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Microsoft suites. Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems, announced by Bill Gates of Microsoft on August 1, 1988 at COMDEX in Las Vegas. Initially a marketing term for a bundled set of applications, the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Over the years, Office applications have grown substantially closer with shared features such as a common spell checker, OLE data integration and Visual Basic for Applications scripting language. Microsoft also positions Office as a development platform for line-of-business software under the Office Business Applications brand. Are a suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package. The suite of programs is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating system. Microsoft Office is the most common form of software used in the western world. On 10 July 2012, Softpedia reported that Office is used by over a billion people worldwide. The current versions are Office 2013 for Windows, released on October 11, 2012 and Office 2011 for OS X, released October 26, 2010. On 24 October 2012, the RTM final code of Office 2013 Professional Plus was released to TechNet and MSDN subscribers for download. On 15 November 2012, the 60-day trial version of Office 2013 Professional Plus was released for download. Microsoft supports Office for the Windows and OS X platforms. Beginning with Mac Office 4.2, the OS X and Windows versions of Office share the same file format, and are interoperable. Visual Basic for Applications support was dropped in Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac,[28] then reintroduced in Office for Mac 2011. A version of Office called Microsoft Office Mobile is available for Android phones, iPhone and Windows Phone. For decades, Microsoft Office has been the clear leader in office software, and its newest version solidifies its top spot. Rolling out a completely new look and a fresh redesign, Microsoft Office impresses now more than ever. The design update is the largest for the office software giant since the redesign for its 2007 launch, and with the redesign come new features across all of its applications.


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In computing, an office suite, sometimes called an office software suite or productivity suite, is a collection of productivity programs intended to be used by knowledge workers. The components are generally distributed together, have a consistent user interface and usually can interact with each other, sometimes in ways that the operating system would not normally allow. The most popular Microsoft suites are: MICROSOFT OFFICE.-

Microsoft Office Professional includes everything you would want in an office software suite. It has the three most used office applications a word processor, spreadsheet builder and presentation creator along with a database manager, email client, publishing platform and digital notebook. Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint all have the same feel and usability, but its all-new design gives it some separation from office software suite competitors out there. Its other included applications – Outlook, Publisher, Access and OneNote – all feature the same new minimalist design to make transitioning from one application to the other smooth. Although this office software includes every application you will need, we were disappointed in the fact that the license only lets you install the software on a single computer, where as many office software suites allow two to three computers per license. WORDPERFECT OFFICE.-

WordPerfect Office Standard Edition is an excellent compilation of productivity applications that are suitable for everyday use at work, school or home. And WordPerfect offers these applications for a reasonable price. This office software suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet builder, presentation creator, database manager, email client, publishing platform and a handful of other office utilities, which are nice additions. Additionally, you can install the office software suite on up to three computers with just a single license a benefit we like to see. CELFRAME OFFICE.-

Celframe Office includes your basic word processor, spreadsheet builder and slide show presentation creator along with a database manager, publishing platform, email client and a handful of other office software applications. One license allows you to install the entire office software suite on up to three computers for home, business or student use. KINGSOFT OFFICE.-

KingSoft Office Professional has been completely redesigned to feature a new interface. This slick office software includes a word processor, a spreadsheet builder and a presentation creator, which is sufficient for home users or students who simply need to create text documents, spreadsheets or slide show presentations. Business users who want office software that includes applications such as an email client, database manager or publishing platform as well will have to look elsewhere for a more complete office software suite. COREL OFFICE.-


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Lunes, 28 de abril de 2014 Corel Office includes everything you need if you're looking for an office software suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet builder and a presentation creator. Additionally, you can install

the office software on up to three computers with just one license, making it easy to have on your desktop, laptop and one more system. SOFTMARKET OFFICE.-

SoftMaker Office is an office software suite that has the essentials. SoftMaker doesn’t only include a basic word processor, spreadsheet builder and presentation creator, but also includes an email client. Creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets and slide show presentations is simple and easy with its familiar interface. ABILITY OFFICE.-

Modeled comparably in look to Microsoft Office, Ability Office Professional V6 is office software that lacks quite a few applications, but does include the basics. This office software suite includes a word processor, a spreadsheet builder, a presentation creator, a database manager and an image editor and allows you to install it on up to two computers per license.

Open Office & Variants Apache Open Office is considered the father of open source freeware office products. Open Office has gone through a number of owners starting with StarDivision to Sun Microsystems, from Sun to Oracle, then finally from Oracle to Apache. Due to some elements of Open Office having Java dependency, a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) download is required directly from Oracle.From all the office products available, Open Office are the only ones offering a free database management application. There are six main applications included with Open Office: Writer, a word processor that can import nearly all text file formats available, plus the ability for a direct PDF export. The interface is similar to Microsoft Office 2003 and with no 'ribbon' available. Calc, a spreadsheet that can import nearly all forms of spreadsheet formats. Within Calc there is support for scripting & macro's in the form of Basic, Javascript, Beanshell & even Python. Impress, a presentation application that can import ppt, pps, pptm, pptx presentation files. The layout is simple and stable enough. Base, a database management application that can create tables, forms, queries, reports, etc. It comes complete with Wizards to help transfer tables for forms etc. Draw, from a quick sketch to a complex plan, Draw gives you the tools to communicate with graphics and diagrams. With a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm, Draw is powerful tool for technical or general posters, etc.Use Styles and Formatting to put all your graphics styles at your finger tips.


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Lunes, 28 de abril de 2014 Math, is Apache OpenOffice's component for mathematical equations. It is most commonly used as an equation editor for text documents, but it can also be used with other types of documents or stand-alone. When used inside Writer, the equation is treated as an object inside the text document. Similarly, one can also insert these into other Apache OpenOffice programs like Calc and Impress. Using Math, there are three main ways of entering a formula: Type markup in the equation editor. Right-click on the equation editor and select the symbol from the context menu. Select a symbol from the Selection toolbox.

All in Open Office is well rounded with a great support group and lots of help files and documentation. There is so much add-ons and file import & export formats that Open Office would be useful for both the novice users looking for a quick Wordpad alternative to Advanced users who can customize the source code for their own requirements.

The main differences from Apache OpenOffice include: Universal - Find / Find & Replace are separate options - Clear direct formatting instead of default formatting - No media player - No record macro option - Undo instead of Can't Undo - Redo instead of Can't Restore Calc - Delete Page Break instead of Delete Manual Break - Page Break instead of Manual Break - Insert > Names has additional 'Manage' Writer - Additional 'Title Page' option Impress - No Wizard upon opening (by default) - Snap Lines instead of Guides

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. It was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Subsequent versions were later written for several other platforms including IBM PCs running DOS , Apple Macintosh running Mac OS, AT&T Unix PC , Atari ST , SCO Unix , OS/2 , and Microsoft Windows . Commercial versions of Word are licensed as a standalone product or as a component of Microsoft Office, Windows RT or the


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Lunes, 28 de abril de 2014 discontinued Microsoft Works suite. Freeware editions of Word are Microsoft Word Viewer and Office Online, both of which have limited features.

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993, and it has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel forms part of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It was officially launched on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The benefits of PowerPoint are continuously debated. The term "PowerPoint hell" has been coined for long, tedious PowerPoint presentations that bore the audience.

Microsoft Access Microsoft Access, also known as Microsoft Office Access, is a database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. It is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, included in the Professional and higher editions or sold separately. Microsoft Access stores data in its own format based on the Access Jet Database Engine. It can also import or link directly to data stored in other applications and databases.[1] Software developers and data architects can use Microsoft Access to develop application software, and "power users" can use it to build software applications. Like other Office applications, Access is supported by Visual Basic for Applications, an object-oriented programming language that can reference a variety of objects including DAO (Data Access Objects), ActiveX Data Objects, and many other ActiveX components. Visual objects used in forms and reports expose their methods and properties in the VBA programming environment, and VBA code modules may declare and call Windows operating-system functions.

Advantages of OpenOffice over other office suites: No licensing fees. is free for anyone to use and distribute at no cost. Many features that are available as extra cost add-ins in other office suites (like PDF export) are free with. There are no hidden charges now or in the future. Open source. You can distribute, copy, and modify the software as much as you wish, in accordance with either of Open Source licenses.


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Cross-platform. runs on several hardware architectures and under multiple operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Sun Solaris. Extensive language support. user interface is available in over 40 languages, and the project provides spelling, hyphenation, and thesaurus dictionaries in over 70 languages and dialects. also provides support for both Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) layout languages (such as Hindi, Hebrew, and Arabic). Consistent user interface. All the components have a similar "look and feel," making them easy to use and master.

OpenOffice is an office program that is free to download and install. The developers that created and maintain OpenOffice rely on donations of money from users and time from other programmers to continue this open source project. This can be an advantage because it doesn't cost the user anything if they choose not to donate. It can also be a disadvantage, if the OpenOffice development community does not have the resources needed to continue improving the program. On the other hand, it is an advantage because there are developers who are more interested in rolling out a functional product than they are about profits. OpenOffice updates as the developers fix bugs and add new features instead of waiting for new release dates like other proprietary office programs do. Users are able to update their installation any time a new fix is added, which could be multiple times a year if needed. This provides an advantage against those proprietary software companies as the user does not have to sit around with an annoyingly dysfunctional program. OpenOffice is compatible with various operating systems, where as other office suites are designed to operate on only one type of operating system. For instance, Microsoft Office only works on Microsoft operating systems. OpenOffice is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and more. In OpenOffice you have the ability to open new files from any of the OpenOffice programs. For instance, if you are in OpenOffice Writer and you need to open a document in spreadsheet, the user simply selects File > New > Spreadsheet. In other office suites, you have to open each separate program. OpenOffice is one program with various capabilities. One of the drawbacks of choosing to use OpenOffice is that it has a higher memory and CPU usage than other office suites. This stems from the fact that OpenOffice is one large, all-inclusive program rather than several individual programs like other office suites. This can cause the program to function slower than other office suites.

OpenOffice does have a small variety of fonts, though not as many as other office suites. You can add fonts by downloading and installing them into the system. Technical support for OpenOffice is provided to the user through the community of users and developers. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage. By working directly with the developers, the user will get the advantage of first hand knowledge. The problem lies in the fact that these people may not have the answers or the time to locate the answers that the user is searching for and he or she may be left to deal with the issue on their own.


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