauty. All at once, I was rudely and violently awakened from daydreams of makeable barrels and long open walls to the harsh reality; Hawai’i has kicked the shit out of me. After my first few months in paradise I can proudly claim that I have taken my beatings. The waves get BIG here. Real big. I’ve seen waves that make people look like bugs. Waves so powerful they make the ground tremble and crack underwater as you duck-dive under. These waves are faster than anything I’ve ever ridden before. On the bigger days, flying down the line at Mach 38 it seems impossible to be going that fast on a piece of foam. In Jersey it was all about getting speed, here it’s all about bleeding it off. And bleed you do. After a session at Urma’s on the East Side, my feet were minced to a bloody pulp from the razor sharp coral. If the coral or the urchins don’t get you, the wipeouts will. If you think you’re ready for the big swells that hit Country in winter and you don’t live there, think again. I’ve had the most brutal, crushing wipeouts of my life. Over-the-falls and right onto the reef or deep into the abyss, the wave hits you with the impact of a small car going 40 miles per hour right into body. The North Shore is famous for a reason. The waves are downright brutal and full of broken dreams. Yet when that perfect set rolls through and you snag the wave of a lifetime, all the beat downs, all the holddown’s, and all pints of blood lost in the pursuit of that perfection makes it all worth it.

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Puerto... By: Katie Walters There is something that every surfer, waterman, and occasional surf photographer all have in common; the search for the endless summer. After many years of saying “I’ll do it next winter” I took a semester off of college and headed down to Rincon, Puerto Rico for the month of January. As a female in the surf photography industry, it can be pretty hard to be taken seriously. Luckily, two of my cousins happen to live in Rincon and know a thing or two about surfing and I brought my fiancé along to enjoy the ride. Getting to the island was easy; getting to the best secret surf spots, now that’s a different story. When we arrived Rincon was pretty flat so with my cousins Jake and Dave in tow we trekked up to Aguadilla for our first session. The locals are a tough bunch there, in and out of the water. Not to mention some crazy, graveyardexploring dogs that seemed to patrol the beach. I watched from the beach as the guys ripped through some nice rights and navigated through the crowd of teardrop-tattooed locals. After a certain dude damaged his board, we headed further north and stopped at a spot that had caught our eye. This one picture is all we’re prepared to let the world see…

The best way to enjoy Rincon is to rent a house and do things yourself; you won’t see many resorts lining the beaches here, just surf bungalows and some beautiful homes. So, for the month, we lived like locals: grocery shopping, walking to the beach, and barbequing the night away. First thing in the morning our routine became walking down the hill from our house to Sandy Beach and checking the waves there. Nothing at Sandy’s? Pools, Spanish Wall and Parking Lots are all within walking distance. While Domes, Marias, and Indicators are all around a five-minute drive. The Puntas Bakery definitely became one of our favorite stops along the way; if you ever find yourself in Rincon, go there! There are tons of great lunch spots with views of the ocean or you can simply ride down to Steps Beach and get a pincho after a long day of snorkeling!

Sandy Beach was the closest break to our house so we spent numerous days there enjoying smaller long board sessions and an occasional sick left off the cliff. Most of the places you go you’re sure to encounter some sharp reef and a few sea urchins. A road trip we took to Middles paid off with some great surf and good shots. Domes seemed to stay crowded for the whole month, especially on the weekends. We stayed local with a few road trips during flat spells that were definitely worth it. You could also rent a standup paddleboard or ATV when you really can’t bear to sit on the beach any longer.

While in Rincon, I enlisted my Uncle Dave of Enchanted Island Surfboards to make Travis a custom board. The whole process was awesome. We drove to Isabela to pick up the blank that would soon become Travis’ magic carpet. Once the blank was in my uncle’s hands we all stood back and watched. Now, after living there for 25 years, he knows what kind of boards do best in Rincon surf. Once he finished the board it was on to the next step: artwork. My cousin Dave has great drawing skills and did a sick job on Travis’ board! For more of their adventures check out

Name: Jake Stiles Age: 20 Birthplace: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Current Hometown: Rincon, Puerto Rico Favorite wave: Indicators, PR First surfboard: WRV Left or Right: Right Dream surf trip: Indo boat trip Favorite surfer: Dane Reynold & John Florence Power turns or aerials: Airs Sponsors: Enchanted Island Surfboards, Quintico, Spy Optics, Globe Footwear, Creatures of Leisure, Rockwell Time, Casa Verde Bar, Right Coast Surf Shop

Name: Davey Stiles Age: 24 Birthplace: Somers Point, New Jersey Current Hometown: Rincon, Puerto Rico Favorite wave: If I told you I’d have to kill you (or myself cuz it’d get more crowded) Favorite board: 5’7” x 19” x 2 Left or Right: Rights all day Dream surf trip: Indo with my brother Jake and cousin Kate Who are your biggest inspirations: In surfing, Chris “Chippa” Wilson and Dion Agius, as a person, Bob Marley Power turns or aerials: Airs are the most fun thing ever but I’ve been getting into good turns too lately. Sponsors: Enchanted Island Surfboard, Right Coast Surf Shop, Fyasko, Rockwell Time, Globe, Casa Verde Bar, Arcade Mfg.


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315 96th St., Stone Harbor | 609-368-5454


One Smile at a Time Finding pleasure in the little things By: Phil LeRoy

Whether the sun is shining, setting, rising or the rain is pouring, “Byron Bay’s Dancing Man,” can be found flamboyantly emulating the sounds amplifying from his head phones with unorthodox, passionate, gyrating movements, absent from the judgments of the world. Tommy Franklin is the epitome of liberation. “Byron Bay’s dancing man,” as many know him on the internet, became a YouTube semi-sensation for his antics while dancing in the rain on Byron Bay’s main street in Australia. While all the onlookers take cover under the umbrellas at The Beach Hotel, and a particular woman frantically runs for shelter toward the pub while Franklin engages her in dance to no avail, he is not fazed, and continues dancing in the rain. In what is probably the most astute observation any one could make at the time, one of the onlookers proclaims: “this guy’s got life by the fuckin’ balls.” But it wasn’t always that way for Franklin. After years of heavy addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the subsequent result when his family “didn’t trust him” and his friends “didn’t want to know him,” Franklin hit rock bottom after being hit by a car; nearly costing him his life. After his flirtation with death, Tommy Franklin crawled out from his pit of depression, put on some head phones, started tapping his toes and changing his life one smile at a time. He realized something had to change. He had to walk away from friends who were only interested in partying hard, understanding that if he didn’t, he would have ended up on the streets.

One might infer Tommy Franklin’s decision to dance in public as a venting and healing mechanism as strange. After all, he is a grizzly man, sporting a fiery-red, thick beard and matted long hair. He has an affinity for formal wear and a pension for unapologetic dance moves. Eyes are sure to turn curious with apprehension at first. As Franklin admits “people like to put up their walls, or they have fears in letting people know how they feel or in being vulnerable.” People are increasingly drawn to Franklin because of his knack to break down those walls and do whatever he feels. Although his unique dancing and positive outlook on life have only inspired the beautiful people of Byron Bay thus far, there is no telling where his contagious dancing will inspire next. Finding joy in the simple things that life has to offer and appreciating that which we usually take for granted is hard. Many of us tend to get consumed in our daily routines and we forget to slow down and smell the roses. For Tommy Franklin, dancing is the self-expressive key to happiness and he hopes his actions can inspire others to find what makes them happy too. We can all learn a thing or two from Tommy Franklin: let loose, smile more often, find someone you trust, and don’t take life so seriously.

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Max Korn

JJ Eagan

Liam Mahoney

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Max Korn JJ Egan

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