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January 2009

UWIC Students Union Newspaper


UWIC’s first annual Pink and Purple Day in conjunction with Cardiff based charity, Donate Wales






UWIC PARKING Retro gets the inside story.

NATION RADIO UWICSU’s new official Station.

GRAD BALL 09 Have your say for this years Ball.

BRAIN POWER REVI your Brain Improve for the exams!

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UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

2 Retro, January, 2009

RetroWelcomes RETRO CONTACTS EDITOR: Terence Rosoman Tel: 029 2041 6335 Email: Postal Address: Retro Newspaper UWIC Students Union Colchester Avenue Cardiff CF23 9XR ASS. EDITOR: Gareth Dunt Email: MUSIC EDITOR: Jake May Email: SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Fortune Email: ADVERTISING: Gavin Rickard Tel: 079 7725 1528 Email: *Content submitted to the Retro is not the opinion of the Students Union, but of the persons who submitted it.

UNION UWICSU CONTACTS SU PRESIDENT: Adam Painter Email: Tel: 029 2041 6191


I’m back in the room, What can I say Welcome back to all you beautiful things! Now were are back and WATCH OUT! Most of you are walking round campus in your new Christmas clothes, brought back all your new board games and still trying to get rid of all that chocolate money. Its detox time and we are Taffy’s are doing some great salads through January for you ‘Healthy new year resolution peeps’

but lets be honest its not going to last now is it. An action packed few months ahead! Now you think last term went quick then wait for this one to fly by and you will be moving on before you know it. Commonly known as growing up. IT SUCKS. Anyway call in and say hi have a few special ‘things’ coming up for you over the next few weeks so watch this space. I will leave you with a thought: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”



Happy new year and welcome back.... Did you guys have an awesome Christmas and New Year? I hope Santa brought you all what you wanted, which I’m sure was desk stationary and text books for university work! New year was certainly very messy, and I’m guessing most of you have made some New Years Resolutions for 2009 (many of which have probably been broken already!).

Well anyway, its back to university life again, but don’t be too gutted, there’s plenty to look for to. Kicking off in February we have the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament. Which will ensure many of fun fuelled nights in Cardiff. Get yourselves down Taffy’s Bar to take advantage of all their drinks offers! We also have our very own sporting tournament to look forward to. The BUCS Championships start in March, so good luck to those who are competing. And then to end this term we have the infamous Easter Drink the Bar Dry....Oh what a term we have ahead of us!


SU VICE PRESIDENT: Hayley O’Brien Email: Tel: 029 2041 6196 AU OFFICER: Ian Campbell Email: Tel: 029 2041 6953 EVENTS AND MARKETING: Gavin Rickard Email: Tel: 079 7725 1528 RETENTION OFFICER: Ffion Mainwaring Email: Tel: 029 2041 6196 TAFFY’S BAR MANAGER: Mark Jakeway Email: THE LOFT MANAGER: Steve Watkiss Email: TOMMY’S BAR MANAGER: Karl Price Email:

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

Retro, January, 2009




Students and staff at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) joined colourful forces last week, by taking part in UWIC’s first annual Pink and Purple Day in conjunction with Cardiff based charity, Donate Wales.

colour and taking part in the day’s on-going activities spread across the campus. A massive 135 sign-ups were counted by the end of the day’s campaign with around 25 student volunteers rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Leni Hatcher, Press Officer for Donate Wales said,


UWIC’s student’s union are working with Donate Wales on several campaigns this year, aiming to recruit as many on the organ donor register as possible, with one of the main events being the ‘pink and purple’ day on Wednesday 3rd December 2008. Based at the Cyncoed Campus, staff and students alike were encouraged to pledge their support for the cause by dressing in either

Activities included varied competition and sports games, face and body painting, giant Jenga and Connect 4, and live music, including free love hearts being handed out as a thank you to those who joined the register. Amongst the crowd showing support during the games were the Donate Wales’ mascot, ‘Cwtch’ and

A massive 135 sign-ups were counted by the end of the day’s campaign...

“Working with UWIC Students Union on the Donate Wales campaign has been a real eye opener to both the student’s dedication to campaigning as well as the issue of Organ Donation.” “We know that 90% of the public support Organ Donation yet only 27% have acted on their wishes by joining the register. Events such as ‘The Pink and Purple day’, reaches out to those supporters providing them with that all important opportunity to act on their wishes.”

ABOVE: Supporters of the Donate Wales Campaign. RIGHT: One happy donor from UWIC.




The results of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008) announced today recognises the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff’s (UWIC) success in supporting the development of world-class research, particularly in art and design. The Exercise, which assesses the quality of research in institutions throughout the UK, rated 95% of research jointly submitted by UWIC’s Cardiff School of Art and Design, its PDR centre and the University of Wales Newport’s School of Art, Media and Design as being of ‘International Standing’. Ranked by the Times Higher Education as the leading centre for art and design research in Wales and in the top 12 in the UK, an impressive 70% of art and design related research submitted has been rated as ‘Internationally Excellent’ or ‘World-leading’. Sport and Tourism at UWIC also performed strongly in the assessment, each with 25% of research submitted by the institution rated as Internationally Excellent or World Leading and over two thirds of research submitted rated as being of International Standing. Professor Anthony Chapman, Vice-Chancellor, congratulated all staff involved, saying: “This achievement is a clear demonstration of the hard work and dedication of our staff and it highlights UWIC’s commitment to investing in world-leading research.”

UWIC’s Lacrosse team who turned themselves into the ‘pink and purple ladies’ by painting their arms and legs. SU Vice-President, Hayley O’brien said: “The event demonstrated the positive attitude of UWIC students, and their commitment to campaign for the issues that are important to them. We want to thank all students and staff who showed their support for the campaign by wearing pink and purple on the day.”

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

4 Retro, January, 2009


Rev Paul Fitzpatrick concludes his story of survival and faith. The treatment to keep me alive and hopefully reverse my total paralysis started immediately. At night I had eight bottles of haemoglobin forced into my veins and all day I had rehab and physio. Sleep wasn’t an option. Everyone was very encouraging and I was very determined. On the second day everyone was extremely surprised (not least me) when I found that I could stand. On day three I walked a few steps. Day four I walk the corridor and day five I had a shower on day six (not seven) I slept. On day three I was able to sit in a chair for a short time and look out of my window onto the world. From my window ledge sat a very large and aggressive hooded crow. He watched me endlessly and waited. I have always been very found of the crow family but this one spooked me, he simply would not leave. I was determined to stand alone without aid and the next day when the staff were at another bay I gingerly tried to stand up. To my delight it worked! The crow took a long look at me, flew off and I never saw it again. As progress developed I looked out of my four story window and was surprised one morning to see two children climbing out of a direct car in the near jungle opposite. I asked one of the nurses if the children went to school? He replied ‘Paul, they are lucky if they even eat today’. I tried to throw them my breakfast sandwiches but the window was sealed. I watched them scratch about for some time. Here I was receiving thousands of pounds of drugs and care everyday and not thirty meters away were two children who were starving. This was wrong. I watched them with increasing unease as the days passed. I prayed for them but increasingly became disturbed at the inequity of the situation. Eventually in my prayers I asked God what he was doing for them and almost immediately I had the returned thought ‘What was I doing for them?’. When I returned home the first thing that I did was set up an ‘Action Aid’ sponsorship for a little boy in India called, of all things, ‘Summit’. Some things are just right. As I write this we are approaching Christmas, I guess the one thing that I have learned is that it is not the world entire that we can change and perhaps we shouldn’t


When talking about the subject of parking around campuses in UWIC, it doesn’t take long until someone starts to rant about how unfair the whole thing is. So as part of our ongoing investigation into the big issue, Retro caught up with UWIC Facilities Manager, Andrew West to give him the chance to tell UWIC students the inside story about this touchy issue.

ation has become a lot more difficult ever since Tesco has stopped us parking over there.” Contrary to popular belief, Vinci does not operate on a commission. The university pays Vinci a flat


Per month, UWIC’s Llandaff campus receives 2-3 complaints from visitors and the same from neighbours regarding parking. “My sympathies are with the students” says Andrew, “The situ-

Many students also believe that their voices go unheard. However this is not the case.

With the recent changes in planning permission it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the go ahead to build bigger car parks. Councils want to see fewer cars on the road and see plans to increase the size of any car parking facility as a step in the wrong direction. “I’d be delighted if everyone had a space. I hate standing there on the first day waving people on because there are no spaces” Andrew exclaims. Many students also believe that their voices go unheard. However this is not the case. Andrew received numerous complaints concerning one parking attendant in particular. As a result he was moved from the campus. “If people have a complaint they should first contact Vinci” says Andrew, “If they have no luck with Vinci then they should contact me at the university.” However whilst talking with Andrew it became apparent that it is neither the University nor Vinci that is to blame. Some of the ownership rests with us students. The message is simple - If you don’t have to use a car to get to your lectures, then don’t. It’s expensive and a big hassle. There are much simpler ways of getting to university like cycling, the UWIC Rider or good old fashioned walking. If we all make an effort to find other means of travel, then UWIC’s parking problems could be a thing of the past.



fee regardless of how many people they book and leave Vinci to regulate themselves. The parking fees are determined entirely by UWIC and the money generated is put directly into improving facilities such as bicycle shelters, the UWIC Rider and resurfacing the car parks. Vinci’s role is to ensure a safe environment for all who use the car parks of the university.


UWIC Students Union has signed an agreement making Wales’ new radio station Nation Radio its official station. Gavin Rickard Events & Marketing Manager at the Students Union said “I’m delighted to confirm that UWIC Students Union will now be working with Nation Radio for the next twelve months and we hope many years to

come. Students will notice Nation’s presence within our student newspaper (Retro), the website (www.uwicsu. and at Freshers Fair 09. Gavin went on to say “I’ve been impressed with Nation radio since its launch in terms of the credible play list and Nation’s commitment to playing music by unsigned bands, something that I think is a really exciting prospect for local artists.” Nation which is owned by Wales’ largest radio operator Town and Country Broadcasting is already very popular with listeners wanting more quality and credible music per hour than is played on any other local station. You can hear Nation Radio right across the region, on 106.8 FM in Cardiff and South East Wales and on 107.3 FM in Swansea and South West Wales. If you haven’t already then direct your radio dial to Nation we love it and we know you will to.

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

Retro, January, 2009





For the first time in history, UWIC are planning to submit a team to the long running cult show, University Challenge. Its been a long time, but finally UWIC have decided to submit a team to university challenge, and they are now looking for students to stand up and represent the university in this classic quiz show. To be eligible you are not allowed to have appeared on the show before and must still be a student there the year after. Application forms will arrive sometime in January 2009, so if you fancy flexing your mental muscle keep your eyes peeled.

CHRISTMAS DRINK THE BAR DRY 2008 Check out some of the festive snaps taken from the Christmas Drink the Bar Dry at Taffy’s Bar.

A group of budding writers and literary wizards at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) got to discuss story-lines and scripts with a past Dylan Thomas Award winner this week. The second year English and Popular Culture students took part in a seven site video conferencing session with Welsh author Rachel Trezise. Rachel’s short story collection, Fresh Apples won the inaugural Dylan Thomas Prize (2006), resulting in a high profile for the South Wales novelist ever since. The session, An Audience with Rachel Trezise was organized by the Welsh Video Network (WVN) in conjunction with the Welsh Higher Education Libraries’ Forum (WHELF) which linked up with young writers and students from across Wales. The students discussed creative writing, narrative structure and the process of writing with the author, who is currently taking a break before the publication of her next novel. The students were treated to insights into her latest work and enjoyed the author’s reading of her short story, Chickens, before disclosing to the keen questioning that she preferred the size and potential of a short story over the longer and more complicated novel length. Lecturer Dr Katherine Cox who accompanied UWIC’s students to the video link said: “We’re delighted to have taken part in this initiative. Rachel’s tragic yet humorous commentary on contemporary Welsh life has really touched the students who are working on their own creative writing portfolios.” She continued, “We hope that this is the first of many such networking events and it provides the opportunity to meet not only a famous author and have a face-toface discussion but to interact with other students from across a wider college community.”

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

6 Retro, January, 2009


Among the young artists who, like Brendan Stuart Burns, are set to carve out successful careers during the next 12 months are collaborators Hannah Jones and Hannah Pollard. The pair are currently studying at the School of Art and Design at Uwic (University of Wales Institute Cardiff ). They are working towards their final degree show at the college this summer and are in talks about forthcoming exhibitions. Jones, a performance artist who last year won the college’s Helen Gregory Memorial Award in memory of the former student, explores people’s actions while Pollard has been challenging her own body through her work. Jones said: “I love the excitement of making live work. As an artist who works live with performance you can never be too sure what will happen or how people will react.” Meanwhile, up-and-coming artist Sarah Carvell is opening her first solo show at the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff today. Carvell is regarded as one of the leading lights of a new generation of Welsh landscape painters and her work is becoming increasingly sought-after. Welsh artists Peter Prendergast and Sir Kyffin Williams are major influences on her work. Her show runs at the Cardiff gallery until January 24.


UWICSU’s Events team are starting to prepare for 2009’s Grad Ball, and they want your input! An online Grad Ball survey has been set up on UWICSU’s website, log on and fill it! This is your chance to have your opinion heard!


WELSH universities are suffering from chronic under funding in comparison to the rest of the UK, a report warns today.



The hard-hitting report, published by umbrella organisation Universities UK, said the process of devolution has made the situation even worse and Welsh universities now need an extra £41m a year to be brought in line with the rest of the country. It comes a week after the Assembly Government announced radical proposals to introduce meanstested grants, in place of subsidised tuition fees. The report, entitled Devolution and Higher Education: Impact and Future Trends, says there is major concern within higher education about the funding gap between what the sector in Wales receives and what it would receive if it was funded as in England. It says: “Wales has announced special grants for poorer students, provided they study in Wales - it has favoured mergers, but not very much has actually changed. “There is concern that higher education in Wales gets funded less favourably than in England - a funding gap.


He said: “Physically there is less going on in Welsh universities. When I walk around Cardiff University there is much less sign of new builds, and a lot more old, tired

Government’s flagship policies need to be investigated again. If we are serious about the education of our young people, we need to look at what we are prioritising.” Universities UK President

Welsh universities now need an extra £41m a year to be brought in line with the rest of the country .

buildings. And that in turn has an impact on staff morale and retention, and it also impacts the student experience. “The number and quality of teaching staff and the resources that are available to the libraries is also less impressive.” The report also suggests that new universities such as the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, University of Wales, Newport, and the University of Glamorgan should become the campuses of larger universities in order to free-up more money. Shadow Education Minister Andrew Davies said the lack of investment in Welsh universities would be detrimental to the whole nation in the long term. “The Assembly Government has short-changed higher education in Wales for years. Instead of closing the funding gap with England, a decade of Labour rule in Wales has actually seen it widen. “Welsh higher education institutions need to compete on a level playing field with the rest of Britain and the rest of the world. “Instead, years of under-investment by the Assembly Government has put Wales at a disadvantage,” he added. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers called on the Welsh Assembly Government to review where money was being invested as a matter of urgency. Director Philip Dixon said: “This is a result of the Assembly prioritising other policies. We need to ensure that more resources are dedicated to education. “Some of the Assembly

Professor Rick Trainor agreed that devolution was to blame - and that it had directly affected the quality of the education students across Wales were receiving. He added: “Devolution has had an impact on public policy in almost every sector, and higher education is no exception.

“Although there have not been extreme variations in higher education policy across the devolved administrations, devolution has still led to a range of anomalies, discrepancies and complexities. “For students, such complexities have made decisions about where to study much harder.” A Welsh Assembly Government spokesperson said: “The report correctly identifies the benefits of a system which marries both the strengths of a UK-wide higher education system which is valued across the world, and the ability to deliver to priorities within each constituent country. “The Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills made an oral statement recently setting out the Government’s reaction to Professor Mervyn Jones’ report. That set out how the Assembly Government intends to take forward action on its three priorities of support for students, tackling student debt and investing in higher education.”

The report also suggests that new universities such as UWIC, University of Wales, Newport, and the University of Glamorgan should become the campuses of larger universities in order to free-up more money.

“While there is considerable dispute about what ‘need’ is and how it should be measured, there is a very common view that Scotland is over-funded in relation to its needs, and that Wales is underfunded. “Wales is much worse off than most of the rest of the UK.” Estimations of the size of the funding gap between Wales and England vary. Some experts say it could be £25m, but others claim it is more like £60m per year. The report’s author Professor Alan Trench, who teaches at the University of Edinburgh’s Law School, said the disparity was reducing the quality of the resources and facilities available to both students and staff in


By KAREN PRICE Western Mail




UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

Retro, January, 2009




People have been gossiping about it for along time up in Llandaff, but is there any truth in the movement of N-Block to Howard Gardens? There have been a lot of rumours surrounding the move of Llandaff’s Art and Design Block to Howard Gardens. Students keep saying that the move is going to happen in the VERY near future. However this is simply speculation. There are no finalised plans regarding the move as the sheer scale of the operation is massive and more importantly - costly. The move would give UWIC Art and Design students a central base in which to study instead of travelling between campuses as some students have to do now. But with the recession firmly gripping the country, plans have been slowed down. Retro will keep you posted on any updates to come.

Photograph By Lewis Richards

STUDENT HOUSING TICK LIST By PC BOB KEOHANE Student Liaison Officer robert.keohane@south-wales.pnn.

If your moving into Student housing this term or next, here’s a small tick list to help you select the best house for you.


Is your house registered on the Cardiff County Council Accreditation Plus Scheme? (These houses have better safety and security)


Does the front and rear doors have five-lever mortise locks? In addition to a ‘Yale’ type lock (kite marked and stating 5 lever on the visible plate)


Is you house on the end of a terrace? (Houses on the end of a terrace are more vulnerable than those in the middle)


Does your house have a lane at the rear? (Houses that have lane access are much more vulnerable to a burglary)


If the house has a rear lane, are their any additional security features in place to make it less likely for a burglar to attempt to gain entry? (a dusk till dawn light / hostile shrubbery will deter a would be burglar)

6 7 8

Do the ground floor windows have window locks? Does any bedroom above a flat roof have window locks?

Does the front door ‘lock’ when you shut it? (Many UPVC doors need to be locked with a key when you leave you’re home. Burglars check such doors by turning the handles to see if residents have forgotten to secure their homes)


Does the property have patio doors? If so, are locks visible on the top and bottom of the opening door? (Burglars are able to lift patio doors off runners to gain entry into a property, if no locks are present in these locations)


Is the front door visible from the street? (Not blocked by shrubs or fencing. This makes it easier for a burglar to force entry into a property without being seen)

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

8 Retro, January, 2009



By GAZ DUNT Assistant Editor

In recent years The Boosh has returned to the stage to treat its fans to their spin on live comedy. But do they still have what it takes when it comes to live theatre? Retro casts its peeper on the show in the C.I.A. The new live show features a range of characters from all three seasons of the Mighty Boosh. The regulars - Vince, Howard, Naboo, Bollo and Fossil still drive the performance with additional personalities such as Tony Harrison, The Hitcher and the Crack Fox adding their trademark twist to the show. One thing I couldn’t help but notice was the lack of one fundamental Boosh character...Old Gregg! I wasn’t the only one that was utterly disappointed when the curtains finally closed without seeing him. Maybe the time has come for Noel to hang up the seaweed and pink tutu? As for the storyline of the show, the performance is split into two halves. The first half of the show is mainly dedicated to introducing each character whilst giving them enough time on stage to entertain the audience. This included a lesson in dancing from Bob Fossil and a chat show hosted by Tony Harrison. This format worked really well as the characters were constantly changing and keeping the audience interested. The second half of the show was dedicated to something Howard Moon dubbed as ‘serious theatre’. This saw the characters from the first half act out a ‘mini-show’ about the environment and the planet... only to go off the rails, in true Mighty Boosh fashion that is. What sets this show apart from the previous is the sheer amount of live music performed by the cast themselves. Apart from numerous ‘crimps’ the team performed songs ranging from ‘Eels’ and ‘Future Sailors’ to ‘Charlie’ and ‘I Did a Sh*t on Your Mum’. Interesting catalogue of tracks wouldn’t you agree? Musically the guys really put on a good show. Howard Moon is actually a very accomplished guitarist! But would I say it’s better than the previous live show? I would have to say not. The first show had more of a sense of storyline and included classic Mighty Boosh characters that this show simply left out. This show will be released on DVD soon and is still well worth a purchase. But if I could say one thing to the guys of the Mighty Boosh - Old Gregg should never be forgotten!

The Cardiff Music and Art festival, Swn, is growing in popularity each year. This year our Music Editor, Jake May went to check out what the buzz is all about. By JAKE MAY Music Editor FRIDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2008 13:47 I’ve been waiting for today for quite a few weeks now. Finally the music starts, and the ‘proper’ festival begins. Up until now, I wasn’t sure on the final line-up, so I have a few bands in mind to see, but I still have plenty of bands to decide on watching yet. So far I’ve decided on Volcano! at the Welsh Club between 8 and 8.30. Then I have a huge gap between then and 11.45 when Clinic start at The Welsh Club. Bit annoying that they are playing at the same time as Pete and the Pirates, so I’ll have watch the first half of Clinic and then peg it to Tommy’s Bar to watch the last half of Pete and the Pirates. So right now, I’m doing some ‘research’, seeing which bands between 8.30 and 10.45 are worth going to see. Potential bands so far are; alternative electro band The Big Pink; electropop act Casio Kids; Welsh-spoken psychedelic rock Jen Jeniro; Max Tundra, some of the weirdest sounding electro stuff I’ve heard; indie band Johnny Foreigner; and experimental math-rock act Gallops!. I’m not decided yet which to go see, but I doubt everything will go to plan anyway so I may just have to play it by ear. SATURDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2008 12:08 Just got up after a night full of bands and venues and time delays and rugby fans. The first venue I went to (at around 8) was a place called Kaz Bar, next to the Westgate, just opposite Clwb ifor Bach (Welsh Club). It’s a pretty new place judging from the lack of sticky floors, and pretty nice inside too. I was greeted with news that pretty much everywhere was running an hour late due to the rugby, so I just waited around for a bit for the band to come on. The first act due on happened to be from Sweden and

were a bit lost on their way, so after a reshuffle, Gallops! were the next band due on. Gallops! quickly stirred up some energy in the venue with their immediately heavy drumming and energetic style. Influences of the band soon became evident, with Gallops! sharing a similar sound to acts such as Battles, Holy, F**k, and Foals. The instrumental math rock act from Wrexham really got the crowd going with their glitchy guitar sounds and the dancey sounding drumming. Brilliant performance from the band, someone I will without doubt keep an ear out for in the future. My mouth had well and truly been wetted. Next up in Kaz Bar was late addition I Am Austin. The two-piece played a dancey indie merge, with some awesome work on the bass making some really funky sounds. It was a good effort by the drummer to sing whilst playing, but it seemed the drums were running away from him every so often and the vocals didn’t really fit with the style of the music. Not the most memorable performance. A short trip across the road and I find myself in Clwb ifor Bach. Next on upstairs is the weird yet wonderful Clinic who arrived on stage after just a few minutes wait. They were sporting their usual ever-sodashing dress of surgeon’s mask and scrubs, whilst backed by a projection of odd moving images. The band on top form gets straight down to business and cracks out tracks from both albums, with their usual whiney lyrics and experimental psychedelic rock sound coming through at full volume. Highlights include The Witch and Tomorrow, which managed to keep me from leaving for about another 5 minutes just as I was about dash off to Tommy’s Bar. As soon as Tomorrow finished, it was straight out the door and the semi-long walk down to Howard Gardens to hopefully catch as much of Pete & the Pirates as possible. Thankfully I got there quite early on and caught most of their set. They seemed well into their guitar indie rock style by the time I had arrived, with a busy

Tommy’s Bar looking forward to more from the Reading 5-piece. Playing a mix of songs from old and new, were on good form, but it wasn’t an inspiring performance, definitely not as good as Clinic’s was. The band, as predicted, ended with two of their more popular tracks, Mr Understanding and Come On Feet. A good performance (but I almost wished that I had stayed for the end of Clinic!). Overall, I had a highly enjoyable night (but ended up only seeing half of the bands that I had planned to)! 15:13 Time to start thinking about tonight’s escapades, so that I can enjoy as much of the night as possible. I’m not sure there is much point making a fixed schedule, I’ve found, but just give myself a few ideas on who is playing where and when. The plan so far is to see local experimental folk band Fredrick Stanley Star at Buffalo Bar, wherever that may be; Scottish folk act Broken Records at barfly, and NewYork’s next big thing, Amazing Baby. I would go to Tommy’s Bar all day performances today too if it wasn’t for this stomach bug. SUNDAY 16TH NOVEMBER 2008 14:30 Well, well, well. Everything actually went as planned last night. Got to the posh looking, slightly confusing Buffalo Bar by 8, went upstairs and caught some of the (earlier than billed) Attack + Defend’s performance which was savaged by technical hitch after technical hitch. The lead man tried his best to keep the crowd interested, and the scrappy performances were still received well by the busy Buffalo Bar crowd. Up next, Fredrick Stanley Star. After a relatively long change of instruments, including a huge double bass, the band got started on their set, which was thankfully free of the technical problems which had hit their predecessors. Filled with swooping harmonies, quirky ukulele riffs, and frantic plucking of double bass strings,

the Cardiff five-piece were on as good form as when I saw them at Tommy’s Bar just a few weeks ago, and you can’t help but smile when they play. I once again urge you to go and see these, or buy their album from their MySpace. Give them a Google at least. It was then time to trot to Barfly, to be welcomed by the sound of Scottish folk-rocks Broken Records. The seven-piece, which includes members who can play cello, guitar, trumpet, piano, drums, accordion, violin, and bass, were on good form in front of a large crowd. The band played atmospheric sounding folk, with songs ranging from folk you can jig to rock you could almost mosh to. Their set, which included the track written for Huw Stephen’s Maida Vale sessions, Wolves, was very well received by the crowd. With any luck, hopefully this band can go on to bigger things in the future, great performance. New-York’s psychedelic indie rockers, Amazing Baby, the band I had most been looking forward to all weekend, were up next. The band needed no time to warm up, smashing straight into their first few tracks, clearly influenced by the glam rock and classic rock era. Previously unheard tracks and songs from their debut EP were amongst the tracks performed in front of the busy, yet seemingly confused, Barfly crowd. With exploding guitar solos, psychedelically echoed (to the max) vocals, crashing drum beats, and a dancing lead-singer, Amazing Baby performed a classic rock n roll set. This lot will be big; you (probably) heard it here first. Hell, seeing this is the January edition, they could well be big already! Presuming they aren’t, and that you still don’t know their stuff, get yourself in the know by downloading the free four-track debut EP off of their website. 15:00 The white flag is waving. I give up. This stomach bug has won. I’m not going to be able to make it tonight’s line-up which is a bit gutting. Jake out.

UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

ABOVE: Photography by Paul Gregory from Lense Eyes

Retro, January, 2009

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Victoria Hall, Blackweir Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 3EY

welcome to your

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10 Retro, January, 2009


The Moon Sits The moon sits lonely in the darkness searching moodily for the leader path; that shall be comfort to our very lost souls where the light of a tunnel will bring us to an opening no one knows where she is going... The sun taking a bath; sea gulls screech like the lost soul of a girl loosing control fast of her surrondings yet the guiding moonlight finds her back... with an opening of a window, where the wisdom stands when the sun calculates her Maths... ...and the moon shouts answers NOT obediently yet a despair comes over like a mist never be hopeless! Oh my moon is that your wrath; oh my moon is that your wrath. Don’t despair in silence there is a guiding light in the middle. Oh my moon is that your wrath? Hide your wrath show your light!

Life without Lives Night air swells around midlife with all that we can hold, into our wistful hearts we sink, to comfort dying souls. We hold hands in union to keep from holding on to what past we see the sinking sun go down and feel, nothing was made to last. Colourful skies, fill up with hope only when we close our eyes. Do we see the seagulls lost in their freedom? Or fear hope, as our time flys? With no darkness but a light so bright while wondering through our lives at night with dreams of not that all we dream... We dream of love, salvation and peace that the night sky belongs with the day.


“Homeless in My Heart” by Felix Dennis published in 2008 is followed by many other collections of poems published previously. It is Felix Dennis style that draws attention to the reader. His poetry reflects reality. A reality that becomes so true - that the reader can visualize it in front of his/her eyes. The spoken truth is not hidden in the words, it is only to obvious once someone digs deeper into the meaning of full of beautiful words put together to create slender reading for others. Felix Dennis said: “Home is where you come to when you have nothing better to do”. This is so true, yet in his reading we can hide, between the words and drown in them. His poetry carries a sense of wit and a fond humour that

“we grow impatient waiting on” his “pleasure”. The softness of words that describe the sweet sometimes rough atmosphere in our small world. In the inner worlds of Felix Dennis’s alleys we can see the truer, richer emotions of how he views the world; how he feels; his thoughts on it, and the vast reality and the handsome world. On the odd occasion he will suddenly draw you in a realm of sadness, and darkness and cruelty in the world, although the words spoken softly, as if it is done in advice form. The darkness is so true as it mirrors some of the darker sides of human nature. Suddenly he’d swing to a sudden dedication, or love and a word of advice! In the depths of Dennis’s book, the time flies by as we read and suck in word after word of the silent utterance of a world: “how many perfect days can we endure?” This is a perfect example, of how Dennis contemplates and reflects on this small world. And draws the reader wondering the exact question. That is the truest and richest kind of poetry. Upon opening his book, I definitely recommend anyone reading it, to go over the poems slowly, and thoughtfully and to notice the fine details of how he writes and expresses his thoughts.


Our twilit seasonal morning together, I treasure that the most. All too well do I remember the frozen feeling of bitten fingers; pleasantly numbed by her warmth in my hand; A rare delight. A present now wrapped for later. Walking side by side, how I smiled to myself at her endearing little quirks. She returns my gaze from her deep hazel eyes and I’m lost to the world; I know I’m in love.

We stopped in unison. I sometimes think she can read my mind. Of course she can, she writes it for me. She is the ink to my parchment. I turned to face her with a heavy breath and held her gaze with an unspoken wonder, like one who studies the brightest stars at night. And as I retrieved what I searched for in my pocket, I lowered myself down to one knee. Her face was without expression, though her eyes shined as full moons with expectancy. But I couldn’t bear to look at her, not for this, so I took another breath. Reaching down, I scooped up the Christmas present she had made me, and parcelling it up, I put it into my pocket. I love you bitch.

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Retro, January, 2009




BRAIN FACTS Your brain uses less power than your refrigerator light The brain uses 12 watts of power. Over the course of a day, your brain uses the amount of energy contained in two large bananas. Curiously, even though the brain is very efficient, it’s an energy hog. It is only 3 per cent of the body’s weight, but consumes 1/6 (17 per cent) of the body’s total energy. Most of its energy costs go into maintenance; the added cost of thinking hard is barely noticeable. Why you can’t hear phone conversations in a noisy room Talking on your mobile phone in a noisy place can be difficult. Your mobile makes the brain’s task harder by feeding sounds from the room you’re in through its circuitry and mixing them with the sound it gets from the other phone. This makes it a harder problem for your brain to solve because your friend’s transmitted voice and the room noise are tinny and mixed together in one source. Cover the mouthpiece when you’re trying to hear your caller and you’ll stop the mixing. Shoot-’em-up video games can help you to multitask


With your Uni exams approaching, Retro look into how to keep your Brain in tip top condition. The human brain is volutions seminal piece of work and considering we come from tiny blobs of protoplasm that’s really saying something. Regrettably, despite being given this most wondrous of gifts, many people tend to show their brains absolutely no respect. For those who wish to give it the treatment it deserves Retro newspaper has decided to give a few pointers about how to get your brain in tip top shape before the exam season kicks off. DIET (food for thought) Scientist’s have strong reason to believe that one of the key elements

in the brains evolution was dietary. Research shows that Stone Age tribes living near the sea showed signs of far greater intelligence than those living inland. This is believed to be because their diet largely consisted of seafood which contains an integral ingredient of brain growth (docosahexaenoic acid). The brain, which comprises of roughly two thirds fat, uses these special fatty acids to speed up messages and generally improve communication. Foods other than fish beneficial to your brains functioning are green leafy vegetables, walnuts, and olive oil. Although in the modern era of fast food and snacks it may be more worth noting what can impede your brain fulfilling its maximum potential. It’s important to try and keep a healthy balance of foods containing omega 3 (rich fish, salad, select oils) and omega 6 (meat and dairy products). Unfortunately research has shown that an average western diet has at least 20 times more omega 6 then omega 3. This imbalance, and occasionally abstinence, of foods containing omega 3 is not only detrimental to your brains dynamism

but can also lead to depression and various diseases in old age. ‘Trans fatty acids’ (unsaturated fat), found in foods like French fries, margarine and potato chips are not only bad for cholesterol but also hamper the brains ability to send and receive messages internally and externally. That feeling when you have a word or name on the tip of the tongue but just can’t think what it is, is quite possibly directly related to having too much unsaturated fat in your diet. HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can help improve your brainpower. Just like any part of your body its ability to work to its maximum potential is directly related to your level of fitness and health. Aerobic exercise increases capillary development in the brain giving it a greater supply of nutrients and most importantly oxygen. It is also believed regular exercise can help slow down the brains decline which begins at the relatively young age of thirty.

MEMORY TECHNIQUES People with the most impressive memories or “mnemonists” often use a technique whereby they assign whatever is to be memorized a character or object and then use those things to create a story. However for those lesser mortals there are simpler methods to revise for exams. A lot of memory relies on association and so simple things such as colour coding revision notes or drawing ‘mind maps’ can be really useful in aiding your brains memory. Another way to remember stuff is to give your brain more than one stimuli to help remember it. For example rather than just writing notes, try reading them out loud to yourself or attempt to associate it with an object on your desk. This will increase the chances of your brain being able to recall it. Other simple ways to improve your brain are sleep, hobbies (not including eating or drinking), laughter, relaxation and juggling (apparently).

Sustained multitasking increases your ability to pay attention to many things at the same time. A significant source of practice is playing action video games where the aim is to shoot as many enemies as possible before they shoot you. These games make you distribute attention across the screen, and quickly detect and react to events. Playing Tetris (an early puzzlebased video game) doesn’t have the same effect, perhaps because you have to concentrate on only one object at a time, rather than multi task. Does this mean that you should encourage your kids to play shoot-’em-up action games? We wouldn’t go out of our way to expose kids to violent images, but at least you can take heart that video game-playing has positive effects. The brain has a joke centre Humour is hard to define, but we know it when we see it. One theory suggests that humour consists of a surprise - we don’t end up where we thought we were going - followed by a reinterpretation of what came earlier to make it fit the new perspective. To make it a joke instead of a logic puzzle, the result needs to be a coherent story that isn’t strictly sensible in everyday terms. Some patients with damage to the frontal lobe of their brain, particularly on the right side, don’t get jokes at all. Typically, this is because they have trouble with the reinterpretation stage of the process. For instance, given a joke with a choice of punchlines, they can’t tell which one is funny.

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12 Retro, January, 2009


RETRO’S A-Z OF ESSENTIAL MUSIC In each Issue, Retro educates its readers to the most essential music they must have in their collection. This month we pick up the Retro’s A-Z of Essential Music at L.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Merriweather Post Pavillion

By JAKE MAY Music Editor

Release date: 12th January 2009 Animal Collective is an American experimental, psychedelic, pop, indie, folk, rock act formed in 2000. Merriweather Post Pavillion will be the band’s ninth album in as many years, spanning a total of 11 tracks over just under an hour. Founding member, Panda Bear, has stated this album is their best recorded album yet, and interestingly or not, will be their first album not to have a track longer than 6 minutes.


CD SOUNDSYSTEM Electronic/Alternative /Rock/Pop

LCD Soundsystem is James Murphy. It was always seen as a side-project form Murphy’s record label; DFA Records, but since its birth in 2002, has gone on to considerable success. Two albums in, and LCD Soundsystem is a firm favourite of numerous music lovers and critics alike, with Murphy’s debut self-titled album being chosen as part of Amazons Top 100 Editors picks of 2005, as well as the album (and single from) being nominated for two Grammys. Single, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, gained some mainstream success in the UK, managing to reach the Top 40 in March of 2005, and is probably the best known track from the debut album of the alternative disco act. Second album, Sound of Silver, also has a few stand-out tracks, with single North American Scum receiving airplay from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. This album has since been nominated for a Grammy for best electronica/dance album of 2007.

OTHER RECOMMENDED RELEASES: THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON From the Archives Volume 5 Electronica Release Date: 5th January

WHITE LIES To Lose My Life Indie/Rock/Post-Punk Release Date: 19th January:



Rock/Indie Release Date: 26th January

EMINEM Relapse Rap/Hip-Hop Release Date: 26th January

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Working on a Dream Rock/Singer-songwriter/Classic Rock Release Date: 26th January

LILY ALLEN Its Not Me Its You Pop/Alternative Release Date: 9th February

Well, I’m sat here, it’s been a few hours since the gig itself, and I’m still struggling to find words to describe it. The phrase “electric” has become overused and doesn’t quite give justice to the gig, yet it is still the only phrase I can find. The band executed every song with precision and an enthusiastic delivery. Merging with it the ability to control and swing the crowd to their every whim. They set out with the aim of

breaking “The Globe” venue’s gig virginity in style and they certainly achieved that. The younger people in the crowd were dancing right through the set, while the older listener’s feet were constantly tapping to the beats. The set list contained some old favourites along with some new and never before heard songs. This allowed the seasoned fan to sing along whilst not alienating those just out for a good time, and a good time they were bound to have had. This is clearly a band whose live shows, prove things really do get better with age. 15 years down the line and they are still playing a blistering live show to a very pleased fan base.

GREG DREAD INTERVIEW Q: Out of all the musicians you have

Single, All My Friends (a 7 minute electro-piano track), was voted #4 Best Track of 2007 by Time Magazine. A third album is expected in the future, following rumours that LCD Soundsystem was to be discontinued were quashed.

so, being produced in Paris by Markus Dravs, who has previously worked with Arcade Fire and Coldplay.


ICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Alternative/Post-Punk


ACCABEES (THE) Indie/Pop/Alternative

For some this may seem to be a boring, predictable choice, but I still feel they warrant their placement in this prestigious list. The Maccabees are a 5-piece indie band based in Brighton, that, since their debut album Colour It In, have formed a devoted fan base despite their lack of mainstream success. Debut album, Colour It In, was released in 2007 charting at 24 thanks to their already impressive underground fan base, mostly due to first single Latchmere being championed by Radio 1s Steve Lamacq. Colour It In is seen as a brilliant pop record in which any one of the thirteen tracks could be any given listener’s favourite. Most of the band’s artwork is drawn by lead-singer Orlando Weeks, who, before forming the band, was studying art at Brighton University. The band’s follow up album is expected within the next month or

listened to, who has been your biggest influence and why? A: Errm well musicians wise as a drummer, cause I’m a drummer that’s how I started out, I would say people like: Keith Moon; John Bonhon; Sly Dundar, that’s from a drummers point of view, but many musicians over the years, Brian Wilson; Ennio Morricone; Alex Patterson from the Orb. Err you know reggae in general it’s hard to pinpoint any particular musicians as you get influenced by so many different people. Q: What has been your favourite album / tour so far? A: Well obviously second light being the one that we’re most well known for. And the one that signed to a major label, being the most cohesive id say second light was probably my favourite album, just because it’s very complete and it has a kind of tells a story to it, but I’m please with sound and 360 but I would say second light stood out, it’s the most well known and the best received. And but the new stuff we’re working on is very exciting. Q: What do you think of the way your music has progressed during Dreadzone’s lifespan?

Formed in 1983 by two former members of Australian 80s’ dark postpunk band, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and Mick Harvey, Nick Cave and his bad seeds have since gone on to release 14 studio albums, 29 singles, and 3 live albums, the most recent of those studio albums Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! The Australian band are known for their dark, often religiously inspired lyrics and songs (a long way from Christian rock), as well as Cave’s intensity and wide variety of musical influences. Since its formation, the band has gone through numerous personnel changes, with Cave and Harvey being the only constant members. Other than these 14 albums, as well as side-project Grinderman, Cave has had time to rehabilitate from a lifetime of heroin and alcohol abuse, marry, paint, write, and, occasionally, act.

A: Well Dreadzone’s music has progressed from say 15 years ago, when it was much more stripped down much more just start taking in the early rave elements, and it was being quite cinematic and we’ve sort of progressed through bringing many different dance styles in but we’ve perfected our song writing a bit more as we’ve gone on, and err we’ve learnt how to construct songs more. So err I think it’s gone from a very linear much more tripped out jamming sort of element into a much more concise pop song element, which is not a bad thing entirely, cause as a musician and a song writer you’re always trying to capture that perfect 3 minute song. You know there’s nothing wrong

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Retro, January, 2009




The rescheduled gig moving from The Point to Sub 29, above Risa, still managed to pull a decent sized crowd, especially for a cold Monday night. The first support act, Love Bites and Bruises, thankfully played music that sounded better than their name reads. With a similar musical style to The Futureheads, they worked as a good warm up to the main act. A good performance, but someone should tell them to slow down a bit. Next up was a band with a growing reputation, three-piece indie/emo act Johnny Foreigner. No where near as good as was hoped. The band made noise, every so often stopping to shout a bit, then only to continue making noise again. Maybe they were distracted by the lead singers annoying fringe? Who knows. The Futureheads then arrived on stage after a short break, to fond greetings from the crowd. The Sunderland born indie rock four-piece were their usual chatty selves, pulling

laughs from the crowd throughout the whole set. “Someone told us we were playing at the Millenium Stadium” claimed lead singer, Barry Hyde, in his Biker Grove accent. “What the f**k is this, eh?” Playing tracks from all three albums, the band was on top form executing each of their harmony-filled songs to perfection. As expected, Hounds of Love and recent single Beginning of the Twist stirred up extra excitement in the crowd, and the band finished their set with an energetic encore.


Folk Music. Two words which have always brought me out in a cold sweat, conjuring up images of pensioners supping ale (REAL ale mind you, none of your fake ales for them) and pulling mice from their beards whilst torturing a banjo. This gig, however, promised something different; Mercury Music Award

nomination, awards by the bucketload and hyperbolic critical acclaim from such luminaries as Paul Morley and not a rodent infested beard in sight. Neither was St David’s Hall the type of venue I’d have associated with folk music, instead of a dark and hazy pub with sawdust on the floor the venue offered comfy chairs, a selection of wines and, best of all, ice-creams at half-time. Great, if the band isn’t much kop you can grab 40 winks and lick the nuts off a large neapolitan, or a rum and raisin if you are feeling less adventurous. The band melted onto the stage at just after 8pm, all in black and looking very serious; Rachel is suffering from a cold but you’d never guess as their voices are enchanting. Worries that this may be a stern lesson in traditional folk music are soon dispelled when the giggling girls change their high heels for stout clogs whilst expressing an ultimate ambition to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. The clogs are not decorative, they are there for percussion and if you’ve never seen two Geordie lasses sing about 18th Century press gangs (Blue’s Gaen Oot O’the Fashion) whilst hammering out a riotous clog dance then, quite frankly, you have lived a pale imitation of a life. Rachel Unthank takes top billing and stridently leads the band, but it is younger sister Becky’s understated voice which steals the show, the tonal quality of which must

22nd December Katherine Jenkins From £25.00 17th April 2009 29th January 2009 NEW DATE 24th March 2009 Australian Pink Floyd New Kids on the Block Also 9th, 10th, 11th From £28.50 From £36.70 and 23rd March 4th February 2009 20th April 2009 X Factor Live Keane WWE Smackdown £28.50 £26.91 From £30.00 27th March 2009 10th - 15th February 2009 21st April 3009 Kenny Rogers Holiday on Ice WWE RAW £37.50 ‘Mystery’ From £30.00 30th 31st March 1st April 2009 Adults from £14.00 Riverdance 22nd April 2009 Children from £10.00 £37.00 Al Murray 20th February 2009 The Pub Landlord’s Beautiful Tour 4th April Judas Priest/Megadeth £25.00 Lemar plus Testament £24.47 28th April 2009 £37.50 5th April Bob Dylan 4th March 2009 The Prodigy From £40.00 Kaiser Chiefs plus Dizzee Rascal 2nd May £25.45 £28.50 Only Men Aloud 7th March 2009 6th April 2009 From £17.13 Fall Out Boy Dance Nation presents £24.50 7th May 2009 BASSHUNTER, SASH! plus many more 8th March Whyte & MacKay Limited Early Bird tickets £20.00 Snow Patrol Premier League Darts General Sale tickets £22.50 £30.00 £30.00 (Floor) £20.00 (tiered)

BELOW: Photograph by Steve Burnett

be heard to be believed. She seems to have an uncanny ability to produce a recognisable note whilst, at the same time, underpinning the melody with a delicate, breathy undercurrent which brings to mind a gentle breeze passing over reeds. Becky’s contribution of blue notes takes the band out of the comfort-zone of traditional folk music and opens up a world of possibilities and, of course, new audiences. Who can resist songs about Teletubbies and Darth Maul wandering the streets with pots of burning tar on their heads? By the time the girls arrive at closing number “Fareweel Regality” I’m a convert, and the album has since been permanently residing on the stereo. I am not planning to grow a wild beard just yet, but I have started pricing up rodents in Pets at Home. Pass me the burning tar Dipsy, we’re going out on the (real) ale.

16th May 2009 RESCHEDULED DATE Counting Crows £33.50 20th May 2009 Here & Now Tour 2009 £36.50 21st May 2009 Rhydian From £22.02 22nd May 2009 John Barrowman From £26.91 1st& 2nd June 2009 Boyzone £32.50 12th June 2009 Oasis @ Millennium Stadium Call CIA Box Office 02920 22 44 88 From £45.00

16th June 2009 Ali Campbell £32.50 17th June 2009 Take That @ Millennium Stadium Call CIA Box Office 02920 22 44 88 From £44.04 24th & 25th June 2009 Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds From £41.50 23rd October 2009 Paul Potts From £30.00 6th & 20th October 2009 Cliff Richard and the Shadows From £60.00 27th - 29th November 2009 Lord of the Dance £60.00 18th December 2009 UB40 From £30.00

02920 22 44 88


NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Ticket price: £37.50

Fresh off sold out shows across North America, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK head to Europe for the second leg of their World Tour. The shows have featured a varied set list including classics such as, “Hangin Tough,”“Step by Step,” and “Right Stuff,” mixed with the newer hits like, “Single” and “Summertime” from their brand new album, THE BLOCK. As the New York Post described, “the encore of 1990’s ‘Step By Step’ and the 1989 tune ‘Hangin’ Tough’ were gasoline on the concert fire.” and the OC Register exclaimed, “they put on a stellar show that kept the crowd on its feet for two hours.” “Not only do the New Kids sound better than they ever did, they also look like they’re having even more fun than they did 20 years ago,” lauded New York Newsday. The reunion of all five members of the famed 90s group that sold millions of albums and sparked a worldwide phenomenon has enthusiastically been embraced by screaming fans. The group sold out dates all across North America and now land in Europe for another wave of packed arena shows. The first shows include stops in Manchester, Dublin and London. A full listing of show dates and venues are below. “This is beyond our wildest dreams, the t-shirts, the screams, the emails, the messages, it’s been amazing so far and we are all just so happy to keep it going.” Says Donnie Wahlberg. For more information visit:


KEANE Ticket price: £26.91 4TH MARCH 2009

KAISER CHIEFS Ticket price: £26.00 7TH MARCH 2009

FALL OUT BOY Ticket price: £24.50 24TH MARCH 2009 NEW DATE

X FACTOR Ticket price: £28.50 4TH APRIL 09

LEMAR Ticket price: £24.47

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14 Retro, January, 2009

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Retro, January, 2009

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Fine Artist of the Month

Kennedy Claire/// Kennedy By Gareth Dunt

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PRINT Claire

����������������������������� ������������������������������ �������� ������������������������������ ����������������������������� �������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������ ���������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������� ����������� ������������������������������ ���������������������������� ����������������������������� ���� ����������������������������������� �����������������������������

����������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������ �������������������������������� �������������������������������� �������������������������������� �������������������������������� ������������������������������ ��������������������������� ����������������������������� ����������������������� �������������������������� ����������������������������� ������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������ ���������������������������� ��������������������������� �������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������ ������������������������������ ���������������������

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16 Retro, January, 2009

RetroFilm & DVD


There’s perhaps some truth to Kate Winslet’s dirty talking nun persona in TV’s Extras when she makes the link between films about the Holocaust and critical acclaim. The fact that such films as Schindler’s List and The Pianist have, as Winslet puts it, “Oscars coming out of their arses,” will have been a lesson eagerly learned by the producers of the new Daniel Craig vehicle Defiance, but can the film answer Winslet’s most apt observation, namely, ‘do we really need another film about the Holocaust?’ Defiance follows the exploits of the Bielski brothers, led by Daniel Craig as Tuvia Bielski, a group of Jewish smugglers turned partisans attempting to protect their Jewish brethren in the

words of Nazi-occupied Belorussia. In one sense, Defiance makes a radical departure from the conventions of the Holocaust genre in that in contains no trains, no camps, no showers and, with the odd exceptions, no Nazis - the antagonists for the most part portrayed as anti-Semitic Russians, who exploit the invasion as an opportunity to turn on their Hebrew neighbours. This is a film concerned more with living in war than fighting in it. “Our revenge will be to survive,” says Tuvia in the ubiquitous ‘what-are-we-fighting-for’ speech and, incidentally, the one decent line from an otherwise lacklustre script. In this, Defiance resembles the 1985 Soviet classic Come and See, another film concerned with survival in the Belorussian woods, and one Defiance pays an implicit nod to with a shot of the partisans and refugees assembled en-masse to be photographed. Where Defiance falls short of its illustrious predecessor is in its inability to create an atmosphere of the omnipresent threat of war, captured perfectly in Elim Kilmov’s film of the ominous buzz of an enemy fighter plane, a presence which never directly intrudes on the course of events, but serves rather as an inescapable reminder that the war is never far away. Defiance is unable to successfully foster the atmosphere of

dread that surely must have pervaded at the time. The film takes for granted its audience’s awareness of the Nazi’s crimes; the scenes detailing these are indecently rushed and only one Nazi character has any dialogue - the rest are faceless extras, which provides us with no opportunity to share in the exaltation of revenge when Tuvia’s brother Zus, who joins the Red Army partisans, starts shooting back. Unable to find its niche, the film lurches from one extreme to the other. In one scene, resisting the Germans seems laughably easy as Tuvia’s partisans break into the nearby ghetto to rescue the Jewish occupants, encountering more resistance from the elders unwilling to leave then from the guards. Things take an admirable turn in detailing the plight of such a large community trying to survive throughout the bleak Russian winter but the battle scenes at the end of the film seem tacked on, as if the producers realised at the last minute they had commissioned a Daniel Craig film with no fighting. Defiance then, is a let down for all concerned; for fans of Craig as James Bond, it’s a case of too much starving, not enough fighting, whilst anyone looking for a decent portrayal of life behind Nazi lines could pick up ‘Come and See’ on DVD for the same price as a cinema ticket. Interminable.

RetroPlumOfTheMonth PlumOfTheMonth By TERENCE ROSOMAN Editor



This month we have a feast of Plums for your greedy eyes,


David Freemantle First up we have David Freemantle giving David Beckham a run for his money with his new stylish hair cut. Thank you to Winston Smith for sending the picture in.



Matthew Sutton Ibiza Uncovered eat your heart! Matthew Sutton and his friends are relaxing on holiday and have slipped into something more comfortable...nothing! Thank you to Lewis “Special” Williams for sending the picture in.


Andrew House Top Plum of the month has to go to Andrew House for this picture of him strutting around in his lucky illuminous pants! What a Plum!!! Tank you to George Morgan and Ross Dunn for sending the picture in.



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Retro, January, 2009


RetroHealth HAD ENOUGH OF A GOOD STUFFING?! the 1kCal spray oils. Getting your five a day has many health benefits and may help you to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.


If you have overindulged slightly too much over the Christmas holidays (too much turkey and drink!) and want to get back into shape, here’s a few tips to help...

WHAT IS A PORTION OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES? Approximately 80g which is about a handful of fruit or vegetables. Here are few examples: 1 medium apple or banana, 150ml of fruit juice, 2 small tangerines, 2 spears of broccoli, 3 heaped tablespoons of carrots, 3 heaped tablespoons of chickpeas and half a pepper. Remember that fruit juice can only count as 1 portion of your 5 a day, this is also true for beans and pulses, no matter how much you eat of them! For more example go to: PortionSizesVegetables.aspx

Before you get started write down all the pro’s and con’s of losing weight, by doing this the advantages should outweigh the disadvantages (Refer back to this when times get hard!). READY TO GO... Keep a food and drink diary as well as a record of any activity you do during the day. This will help you to identify points in the day you are weakest and think of ways to overcome this. The balance of good health is a great place to start to get you thinking about the different food groups and which you should have more or less of.

cereals and potatoes along with fruit and vegetables (a great source of vitamins and fibre as well as being low in calories!) • Try and include wholegrain cereals for example wholemeal bread. • Try and get at least 3 great sources of calcium each day for example a glass of milk or a matchbox size of cheese. • Limit your amount of high fat (parStep-by-Step Ad 18/10/07 21:50 Page 1 ticularly saturated fat), high sugar and • Try and base most of your meals on

salty foods. • Try and eat lean cuts of meat. • Think about your choice of cooking method. Try grilling your food instead of frying it and if you or your housemates have a steamer it is a great way to cook chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables (and it helps to retain the vitamins within the food!). If you are going to fry your food or going to use a touch of oil, you could try using

ABOVE: The eatwell food balance guide.

And of course a diet plan wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t incorporate exercise, try and do 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. You could start with as little as walking to Uni instead of taking the bus. Try and find something you enjoy doing and perhaps get someone else to come along with you! It is important that you set yourself realistic goals that are safe and achievable. A weight loss goal of 0.5lb2lb per week is best.


Homesickness is common, especially at this time of the year, the excitement of starting in a new university has passed, you’ve been back to a comfortable home for a few weeks and all of a sudden you have to leave it all, for some this can be a painful experience. For most people it is short lived and only lasts a couple of weeks, although it can last longer. The key point is to realise that you are not alone, many students are also feeling homesick, it is totally normal. Loneliness is an emotional state, which need not cause serious health problems but can do so if unheeded. Millions of people are lonely every day. Understanding the fundamental characteristics of loneliness enables you to identify it in yourself as well as in others, once identified its effects can be reduced. Signs and symptoms include: • An overwhelming desire to go home/leave course. • Feeling nervous and disoriented. • Feeling bored, self-absorbed, sad, tearful and sometimes depressed. • Over-reacting to everyday events that you would generally take in your stride. • Feeling worthless, helpless, powerless and unacceptable. • A tendency to be self-critical. • Lack of self-motivation. • Dissatisfaction with social or family relationships. What you can do yourself • Understand that being alone is not the same as loneliness. Being alone can be very healthy. We all need to be alone from time to time. Some activities such as reflection, reading and writing are often best done when you are alone. • Do not expect too much from friends and family. Try to set realistic expectations from your relationships. • Try to identify your emotions accurately. • Recognise that conflicts can make relationships stronger. • Try to understand other people and consider their feelings. Lonely people are often self-absorbed and may not realise that others have difficulties of their own. • Practice tasks to reduce your loneliness. Find new interests or somewhere to continue old ones. Remember there is a Student Health Service Nurse on every campus For availability visit: health/nurses.asp Alternatively email: Emails will be answered as soon as possible within office hours term time only.

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18 Retro, January, 2009

RetroAgonyARC ILLUSTRATION by Jake Elderidge

Hello my dears, hope you’re all keeping well. Here I am again to answer all your questions about university life. If you have any questions you want answered please contact the Advice and Representation Centre on:


Dear Agony Arc, I think I may have drunk too much over the festive season! I did a few things I shouldn’t have while I was drunk, and made a bit of a fool of myself! My new years’ resolution is to behave myself while I’m out, I just don’t know how to go about it! Any ideas? Cheers, Nick


Dear Nick, The most important thing is that you’ve realised that you need to change how you behave. It’s easy to get carried away while you’re out with your friends. But, if you want to stay in control of in your behaviour you need to make sure that you watch what you drink! You should know your limits, and stop drinking once you feel you’ve had enough! For more information, and advice on sensible drinking go to


Dear Agony Arc, I think I’ve eaten a bit too much turkey this Christmas, and I’ve put on quite a bit of weight! My new years’ resolution is to get myself back into shape, the problem is I don’t quite know how! Please help Anna


Dear Anna, You’re not the only one that feels like a stuffed turkey after Christmas- I probably had one too many minced pies myself! The first thing you need to do is start eating healthier, and stay away from the fattening foods! You need to make sure that you’re active, even if it just means walking instead of taking the bus! If you want to go one step further then you could join a gym. UWIC has gyms on the LLandaff and Cyncoed campuses, that are open to all students and staff. It’s quite affordable to join- or you can pay each time you go! Finally- watch what you drink, alcohol is fattening and you don’t want to end

up with a beer belly!


Dear Agony

Arc, I went a little bit overboard with presents at Christmas, and now I’m struggling for cash. I’m worried that this year is going to be really boring if I don’t have enough money to do anything! Help? James


Dear James, The best thing is if you try and budget your money, so that you don’t overspend on one thing- that way you should be able to make your money go further! You can get advice on budgeting and managing your money effectively from the Students’ union website- and from student services ( Also, you could consider getting a part-time job for the weekends to give yourself a bit of extra spending money. If you are really struggling for money and finding it hard to cope, there is the Financial Contingency Fund available to help students facing financial hardship. More information on this can also be found on the SU website. Also look out for the Student Debt Awareness Week in 2009 which will provide help, advice and activities related to student debt.

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Retro, January, 2009

RetroTake-A-Break RetroTake-A-Break CROSSWORD 1






Cunning Linguists, Gaz Dunt and Taz Rosoman go head to head in a master debate on topical issues close to everyone’s hearts. This month we discuss....New Year Resolutions!











The most common Resolutions are usually to improve your fitness, save money, lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthy, don’t drink as much etc. I can’t understand why Gaz thinks this is such a waste of time, even if only 12% of the people who make a resolution actually keep to it surely that’s worth it! And the other 88% of the people who didn’t stick would have at least has a bash at it. Even for that short period it would have benefited their life a little bit. I think the reason for this high failure rate is due to people getting over excited at the start of the year., and feeling pressure to make New Years Resolutions. They just had 2/3 weeks of stuffing their faces with food and drink and smoking like chimneys, and when the new year comes around they feel fat and terrible. When people feel this down they promise to give up everything (We’ve all said at least once “I’m never drinking again” after having a massive hangover, just to find your out the next weekend). I think if people used January to settle down before making their resolutions there would definitely be a huge rise in success’. To conclude I think New Year Resolutions are great, if people want to improve their lives, where’s the harm in that? I just wish people wouldn’t jump into these things. They need to sit down and make a plan of attack and stick to it. This could not only lead to huge benefits to that person, but to a huge percentage of Great Britain... and the World!

This year I’m going to cut out chocolate’ or this is a better one ‘This year I’m going to get fit’. Sound familiar? This is type of pointless babble we all do at this time of year about making promises to ourselves that we know we’re going to break. You only have to look at the facts surrounding New Year’s Resolutions to see that it’s all a waste of time! Get a load of this - last year only half the people nationwide that made New Year’s Resolutions were confident they could fulfil them, and from that only 12% of them actually succeeded! Need I saw more? Let’s face it- if you really wanted to cut down on something, surely its common sense that would make you do it. We all know that too much fast food isn’t good for you, but for some reason people wait until the new year to actually do something about it. It’s the smoker’s philosophy of ‘Well yeah I’m quitting after this month’. Its funny how that particular month never ends isn’t it. Whether its cigarettes, chocolate or vodka - it’s all the same. New Year’s Resolutions represent all that is desperate in our world by making people think that if they make a promise to themselves on New Year’s Day to cut out alcohol completely, somehow it will be successful because it’s...well... my New Year’s Resolution! Absolute rubbish.




8. Salt of oxalic acid (7) 9. Facet (5) 10. Orchard (5) 11. Person who performs solo (7) 12. Musical Instrument (4) 13. Main vessel of a shipping line (8) 16. Dried by the sun (8) 19. Robust (4) 22. Souvenir (7) 23. Having the form of a song (5) 24. Grain stores (5) 25. Long-necked ruminant (7)

1. Beautiful (8) 2. Dry red wine (6) 3. Strong winds (5) 4. Ship (6) 5. Expression of regret (7) 6. Expel (6) 7. Coin (4) 14. Minister (8) 15. Gloss (7) 17. That is to say (6) 18. Adequate (6) 20. Drifting (6) 21. Renown (5) 22. Soft pulpy mass (4)


Across - 8. Oxalate, 9. Phase, 10. Grove, 11. Soloist, 12. Oboe, 13. Flagship, 16. Sunbaked, 19. Hale, 22. Memento, 23. Lyric, 24. Silos, 25. Giraffe.

So...its that time of the year again (the beginning), where people evaluate their lives and draft up a list of changes they want to make for the coming year. I’m obviously talking about New Years Resolutions, the promises you make to yourself in order to improve your life or state of well being. And what is so wrong with that?



Down - 1. Gorgeous, 2. Barolo, 3. Gales, 4. Vessel, 5. Apology, 6. Banish, 7. Cent, 14. Preacher, 15. Varnish, 17. Namely, 18. Enough, 20. Adrift, 21. Glory, 22. Mash.


Gaz Dunt is binning his list and going free style.

19 21


Taz Rosoman will be drafting his list come the 1st Jan.








3 7 2 6 5 6 4 2 8 1 3 5 7 9 6 8 7 2 8 2 1 3 5 7 9 5 2 2 3 1 5 5 7 3 9 6

2 7




8 1 3 2 6 9 8 4 3 6 1 7 9 9 3 5 1 5 6 4 8 1 3 8 5 7 2




8 9

4 5

3 8 9 4

6 1 6 9

1 3 6 2 8 6 1


4 7


2 8

8 9 7 1 8

8 8 9

5 2 4 9 8


2 7 6 9 5

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3 5 1

5 7 3

9 6


20 Retro, January, 2009

RetroBUCS Photography By TERENCE ROSOMAN Editor

Our resident sports photographer, Mike Fortune, has been out snapping pictures of our UWIC sports teams playing in their BUCS leagues. If you would like to see more please go to: If you would like to purchase any prints of these images and others found on the website please email Mike on:

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Retro, January, 2009



PARA-OLYMPIAN, NATHAN STEPHENS TALKS TO RETRO UWIC Student and Para-Olympian, Stephan Thomas faces his toughest challenge yet, talking to Retro!

2008 PERFORMANCE AMBITIONS: Gold in London 2012


• 5hrs on water concentrating on specific skills/goals • Followed by a 90min weight/aerobic session

NICKNAME: Boochie (after a character in a mid 80’s computer game) D.O.B 05.01.77

TRAINING SCHEDULE: Currently recovering from neck Surgery plan to return to normal training in February Normal on the water training routine:

• Physio and massage to follow DIET: Depends on target venue weather conditions. We will either be on weight gain or weight loss program

HOMETOWN: Bridgend HEIGHT : Depends on what legs I’m wearing! Currently 6ft 3 WEIGHT: Approx. 83kg SPORT / EVENT: Para-olympic Sailing, retired GB Para-olympic Ice Hockey player ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR: • 2 x World Champion • Current European Able bodies and Para-olympic Champion • Summer and Winter Para-olympian: Athens 2004, Turin 2006 and Beijing

• Porridge, eggs • Meat salad sandwiches • Fruit and yoghurt • Lean meat and fish with vegetables and a carbohydrate. • Then odd glass of Guinness ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: Bridgend College student of the year in 1999/2000

through 2 decades of Olympics. Suffered with Diabetes and Chrones disease and did it through pre and post Lottery funding. A winner! FAVOURITE FOOD: Italian, steak and a pint of Guinness FAVOURITE FILM: Any given Sunday FAVOURITE GENRE OF MUSIC: Any TOP 3 TIPS TO SUCCEED IN YOUR SPORT: • As much sleep as you can take. • Eat small and regularly to maintain even supply blood sugars • Any problems, talk them through, whether it be with coaches, partners, University. Better to talk through it, rather than it affecting your sporting life. ANY WORDS OF WISDOM: Reaching your dream requires determination and unwavering commitment in the pursuit of excellence. You have one opportunity to seize everything you want, make sure you put every ounce of effort in so that you have no regrets at the end.

FAVOURITE SPORTING ICON: • Sir Steven Redgrave Consistently achieved success

STRONG WALES SQUAD FOR WOMEN’S SIX NATIONS Wales Women head coach Jason Lewis has named an experienced 26-strong squad for the forthcoming Women’s Six Nations. Wales Women have twice finished second in the table in the past three seasons and Lewis believes the 2009 squad has every chance of reproducing that kind of form this season. Another top two finish would guarantee an early qualification spot for Wales for the next Women’s Rugby World Cup which takes place in England in 2010. Mellissa Berry has retained the captaincy of the side and is set to earn her 70th cap, 50th as captain when Wales travel to Meggatland to play Scotland on February 8. Berry, at 69 caps, is one of six squad players with over 50 caps

to their name - fellow forwards Claire Donovan (66) and Jamie Kift (64) join backs Clare Flowers (58), Non Evans (71) and most capped Wales Women international Louise Rickard (103). Only one uncapped player is named in the squad - Ali Wright (Loughborough Uni and Lichfield) but there are other notable returns to the set-up. Centre Rachel Poolman returns after missing the European Championships through fracturing her foot in the 3-0 victory over France last March, Cardiff Quins prop Catrin Edwards has regained impressive form after taking a break from international rugby and returns to bolster the front row, while there are also returns from injury for scrum half Kerry Jenkins (Cardiff Quins) and lock/ back row Hannah Torangi (UWIC). Jason Lewis said, “This is an important Championship for us with world cup qualification at stake. With all selected players fit and available, I feel we have got more strength in depth in the squad than we’ve seen in

recent years. “We have just finished a three day training camp and we have a friendly against the Nomads at London Wasps Amateur on Saturday (January 10) which will give us a stern test as we to step up our Six Nations preparations. “It’s a testament to Mel Berry that she is set to play her 50th game as captain against Scotland. She fully deserves to be recognised for this honour and has led from the front throughout her captaincy.”

Nicholas (Cardiff Quins) Hannah Torangi (UWIC)



Forwards: Jennifer Davies (Waterloo), Catrin Edwards (Cardiff Quins), Hannah Roberts (UWIC), Claire Horgan (Saracens), Rhian Bowden (UWIC), Gemma Hallett (Pontyclun), Louise Horgan (Saracens), Claire Donovan (Saracens), Rachel Taylor (Cardiff Quins), Mellissa Berry (Bristol Ladies), Jamie Kift (Bristol Ladies), Carys John (UWIC), Catrina

Backs: Kerry Jenkins (Cardiff Quins), Amy Day (UWIC), Laura Prosser (Pontyclun), Awen Thomas (Cardiff Quins), Naomi Thomas (Bristol Ladies), Clare Flowers (Bristol Ladies), Rachel Poolman (UWIC), Aimee Young (UWIC), Louise Rickard (Woodbridge Amazons), Heledd Stephens (UWIC), Non Evans (Bristol Ladies), Ali Wright (Lichfield/ Loughborough University)


Channel 4 will work with BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) to cover the inaugural championships which will be held from 11-15 March in Sheffield. Over 5500 students will descend upon Sheffield to compete in 24 sports across 14 venues and Channel 4 will be on-hand to provide an insight into the competitive world of student sport. The Channel is specifically interested in the Olympic featured sports - athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, fencing, hockey, judo, swimming, table tennis and volleyball - which in turn boast some of the country’s leading athletes including Britain’s fastest woman, Montell Douglas, currently a student at Middlesex University. “The BUCS Championships is the highlight of the sporting calendar for thousands of students, so it’s fitting that Channel 4, renowned for producing innovative sports programming will be there to capture the passion and the glory of the competition,” said Karen Rothery, Chief Executive of BUCS. “With Channel 4, we hope to take the best of university sport to a much wider audience than ever before, showing that our student athletes really are the sporting stars of the future.” Channel 4’s Martin Henlan added: “A number of our Olympians have come through the university system so there is every chance that our coverage of the Championships will capture some of the future faces of London 2012.”

Scotland v Wales Sunday 8 February 12 noon Meggatland Wales v England Saturday 14 February 1pm Taffs Well France v Wales Saturday 28 February 3pm Montauban Italy v Wales Sunday 15 March 2.30pm, Mira (Riviera del Brenta) Wales v Ireland Saturday 21 March

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22 Retro, January, 2009




Top female athletes from across the United Kingdom and Europe went head to head this weekend and battled it out in the ultimate pole vaulting competition across the UK. A vast selection of past and present students from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) were among the contestants, some of whom will represent GB in the 2010 Olympics. UWIC Graduate Louise Butterworth walked away with first place and the highest score of 4.06m. Around 8-12 sportswomen went head to head including Great Britain Internationals and European representatives. Pole vaulting, a track and field athletics event, is an individual sport, where the objective is to vault as high as possible over a crossbar and simply, with the bar gradually increasing in height over the course of the competition - the highest jumper, walking away with the glory, title and cup. The event, which took place on Saturday 10th January at the National Indoor Athletic Centre (NIAC) at UWIC’s Cyncoed campus was first indoor competition in 2009 for all of the athletes involved and marked the beginning of a two month period of intense indoor competitions, culminating in the European Indoor Championships and then the BUCS Indoor Championships for all British, student athletes. Around 200 people turned up to watch the event that took place under spotlights, on an illuminated runway and to music that was specifically selected by the athletes. The competition lasted for 90 minutes and included some great early season performances from UK senior and U20 athletes. Two of the athletes who competed and achieved a very respectable 4.06m (first place) and 3.85m (fifth place) Louise Butterworth and Emma Lyons, both studied at UWIC during 2004-2008 and will be looking to represent their alumni university at the World University Games later in 2009. Scott Simpson, Director of Athletes at UWIC said: “In my opinion, this type of competition is going to be one of the ways to help get spectators back involved in the sport of athletics and will hopefully be embraced by other organisations in the future, particularly in the UK.”

This month, Retro has profiled the highly success UWIC Womens Football teams. WOMENS FOOTBALL 1ST CURRENT COMPETITIONS: BUCS southern Premier RECENT SUCCESSES: • BUSA Champions 08 • BUCS Southern Premier League Winners 06,07,08 BIGGEST RIVALRY: Brighton


THE BEST DRESSED: Lauren Stringer

TRAINING INFO Tuesday 5.30-7 Friday 8am-fitness, 5-7 training



TRAINING INFO Tuesday 5.30-7 Friday 8am-fitness, 5-7 training

CURRENT COMPETITIONS: BUCS Western Conference Womens 1A RECENT SUCCESSES: • BUSA Trophy finalists 07,08

GOALS FOR THIS SEASON: Win league and championship again




CLUB CONTACTS Coach Kerry Harris Captain Loren Dykes


PLAYERS TO LOOK OUT FOR • Gwennan Harries - Wales seniors and • Great Britain • Loren Dykes - Wales seniors • Danni Ackerman - England U17’s • Alicia Powe, Amie Lea - Wales U19’s



CLUB CONTACTS Coach Kerry Harris Captain Lauren Smith

BIG GAMES COMING UP: Gloucestershire GOALS FOR THIS SEASON: Win league and trophy PLAYERS TO LOOK OUT FOR: • Gemma Lewis • Kat Lovett • Aimee Todd - Wales U19’s


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Retro, January, 2009





Hartpury College visited old adversaries UWIC in arguably the most important league game of their season so far.

Retro talks to this months chosen Scholars, UWIC Archers and promising Basketball Superstars, Meagan Hoffman, Leah Dehaan and Stef Collins. MEAGAN HOFFMAN D.O.B: 28/11/82 SPORT / EVENT: Basketball PERFORMANCE AMBITIONS: Win a championship with UWIC archers (BUSA and EBL), Be apart of the Great Britain National Team’s road to the 2012 Olympics NICKNAME: Meg ONE UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: Have a scarf fetish, along with many others... FAVOURITE SPORTING ICON:Steve Nash- at the moment...

California with my family


FAVOURITE FOOD: Mexican FAVOURITE FILM: Lost in Translation

D.O.B: 30/12/1982


LEAH DEHAAN D.O.B: 07/07/1989 SPORT / EVENT: Basketball PERFORMANCE AMBITIONS: Make the U20 GB team this summer NICKNAME: n/a ONE UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I can touch my nose with my tongue FAVOURITE SPORTING ICON: Marion Jones- before her drug taking

SPORT / EVENT: Basketball PERFORMANCE AMBITIONS: Represent Great Britain in 2012 Olympics NICKNAME: n/a FAVOURITE SPORTING ICON: Steve Kerr (NBA Chicago Bulls & San Antonio Spurs

ABOVE: (Left) Meagan Hoffman, (Middle) Leah Dehaan, (Right) Stef Collins. Photography by Mike Fortune.

Second in the league and having lost their previous meeting, tension was high but Hartpury overcame any nerves to storm to victory, scoring four tries in a magnificent display of rugby. This was a fine performance by the Hartpury students and in both attack and defence the college players were outstanding. UWIC threw everything at the away side but rarely made an impression on the unforgiving defensive line of the college. With the league’s top scorers Hartpury ruthless in attack, UWIC found it difficult to cope with the power and intensity of the Hartpury side. With ball in hand the Hartpury attack was rapier-like, powering through the UWIC defence to score four fine tries and create several other scoring opportunities. The four tries highlighted Hartpury’s superiority as they avenged the previous 21-24 defeat in what was an awe inspiring display of rugby. Tries by Matthew Evans (2), Henry Trinder and Jordi Pesqualin capped off a memorable display from the Hartpury first XV as they rise to the top of the Premier Men’s Southern Division with four games to go until the end of the league campaign. A delighted Allan Lewis, Hartpury Rugby Academy Director, said: “This was a magnificent team effort and a great win over our old competitive adversaries. “We were ruthless in attack and magnificent in defence, four tries to one was a true reflection of our superiority in the match.”

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24 Retro, January, 2009




places in Eurobasket Division A. Whilst we are away the remainder of the Archers will be committing heavily to a mid-season training schedule ensuring that when the whole programme are back together on the 20th we will be ready to instantly move forward and prepare for the National Cup Final on the 25th Jan and the first National League game on the 24th away to London Acers. The 2nd chapter has it all to play for and will require an uncom-

promising approach from all involved to ensure that what we have started bears the fruit of its ‘No Limits’ beginnings! If like many you want to come and see what all the fuss is about then please make sure you make the next home game on February 7th at 3:30 p.m. versus the new Rhondda Rebels (Barking Abbey) at the Archers Arena (Cyncoed Sports Hall) - it promises to be an exciting, up-tempo game, and is free for all UWIC students!!

Christmas plays such a crucial part to a sport with a winter season - the way it is managed and the will of the individual athlete to maintain ENGLISH BASKETBALL LEAGUE DIVISION 1 physical condition Team Wins Losses For can almost dictate UWIC Archers 9 0 755 championship conSheffi eld Hatters 7 1 690 tention or failure. The Archers have had an incredible start to all 3 of their silverware campaigns. We complete 2008 unbeaten in the British National League Division 1, BUCS Premier South Division and have reached our first National Cup final, where we face the relentless championship history of Sheffield Hatters in late January. With over 250 UWIC fans supporting our every home win the journey so far has been one to enjoy and re-spark continued passions to bring even more silverware back to Cyncoed campus. The ladies are hungry and working hard to ensure that we are not just known on the universities map but are as we sit currently... the best in Great Britain!! Myself, Stef Collins, Meagan Hoffman and Leah Dehaan will be involved with Great Britain from the 27th December to 20th January where we play it out with Romania, Finland and Bosnia & Herzegovina for the last 2







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UWIC Students’ Union listens to Nation Radio - 106.8 & 107.3 FM,

Photography By Mike Fortune

Retro - Jan09  

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