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Final Project: Design, Movement, & Craft When starting this research I was in the dark of where to take this. I’ll admit I’m still not solidified in a direction to travel, however I’m hoping ideas I’m creating generate a direction and purpose. I don’t know what I am going to create yet, but I’m hoping the ideas in which I focus myself will catapult me into a world of possibility and captivate this project into another level of craft.

Legos and moving parts…after watching the videos on Alexander Calder and the mobiles of Susumu Shingu I thought, how can I create something beautiful with moving integral parts at a site? This is how I started my journey…the journey of questions and possibilities and discovery. So I started perusing the internet… do I wish to work in a more controlled environment, or in an environment that is unpredictable? So many questions I’m asking myself in terms of a direction. 1

So this is really more of an idea to inspire my design. It’s a new toy based invention off the Lego idea. From the research I did, however, it isn’t something I’m using as a physical interaction within my model. I really just wanted to add this because of its technical aspect. Its aspect of how it works, and what construct within is really what propelled my research and ideas to continuous be re-inspired. I liked the idea of what this was about, how it responded and how it really was on track to going down the road of what this project in general is about. Generating the ideas drives the mind to make connections of what the endless possibilities of creativity will come forth. “Cubelets is what we figure your next generation Lego toys. These modular, robotic little bricks can perform different mechanical and sensorial tasks when snapped together. The Sense Blocks acts as the "input"--i.e. detecting proximity, while responding to physical stimuli--and the Action Blocks provide the output, i.e. moving, rotating, making noise.” I included a link to this as the words are from the website itself I merely copy/pasted it for everyone to read. This not only I felt represented a part of my inspiration but continues itself along the leaps and bounds we are making into our final project. And so as I research continuous ideas, this is one of mine.


Watching the videos of what these can create was truly inspiring… It’s limited but a start in the creative process. I’m convinced and sold on an indoor site. I’m not sold on how this is going to begin to take its shape. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of the hours I’ve put into this project so far… My conclusion so far is that I know where exactly I wish to place the model itself. Now it’s up to scales, proportions, and the technical aspects which I hope in a short time begin to evolve. This image is from the inspiration of a music video…the exact origin is not necessary this still is. The still is representing hundreds of thousands of Japanese paper lanterns in motion against the sky at different elevations. These lanterns appear towards the last ten seconds of the song, the song itself I find inspirational. So I was surprised to find that in the end the lanterns quickly captured my attention.

From this still image I take: Motion…using a grid or grids to somehow connect components together to get them to move in an array of motion, not at the same speed and or height… similar to that of this image above. How can I recreate something similar in context? It’s this solid idea of constant movement that I’m after, how to achieve this in a controlled setting. There is a great deal of experimentation involved. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’m not sure what this may gain momentum to look like as I haven’t sketched anything as of yet. I’m merely generating more strong ideas of what I’m seeking through my research. I’m certain the motion I will create will be intentional, and through some sort of human interaction involving a number of things to take place. Through more research I hope to clarify my findings through trials and errors. As I continue my research, I see there is life at the end of the tunnel. Many 3

ideas are slowly taking shape, and it is now up to me to start piecing this all together. The notion of using Lego pieces for cams, and pulley systems, the basics of certain mechanical devices along with other materials to create structure and balance…nothing solid yet but ideas emerging are finally starting to make more sense. While continuing to expanding upon my research, I came across this link below, I was actually looking over at Channa’s monitor in the lab while thinking about how I could make these connections, I watched the video below which gave me another idea.

Click this link -> to actually watch the video of the screen print below.

Along with more ideas, come more issues, and again how to work through them to continuously piece this idea in my mind. I’m going to continue to expand upon this draft proposal. This is merely a second iteration of the original. I hope this is starting to become more fluid and has a sense of direction that doesn’t just exist in my own mind.


Design, Movement, & Craft  

2nd iteration draft proposal

Design, Movement, & Craft  

2nd iteration draft proposal