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Best Best Times Times 27 27 Youth Culture

The birth of ‘youth culture’ in the early 1960’s provoked a 2 In depth remarkable evolution in the way young Americans and Europeans lived their dai3 Narratives ly lives. These lifestyle innovations, influenced by a new 4 Reviews wave of romantic enthusiasm combined with a renewal of religious, cultural and 5-7 Exam models political ideals, took the Western world by storm, garnering, at first, only a meagre 8-14 Kid’s Corner following, limited to social and aesthetic radicals, and subseFrom the quently engaging the Editor collective imagination of all those who could This Fall 2013 isnow proudly boast to sue abounds with be under 30, as if it stories, model exwere a virtue. Deam texts and Halloween spite some having treats. Thanks to our tried to explain this teachers, Thea, Vicki, social phenomenon in Christabel, Becky and Alice, many learners’ contri- terms of mindless butions can be presented consumption, many here. Remember you can argued view this online and print that a copy from our website. this was an Keep on writing! excitMelissa Wing, ing ex-

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Italy Today


If our country had been united culturally, instead of being unified politically, we wouldn’t be facing lot of the problems we have in our country. Our unfortunate history means we are lacking in community, so Italians today aren’t civic-minded in many cases : today Italy is unified politically, but that’s ironic that a country belonging to the European Union is not culturally cohesive, in fact, there are still many problems we have to solve, such as corruption, tax evasion, crime and the imbalance between northern and southern Italy, caused by a disastrous industrial policy in the past. Now the economic crisis has aggravated

I live in Trieste which is a city on the Adriatic sea on the homonymous gulf between the Zaule Valley at the south and the Miramar promontory at the northwest. In 177 it came under Roman rule. In 1202 it became a fief under bishops and counts of Venice. In1368 Trieste passed freely under Austria. In 1717 the Free Port of Trieste became the best port of the AustroHungarian empire. In 1922 after the First World War Trieste passed to Italy. In 1947 after WWII it became the Free Territory of Trieste. In 1952 it passed definitively to Italy. Nowadays Trieste has around 250,000 in habitants. The citizens of Trieste speak Italian as a first language with Slovenian and numerous other languages spoken in the home. In

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In Depth Genesis of a Baroque Oratorio “Messiah”, one of Georg Friedrich Händel’s most famous compositions, saw the light in 1741 and premiered in Dublin in April 1742. It was hardly the composer’s first oratorio, nor was it his first widely acclaimed piece, since Water Music, the Concerti Grossi and a number of operas had already established Händel’s position as one of the leading musical figures at the court of King George II. In spite of the oratorio’s length (the first score was 260 pages long and a typical performance lasts over two and a half hours), it took Händel less than a month to compose “Messiah”, although he revised it many times later on, even after the Dublin premiere. The composition is structured in three parts in an alternation of choral passages, solo arias and recitative parts and the libretto is entirely based on the King James’ Version of the Bible. On Writing Over 64,000 books are printed in Italy every year, that makes more than 170 books a day - most of them are displayed for a few days or weeks on the shelves of a few book-stores and then given back to the publisher or sent for pulping. The technological advances of the recent years have completely changed the approach to writing. Once a person had to take pen and paper, make a physical effort to write, devote a very long time to this task. In the past it was very difficult and tiresome to erase, cancel, or even change the sentences, one was often compelled to re-write the whole page anew. Now, computers make it easier. In a few minutes one can fill dozens of pages, without the strain of correcting each sentence, the mistakes - the word corrector is there, vigilant on one’s errors. No more worries, just fill the white space with your thoughts, your story. Moreover, the vast majority of firstPage 2

However widely acclaimed in Ireland, “Messiah” was received rather coldly by the British and it was not until the mid1750s that it earned its much deserved recognition. Originally composed for Baroque ensembles (i.e.: rather petite orchestras and small choirs), the oratorio was progressively adapted to the musical fashion of each of the époques in which it was performed. Slightly rearranged by Mozart (whose version is, still today, sung in German instead of English), “Messiah” began to be performed by larger orchestras and choirs, in line with the “the-louder-the-better” fashion of the late 19th and early 20th Century. The most spectacular, however philologically anachronistic, version is probably the 1956 arrangement by Sir Eugene Goossens, who rescored the oratorio for a full Romantic orchestra and choir. The outcome was defined “outrageously funny” by the pres-

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time writers pay for their writing to be published. Not only do the major publishers not read the manuscripts, they do not even accept them. And so, in order to fulfill their longed-for expectations and greed for a flimsy fame and not being able to wait, a number of writers pay enormous sums to satisfy their ego and emerge from obscurity/emerge from an anonymous life - more than anything else a book makes you visible, first of all among friends, colleagues, relatives; you are no longer unknown, your name is printed on the book cover. These vanity publishers rarely have valid editors and reviewers since they cannot afford them. This means that the text is often published without corrections or a thorough editing with the result of there being lots of books of very poor quality taking up the space and market shares of the praiseworthy ones. Most first-time writers don’t write stories - they often list a series of

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Narratives Bedtime Stories When I was a child, my father used to put me to bed and read me a story. In the beginning, he used to read me fairytales from a book we had. When he had read me all the fairytales in that book, he decided that it would be more interesting to tell me about the stories of Nick Carter, a detective from a comic book he used to love as a teenager. Obviously, he could only remember so much about stories he had read over twenty years before, so he started to make them up. Now, both my fa-

ther and I like to think out of the box, at least when it involves getting creative. (To be honest, I think it was him who taught me to with his bedtime stories). So we started making up stories about "Baby Nick Carter", who was Nick Carter who solved cases as a child. Looking back on it, I am very grateful to my father for showing me that the human imagination really is amazing, and that we can create our own worlds, and then let them go when we're done with them. If I ever have a child, I will make sure to do the same. Noemi Guarascio, C1

A Bank Robbery A: Hi John, how are you? B: Not bad, thanks. Have you heard what had happened at the bank yesterday morning? A: No, tell me. B: So, yesterday morning at the bank there was a robbery. Four men entered into the bank without any opposition because they had killed the guards before. While they were getting on the car, they heard the sound of the police siren. A: Oh, like an action film! What's the end? B: After an incredible hot pursuit between city streets, the police caught the robbers and returned the loot to the bank. A: Wow, have you ever heard a story like this? B: No. A: Ok, good to see you, bye. B: Bye. Mattia Trippar, B2

A Lucky Call It was a phone call that changed my life. It all started one year ago when I was alone at home. I was watching a program on the TV when the phone rang. “I cannot believe it� were my first words, because I realised that the woman who was phoning me was the TV presenter of the same program I was watching. She said that I could win ten thousand euros if I answered all the questions. Fortunately when she was about to make me the first question my brother arrived at home and, after I explained to him what was going on, he helped me to answer. I cannot believe it even now. We won the prize and some days later the money arrived to my brother’s checking account. It was a phone call that changed my life. Carlo Pini, B2

A Burglary This afternoon I was walking from my office and when I turned street I saw a man that was entering in a police car. In that moment I thought that the man had robbed a bank this morning. Indeed, later that morning I heard to the radio that some robbers had stolen a bag from a woman in a bank near my office. The robbers had escaped with some money and bags from the bank with a car but fortunately the police had seen them and immediately ran after them. Michela Pocecca, B2

Reviews A Thriller "Inferno" written by Dan Brown, is a thriller story set in Italy, in the Dante's city: Florence, one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Robert Langdon, the main character of the book, is involved in a complicated series of exciting events and murders. The protagonist flanked by a young enterprising woman deals with many adversities and criminal organizations. The story is constructed around the

A Thriller, a Fantasy or an Action Novel? Rick Riordan's, “The Red Pyramid”, is the first book of a series of novels (The Kane Chronicles) based on Egyptian mythology but set in our days. It all starts when Julius Kane uses the Rosetta stone to summon Osiris, but accidentally releases five gods, including set who imprison Julius and begins his destruction plan. However, Carter and Sadie Kane (the siblings) are still free so they try to liberate their father and save the world with Page 4

"Divine Comedy", written by Dante, particularly on the first part of it, the "Inferno". The plot is very twisted: there is more than one story that runs parallel to another one, that a certain point meets and comes to a single final solution. The main themes are the curiosity, the will to know and solve enigmas. I'd really recommend this book to anyone who likes intriguing stories that keeps you in suspense. Francesco Alessio Verni, B2

the help of Amos, the uncle. The plot is written like it's an audio recording made by carter and Sadie so it's full of comments and characters’ thoughts. The book is a special mix between a very gripping thriller, a fantasy and a fast-paced action novel, that make a person who likes this type of novel want to read all the book in one day. I've tried to stop reading this book for a few minutes but the result was that I continued reading faster and faster, so I finished a 300 page book in about 3 hours. Alessandro Germani, B2

The British School Website I think that this website is very useful to revise the grammar. In fact there are a lot of exercises which are used primarily for repeat the syntax and vocabulary. In addition the corrections are given to you immediately after the end of the exercise, and this is very functional because it doesn't require the presence of a teacher and you haven't to wait to know your mistakes. In this website there are also tests that you have to do to see how much you have learned on the last argument and also in this case you know immediately the score. I know that I use the website very rarely, but I will take advantage of it most frequently. Alice Boehm, B2

This website is an important learning resource because you can find exercises on every topic of grammar and vocabulary. You can find many interesting articles written by other students in the school magazine, Best Times. The articles give you new ideas and informations. So it’s also a funny way to learn English. I should use it more because it could help me to understand something or with my homework. Maybe I have been too lazy; I’ll try to use it more in the future. Anna Dapretto, B2


T H E B R I T I S H S C H O O L O F F R IU L I - V E N E Z I A

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Model Exam Texts Model C1.2 Certificate in Advanced English Part 2

PET for Schools

Write a commentary on extreme sports for an international magazine. (180-220 words)

Your teacher has asked you to write a personal profile for the English club newsletter. Give the following information: basic (name, age, etc.), personality, people you like and/ or dislike, and hobbies and interests. Now write your personal profile. (100 -120 words)

Dangerous Sports Dear readers, Never will I practice dangerous sports. But, please, continue reading if you are one of those who parachute from the sky or fly with a motorbike because, maybe, there is something in common in our view of life. Why did you try this experience the first time? Is it to show off? Is it to gain courage? I think that it’s because you want to experience life as much as possible, because you love life as much as I do. It must be wonder-

ful to see the earth from the sky, or the path from the edge of a rock reached climbing without rope, or sailing in the deepest ocean with your little boat, or driving as fast as sound. But if you love life so much, why risk wasting it? I have an answer, or rather, the same answer of addicted people: it gives you such strength, adrenaline, that it becomes impossible to give up. Therefore the risks seem small in front of the power of controlling nature. And, (Continued on page 13)

Model B2.2 First Certificate Exam Part 2

Write your story for an international magazine. The story must end with the following words: “It had all ended well, but Sarah would never be able to forget how frightened she had been.” (120-180 words)

A Scary Story Sarah was ten years old. On a quiet afternoon of a hot summer, she was reading a thriller, lying on her bed in front of the window. A good light entered in her bedroom through the open window and a sweet silence was around her because her parents and grandparents were sleeping. Reading was her favourite hobby. The story told about a killer doll and she was totally involved. Suddenly her eyes were distracted by a strange thing

descending from the first floor: a terrible sight stopped her dead. She saw one of her baby-dolls, without any clothes on, coming down slowly. The doll’s mouth was full of blood and it looked like a terrible murderer who had killed somebody a few minutes before. Sarah, unable to distinguish reality from fantasy, began to scream so loudly that everybody in the house came to help her. Everybody came apart from her young brother who was staying hid(Continued on page 13)

Hi! My name is Isabella. I'm fourteen years old. I love music and cooking but my passion is volleyball. I've been playing for 5 years and my team is "Gentilli" but now I'm playing with "Coselli". My old coach’s name was Enrico and he was very severe, but he was very funny too. Now my new coach's name is Giovanna, she is an excellent coach. I love so much this sport because it give me a lot of energy and when I play I fell invincible. I like it because I love meeting new friends and playing with them, too. I would really like to become a better player, so I will continue to play this wonderful sport! See you soon Isabella Giovanetti, B1

Model B2.2 First Certificate Exam Part 2 Prepare an informational leaflet in English for an international magazine. (120-180 words)

Call of duty! Safety when cycling

Riding a bike in your city could be dangerous. Many people are involved in accidents that can be avoided. Streets become dangerous places if you don't take any precautions. Being clever bicyclists is a duty!  When you cycle around the city centre you should always consider that cars are stronger and more resistent than you.  Follow the highway code like the other vehicles. You don't use a special vehicle.  If the Police ask you to show your driving license, don't question its authority. You should always keep in your pockets your driving license.  Don't listen to a personal stereo through headphones when you're cycling. You can't hear klaxons or ambulances.  If the traffic light is green – and you have to start again, be aware that cars or trucks may hit you accidentally. Lorenzo Micheluzzi, B2 Model B2.2 First Certificate Exam Part 2 Write your story for an international magazine. The story must start with the following words: “It had always been my dream.” (120-180 words)

World Travel It had always been my dream travel around the world without any preoccupations and regrets. So it was the most beautiful day of my entire life when I left my city and I started my journey solo. I didn't know where I would go and this was very ecxiting. This was very unusual for my habit, because I was used to being very careful and predictable. The first thing i did was to go to the airport and take the first flight. The fate wanted I took a ticket for Tokyo. When I arrived there it was raining and people were walking very fast in the Page 6

street. Everything was so fascinating and incredible for me, because before then I'd never seen houses so high and lights so shining. I liked the culture so I decided to stay there for a month to learn something about it. After that period I went to Singapore, where I spent a year trying to learn the language. Since then I've been travelling around the world discovering new things about the other cultures, but the most important thing discovering new feellings and interests. Therefore if i were someone i would suggest him to leave immediately. Giulia Kainradl, B2

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Youth Culture

ample of unprecedented emancipation, which celebrated the lives, experiences and aspirations of adolescent Americans and Europeans. This new wave of youth-centred optimism was so significant that even today, 50 years from the birth of ‘youth culture’ we can individualise its roots in modern-day society. The rebellious spirit which pervaded young adults at the time, coupled with the resulting feeling of superiority over previous generations, are still very much alive today, even though I don’t feel that they are justified: in stark contrast to how things were half a century ago, teens today are, I find, for the most part uninspired and superficial, always keen to reap the fruits of the achievements of past generations, instead of striving to create something original. ‘Youth culture’ is a product of genuine inspiration and creativity, borne from the revival of Western society after the atrocities of the Second World War, and a cultural phenomenon which I believe to be a singular achievement for young people, and unrepeated in modern times. Matteo Pentrems, C2+ BEST TIMES 27


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Trinity GESE Grade 7 - Topic Phase The candidate initiates and maintains a discussion for five minutes on a topic of his or her own choice. The presentation may be supported by technological aids (e.g. OHP/Powerpoint).

Below is an example of such a topic presentation. The text and images were used for a100-second PowerPoint presentation (10 seconds/slide) which was followed by a class discussion.

Domestic violence 1) Domestic violence is a very






tions at home have just one project he/she wants that the victim feels like a servant because he/she would like to be the family's boss. The victim feels 7) The aggressor control the like a servant victim generating social iso- The aggressor to be the lation, fear, humiliating him/ wants family boss her publicly, doing verbal threats. 8) But it's possible to fight this problem and the key is to break the isolation and find the courage to tell someone. 9) The associations that can help the victims are carabinieri - Internet/Cittadino/Consigli/Tematici/ Questioni+di+vita/Violenza/ Violenza+domestica.htm , ZeroViolenzaDonne telefono rosa - http:// Caribinieri Telefono Rosso tel_rosa/pdf/CENTRI% 20ANTIVIOLENZA.pdf , TRIESTE

widespread phenomenon that regards every single abuse's form like sexual, psychological and physical abuse in domestic context. It can lead to serious psychological aftermath of women, men and children because it can develop to psychologi- Problems Psychological cal problems such as deDepression pressive syndromes, somat- Tension Anxiety Tachycardia ic problems and postFeeling of guilt and shame Low self-esteem traumatic stress disorder. The situations of who suffers violence are more serious when the violence continues for a long time or when there is a sibling link between aggressor and victim. Two million women who have 2 million suffered domestic violence by women at current partner or a former home partner, while 5 million women 5 million out- GRUPPO DI LETTURA, RIFLESSIONE E PROGETTI CONTRO LA VIOLENZA ALLE DONNE side the home are victims of violence outside c/o UDI, P.zza Duca degli Abruzzi, 3 - 34132 the home. TRIESTE Tel. 040/367879 It has been estimated that over 90 Zeroviolenzasulledonne - http:// % of people doesn't denounce the fact. Maria Mulè, B2 Who do many times violent ac-

Model A2 KET for Schools Speaking Part 2 Candidate A asks some questions, using prompts, about a typical outing destination and Candidate B answers appropriately . Give it a try! A: B: A: B: A:

B: A: B: A: B: A: B:

What / type / party? ___________________ Where? ___________________ When? ___________________ What /can /do? ___________________ What / bring? ___________________ What / wear? ___________________

Vicki Maghetti, A2



Corner Activity Mornings

In June and July each summer the school offers excursions in English for our young learners. One such excursion took the children to Mini Mu Children’s Park in San Giovanni. The children participated in a hands-on activity using colours and shapes to create a collage about ‘home’. In the photograph, kindly taken by one of the facilitators, the children are holding their creations.

Summer Holidays

Farruggia A1

Cordioli A1

Giorgia Sossa, A2

Dream Bedrooms

Asia Negro, A2 Page 8


T H E B R I T I S H S C H O O L O F F R IU L I - V E N E Z I A G I U L I A

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Italy Today


King James Island Here is a map of King James Island. There is a river, a wood, a bridge, a space cenHorror Island tre, a football field, an airport Here is a map of Horror Island. and a car park. You can play football and fly from the airThere’s a port and an airport. port. Welcome. It’s a beautiYou can swim and shop. Come ful island. and visit this island. Giacomo, A2 Pietro , A2

A Keyhole View

My Senses

There is a table on the floor. There’s a lamp next to the picture. There are toys in front of the table. There are plants in the room. Francesco Schrott, A1

I can hear a car with my ears. I can taste ice cream with my mouth. I can feel ice with my hand. I can see the sun with my eyes. I can smell perfume with my nose. Veronica Toniolo, A1

What’s the time?

Elena Rizzi, A2

Katja Angerame, A2

Emma De Pauli, A1

Sara Cannataro, A1

Gabriele Germani, A1

When I was...

the situation and combined with a short sighted policy led us to unemployment. If we had organized a forward looking energy policy, now we wouldn’t be dependent on Russia and Arabian countries for imports and we wouldn’t pay elevated bills. If, during the years of the economic boom, we had invested our sources for the future instead of dissipating them into corruption and speculation, today we would feel the economic crisis less. If our government had enhanced research and intellectual work, recognizing it as useful for the growth of a country, today there wouldn’t be a drain of young people abroad. First we should implement a moral and ethical revolution and we should be concerned with the problems of the community: politics shouldn’t be considered a job, but something everyone participates in. Only by changing our way of life and our approach towards society we can develop again and improve our current condition. Leonardo Carbone, B2

D a t e s My Favourite Cartoon My favourite carton is Phineas and Ferb. They build all types of towers, villages, animal, machines, etc., etc.. I like them because they are clever and funny. They have a lot of imagination. Filippo Venuti, A2 Elena Samorè, Gaia Del Latte,& Luca Centazzo, A1 Stefania Scropetta, A2

Fantasy My name’s Pip. I’m from Scotland. I live in a tree. I’ve got a unicorn. I haven’t got a house. I like pigs. My favourite sport is riding a bike. I can fly. Margherita Giorgi, A2

Irene Marrinelli, A2 Page 10




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tigious musical magazine “Gramophone”. Ever since then, the trend seems to have reversed and most (though not all) of today’s performances tend to be faithful to Händel’s original orchestration. “Messiah” has, over the years, become a much loved composition thanks to the beauty of its arias and the powerful sound of its choruses. In England and the United States it is often performed at Christmas and on Good Friday. A custom that dates back to a 1756 performance demands that audiences stand during the Hallelujah chorus. The origin of this is disputed, but it is probably due to the fact that King George II, struck by the beauty and the solemnity of this particular passage, stood up in awe, thus causing the whole audience to do the same, according to the rules of protocol in the presence of a sovereign. Still today, a standing audience is always a source of great pathos as the oratorio rushes to the end of its second part, which is often saluted by long ovations. Marco Sinibaldi, C2+

BT42-8A, A2

Genesis of a Baroque Oratorio

Body Parts Goldilocks and the three Bears


Niccolò Austoni, A1 Alberto Crevato, A1

A1 Sally: Hi, girls! How was your Chatting about the weekend weekend? chatted with some friends on FaBeatrice: Hi, Diamond! Hi, Sally! This Saturday I went bowling with cebook. Diamond: Nothing much, I my friends. watched TV all day. And you SalDiamond: Hi! Did you have fun? ly? Beatrice: Yes, I did. Sally: I went to the cinema with Sally: Diamond, what did you do? my parents. Diamond: I went to the disco. Beatrice: What did you see? and you Sally? Sally: We saw "Titanic". it was Sally: Nothing special. I stayed at sad. home and I watched TV. What did Beatrice, Diamond, Sally: Bye! you do on Sunday? Anna Coslovich, Laura Chiandussi Beatrice: I stayed at home and I and Chiara Lusetic, B1

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On Writing facts, often disjointed one from the other in the mistaken belief that they have produced a masterpiece. This is due to the fact that less and less people read classics furthermore they have the presumption having reached the standard of the great authors, just because they have published a single book. Another point is that writing a book is sometimes a sort of psychotherapy: the page is considered to be a private space: a place where one can express thoughts, feelings, ideas, one's experiences and such like freely and without limits. Thus the book becomes a diary and no longer a text for everybody. Any book must be universal, embodying everyone's feelings, emotions and ideas in a worldwide process of sharing. The reader must recognise him/herself in it and become part of it. The greatness and the difficulty in writing lie here. Maria Irene Cimmino, C2+

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My Favourite Place

Tommaso Pacorini, A1 Page 12

Trieste Trieste there is the Bora that is a cold wind from the east northeast with violent gusts and the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celcius. The notable monuments are: the amphitheatre remains of the Romans, the St. Giusto Cathedral, the Unity of Italy square, the Victory beacon, Miramare castle and the giant cave in the countryside. There are several stores and street markets of antique trade. Visitors can buy some souvenirs. There are nice small restaurants in the suburbs. It’s a wonderful city and its theatres offer live entertainment. Many people like going to classical and modern plays, musicals light comedies, ballets and operas. I like living here. Maria Carone, A2 BEST TIMES 27

T H E B R I T I S H S C H O O L O F F R IU L I - V E N E Z I A

Page 13

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Dangerous Sports

through time, the wonder is no more to explore the beauty of the environment, but to overwhelm it. You, man who bungeejump, have the responsibility for all those who will try after you. For this reason it becomes vital to admit that dangerous sports are a challenge with something that is bigger that you. There are lots of different ways of feeling in the wild without life threatening sports. The challenge should be finding the best way of having fun for the entire life, not for few seconds of adrenaline that could be the last ones. Giordano Palmas, C1


Costumes Alessia Coss, A1





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A Scary Story

den behind a tent on the first floor and was laughing because his trick, made with a doll and a rope, had worked. Sarah didn’t stop crying and screaming and nothing seemed to calm her so her parents began to worry about her condition. Sarah had been really scared and she needed some time to realise that nothing had happened and that the doll had been only a bad joke for her; she was very angry with her brother until, after many excuses and kisses, they could be in peace again. The doll was burned. It had all ended well, but Sarah would never be able to forget how frightened she had been. Gloria Carlesso, B2?

Marta Santangelo, A1

A2 Giulia Macchia, A1 Cazzador, A2

Interview with a Witch What’s your name? Bromhilda. What’s your favourite colour? Black. What is your favourite subject? Geography. Which is your favourite food pizza or salad? Pizza. How much cheese do you eat? Many cheese. Where do you live? In a house in a forest. When do you have breakfast? At 9 o’clock. Who is your cat? My cat is Lucky. Have you got any brothers or sisters? Yes, I have. Are you a student? Yes, I am. Can you ride a flying broom? Yes, I can. Did you go to a Halloween party? Yes, I went to a Halloween party. Martina Russiani, A2

Udine 4, Vicolo Pulesi Phone: 0432-50-71-71 Fax: 0432-50-75-46 Email: Gorizia 17, Corsa Italia Phone: 0481-33-300 Fax: 0481-53-15-18 Email: Monfalcone 16, Via Duca d'Aosta Phone: 0481-411-868 Fax: 0481-41-22-28 Email:

Trieste Phone: 040-369-369 Fax: 040-76-000-75 Email: T HE B R I T I S H S C HO O L O F F R I UL I V E N E ZI A G I U L I A A TORREBIA NCA , 18 TRIES TE

Ti porta nel mondo che conta


Best Friends

Filippo Wiesenfeld, A2

Fabio Bratos, A2


Best Times 27  

Newspaper of British School FVG