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Cities Seen and Dreamed of Kieran Cunningham, a teacher talked with his students about his preferences in terms of cities, including his hometown and Trieste. Martin: Where is your hometown? What is it like? It’s a ‘wee’ village called ‘Largo/Lundin Links’ on the east coast of Scotland. It’s famous for being the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk, whose fictional name was ‘Robinson Crusoe’. It’s very peaceful and picturesque. It has a very a long beach (about 14k), a forest and lots of nice scenery nearby. Desirèe: Do you like your hometown? Why/ why not? Yes, because it’s home and my parents still live there. Also because it’s like Never-Neverland...nothing ever changes . The people are lots of fun, particularly during “happy hour” or on the weekends! They can also get a little bit rowdy. We used to have a town ghost but the locals scared him off... Francesco: What is your favourite city, town or landscape in Scotland? City: question. Town: My hometown or a place called Blair Atholl in the Highlands. It’s very close to the mountains and (Continued on page 5)

From the Editor In this Spring (a bit of wishful thinking never hurt) issue, our learners initially focus on their surroundings — urban centres! In the regular sections - Seasonal (&Wishful) has some prophecies about Carnival and youthful wishes; Reviews contains comments on two films and a work of art; Profiles provides some fine descriptions of students and family, Exams & Learning Tips has an example of a Proficiency-level proposal as well as some edifying advice; the Kid’s Corner is chock-a-block full of posters by our Younger Learners. To be a part of the next issue, email your corrected, word-processed compositions or comments to your teacher or to me! In addition to this newsletter, I hope you are enjoying and taking advantage of the learning resources found on the school website, Melissa Wing,

Urban Centres Italy’s Wonderful Earring In the northeast of Italy, close to the border with Slovenia, Trieste lies like a gem on the eastern ear of Italy. It is rich in surprises and amazing views. Let’s go and discover it together. Location Nestled in a protected gulf on the Adriatic Sea, Trieste is surrounded by the hills of the Carso. The sea is synonymous with freedom, sun, seafaring and trade. Its hills evoke the promise of nature, joyful living, natural phenomena and stirring strolls. History The small village of ancient Histri, entrenched on the top of the hills, became Tergeste under the rule of the Romans. A free municipality in the Middle Age, Trieste struggled against Venice for its autonomy. It passed under the influence and the rule of the Austrian Empire, to become the main harbour of the empire.

Since the end of the World War I it has definitively Page 2

been Italian. Unforgettable ...  the view of the waterfront from the Audace wharf both by day and by night;  a cup of coffee in Unità Square;  the stroll among Roman remnants, at the medieval cathedral and Renaissance castle on the hill of Saint Giusto;  a romantic adventure at the Miramare Castle, and  a healthy tramp along the Rosandra Valley trail, extraordinary views at a stone's throw of the centre.

When to Visit All the seasons are good for a visit; the climate is mild and even the days with Bora (a blustering, cold wind from the centre of Europe) are fascinating. On the second Sunday in October you can enjoy the spectacle of thousands boats sailing and competing in the Barcolana regatta in the gulf of Trieste . In the late autumn the

Carso flares up with the colours of smoke-tree and the breathtaking lighting and colours at sunset. For sportloving people the Bavisela, a run for everyone, occurs in May and provides you with some of the most beautiful views of the city. Local Dishes The Triestin cooking is a mix of Mediterranean and middle-European cooking. Famous are  the ‘jota’, a soup with sauerkraut,  the ‘porzina’, mixed cuts of pork,  the ‘scampi alla busara’, shrimp with tomato sauce, and  the ‘putizza’, a cake with walnuts, hazelnuts and raisins. The meat dishes are eaten along with a strong red wine named Terrano, while the fish dishes with the white Vitovska. Share Your Experiences Should you like to share your discoveries, emotions or expectation before or after your visit, put them on our web site Gabriele Muggia, C1.2



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Visiting Udine If you visit Udine or its surroundings you can’t forget to go to the local pubs, which are called “osteria” in the Friulan language. Normally they are in the central square of each town, near the church or town hall. The name of these “osteria” can trace their origins from their location, “At the bus stop”, the second job of the owner, “The blacksmith” or something curious like “the drunken sister”. Every “osteria” has its peculiarity, but the main characteristics are the same everywhere. Inside you can find a big room the “Fogolar”, where you can eat and drink as they did in ancient times, playing cards or watching the life of the town outside. The innkeeper, discovering you are a tourist, might decide to tell you some traditional stories for hours or

about typical peasant dishes over a glass of wine, which you have to offer, of course. British visitors can discover that the “osteria” has many shared aspects with pubs. You have to imagine a time when there weren’t any cities or modern comforts and amenities like TV and radios didn’t exist. The only place where farmers could relax, forget their tiredness for a few moments and stay in their friends company was there. I suggest visiting these “osteria” because they are one of the last signs of a previous culture and a time when MacDonald’s and cafes would have been thought of as strange and mysterious worlds. Pietro Polizzotto, C1

Gradisca D’Isonzo Safety In my hometown there isn’t a problem with crime. It’ a safe place where you can walk both during the day and the night. The police are kind and ready to assist you in any situation that could find yourself. Getting around The best way to get around is on foot. The town is small so there aren’t taxi ranks. You can use bicycles but, unfortunately, there isn’t any place where you can hire a bike. The main landmarks are the column with a lion on the top in the main square and the churches. Sightseeing If you only have a little time then the three sights to visit should be the old castle walls, the lapidary centre with the re-

mains of old tombstones and the bridge crossing the Isonzo river. You should also visit the “Spazzapan” gallery where you can find a lot of paintings by Spazzapan, who is the town’s most famous painter. If you want to discover the real atmosphere of the city you should visit one of the small bars found all around the main square. Local customs There isn’t any particular dress code if you go into a place of worship. Normally you can speak with people about whatever you want. When we drink something at a bar we don’t usually leave any tips for the waiters. Shopping (Continued on page 5)

Trieste and the Bora  Don’t miss the two famous castles, San Giusto and Miramare. You can walk through the grounds and enjoy the wonderful views of the sea and castle.  Visit the fascinating Borsa or Unity squares  Take the tram up to the Napoleonica path and have a walk or watch the Barcolana, the autumn sailing regatta.  Come and visit the old city, where you can buy old things at the “Rigatteria”.  Walk through the centre to view some Austro-Hungarian Empire periodbuildings  Go swimming, kayaking, sailing and fishing in the gulf of Trieste.  Walk around the Carso, a Karst terrain, and learn about the plants. Luca Doretto, B1


My dream town Pietroland Hi Bruna, My town is great! It’s name is Pietroland. There is a space shop for games, a ball shop for toys, a clothes shop and a supermarket. There is a fun park, Fantasy Landia, a castle and a stadium for basketball. There is a school and a library but there aren’t any houses or rivers. What about your town? Are there any chips shops? Bye, bye. Pietro Davia, A1

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Cities I’ve Seen or Only Dreamed of has a beautiful castle. Landscape: There are lots! Either B-U-A-C-H-A-I-L-L-E E-T-I-V-E M-ò-R (Buachaille Etive Mòr – a mountain) in Glencoe or the Cairngorms (a mountain range) from Beinn a’ Ghlò (another mountain) – check them out on Google! Giulio: What do you think about Edinburgh? It’s a cool city. If you get the chance, you should visit. It’s much prettier than any other city in Britain. Actually, don’t write that down... Silvia: What towns or cities have you visited in the past? When I was younger I spent a lot of time hitchhiking in the U.S.A, so I’ve been to most of the major cities there. I’ve also spent a lot of time travelling in Europe, but I tend to avoid the big cities whenever possible. Alice: What is your favourite city in the world? Kieran: Generally I prefer the countryside or mountains, but I have to be patriotic and say Edinburgh! If not there, then either Taos in New Mexico or Sintra in Portugal – they’re both very special places. I also love Bruges (Belgium) and Flagstaff (Arizona). Andrea: Which is the worst city you’ve ever visited? Why? I wouldn’t recommend visiting any of the border towns in Mexico. Particularly Juarez. I had fun there but it’s a very dangerous city. Bianca: What is your favourite thing about Trieste? Another difficult question! I like the people – they are all very friendly and patient when I try to speak Italian – and my students are lots of fun. I also like its proximity to other places – the Dolomites, the Julian Alps etc. Oh, and the coffee...I would probably die without it. Tiziana: Which towns would you like to live in or visit in the future? Hmmm....difficult question! A lot! In particular, some places in North Africa – Fez, Tangiers, Marrakesh – and I’d like to go to Alaska sometime in the next few years, but only on holiday(ish). Martin: Which city are you going to visit next? This summer I’ll probably visit my sister – if she lets me sleep on her couch. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Kieran Cunningham & his class, YK21XJ-6

Gradisca D’Isonzo (Continued from page 3)

A good souvenir to take back with you is a plate with a drawing of the Gradisca castle. On Thursday you can visit the market that is located in the main park of the city and you don’t typically have to haggle over prices anywhere. Food and drink

Our tap water is drinkable. You must try the white wines in the wineries all around the town and eat some pork roast over which you should grate some “Hren”, horseradish. In general there aren’t any foods or drinks to avoid. Pietro Cristaudo, B1.2

Our Towns

Pietro Borgna, Lorenzo Meroi, Ludovico Posti, Matija Umek, A1 Linda Leonzini, Asia Negro, Clara Rosini, Giorgia Sossa, A1

Ludovica My dream town New Chicago Hi Ludovica! My city is wonderful! There is a school and a stadium. There aren’t any bus stations. There is a long river and a bridge, but there isn’t a lake. There is a big supermarket, a small café, a wonderful cinema and an enormous hospital. On the roof of the hospital there is a helipad. What about your town? Are there any cinemas? Is there a restaurant? Bye, Filippo de Dominis, A1

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Reviews Inception Inception is a psychological thriller directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy. The tangled plot leads us into a world of dreams and nightmares, which is divided into various levels that go deeper and deeper until they reach

our most personal and hidden thoughts. The aim of the team, captained by Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), is not to steal information from someone’s mind, as is usual but rather to plant an idea into Robert Fischer’s (Cillian Murphy) brain, the son of a powerful businessman, to make an ‘inception’, from which the film takes its

name. The continuous twists make the story really gripping and hold the attention of the spectators until the end of the film. The special effects are perfectly crafted and wonderfully fit into the (Continued on page 9)

School of Rock “School of Rock” is one of the latest films starring Jack Black, famous for several roles in numerous films, such as “King Kong”. Extremely funny and enjoyable, “School of Rock” is full of comic energy. The main character, Dewey (Jack Black), who hasn’t a

penny to his name, has been kicked out of his band, just when he had hoped to join an important music festival competition called the “Battle of the Bands”. So he pretends to be his housemate, Ned (Mike White), who is waiting for the rent that Dewey owes him, in order to earn some money and starts working as a substitute teacher in a

prestigious private school. Desperate to manage a class of children, he teaches them everything about music and auditions with them for the festival. It’s important not to say how the story ends because it’s full of surprises. The film is really comical and every actor gives a good interpretation. Jack Black is (Continued on page 10)

Futurism The work of art that I want to describe is a 1913 Italian sculpture, which is now depicted on the Italian 20 cent euro coin. It is the first sculpture of the talented Italian artist, Umberto Boccioni, who belonged to the Futurist movement. The piece, “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space”, clearly reveals the brilliance of Boc-

cioni to represent through sculpture the synthesis of every moment or space. It is paradoxical that he decided to sculpt, which was considered in Futurism as the stiffest of the arts. In fact Boccioni’s intent was to break the inflexibility of the rigid lines both in sculptures and in painting creating a new conception of art.

This work of art combines movement and fluidity in the human figure by synthesizing human physicality and the smoothness of movement. One of the most (Continued on page 10)


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Profiles Costanza Niccolò My name is Constanza. I’m 11 years old and I’m in year 7 at Lionello Stock school. I live in Trieste with my mum, Elena, my dad, Stefano, and my sister, Giovanna. I’ve got lots of hobbies and interests. I love playing tennis. I also like swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter. I quite like taking photos and playing table games with my family. I’m slightly shy and a little hard-working but quite talkative and patient. Constanza Gulli, B1.1

Gian Paolo

My name is Niccolò and I’m from Trieste. I’m 12 years old and I’m in year 7 at Lionel Stock school. I live with my parents, my brother, my sister and my very old dog. I’ve got a lot of hobbies. I love playing football and video games with my friends. I also love sleeping especially when I have a very big quantity of homework. I do a lot of sport. I enjoy doing athletics and I love swimming. I’m also interested in flags of the world. I’m a really ambitious and serious person. I think I’m a little impatient with my brother. I’m a little bit touchy but I’m also optimistic and generous especially with my little sister. Niccolò de Dominis, B1.1

My eyes are My favorite sport is I’m My best friend is My birthday is in

My school is Filzi Grego. I’m from

My favorite food is My home is in Gian Paolo Chini, A1.1


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My Mum I chose to speak about my mum because she’s probably the person I admire the most. I really care about her, not only because she’s smart, but also because she contributes greatly to our family life. First of all I want to describe her. She’s called Giuliana and was born in 1963, so she’s 48 years old. She’s as tall as I am, but really skinny and has long brown hair. Concerning her attitude, she’s pretty strict, but can be funny too. I love the fact that she is able to say the right words at the right moment. She loves reading, watching films and singing, for which she attends lessons on Mondays.

To be honest she likes normal things. She’s not a fantastic cook; she always says she doesn’t like to eat and as a result she doesn’t like to cook, but, in my opinion, she’s just lazy. In terms of her family contributions, she always gives my brother, Giulio, and me good advice, and not only about school as most other mums do. She tries to advise us on several things, and she’s always ready to help us at every occasion. For all of these reasons I love and truly look up to my mum. Elisa Ruttar, C1.1

An Amazing Woman My aunt was born in 1913 in a little village in the mountains of Carnia. Like most people of that time she only attended elementary school. Her childhood was very hard, especially during the First World War. After the disastrous defeat of the Italian Army at Caporetto and the following year of Austrian soldiers coming, she and her family like thousands of other people had to escape. They took refuge in Gubbio, a pretty medieval village set in the Umbrian Apennines, which is famous because Saint Frances lived there. In Gubbio her life was even harder than in her hometown. She was married when she was quite young and had two sons and a daughter. (Continued from page 7)

Inception arabesque of unreal situations. However, probably because of the difficulty of the tale, sometimes it can be

During the Second World War her husband joined the Italian army and she had to look after her children alone. She worked for a long time at a local paper factory to make ends meet. In her life there were some painful tragedy. Many years ago, when she was still young, her husband died in a fire of their barn. After the dreadful disaster of Chernobyl, her youngest son died after a long illness. (I suspect of radiation left by Chernobyl.) Four years ago her eldest grandson was killed in a car accident. He was only 12 years old. Fortunately, she is a very strong woman and has always found the strength to go on with her Life. She's an amazing woman, I don't know if I could do the same! Maria Teresa Antona, B2.1

complicated to understand what’s happening, even though the overall story is comprehensible. DiCaprio does not give his best performance, while Ellen Page gives a fine demonstra-

tion of her talent despite her young age. “What’s the most resilient parasite? An idea.” Watch the film to find out why.

Lavinia Lionetti, C1.1

Exams & Learning Tips

Employing Youth Even if we live in a small community based on a prosperous retail activity, unemployment is a worrying problem we have to face. Many young people that give up studying before graduating don’t have a clear idea of what they would like or could do for a living. So they waste their time and youth loafing about. Taking care of those disadvantaged is our responsibility. We have to devote our energies and invest our local resources to manage this situation. The problem must be solved. Young people lack in experience. They must be taught properly. Therefore one solution might be specific training courses, which are concrete and joboriented, without spending never-ending hours sitting in a classroom staring at the blackboard. They could do internships, having a direct experience of full immersion in firms. In this way they would have to breath and live the working atmosphere, the joys and sorrows of being part of the production line. These courses could be half financed by the companies themselves, totally taxdeductible, of course, and half by the (Continued from page 7)

(Continued from page 7)

School of Rock


fabulous. However the music is the real protagonist. It’s seen as a process that can create wonderful relationships and make people feel more self-confident and proud of themselves. Nevertheless the film is full of human warmth and is made for the young and the old alike. It was reported in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly to be a great rock fable. It’s absolutely worth seeing.

intriguing aspects of this work is the never ending discovery of new details and perceptions when viewed from different angles. From one angle is appears a solid body and from another hollow. The sense of movement is created by the play between light and shade and the absence

Bianca Baroni, C1.1 Page 10

European Union. In this way we wouldn’t have to charge only our fellow citizens. Another possible way of dealing with the problem, as applies to university graduates, could be to create post-graduate courses in order to allow people to master their skills, acquire some more theoretical tips for their future as well as some work experience. The aim is to give them the chance to apply and demonstrate their abilities in daily working situations. The main goal would be to be taken on full time. Even voluntary work could be a good solution to unemployment. Young people could assist the civil defense in many activities, i.e. helping children to cross the street to go to school, distributing warm meals and clothes to poor people, keeping old people company… This is something useful for whole community. Obviously, we should find a way to finance it. In my opinion, part of our taxes could be duly used for this cause, instead of wasting on paying the police to fight against, for example, the gratuitous violence of ignorant football supporters on Sundays. Fabiana Sodnik, C2 of some body parts. This sculpture was not only innovative but it was the realization of a new ideal of modernity in the face of the 19th century stagnation in art. All thanks to one of the most revolutionary members of an audacious vanguard, Futurism, of the 20th century, Umberto Boccioni.

Lorenzo Natural, C1.1



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Going to University When a student has to choose her future university, there are some important factors she has to consider. First of all, she has to choose very wisely the course she wants to attend. In a period of economical crisis, the main concern of young students is the possibility of getting a job right after university. Apart from that, a student should focus on a course of study she is really interested in, in order to consolidate her working future and real passion for the subject. Starting with the course, the student has to collect some information about the universities which offer

the best education plan and facilities concerning that specific subject. Every university has some courses whose professors are more qualified or whose programme is more complete or better organized. Some of these universities could be far from home, while others could be in your own town. This kind of choice is entirely up to the student’s personality. There are some people who are more attached to their home, their family and are not eager to leave their friends and the environment they are familiar with. On the other hand, there are those students who feel eager to experi-

ence new things, who need an adventurous and independent life and who would be happy to achieve their own autonomy. The best suggestion to give students is to create a list, in which she has to take in consideration the best universities for the chosen subject. Then she has to rate them from the most probable and interesting to that which doesn’t fit the requirements but could always a possible solution. Finally it’s highly recommended to have a discussion with parents and teachers; their knowledge combined with the student’s desire can only bring about a satisfying conclusion. Rachele Lanza, C2.2

Improving your English There are many ways to improve your English in your free time. In fact, there are some easy pieces of advice you could follow. For example, I think listening to music in English is something very useful, especially if you try to understand the lyrics and then check it by looking for them on the net. In fact, this is

helpful for vocabulary, because you can learn the words. In my opinion, you should also watch TV in English, even with subtitles. In this way, you can improve your pronunciation and you can learn expressions and idioms. Then reading something in English is helpful too. It doesn’t matter if it is a newspaper or a novel, because, in any case it, increases your comprehension skills.

Taking part in English classes is also very important because your teacher can correct your mistakes. Finally I think the most important thing is spending some time in an English-speaking country. In fact, there you can practice what you have studied. Moreover you can keep in touch with the people you meet, and so you could keep on practicing by talking and writing to them. Cristina Melchiori, B2.2

Seasonal & Wishful Capricorn22 December - 20 January Relax and enjoy Carnival, responsibilities can wait. You will need a new costume to impress that special someone soon to walk into your life. Seek out adventure and spend some quality time with friends; they value your love and attention. If you soften that worried look, you will have some truly fantastic parties.

Aries (21 March - 20 April) Everyone seems to be getting fancier costumes than you this Carnival. Don’t get depressed and look miserable or you won’t get invited to any parties. Go out, buy some new clothes and enjoy yourself and you’ll see that you’ll be a winner!

Rebecca Lee, teacher

Melissa Wing, teacher Aquarius (21 January - 19 February) Try not to be rude or you will be alone this Carnival. You should go out because there will be a lot of surprises. It’s a good idea if you have a medical check-up for those health problems you been having. Don’t be angry if you have to spend time with show offs; They are just not as mature as you, so be kind.

Taurus (21 April - 21 May) Don’t be easily embarrassed this Carnival, when you receive many compliments. You’re dependability and your beautiful appearance could help you find a love. Be careful! Don’t drink too many soft drinks, it’s unhealthy. If you like comforts you’d better go on holiday ,relax and don’t study much

Katerina Jerman, B1.2

Matteo Micol,B1.2

Pisces (20 February - 20 March Avoid self-pity or else people will think you are very boring and annoying. Remember to look on the bright side of things. Spend your Carnival in a romantic and quiet restaurant with your loved one. Avoid noisy or crowded places as they will make you temperamental. If you follow this advice you should have a fantastic Carnival. Martina Barbotti, B1.2

Gemini (22 May - 21 June) Try not to be too jealous or else your boy/ girlfriend will leave you. Your entertaining personality will keep everyone happy this Carnival, so you can expect to be among lots of people. But don’t be disappointed if you spend a long time waiting for friends and family.

Wishes My name is Lorenzo and I’m 13. If I were 5 years old, I could play every day and wouldn’t have to do homework. When I’m big I’d like to be a vet because I love animals. I wish I had nine cats at home. Cats are my favourite animal. Today I would just like to be a good student. Lorenzo Udina, B1 Page 12

I’m 13 and I go to secondary school. I like rockets and I construct solid propellant rockets. I wish I had more types of solid propellants, more types of metal to construct some new stabilizers, more nozzles and more electrical systems for different types of ignition and finally a bigger place to test the rockets. If I could I would like to find someone to finance our projects (me and two friends) because I have to sacrifice a lot to

Valentina Bonazza, B1.2

find money for all this. Arthur Danieli, B1 I’m a third year student at Da Vinci secondary school. If I could, I would go to Hawaii because I like beaches and the sea very much. It would be so cool to surf the waves. I would go to the discos every evening and dance all night! Michele Dirodi, B1 I like riding a bike because it’s so cool. If I could go back to the past, I’d prac(Continued on page 16)



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Cancer 22 June-23 July Thanks to Jupiter, you’ll spend a nice Carnival with friends and family. Take care with money, because the shopping trips under the power of Uranus, you’ll probably spend too much. Yes, you’ll improve your relationships thanks to that costume but it will empty your pockets. With Mars as an enemy, control your eating to avoid any digestion problems. Raffaele Zain, B1.2

Libra (24 September - 23 October) You’ll have a very nice time at costume parties. You’ll get a lot of money and a surprise. Live in peace with everyone and your heart will be full of happiness. With your health, be careful not to eat too much otherwise you’ll have some stomach problems. At the end of April you’ll meet someone special.

Leo (24 July - 23 August) You're brave and generous but sometimes shy. It might be better if you try not to be too stubborn. Your attractive face and eyes make people like you very much, but don't get to big-headed about it. Watch your back and heart, when dancing at wild celebrations. There are new job opportunities, dogs and some winnings in your future.

Scorpio (24 October - 22 November) This Carnival don’t be jealous and you’ll receive a beautiful compliment. Be more generous to loved ones, but don’t exaggerate or you’ll have empty pockets. Don’t get depressed if you not first in a game. I f you want to have an exciting and interesting Carnival, be friendly and don’t get angry or lose your head.

Rok Čebron, B1.2

Nicoletta Pinesich, B1.2

Ilaria Marpino, B1.2

Virgo (24 August - 23 September) Don’t forget to include everyone in your Carnival party invitations or someone might get hurt. Don't stuff yourself with too many “frittole” or you’ll pay for it later! Enjoy yourself among good friends, share a few jokes, have a dance, and Carnival will definitely go well.

Rebecca Lee, teacher

You can play football and you can make models.

You can paint beautiful pictures and play computer games.

Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December) Don’t be hot-headed. Even though you’re probably a little overweight, be optimistic and your friends will like you very much. Expect invitations to parties even after Carnival. This holiday you’ll travel in Italy, so write some letters to friends. Go out and enjoy yourself, but remember watch that waist!

You can dance and sing a song.

You can play musical instruments.

Alessia Sbroiavacca, B1.2

Come and play volleyball.

You can listen to a story and play table tennis.

Linda Leonzini, Asia Negro, Clara Rosini, Giorgia Sossa, Pietro Borgna, Lorenzo Meroi, Ludovico Posti, Matija Umek, A1





It lived in Algeria, Portugal and Tanzania. It had a long neck and a long tail and small legs but its head was very small. It ate plants. It walked around on all four legs. Nicole Rende, A1.2

Where did it live? It lived 130-150 million years ago. What did it look like? It was strong and big. His teeth were sharp. It was a big predator. How long was it? It was eight meters long. What did it eat? It ate meat. What could it do? It would jump, swim and run. It could climb trees and walk very fast. Samuel Angeli, A1.2

A Writer I want to be a writer, because I have a lot of ideas and I love writing. To be a good writer you must have a lot of imagination, know how to write a good text and study languages at university. Every writer has a computer, a lot of fantasy and a lot of coffee or tea. Caterina Barbi, A2 Do you like it?

Oh, Yes! I like it but you must change that horrible title! Page 14



Page 15

In the Year 2025 I will be a vet for marine animals. I will speak 6 languages and help animals. I will live in a house on the beach. I will go to Cuba for holiday every year. I will have four animals. I won’t be rich but I will be very happy.

Riccardo Debernardi, A21 I will be a famous basketball player. I will live in a big city and drive a cool car. I will speak six languages and have a dog.

I want to be a zookeeper with animals. I love all animals. My friend will be a snake, but I will keep him as a pet. All week I will go to my house on the beach. I will be very happy.

Irene Michelini, A2.1

I will be a scientist. I will live in America in a beautiful big home. I will have two dogs and cats.

I will be a footballer. I will live in a big house with a swimming pool and a garden. I want to help poor people and I will be famous and rich. I will have a Ferrari and a friendly Labrador. I will win a championship league world cup. My best friend will be a good small alien. Guglielmo Castaldi,

Camilla Frigoli, A2.1

Eleonora Gregorich, A2.1

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Ti porta nel mondo che conta (Continued from page 12)

Wishes tice downhill cycling because now I’m too old. I wish I had an appropriate bike. I’d like to be like Sam Hill, the world champion. Andrej Zerjal, B1 If I could I’d like to go to live in San Francisco because I really like the city. I also wish I had a Fender Stratocaster Mexico single coil standard guitar with a 3 x 5 metre Marshall amplifier. It’s so cool. I would play it all day and every day because playing the guitar is fantastic. Massimo Gentile, B1

This is a guitar machine. I invented it because I want a strange guitar. To make a guitar you need a big piece of wood, a picture of the guitar you want and guitar strings. Then you put the wood in the hole, you wait for the bell and basic guitar is ready. If you want an acoustic guitar, you push the green button and for an electric guitar, pull the blue level. Finally you put the picture in the printer, decide on one or more colours, wait for the sound of the drum, and your guitar is ready. Carla Marchetto, A1.2 This is a nail polish machine. I invented this machine because sometimes it’s difficult to put nail polish on your right hand. To put the nail polish on, open the box and select the colour. Then put your hand in the hole and wait while the nails are painted and dried. Francesca Vitale, A1.2 I want to invent a food machine for poor people. For chicken you push the red button while for pizza you pull the first level and then with the second lever you have coca cola. When the bell rings the muffins are ready. My machine has wheels so you can move it. Lupo Devescovi, A1.2 My invention is a lamp for the bedside table which doesn’t make much light. You put a light bulb inside the castle, which is made in a special way, and the light comes out from the windows of the castle. It is very nice to see. You can keep the light on in the night because it isn’t very luminous. Alessandro Michelazzi, A1.2 This is a machine to recycle paper. You put the dirty paper in the machine. You turn the power switch on. You press the Start button. You wait 5 seconds (more or less) then the paper comes out white. Luca Franzosini, A1.2



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