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Wedding flowers are essential part of wedding preparation. They make every venue of the wedding ceremony look more attractive and more romantic. As part of your preparation to a married life, you must first learn what different types of wedding flowers you can use on your special day. Flowers have so many classifications and you will get hooked on them once you discover more of its lovely kinds and color. Here is the list of various types of flowers you can use on your wedding day. Amaranthus Amaranthus can be one of your flower choices for your wedding decoration. It usually comes with three different colors and these are green, burgundy and reddish pink. Amaryllis This is a lovely flower that comes with different attractive colors such as white, pale pink, dark pink, dark purple and red. You can look for their images from different resources. Branches Branches add n attractive style to your wedding ceremony. Depending on your personal choices, you can add some forms of branches and you have various options of styles for it. Curly willow, natural Manzanita, pink quice, cherry blossom and white sprayed give attractive looks. Calla Lilies These are one of the most common types of flower being used in different occasions especially for wedding ceremonies. There are so many colors and looks available to choose from and these are cream purples, black eyed, black and purple, hot pink, lavender, pale pink, large white, red, orange, yellow, yellow eggplant, and white mini. Cymbidium Orchids Cymbidium orchids have perfect look and style which make it best choice for different forms of events. It comes with eight lively colors: red, purple, yellow, dark pink, green, orange, pale pink and white with pink and yellow center. Dendrobium Orchids It is another type of orchids which creates an outstanding look and it has different colors also. These are green, dark pink, pale pink, white and purple. Freesia Freesia’s simple and lively look definitely catches the attention of different people especially women. Many women love looking at attractive but simple things. You can have more colors for you such as orange, pale pink, purple, red, white, yellow and hot pink. Hydrangea The elegant form of Hydrangea is perfect for the bride’s bouquet. It comes in a circular form and you can choose various colors like bright green, dark blue, antique green, dyed yellow, lavender, dark purple, pale green, pink, light blue, white and red. Peonies When you have these flowers in front of you, you cannot definitely avoid looking at them for longer period of time. It is amazingly beautiful and its bright colors are what most women love to look at. Dark pink, red, corla, peach, purple, pale pink, white and yellow are the colors that will complete your

day by just looking at them. Those are just some of hundreds and thousands of types of wedding flowers you can choose from. The flowers that you are going to select should be related to the theme of your wedding and consider the color itself. To purchase or find more information out on wedding flowers visit our website

Different Types Of Wedding Flowers  
Different Types Of Wedding Flowers  

cream purples, black eyed, black and purple, hot pink, lavender, pale pink, large white, red, orange,