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If you’re like most parents of soon-to-be college students or already a college parent, you care. It just makes sense to help your children as they “leave the nest” and transition into the next stage of life. You want to be sure that they get the best academic experience, but also that they receive an education in how to college,

excel in life after

grow into a mature individual, and have fun in the process. While public schools are

the right choice for some, we know that others are looking for a place where students can be mentored by their professors, find out how their faith motivates academic performance, and expand “mountain-based” activities.

We care that you care, and we hope that through the college search you begin to feel as good about the Montreat College decision as we do.

Authentic Academia Healthy communities help raise up

healthy people who are eager to thrive. Imagine an academic setting where

your child is valued not only for their

contribution to the community, but

for who they are. This happens when class discussion is encouraged. This

happens when students are challenged

to do things that are normally deemed “impossible.� This is Montreat. Our

community-mindedness drives us to

excellence in academics.

What Students Say When I came here, I thought all I was coming to do was get an education. Now that I’m nearing the end of my college career, I’m discovering that I’m my own individual. Montreat

gave me a great education, but it also helped me figure out who I am today. - Kathy Spallinger

Elementary Education

Every professor has a love for Christ as well as his or her students, and that shows every time I walk into the classroom. I’ve received only the best hands-on training for working in the music industry. This is a huge help, because I’m able to gain actual experience in my field.

- Chris Henson Music Business

I’m impressed with the experience, knowledge, and professionalism of the faculty. Their primary objective is for the student to learn and grow... to encourage you to do things beyond what you thought you could do. And yet they are regular people who care about you and want to see you succeed.

- Jesse Carmichael

Outdoor Education/ Environmental Education

The Montreat Professor: Top-Notch Educator. Coffee Shop Mentor.

We believe that equipping skilled and competent faculty is essential to what we do.

Students can expect to receive a quality academic experience, develop a confidence in

their area of study, and be readied for life’s next steps. But, the experience doesn’t stop

there. Education is a trip outside of the classroom, into coffee shops, onto park benches, and into living rooms. Montreat professors are

accessible. Whether the need is extra

tutoring, spiritual mentoring, or deepening connections with professionals in the field, your college student is in good hands.

What Parents Say “It is every parent’s hope that their child will have a great college experience. What a blessing it has been to see our daughter Caroline flourish spiritually as well as grow toward her chosen career path within the beautiful and safe environment that Montreat offers. The small college experience allows your child to develop close relationships with the faculty and staff, as well as the student body. Caroline has had a great college experience playing soccer and being involved in the many Christian-based activities available through Montreat. We have been extremely pleased with Montreat and would highly recommend it to prospective students. Montreat has been an absolute blessing to Caroline and our family.” – David and Sydney Mellard

“It is hard to put into words what Montreat College means to Cameron and to our family. From the moment we first visited the campus, we knew there was something special about it. After only one year at Montreat, it was amazing to see how he had grown in so many aspects of his life, but mostly in his faith. We knew he was getting a powerful education. Now he is finishing his second year and told me recently that he wasn’t exactly sure what he wants to do when he graduates, but he knows he is exactly where God wants him to be. As a parent you have so many wishes and worries about your college student, but having him at Montreat is a blessing and has filled me with a peace that I can’t put into words and you can’t put a price on.” – Paula Boles

Financial Aid Money doesn’t grow on trees. Financial aid, however, does help pay for college.

What you need to know:

Financial aid funds are provided to students and families to help pay for educational expenses.

Possibilities for Financial Aid

Scholarships This money doesn’t have to be paid back; it’s normally awarded on base of merit, skill, or unique characteristic. Grants This money doesn’t have to be paid back. It’s awarded based on financial need.

Loans These funds are available for students and parents to help pay for college. Repayment of loan money usually begins after graduation. Loans are a commitment. They are also an investment.

Employment Sometimes students can pick up a campus job (or find one off campus) to help with tuition costs.

Where to look for more info on how to pay for college: • • • • •

Tips for the process: • Begin early. • Find scholarships that match your student’s academic interests, hobbies, and unique characteristics. • Don’t pay for scholarships. • Encourage your child to take college prep classes, develop strong study skills, and participate in extracurricular activities. • Don’t hesitate to contact the financial aid office.

Peace of Mind: Campus Safety In an era of internet-based social networking, being safe involves keeping a tight rein on what information is shared as well as locking your car doors. You may be reassured to know that Montreat has a reputation for safety.

In the spirit of safety, we implement processes and regulations that aim to

eliminate issues before they become issues. In the end, the result is peace of mind for all parties.

Standing Alone

We eagerly pursue academic excellence in everything from our class quality to hiring

expert and competent faculty. As an academic institution we know these things are assumed. So what sets us apart? Montreat College is the only CCCU* member in North

Carolina. We are proud of our longstanding heritage as a Christ-Centered college. We

resist mediocrity. Our faith propels us to educate with excellence. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

*The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) is comprised of 111 member schools in North America, schools which share a strong commitment to a Christ-centered higher education. That’s less than 3% of all colleges and universities in the U.S. Montreat College is honored to be among them.

Montreat, North Carolina

Let’s Talk.

Montreat College is a Christ-centered liberal arts college in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition and North Carolina’s only member of the national Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Christ-Centered, Student-Focused, Service-Driven: Equipping agents of transformation, renewal, and reconciliation.


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