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Mooi en Lief Dutch brand of stylish & funky wellington boots.

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LOĂ?S KRUISWEGT Dutch TOP teen fashion model

At Mooi en Lief we dare to be different. Dutch brand of stylish & funky wellington boots.

Editor’s letter

Hello Everyone! Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anna and I’m a Welsh fashion and lifestyle blogger who started at the age of twelve. I’m fourteen now so I have experienced many opportunities but none quite like having the opportunity to be the editor of an actual magazine! I started working with Mooi en Lief originally in April of this year, and since then I have worked on a post with them, and have had a great time supporting their brand! I chose to work with Mooi en Lief because the foundation of their company and their design is to ‘dare to be different’, and that’s why I blog, to show my creativity and uniqueness to every-

one, and Mooi en Lief give kids the chance to do this whilst making a fashion statement in their cool, and quirky designs. I personally own the Mooi en Lief ‘Army’ boots, and I love them because they can be dressed up with all sorts of different looks. and my brother has even got a pair for himself which he loves! They are for fun but also to look chic, and I think kids will love them because there are so many different designs that they can choose from to suit their personality. In this magazine, we’re going to show you how different bloggers have chosen to style the wellies, and also an article written by me about ‘fashion influences of a fashion conscious teenager’. You also get to read an interview with Lois Kruiswegt, an up and coming thirteen year old model (crazy right!) who is insanely talented! But we also have some cool and different articles, which I won’t spoil too much for you! So thank you for picking up a copy of this magazine, and I’ll see you all soon!

On the cover

Photography: Karen Scheffers - Model: Jade Daniels Get in touch with Mooi en Lief

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Photography done by www.karenscheffers.ocom

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METALLIC MANIC shortlisted for ‘Best Teen Style Blogger’ in COMPANY Magazine Blogger Awards

Name: Lauren Coppin-Campbell Age: 16 Country: UK Blog: Signature style: depends how I feel in the morning,my style reflects my feelings, personality and character of the day Top fashion tip: Don’t allow your clothes to wear you, wear them Favourite Quote: aspire to inspire Favourite song: Iggy Azalea - Goddess Hobbies: shopping, searching for deals, writing, dressing up. Favourite colour: purple - at the moment Ambition: to be the best at everything I do and to never be able to say what if Dreamjob: I want to do everything



Shopping influences of a Fashion consious Teenager by Anna Heledd, 14 year old Lifestyle/fashion blogger,

Fashion has changed over

the years, and that has led to teens’ styles changing. We’ve gone from long a line skirts, to lots of leather, to skimpy, to granny chic. Styles are also always changing, and teenagers are more fashion conscious in my eyes nowadays (and definitely more judgemental of each other). When I was younger, my mum would always take me shopping, and I’d never really care about what she’d buy me, just as long as it was comfortable. Definitely not corduroy though, I hated it as a kid! I was brought up around farm kids since my mum and WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

dad moved from a busy England town to a very rural welsh village a couple years before I was born, so there wasn’t really a very heavy ‘fashion influence’ and I probably saw more sheep than I did people. But as I grew up, I became more interested in fashion and the industry, so that resorted in me actually being conscious of what I was wearing and where it was coming from, but this started to heavily change when I entered high school. I went from a school of about 80 pupils to almost a thousand, so that definitely introduced me to a lot of different personalities! Friends heavily influence

what you wear during your teens, from about eleven to sixteen. You’re always going to want what your friend wears, and individuality can sometimes be sparse. Everyone will want the same bag, or everyone will want the same jumper, it’s just the way that teens minds work. Brands and celebrity endorsements are also very important, in fact I came across someone the other day who bought something just because one of the Kardashians wore it, she didn’t really even like it, it was just because someone who is remotely famous wore it. Uniqueness is very important to me, and even

Report edit though I’m completely fine with style icons. They aren’t for copying. Rather, they are for taking elements from their wardrobe, and not mimicking, but taking inspiration out of it, whether it’s a colour or a print, not the whole outfit, if you get what I mean.Bloggers and youtubers have also landed on the scene in recent years, with more and more teenagers be influenced by them. I like this since although celebrities are people, they tend to have the money to splash out on things that are out of reach for teenagers unless their parents are bizarrely rich. Bloggers have lives too, and they tend to be a normal person with a normal lifestyle like you and I, but they just happen to write a blog! Bloggers also come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s overall a healthier image for teenagers to be influenced by, instead of the ‘skinny’ industry of celebrities. They also tend to know a lot more about what’s on the market,

so they usually find shops that you’ve never even heard of, but wish you had sooner! I think that’s why high streets are going a little out of fashion, and more people are into shopping online, since you can literally find anything imaginable, from vintage and reworked gems, to weird and wonderful prints. I personally love shopping online, since there’s more of a chance that no one is ever going to find what I’m wearing, and I find it so annoying when I go somewhere and I have the same outfit on as someone else. Because I realise that I am the one that’s following the crowd - they aren’t following me! I’m a fan of etsy and the Asos marketplace, because although they may be pre-owned, some are uniquely made, and there’s no way someone I know will be wearing it! I think the blogging industry should get bigger, because it’s full of people just like us.

Anna Heledd with her Mooi en Lief Army wellies

“Bloggers and youtubers have also landed on the scene in recent years, with more and more teenagers being influenced by them” 14 year old fashion/lifestyle blogger Anna Heledd, a village girl from Wales, as she calls herself. She was shortlisted for the ‘Best Teen Blog 2013’ at ‘Company’s #StyleBloggerAwards’ and featured in ‘You Magazine’. She aspires to work in fashion magazines around the world and loves anything quirky and different! Her personal style? I’m not a very dressy person, and I’d pick jeans over dresses any day, but I do occasionally love to dress up, as every girl should once in a while! Where do you want to be in a couple of years time? I hope to still be writing ‘the life of a fashion-nerd’, I will have hopefully (fingers crossed) won an award or two along the way, since that’s my next personal career goal, and also maybe be writing part time at a fashion magazine. WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

Ellie wearing Mooi en Lief Buckle black boots

Fashion edit

I’m Ellie, a 16 year old teen from London who loves secondhand clothes, vinyl records, herbal tea and dressing weird.

WINNER of COMPANY Magazine Blogger Awards Best Teen Style Blogger 2014



Name: Alexa Gora Age: 13 Country: Denmark Blog: Signature Style: casual chic Describe with 5 words your style: Creative, fun, colourful, cute, girly Top fashion tip: Never say never to skinny jeans Favourite Quote: If you can dream it, you can do it Favourite song: Chvrches - the mother we share Hobbies: ballet, playing violin, shopping and being creative Favourite colour: Pink Ambition: Sit on the front row in a fashion show at New York Fashion Week WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM


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HECTIC ECLECTIC accepted for teen VOGUE fashion click

Name: Lexi Lawrence Age: 14 Country: UK Blog: Signature Style: Combat boots & poofy skirts Describe with 5 words your style: Eclectic, original, feminine, youthful, edgy Top fashion tip: Wear whatever makes you happy & don’t be afraid to be different Favourite Quote: ‘Lord, what fools these mortals be!’ Favourite song: Anklebiters by Paramore Hobbies: photography, writing, art, video games & reading Favourite colour: Blue or yellow Ambition: To have a voice & make a difference



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Dutch TOP teen Fashion model Loïs Kruiswegt (13 years) is making her way through modeling and catwalks and recently worked with Mooi en Lief on a photo shoot. She started as a model at the age of 6 years and has worked for quite some prestigious Dutch brands so far and travelled to different countries for photo shoots. The catwalks is what she likes best: “It’s always such a different experience”, says Loïs.

Loïs goes to secondary school, so finishing school including a graduation is her priority at this moment. But her ambition is to work as a model or at least be working in the fashion industry! “My friends are very positive about my modeling career. Everybody at school is very cool about it, even the teachers are very enthusiastic!” Loïs did the photo shoot of the ‘Maria’ wellies for Mooi en Lief and what a coincidence. She started off buying one Holy Mary statue and now has more than 50 statues at this moment! We caught up with Loïs and asked her some questions about her life. WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

From whom did you get your looks? I look a lot like my mum when she was young, but with the skin colour of my dad. What background does your father have? Both my parents are Dutch but my father has Javanese/Chinese/ Indonesian blood and my mother has Italian/Indian/German blood and is related to gypsies. Quite a mix to be proud of! Do you have any siblings? An older brother (19 years) and he does a little bit of modeling too. What’s the best advice you’ve been given? That I should stay modest. Your personal fashion style, how would you describe it? It’s a tough/classic look... Just pretty things! Like most Dutch people, Loïs loves her bike.


Do you think wellies would fit with your style? Yes for sure, I love the Mooi en Lief “Buckle black” wellies. Do you get asked fashion advice from family and friends? I do often get questions from my friends about where I bought something, because I created my own style. You’ve been involved in a lot of photo shoots. Did that increase your love for fashion? When I was a little girl I already liked clothes and bags but mainly shoes. And for sure it has increased evenmore over the years. Finally what do you do in your spare time? Mainly I hang out with my girlfriends and like to dance and play sports. Photoshoot of Mooi en Lief Maria wellies.

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Name: Lois Kruiswegt Age: 13 Country: Holland Social Media: kruiswegt Signature style: tough with a classic look Describe with 5 words your blog/style: classy, tough, comfortable, female, hip Top fashion tip: less is more Favourite quote: A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear Favourite song: Money on my mind - Sam Smith Hobbies: dancing Favourite colour: black Ambition: Modelling, catwalking Dreamjob: Model, or something in fashion industry



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16 year old Chloe Vell becomes our brand ambassador

International dressage rider and fashion model, Chloe Vell, is our new brand ambassador. In her new role, Chloe will advise and support Mooi en Lief to build awareness in the equestrian youth market, promoting the brand in a fashionable way. Chloe Vell is a highly talented 16 year old dressage rider who rides and models internationally. She has represented Great Britain (“GB�) on Pony and Junior teams in International competitions since the age of 12, including European Championships and was part of the winning GB junior team at the Nations Cup in 2013. She also holds a British dressage national title and is now part of the Excel talent pathway for the British Equestrian Federation. Reflecting her extensive experience, Chloe writes a blog for the Horse & Hound magazine. Next to that, Chloe is also an accomplished model in her own right having already modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Pull and Bear and Company magazine to name a few.

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Mooi en Lief ‘Safety’ wellies used in the amazing Graffiti Art work of Steef van Loenhout

Lolita Fashion

Modesty is important everything from the top of the arms to the knee is covered and headwear is always used.

Materials wise: Only good quality fabrics and lace are used to avoid looking like a costume, because Lolita Fashion is, in fact, an everyday street fashion. WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM


Fashion edit

Japanese street style

Miss Katherine Rose discovered Lolita Fashion in 2009

and its taken her to places she’d never imagined to go to! She has been running her Lolita Fashion blog,, for over two years now, writing down her journey through Lolita fashion and her adventures on the way.

She is moving on in her studies of fashion&clothing and to become a professional designer! Her dream is to move to Tokyo and surround herself with its inspiring and unique street art, and to experience the culture that brought some of the most original innovations in fashion. What is Lolita Fashion? Lolita fashion is an alternative style that originally comes from the Harajuku district in Tokyo. Its influenced by historical fashion; primarily Rococo and Victorian children’s wear but also has references to other periods in time. It has a very distinct silhouette; a poofy skirt in either a bell (like an upsidedown ‘U’) or A-line (wider at the bottom than the top, like an ‘A’- although it is important to know that this is a lot more voluminous than the standard Aline skirt you’d find on the high street). Modesty is important, everything from the top of the arms to the knee is covered- and headwear is always used, the standard being the large ‘Alice’ bows while other kinds like headdresses of varying detail, hats and flowers are also commonly seen. Materials wise, only good quality fabrics and lace are used to avoid looking like a costume. This is because lolita fashion is, in fact, an everyday street fashion that many wear during their daily lives, although it is so ornate that you may not think that initially. It is also important to note that it, despite the name, has no connections with the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. It is a fun style to wear and has a myriad of sub-styles to explore, so there’s something for everybody!

The touch of red in the Mooi en Lief “Pirate” wellies are great to pair with patterns containing red, so this plaid pirate-themed skirt paired with all black clothes and accessories really brings attention to these details. WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM


Name: Imani Mujakic Age: 10 Country: Holland Social media: Signature Style: classy Describe with 5 words your style: Tough, different, trendy, stylish and cute. Top fashion tip: wear comfortable clothes but stay fashionable Favourite Quote: Be happy & smile Favourite song: Ariana Grande - Problem Hobbies: dancing & modelling Favourite colour: baby blue Ambition:Have a good job which allows me to travel a lot when I’m older Dreamjob: fashion designer WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM


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MILITARY VINTAGE LOLITA Name: Katherine Avey Age: 18 Country: UK Blog: therosesaresilent. Signature Style: Lolita Describe with 5 words your blog: there’s no innovation without inspiration Top fashion tip: the right petticoat can change everything Favourite quote:‘this cabbage will be your friend’ Favourite song: yumeno hajima ring ringKyary pamyu pamyu Hobbies: making clothes for my wardrobe, drawing Favourite colour: pastel lavender Ambition: to move to Tokyo to experience their culture, be inspired by the fascinating art there. Dreamjob: designer



Meet 14 year old @TollyDollyPosh, a fashion blogger who lives between UK and France. Shortlisted for ‘Best Teen Style Blogger’ in the COMPANY Magazine Blogger Awards 2013 & 2014. She creates amazing hand drawn designs, is incredible active on social media and has now set up a social network called ‘Bundle...’ A community for bloggers to share, blog & connect in one place. When people say ‘France’, they mean Paris, What inspired you to start your blog Bordeaux, Marseilles and all the big cities. Certainly where I am based, it’s nothing like I wanted a project to work on in the summer the UK. Everyone’s usually in a jumper and of 2012, as well as wanting to get that stepjeans. I definitely feel more confident when ping stone closer to reaching my goal of beI’m back home in England to be honest.! coming a designer, so starting a place where Could you describe to us what your style is? I could share my love for what I do, seemed changes a lot. One day like a good option! “I love to design it ItI’ll want to wear someWhat is your greatest exactly how I like, thing boho inspired, passion besides fashion? and the next I want to Well obviously blogging, people wearing dress in pastels and look but I just want to be hapKawaii. My main style py, my family to be happy, my creations and is preppy, colourful and and to lead a happy life. have a shop!” full of prints. I love mixSad, but true haha! ing and matching! You create beautiful designs on your blog. Is your ambition to be a designer? What is your next ‘must have’ purchase? If I had the money, I’d buy one of the sequin Thank you! Yes it is indeed,I love the whole aspect of fashion week and people wearing Ashish shopping bags. They’re a rip off, so I’d your creations, and have a shop and being much rather do a DIY, but they are absolutly able to design it exactly how you like. It’s gorgeous! basically a free world - no rules, you can do What’s on your Ipod at this moment? whatever you want! I’m loving “All of Me” by John Legend. It’s How do you describe the fashion scene in such a calm, cute and fun song. Definitely France compared to the UK? one you can sing your heart out too! WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

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What can’t you live without? gers as friends, talk in private chat, write for Bad for your teeth but Coca-Cola. It’s such the blog,get more readers and just generally a life saver on hot sunny days and it is more become part of another community. and more delicious every time you drink it. You run it yourself or do you have support? How do you balance school and blogging? I run it along with my family, as well as It’s all about time management. I actually Anna (The Life of a Fashion Nerd), and Iris prefer blogging in the evenings any(Hey Iris). They’ve all been a big help. “I would way, so it’s all good to me. When You hope to attract brands too? hate to go really busy, I’ll schedule a couple Once we have hit a big enough away from home of tweets and post, so I don’t number, we will indeed attract and not have have to worry about it when it interchangeable brands too. Luckily I already have goes up. contacts so it should be quite outfits to How do you pick what to wear? easy and interesting for brands to wear...” I tend to just roll with it when I need reach out to the community. Fingers to! The only time I plan is when going crossed it will be soon! away. Shortlisted for the best teen blog award of How do you pay for the upkeep of the ‘Company Magazine’ two years in a row. blogs? To be honest, running a blog is free! I What’s your secret ? do accept advertising and publish sponsored My followers are great and seem to support posts, but I haven’t actually spent that much. me in every way, so I say it’s mainly them. You need a computer, a site and perhaps a Tweeting once in a while, having the link in camera. I’ve bought a lens and some lights posts and also getting friends & family to for my blog, but both have other uses too! share it around too all helps. What are your future goals? How has social media benefited your blog? By the time I’m 25, I want to have a shop or It helps a lot! Most of my traffic is either Twitwo. It may sound adventurous, but I feel if I ter or Google. I think because not only do I keep going, I will be able to reach that goal. tweet about my life as well as new post links, I’ve planned it many times...ahh, one day! my followers get to see the other side of me, Who is the most ‘WOW’ person/or compa- including opinions, random things and what ny that follows you as a fan? I’m up to. It’s also a great help on answering That has got to be... *drum roll* ...Susie Lau questions. Twitter always has the answer! (aka Susie Bubble). Once before she quoted Do you hope to be ‘spotted’ and by whom? something from my ‘about page’ and I had a One of those things I dislike very much. My bit of a fit. I’m always checking if she’s unfolgoal is not to be spotted. I never want to lowed me yet. My tweets are crazy! make myself in to some sort of PR stuntTell about your new community ‘Bundle’! woman. I’m just going to follow the path I’m I get annoyed when I’m chatting to bloggers on and see what happens! on Twitter and other tweets from brands and non-bloggers get in the way, or random spammers decide to tweet, so I feel like dle has solved that. You can add other blogWWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

in collaboration with @Tollydollyposh Artwork done by Tolly Dolly Posh

These three designs are inspired by the art of topiary and garden sculptures. I love the way you can make art from nature, and wellies always remind me of exploring so it all tied up together. Faux fur is one of my favourite textures so of course it made an appearance! When researching topiary, I found that it was first used in Europe in the Ancient Roman times, so the shapes I have used for my design ideas are all inspired by the shapes of how plants and sculptures may have been displayed. I think the Mooi en Lief Buckle boots are the closest style to gladiator shoes which are of course Roman inspired.

Tie Dye Top and Green Skater Skirt

Faux Fur Boxy Top with ‘Flos’ Embellishment

Mooi en Lief wellies Buckle black WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

Mooi en Lief wellies Buckle pink

Art edit

Faux Fur Green Shift Dress with Floral Embellishments

Tie Dye Top and Green Skater Skirt One of my favourite things about flowers is when they are all bundled up together and look almost like splatter paint, which was the inspiration to this top. I love the high neck-line on tops as well so it’s totally up my street! Skater skirts are also a great classic shape and style and look perfect with the Mooi en Lief Buckle boots in summer time. Faux Fur Boxy Top with ‘Flos’ Embellishment Tying in with the Ancient Romans, I decided that I needed to add a slogan in somewhere, which is the reason for the ‘Flos’ on the front of this faux fur number. I believe it means Flower in Latin and I love it! A sporty and oversized shape for the top, paired with some short and skinny beige shorts, makes for another look inspired by topiary shapes. Faux Fur Green Shift Dress with Floral Embellishments This dress is inspired by floral gardens and a simple shaped topiary tree. The dress is a chic and simple A-Line shift dress with floral embellishments. I’m a huge fan of colour so of course they had to contrast to the beautiful green colour, plus who doesn’t love a nice texture clash? I think the pink of the Mooi en Lief Buckle boots looks great with the muted bright green, so it isn’t too much to your eyes! WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

Imagination is more important than knowledge ~Albert Einstein~

Photography done by www.karenscheffers.ocom

Report edit

Mooi en Lief is delighted to be supporting the Kliptown Youth Program of Kliptown, South Africa. In particular, the renowned KYP Gumboot dancers within the performing arts group who have toured around the world showcasing their talent. We love their powerful dance and drums and their ability to express themselves in such an exceptional and enthusiastic way! Gumboot dance is a South African dance performed by dancers wearing wellington boots. It has its origins in the mines where the dance was basically used to communicate as there was strictly no talking otherwise they would get punished by their boss. Kliptown Youth Program’s mission is to eradicate the poverty of mind, body and soul and to fight against the disadvantages imposed on the children of Kliptown, South Africa, by providing educational support and after school activities. Their tutoring, athletic and performing arts programmes provide a lifeline to the children of Kliptown not defined by survival, but by the ability to be active community members, to have dreams, and most of all, to have hope about the future. Thulani Madondo, Director and founder of the KYP was recently honoured by CNN as one of its Top 10 heroes, recognising his work and the hard work of his team for their efforts in creating a lasting difference for the kids through the KYP. We are enjoying working with the KYP team to capture the passion and fire, the spirit, the sights and sounds, and emotions around gumboot dance. Follow us and KYP via &

KYP girls enthusiastic about their Mooi en Lief wellies


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14 Year Old Fashion Designer ‘Tolly Dolly Posh’ Signs Exclusive Licence & Marketing Agreement with Dutch brand Mooi en Lief

Yes you read the header correct: teenage fashion designer and blogger Tolly Gregory will create a range of fashion socks and tights for girls! We are going to create a co-branded range planned for launch early 2015. The collection, aimed at fashion conscious girls, will be branded “Mooi en Lief by TollyDollyPosh”. It will be available for sale both to retail stores and directly to consumers via The collection will be marketed by Mooi en Lief and Tolly Dolly Posh. Tolly Gregory is a 14 year old fashion designer and blogger at She has been shortlisted for the “Best Teen Style Blogger” award by Company Magazine Blogger Awards in 2013 & 2014, as well as being featured in UK magazines and on BBC Radio 4. Her goal is to become a fashion designer creating ‘quirky, sophisticated outfits that encourage self expression’. Tolly Gregory explains her vision for the collaboration “I hope the collection is fun, versatile with a unique ‘TDP’ twist and is exciting to wear for all girls. It’s such an exciting venture to take on, and I can’t wait to get started!”

Art edit

Belgian Street Artist

We catch up with Steef van Loenhout, designer of the Mooi en Lief graffiti football wellies Steef van Loenhout (21) is a student at the school of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Graffiti is what he taught himself and he has developed an amazing skill and talent for it. Steef recently set up his own company LOST. productions, with a Facebook presence. Through this he seeks assignments for Graffiti and illustrations which he can combine well with his study. How did the love for Graffiti started? I liked drawing from a young age, and taught other children how to draw. My father can draw very well too which is probably where I get my talent from. I started to do my first graffiti at the age of 14. I did paint illegally outside, but after being caught once I’ve never done it again. It’s very exciting, but the fine was high and I had to clean it all as well! I do like to see graffiti on the streets and when I have my driving licence I will get distracted by looking at it for sure. I would love to go to a graffiti street festival in Brazil once! What’s the deal with you and music? When I paint I always listen to music. I make my own music as well and I am with a record label. My music is a mix of ‘hiphop’, ‘drum&base’ and ‘techno’. For Mooi en Lief you designed the graffiti style ‘Football’ wellies. How did you come up with the referee as the main character? The brief was football and graffiti, but I always try to make it look different. Not the obvious and therefore chose a referee. I had made a few designs but this one was the best. Who inspires you? And what do you want to do/be when you’re older? ‘Sam Flores’ has beautiful paintings and ‘Sainer etan Cru’ does incredible art work on buildings. Both are my big favourites. And my dream job would be something with drawing, painting or to become an (book) illustrator. What makes you happy? The smell of graffiti spray paint smells nice, haha, but doesn’t make me happy, normally I wear a mask. The movies on YouTube called ‘fails compilation’, people trying something and fail, make me laugh. Very funny! haha How can people recognize your signature in your artwork? That’s a very difficult question and I never really thought of it. I think what you often see with my artwork is that my characters often have white eyes. How did you come up with the name of your company LOST. productions? To be honest, I just like the combination of these letter together. productions - WWW.MOOIENLIEF.COM

About Us

“It’s like having a chandelier in a kids bedroom; not childish but stylish designed in an adult way” JACQUELINA DEERENBERG, 36, GENERAL MANAGER MOOI EN LIEF DUTCH BRAND OF WELLINGTON BOOTS


Mooi en Lief is

a premium Dutch brand offering quirky wellington boots for children. Mooi en Lief is Dutch for ‘Beautiful and Sweet’ and represents what each parent thinks of their child.

and fashionable to this category. We envision children wearing our wellies like our own children do. They have an opinion, want to be different and look good on any occasion.

So, working with international artists we brought togeth“Our boots are deer a collection of signed for kids, but boots incorporatthrough the eyes of ing 3D an adult, features, I always “Dare to be and compare different!” which it to are dehaving a chandelier in a child’s liberately edgy in bedroom. Our dedesign. signs are not childish with Disney prints, Since then we have nor a dull take-down been working with of a branded adult top teen fashion boot. Instead they bloggers who spot are funky and stylish. trends and have Our boots are about influence, to show making a statement. how our wellies can Being different, darbe worn in a fashing to stand out from ionable way. the crowd, even to be a bit quirky!” From vintage style Wellington boots tend to be seen as a functional product. We however believe we bring something innovative

to Japanese Lolita, from French chic to urban classy, our boots are for kids who dare to be different.

Photography done by www.karenscheffers.ocom

Mooi en Lief Ltd. Phone number: +44 (0) 7961 273 896 E-mail: Website:

Mooi en Lief Lifestyle magazine  
Mooi en Lief Lifestyle magazine  

Dutch brand of stylish & funky wellington boots.