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August 2012

August’s Agency Coordinator

Loubna Saab Oak Brook IL

Today’s AC’s have to adapt to a lot of changes, it’s all part of the job, and the tasks involved with coordinating an agency are changing as well. One of those changes is the increased role that many AC’s are playing in the recruiting process. We chatted recently with Loubna Saab, one of the best AC’s out there and definitely a Leader in Action. How did Loubna get involved with recruiting? Loubna had a District Manager who was inundated with tasks. She thought that one thing she could do to streamline the process of hiring new agents would be to help hunt down candidates that she felt had promise. She created a phone interview process to narrow the field and draw in the more promising reps, which she could then pass along to her District Manager. The process worked and before they knew it they were number 1 in the region and number 2 in the company for production! What are some keys to successful recruiting? “It really comes down to being comfortable talking to people.” says Loubna “It’s similar to sales in that you need to have that comfort level with people. You’re selling yourself and the company when you’re talking to a potential new agent. Their view of the job and the company will be based almost entirely on how you present yourself and the company.” She notes that it’s also important to be tenacious, “‘No’ doesn’t mean a lot to me.” How do you research to find candidates? “I have found that you have to diversify your search. You can’t stick to one source or you’ll drain that well.” She finds that the agents with the most promise are usually referrals, especially those referred by current agents. Networking is also important. Beyond the typical LinkedIn and Career Builder sites she also has some more non-traditional sources, checking out local resume workshops and job skill workshops. They have even been known to contact her with recruits that they think have potential. What do you look for in a candidate? “I try to bring in people whose background, personality and character would be an asset in a selling environment. Are they comfortable with people, do they inspire confidence, and the sense that they are trustworthy.” Loubna also doesn’t necessarily look for reps that have a background in sales or insurance. She looks for a specific feel from a resume and phone interview, beyond just the details of their job history. As she notes, “The best producers had to start somewhere.”

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August 2012

Company and Regional Leaders Through August 31, 2012

President’s citation competition Agents Year-to-Date

Top 10 Agents Company-Wide, Year-to-Date

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

August 2012

Bonnie Senior Bill Kratz 155,240

Chris Guarisco Houma LA 132,875

David Rayburn Mt Sterling KY 123,191

Steven Wienecke Harrisburg PA 119,752

Angie Petts Evansville IN 117,854

Aman Emami Harrisburg PA 114,071

Region 1 1. Ralph Garza, Oak Brook IL $101,229 2. Jacqueline Tirado, Oak Brook IL 92,861 3. Ray Peek, Highland IN 83,004

Region 2 1. Steven Wienecke, Harrisburg PA $119,752 2. Aman Emami, Harrisburg PA 114,071 3. Brandon Eberts, Central PA 99,666

Region 3 1. David Rayburn, Mt Sterling KY $123,191 2. Jim McIlwaine, Cumberland MD 84,511 3. Jimmy Castle, Mt Sterling KY 82,561

Region 4 1. Chris Guarisco, Houma LA $132,875 2. Fran Broussard, New Iberia LA 112,509 3. Arnold Pierre, Fort Lauderdale FL 111,786

Region 5 Fran Broussard New Iberia LA 112,509

1. Angie Petts, Evansville IN $117,854 2. Cotton Smothers, Gerald Foster 102,503 3. Jerry Kinchen, Monticello KY 100,754

Arnold Pierre Fort Lauderdale FL 111,786

Region 6 1. Bonnie Senior, Bill Kratz 2. Annie Barksdale, Danville VA 3. Donna Short, Roanoke VA

$155,240 91,201 91,085

Elizabeth Khan Fort Lauderdale FL 111,472 Region 10 Lafeyette Jackson Florence SC 107,656

1. Mo Ghazizadeh, San Francisco CA $104,515 2. Ruben Garcia, Phoenix AZ 82,466 3. Tho Nguyen, Los Angeles CA 80,283

Leaders in Action | 3

Leading Managers, Company-Wide, Year-to-Date Top Large Office Managers

Ben Prince

Sait Onal

Barry Parrish

Top Sales Managers

Todd Thompson Karen Patton Chuck Guidry Jr

1. Ben Prince, New Iberia LA


1. Todd Thompson, Gerald Foster


2. Sait Onal, Harrisburg PA


2. Karen Patton, Corbin KY


3. Barry Parrish, Corbin KY


3. Chuck Guidry Jr, New Iberia LA


4. Tommy Grayson, Indianapolis IN


4. Gary Wax, Houma LA


5. Gerald Foster, Gerald Foster


5. Bill Baronet, New Iberia LA


6. Keith Gros, Houma LA


7. John Corsello, Philadelphia PA


8. Mark Rozenberg, Indianapolis IN


9. Drew Sasko, Charleston SC


10. Richard Bashou, Oak Brook IL


11. Gerald Bennett, Charlotte NC


12. Tammy Lane, Florence SC


13. Greg Kipfer, St Louis MO


14. Mike Delk, Corbin KY


15. Michelle Taylor, Pocomoke MD


16. Bruce Allison, Indianapolis IN


17. Linda Gool, Ashland KY


18. Bill Owens, Randy Norris


19. Jerry Sturgill, Ashland KY


20. Don Ivers, Columbus OH


21. James Towers, Oak Forest IL


22. Rob Morgan, Norton VA


Top Small Office Managers

Brian Riddle

John Blakely

Richard Watts

1. Brian Riddle, Mt Sterling KY


2. John Blakely, Columbus OH


3. Richard Watts, Waynesboro VA


4. Lisa Cavanaugh, Central PA


5. Sam Maggard, Monticello KY


23. Sasan Ghafoori, Baltimore West MD 38,246 24. Roger Cooper, Harrisburg PA


25. Chris Barbuzanes, Hagerstown MD 36,591 26. Khaliel Rasheed, Fort Lauderdale FL 35,307

4 | Leaders in Action

27. Tim Hartsoe, Charlotte NC


28. Braxton Barton, Highland IN


29. Walter Ward Jr, Cumberland MD


30. Mike Coleman, Prestonsburg KY

32,399 August 2012

President’s Citation Competition Managers, Year-to-Date

Region 1

Mark Rozenberg Sales Manager Indianapolis IN

Region 2

John Blakely Tommy Grayson Lg. Office Sm. Office Manager Manager Columbus OH Indianapolis IN

John Corsello Sales Manager Philadelphia PA

Region 3

Linda Gool Sales Manager Ashland KY

Brian Riddle Sm. Office Manager Mt Sterling KY

August 2012

Sam Maggard Sm. Office Manager Monticello KY

Sait Onal Lg. Office Manager Harrisburg PA

Region 4

April Meade Lg. Office Manager Norton VA

Chuck Guidry Jr Sales Manager New Iberia LA

Region 5

Todd Thompson Sales Manager Gerald Foster

Lisa Cavanaugh Sm. Office Manager Central PA

Ben Prince Lg. Office Manager New Iberia LA

Region 6

Barry Parrish Lg. Office Manager Corbin KY

Gerald Bennett Sales Manager Charlotte NC

Richard Watts Manny Dejene Lg. Office Sm. Office Manager Manager Waynesboro VA Charlotte NC

Leaders in Action | 5

August’s Company-Wide Leaders Agent of the Month

Leading Sales Leading Large Leading Small Manager Office Manager Office manager

Tammy Rowland

Gary Wax

Top 35 Agents 1. Tammy Rowland, Charlotte NC 2. Sandi Reitter, Columbus OH 3. Terrell Royalty, Lexington KY 4. Elina Lerman, Los Angeles CA 5. Renay Viator, New Iberia LA 6. Bonnie Senior, Bill Kratz 7. Laquetta Duckworth, Chattanooga TN 8. John Cardullo, Philadelphia PA 9. William Baldwin, Corbin KY 10. Kheron Telford, Cranford NJ 11. Ronical Wilson, Greater Memphis TN 12. Mo Ghazizadeh, San Francisco CA 13. Carter Rinehart, Space Coast FL 14. Aman Emami, Harrisburg PA 15. Sonia Duncan, Fort Lauderdale FL 16. Christopher McCormick, Central PA 17. Julia Adkins, Ashland KY 18. Fran Broussard, New Iberia LA 19. James Vanhoose, Prestonsburg KY 20. Vera Marion, Greater Memphis TN 21. Bob Posnansky, Louisville KY 22. David Rayburn, Mt Sterling KY 23. Sidney Hutchinson, Florence SC 24. Timothy Kennedy, Mt Laurel NJ 25. Marvin Liebergot, Nashville TN 26. Kathy Stansberry, Johnson City TN 27. David Risik, Bill Kratz 28. Jerry Kinchen, Monticello KY 29. Aletha Khan, Hillside IL 30. James Hentzel, Space Coast FL 31. Manuel Vinas, Daytona FL 32. Gregory Hughes, Corbin KY 33. Doyle Bradford, Dane Wills 34. Bryant Livingston, Northern Virginia 35. Scott Lemone, Los Angeles CA 6 | Leaders in Action

Sait Onal

Top 20 Sales Managers 39,712 27,255 26,950 24,634 24,440 23,185 21,575 21,493 21,357 20,989 20,916 20,197 19,578 19,429 17,899 17,858 17,585 17,580 17,222 17,217 17,202 17,172 17,085 16,770 16,513 16,367 16,308 15,615 15,470 15,462 15,334 15,304 15,244 14,761 14,738

1. Gary Wax, Houma LA 2. Joe Messerly, Detroit MI 3. Richard Morgan, Northern Virginia 4. Karen Patton, Corbin KY 5. Barry Thompson, Pikeville KY 6. Todd Thompson, Gerald Foster 7. Jerry Stewart, Bill Kratz 8. Steve Mockler, Columbus OH 9. Boureima Diallo, Cranford NJ 10. Yohannes Yenealem, Harrisburg PA 11. Chuck Guidry Jr, New Iberia LA 12. Timothy Puckett, Paducah KY 13. Joe Lilley III, Indianapolis IN 14. Michael Taylor, Daytona FL 15. Chris Ring, Danville KY 16. Maggie Bello, Atlanta GA 17. Mike Coleman, Prestonsburg KY 18. Mark Vitelli, Tampa FL 19. Bruce Davis, Greater Memphis TN 20. Greg Dempsey, Prestonsburg KY

Bill McCormick

Top Large Office Managers 1. Sait Onal, Harrisburg PA 2. Ben Prince, New Iberia LA 3. Tommy Grayson, Indianapolis IN 4. Barry Parrish, Corbin KY 5. Gerald Foster, Gerald Foster 6. Michael Simmons, Ashland KY 7. Joe Rhea, Paducah KY 8. April Meade, Norton VA

Top Small Office Managers 1. Bill McCormick, Detroit MI 2. John Holcombe, San Diego CA 3. Denny Holder, Space Coast FL 4. Mitch Sturgill, Prestonsburg KY 5. Ronnie Hatfield, Nashville TN 6. Ed Pickett, Wilmington NC 7. Jason Simpson, Phoenix AZ 8. Barry Clark, Pikeville KY

August 2012

United Financial Services inc UFS year-to-date results as of August 31, 2012

Top Large Office Managers

Mike Vencion

Gerald Foster

1. Mike Vencion, Hagerstown MD 2. Gerald Foster, Gerald Foster

Dave White

Top Sales Managers

Joe Messerly Todd Thompson Spiro Kergides


1. Joe Messerly, Detroit, MI



2. Todd Thompson, Gerald Foster


3. Dave White, Baltimore West MD


3. Spiro Kergides, Steve Burkett


4. Perry Guidry, Houma LA


4. Chris Barbuzanes, Hagerstown MD


5. Sait Onal, Harrisburg PA


5. Keith Gros, Houma, LA


Top Agents

Top Small Office Managers

Steve Burkett Scott Gooding

1. Steve Burkett, Steve Burkett

J.D. Marshall


Judi Webb

Steve Wittler

1. Judi Webb, Gerald Foster

Phil Johns


2. Scott Gooding, Cumberland MD


2. Steve Wittler, Steve Burkett


3. J.D. Marshall, Pocomoke MD


3. Phil Johns, Hagerstown MD


4. Bill Tait, Greater Memphis, TN


4. Kristina Wynn, Lexington KY


5. Lito Rabara, Highland, IN


5. Tara Goodrich, Cumberland MD


August 2012

Leaders in Action | 7

Transamerica Agency Network Producer Group year-to-date results as of August 31, 2012 Top Three in each region Region 1 Cory Christman Michael Wyborski Megan Barton

Region 5 Detroit MI Detroit MI Highland IN

71,824 37,830 31,205

Cranford NJ Northern Virginia Pocomoke MD

55,805 21,959 20,704

Charleston WV Pittsburgh PA Charleston WV

24,962 21,591 18,685

Space Coast FL Ft Pierce FL Florence SC

24,884 18,314 9,263

Region 3 Jerry Potter Donald Wolfe John Chambers

Greater Memphis TN 25,925 Greater Memphis TN 22,458 Danville KY 18,015

Region 6

Region 2 Isabel Reyes James Hoffman Gordon Adkins

Alando Ford Arthur Mudd Lana Peach Charles Lowe Bernice Njoroge Lena Brown-Smith

Hampton VA Charlotte NC Greensboro NC

19,040 13,124 11,648

San Francisco CA Los Angeles CA Los Angeles CA

23,173 11,318 11,169

Region 10 James Tarpey II Jonathan Hartman Mark Simon

Region 4 Zachery Holder Isaac Jones Barney Amaker

New Agent Star Awards Rising Star Joseph Chahine Oak Brook IL Achv Pt 21,065 37 Families Protected Antionette Hunt Louisville KY Achv Pt 24,246 30 Families Protected Tonya Jaggers Louisville KY Achv Pt 29,326 38 Families Protected Amy Lafferty-Johnson Prestonsburg KY Achv Pt 41,269 47 Families Protected

8 | Leaders in Action

Scott Lemone Los Angeles CA Achv Pt 32,210 7 Families Protected

Sean Smalls Charleston SC Achv Pt 36,752 46 Families Protected

Justin Maynard Prestonsburg KY Achv Pt 25,904 46 Families Protected

Lynette Troisi Central PA Achv Pt 41,233 40 Families Protected

Waylon Nelson Norton VA Achv Pt 22,590 37 Families Protected

Cheryl Wall Harrisburg PA Achv Pt 52,100 54 Families Protected

Luis Ortiz Allentown PA Achv Pt 30,803 42 Families Protected

Veronica White Cranford NJ Achv Pt 29,387 25 Families Protected

Steve Petty Indianapolis IN Achv Pt 41,581 26 Families Protected

Jan Zukowski Bill Kratz Achv Pt 21,464 23 Families Protected

Shining Star Katrina Collick Pocomoke MD Achv Pt 78,510 91 Families Protected

Soaring Star Shawn Patton Pocomoke MD Achv Pt 71,583 60 Families Protected Roxanne Raphael South Miami FL Achv Pt 54,221 90 Families Protected Marvin Wiley Monticello KY Achv Pt 52,163 67 Families Protected

August 2012

Jamaica 2013

LEADERS CONFERENCE Top 50 Pinnacle Level – Agents Bonnie Senior Chris Guarisco Sharon Holt Terry Glassman Fran Broussard Elina Lerman Jimmy Castle Judi Webb Sandi Reitter Christopher McCormick Lafeyette Jackson Jerry Kinchen Jason Blair Paul Friend Terrell Royalty Aman Emami David Rayburn Michael Brown Elizabeth Khan William Cloyd Lesley Harleaux Aletha Khan Kristina Wynn Craig Ice Donna Short Cheryl Wall Brandon Eberts Doug Leblanc Roudy Achille Doyle Bradford Jean Gremillion Sarah Sauer Anthony Littles Mo Ghazizadeh Carter Rinehart Tom Robusto Ronald Daughtry Jerry Sizemore Bill Hardison Jr Johnny Robinson Marcia Blair Marvin Liebergot Arlie Walters Larry Foster Michael Locascio Kathy Jarrell Rob Kimmel Roland Arnold Jr Luis Loor Sade French August 2012

Bill Kratz Houma LA Paducah KY Paducah KY New Iberia LA Los Angeles CA Mt Sterling KY Gerald Foster Columbus OH Central PA Florence SC Monticello KY Pocomoke MD Ft Pierce FL Lexington KY Harrisburg PA Mt Sterling KY Augusta GA Fort Lauderdale FL Gerald Foster Houma LA Hillside IL Lexington KY Gerald Foster Roanoke VA Harrisburg PA Central PA New Iberia LA Ft Pierce FL Dane Wills Houma LA Indianapolis IN Elizabeth City NC San Francisco CA Space Coast FL Bill Kratz Philadelphia PA Corbin KY Raleigh NC Charleston SC Fort Lauderdale FL Nashville TN Monroe LA Gerald Foster Saddlebrook NJ Prestonsburg KY Wilmington NC Gerald Foster Oak Brook IL Fort Lauderdale FL

Conf. Credits 88,884 58,297 56,228 55,262 53,412 51,676 51,308 50,561 49,587 49,290 49,152 48,851 48,671 48,600 48,127 47,882 47,337 47,201 46,648 46,505 46,101 45,592 45,489 45,303 44,440 44,420 43,341 42,422 42,233 41,773 41,504 41,061 40,726 39,946 39,881 39,706 39,419 38,774 38,539 38,259 38,109 37,884 37,879 37,671 37,571 37,463 37,335 37,326 37,246 37,098

Pinnacle Level – Sales Managers Todd Thompson Michael Taylor Joe Messerly Justin Foreman Scott Overstreet Karen Patton Bill Baronet Keith Gros

Gerald Foster Daytona FL Detroit MI San Francisco CA Phoenix AZ Corbin KY New Iberia LA Houma LA

41,766 38,456 30,876 30,340 28,085 27,054 24,593 23,941

Pinnacle Level – Large Office Managers Ben Prince Gerald Foster

New Iberia LA Gerald Foster

21,847 20,403

Pinnacle Level – Small Office Managers Yves Lebrun Ronnie Hatfield Jason Simpson

Ft Pierce FL Nashville TN Phoenix AZ

Top 5 Chairman’s Level – Agents Ronical Wilson Andria Navin Sidney Hutchinson Cotton Smothers Ronda Fales

Greater Memphis TN Harrisburg PA Florence SC Gerald Foster Hagerstown MD

23,825 22,318 21,296

38,103 34,120 33,662 33,618 33,490

Top 5 Chairman’s Level – Sales Managers Yohannes Yenealem Mike Weintraub Drew Sasko Mark Rozenberg Chuck Guidry Jr

Harrisburg PA Fort Lauderdale FL Charleston SC Indianapolis IN New Iberia LA

22,544 22,211 21,369 21,300 21,227

Top 5 Chairman’s Level – Large Office Managers Tommy Grayson Sait Onal Barry Parrish Randy Norris Manny Dejene

Indianapolis IN Harrisburg PA Corbin KY Randy Norris Charlotte NC

18,370 17,763 16,883 15,467 14,720

Top 5 Chairman’s Level – Small Office Managers Troy Roddy Bill McCormick Ed Pickett Lisa Cavanaugh Denny holder

Charleston SC Detroit MI Wilmington NC Central PA Space Coast FL

19,452 18,446 18,078 17,843 16,975

Begin your journey. Leaders in Action | 9



10 | Leaders in Action

August 2012

Let the journey begin... QUALIFICATION PERIOD June 1, 2012—June 30, 2013

LEADERS conference location The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort Rose Hall, Jamaica

LEADERS conference dates Leaders Club:

Wednesday, September 18—Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinnacle Club:

August 2012

Wednesday, September 18—Monday, September 23, 2013 Leaders in Action | 11

Top 10 agents, company-wide, year-to-date All agents listed have 70% or higher persistency and have been in their position since July 1, 2011. Top five agents with 70% or higher persistency earn a President’s Trophy at year end. President’s Citation competition – Agents, Year-to-date All agents listed have 70% or higher persistency and have been in their position since July 1, 2011. Top two agents in each region with 70% or higher persistency earn a President’s Citation Award at year end. (All results are based on 2012 Achievement Award Points) This month’s Company-wide leaders (All results are based on 2012 Achievement Award Points) Leading Managers, company-wide, year-to-date (All results are based on 2012 Achievement Award Points) President’s citation competition – Managers, year-to-date All managers listed have 70% or higher persistency. Sales managers have been in their position since January 3, 2012. Large and small office managers have been in position since January 3, 2012. Number on manager in each position and Citation Group earns a Presiden’t Citation Award at year end. (All results are based on 2012 Achievement Award Points) New Agent Star Awards (All results are based on 2012 Achievement Award Points) The New Agent Star Award recognizes outstanding “fast start” performance by new Monumental recruits during their first year with our Company. In 2012, agents will be recognized after 4 months (Rising Star). 8 months (Shining Star), and 12 months (Soaring Star). New recruits, who have no previous life insurance experience, will earn the New Agent Star Awards during 2012 if they meet the following requirements: Award

Months of Employment

Achievement Award Points

Rising Star

4 months


Shining Star

8 months


Soaring Star

12 months


Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency with Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Monumental Life Insurance Company and affiliated Transamerica companies offering insurance and financial products.

12 | Leaders in Action


August 2012  

August 2012 Leaders in Action

August 2012  

August 2012 Leaders in Action