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2012-13 viewbook

“I feel that God called me to the mountain , to thi place, to hape me for a future of meaningful work and pur uit. I will alway be grateful that for a time I wa ble ed to call Montreat not just my college, but my home.” –Jamie Mollison ‘12


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Let’s explore.

(It’s what we do best, after all.)

Montreat College is a Christian institution. Here, you’ll discover not only what you’ll do, but who God’s created you to be. Here, you’re surrounded by the mountains, removed from distractions. Here, you’re supported by professors and classmates who will become life-long friends. Here, you’ll take steps each day to build your character and prepare for what’s next. We’ll teach you to look inward. You’ll go out into the world, ready to live a life with purpose.


A Christian Foundation that prepares you for

your future.

We’ve had our Christian foundation from the start in 1916. We’ve grown and changed a lot in that time, but we’ve always stayed true to our roots. It is our primary goal as a provider of Christcentered higher education to equip agents of transformation, renewal, and reconciliation. We exist to provide higher education that is quality, relevant, and diverse—united by a single, clear focus: our mission. We strive to be Christcentered, student-focused, and service driven. We’re committed to focusing our attention on Christ and raising up transformed people who are ready to impact the world..

The Montreat cove was developed under the powerful vision of Congregationalist minister John C. Collins who formed the Mountain Retreat Association “for the encouragement of Christian work and living through Christian convention, public worship, missionary work, schools, and libraries.” The school has evolved throughout time as a four-year preparatory school and two year college combination, a four year college for women, a junior college, and then an accredited baccalaureate institution in 1986. Today, Montreat College strives forward with the foundation set by Dr. Anderson, Montreat’s first president. We’ve been around for a long time, and time has only solidified our commitment to Christ.


Spiritual Formation


fact and faith

We’re all about spiritual formation. We believe spiritual growth is stimulated through a faith-integrated curriculum, discipleship, and gathering together to hear outside perspectives. And so we actively sharpen one another through dorm socials, have discussions on how our faith intersects with our coursework, and seek out opportunities to put our faith to action. Amidst transformation, you can expect that your professors will not only empower you in your field of study, but also come alongside you as mentors as you take life’s big steps and become who you are meant to be.

“I learned that God ha a plan for me, and that I can make a difference in the world.” – Kayla Manuel ‘12


This is a place where you can talk about where you are at with your faith in Christ. In fact, we encourage those conversations. We work hard to bring engaging speakers to campus to participate in our chapel and convocation program—to challenge our campus community and to help fuel the important conversations of life.

go hand in hand. We’re a community that takes initiative. It is our calling to see the needs of our community and respond. Here are a few things we’ve done and speakers we’ve hosted to do that.



Welcome Week service projects are designed to expose the needs of the community during orientation week

Philip Yancey, best-selling author and journalist

The Fall Service Retreat includes a homelessness simulation which is open to all students Call to Action Week covers topics such as modern slavery and sex trafficking; includes guest speakers, discussion groups, film screenings, and fundraisers, and concludes with a service day at a local organization Spring Break Mission Trips have included trips to Jamaica, Guatemala, and the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. Volunteer with local organizations throughout the year. A Director of Service is on site to point you in the right direction.

Dr. Charlie Starr, C.S. Lewis scholar, Kentucky Christian University professor Stephanie Summers, CEO of the Center for Public Justice in Washington, D.C. Dr. Frank Turek, well-known apologist, author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist Bill Maddox, CEO of C12 Blue Ridge, a leading resource company for Christian Business Owners & CEOs Ita Fischer, Director of Career Services at Wheaton College

Majors (A-Z)


We offer these undergraduate majors and concentrations within our traditional program. Adventure-Based Counseling (minor)

Interdisciplinary Studies

American Studies

Leadership (minor)

Art (minor) Bible and Religion

Biblical Scholarship, Christian Education, CrossCultural Studies, Ministerial Studies, Special Emphasis, Youth Ministry


Students at Montreat College are challenged academically, nurtured spiritually, and sharpened relationally. Our majors are built to challenge you to think hard, gain knowledge, and take steps toward a successful career.

require a little reflection. But that’s not all. Each class is taught in the context of Christ – which means you’re gaining a deep perspective and developing your outlook on the world as well. That means you’ll graduate with not only a degree, but also a commitment to lead a life of consequence. It sounds like a big deal, but our community is here to help you every step of the way.

Music Business Outdoor Education

Environmental, Pre-Professional, Special emphasis

Outdoor Ministry

Business Administration

Philosophy and Worldviews

Information Security, International Business, Management, Marketing, Special Emphasis, Sport Management

Major decisions

Music (minor)

Chemistry (minor) Communication

Digital Media Production, General, Journalism, Public Relations, Theatre

Computer Information Systems

Physical Education (minor) Psychology and Human Services Human Services, Psychology

Spanish (minor) Theatre (minor)

Information Security

Wilderness Leadership (certificate)


Worship Arts

Creative Writing, Literature, Professional Writing, Special Emphasis

Environmental Studies

Field Studies, Pre-professional, Special Emphasis


Associate in Arts Associate in Science



Helping you realize your

God-given potential The Montreat education prepares and empowers educators, community leaders, and world changers. Students are challenged by an engaging faculty body—83% of which hold terminal degrees in their fields. Academic excellence is one of our core values, along with truth and a biblical worldview. We’re devoted to providing Christ-centered education that transforms lives.

Hear from our faculty.

Dr. Jim Shores,

Dr. Dottie Shuman, Professor of Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies

Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Regent University, M.S. in Environmental Science from UNC-Chapel Hill. He and his wife, Carol, have spent 20 years running Acts of Renewal, a nationally touring Christian theatre company.

Ph.D. concentration in Environmental Education from University of Idaho, M.S. in Recreation and Parks from Penn State University, co-developer of the Master’s of Science in Environmental Education and CLIMBE program at Montreat College, previously held a position as a Park Ranger at Denali National Park and the C&O Canal in Maryland; a Forest Interpretative Ranger in Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho, and Director of Environmental Education at a YMCA camp in New York.

Associate Professor of Communication and Environmental Studies

In his words: “Helping students explore the integration of faith and learning is important to me. If we don’t like the culture we live in, then we must exercise technical excellence and good critical thinking, so that we can cocreate culture with the rest of the world, contributing that which is hopeful and good to our chosen career field.”

In her words: “I teach Environmental Education because I don’t want anyone to miss the glory of our Lord in creation. It is important for me to open the eyes of my students, so that they can open the eyes of the people that they work with in the future!”

Mr. Kevin Auman, Instructor of Music Business M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, owner of Solution Systems, Inc. Over the past 20 years, Professor Auman has held many roles in the music production and media industry, including: manager, partner, audio producer, engineer, broadcast music director, and production director; has managed concert promotion, direction and logistics; has produced, directed and hosted nationally syndicated music programs; and managed record label distribution and inventory control. In his words: “Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit will always be essential in the music business. A life lived in humble service, attentive to the needs of others, truly stands out. It’s the essence of being salt and light in the world…that’s the kind of success worth having.”

Dr. Brad Daniel, Professor of Biology, Environmental Studies, and Outdoor Education Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from Antioch University, M.A. in Biology, M.S. in Outdoor Education, Chair of the Wilderness Leadership Coalition Board, Co-founder of Blue Ridge Backcountry In his words: “Teaching is the art and craft of engaging the heart and mind in order to encourage the full realization of God-given potential. It extends beyond facts and figures. It is more than just mastery of content. It is the act of investing one’s life in students in order to encourage their mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.”

Living Here

Here, where you are says a lot about what you


Montreat is a place where you can go to deepen your faith and intellect, and broaden your social life. Our goal is to help you discern the positive and negative messages found in all art forms-with a particular emphasis given to music and film in pop culture. And we have fun in the process. We’re also into talent shows, star-gazing on mountain balds, open mic nights, and film festivals. Our student activities coordinators stay busy so that you can too.


Living Here

Dorm life

is all about relationships, fun, and building spiritual maturity. Two resident assistants live on each residence hall floor and are seasoned leaders on campus. RAs are your “go-to” people if you’re looking for advice on how to acclimate to dorm life, have a housing issue, or just need someone to give a listening ear. All student RAs work under the direction of a full-time resident director. Resident assistants coordinate dorm convocations with guest speakers who lead discussions on topics such as dating relationships, living biblically, or how to grill a steak properly. Our residence halls offer more than just a place to stay while you’re away from home. Students make lifelong friends, learn a lot about living in close community, and develop essential life skills for the future.


Living Here


Our location matches our learning style


Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our campus is the perfect place for you to be able to get away and learn a lot, all at once. Becoming a more reflective person is almost inevitable here. But it’s not our location alone that causes this. We’ve built a close community of students who are all searching for answers to life’s toughest questions (and Tuesday’s midterm) in the context of Christ. Charleston




If you like outdoor adventures, then you’re in the right place. Our area is known internationally for its beautiful, rugged setting. (We’re a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts.) But that’s not everything we have going on here; we enjoy good food, good fellowship, good music, and a wide variety of cultural events.

DISTANCE FROM Atlanta, GA 218 miles Charlotte, NC 110 miles Columbia, SC 167 miles Knoxville, TN 131 miles Orlando, FL 613 miles Richmond, VA 356 miles

Roanoke 85





Knoxville 75




40 e idg








Chattanooga 59


26 9




Black Mountain 240



40 9


Macon Savannah 74



Asheville Regional Airport 64


Taking the field,

leaving an impression.

We aim for excellence. We want to win. But we see our greater role in the lives of our student athletes as one which raises men and women of strong character. The Montreat coach is best defined as a trained professional who is eager to grow each student athlete in his or her sport, build a unified team, pass on a vision of living Christianly, and equip individuals who are eager to impact their world.

We offer these athletic programs. Men and Women’s Basketball Baseball Men and Women’s Cross Country Men and Women’s Golf Men and Women’s Soccer Softball Men and Women’s Track and Field Volleyball


Outside of the Classroom

We believe in

stretching your limits

through life-changing moments.

At Montreat, education isn’t a matter of memorized textbooks. We believe that learning should be a personal encounter that leaves a lasting impression. We’re firm believers in the idea that the learning experience shouldn’t stop in the classroom. Students throughout our academic disciplines have opportunities to interact with their area of study through hands-on learning outside of the classroom. Here is a list of where some of our students have ventured through their coursework recently: • Road tripping to over twenty national parks in less than a month to study ecology and biodiversity as part of an environmental studies class called “Ecosystems.” • Learning about C.S. Lewis through touring his home, The Kilns, studying at the Bodleian Library (the oldest library in the world), and dining at Turf Pub, the place where Lewis met with J.R. Tolkien and other influential thinkers and writers – all in the Oxford area of England as part of an English course. • Exploring ancient ruins in Sparta, Corinth, Thessaloniki, and Ephesus, as well as a tour of the Island of Patmos (where Paul wrote the Book of Revelation) through a trip to Greece with a philosophy class.

As you prepare for your future after college, broaden your horizons through studying abroad! Seeing the world can be a good way to enrich your life and receive clarity on your calling. Many students take advantage of the opportunity to study off-campus or in another country for a semester.

Here are a few programs that our students have taken part of in the past. Contemporary Music Center Hannam University Programs Studies Program in Nicaragua Northern Ireland Program OE Immersion Semester Summit Adventure: Immersion Service and Adventure Semester China Studies Program L.A. Film Studies Center Oxford Summer Programs Uganda Studies Program Washington Journalism Center Australian Studies Centre



After Montreat

Hear from our alumni.

Andrew Bauman

When you head “out there,”

you’re ready.

Our purpose is to prepare graduates for a life of work and service in the Kingdom of God. Our Office of Work and Vocation provides career training to help you develop the skills you need to be effective in the workplace. At Montreat, there are so many avenues to find your calling. Work study offerings and internship opportunities will help you build your resume,

connect with professionals, and discover who God has made you to be. Our work program is specifically designed to help you uncover your passions and gifts by providing opportunities for work which align with your life goals. In addition to this, our professors equip you for your future career through professional mentorship, walking alongside you as you make critical decisions about your life’s direction.

graduated from Montreat College with a Bible and Religion degree in ‘05, and quickly realized the call towards the poverty-stricken people of Malawi, Africa. Andrew and his wife, Christy, took the money they had received as wedding gifts and established a non-profit organization called Collective Hope. The goal of Collective Hope is to empower local villages through sustainable farming, education, economic development, and medical care. When asked how Montreat College prepared him for the world, Andrew responded, “My time at Montreat was an intricate part of my development of a global ministry and for deepening my heart towards the poor and broken of this world.”

Laura Laffoon and her husband, Jay, serve across the country as inspirational speakers on topics related to marriage and family. Combining education and entertainment, Laura and Jay explore the realities of marriage through speaking engagements and workshops, offering a refreshing, honest look at marriage. Laura, an ’82 graduate, says of Montreat, “the relationships that I began at Montreat many years ago have enriched my life and made me who I am today. Montreat gave me the confidence that I needed to realize I could do what the Lord called me to do.”

Ruth White graduated

from Montreat College in 1962. She speaks fondly of her time at Montreat, sharing, “upon graduation from high school, I had a rare opportunity to go to college. There was a beautiful little college down in North Carolina called Montreat, which I still dream about and think of sometimes with a feeling much like homesickness. Going there was a turning point of my life. It lifted me out of the only life I had ever known and introduced me to a wider world.” Ruth is now a celebrated author of ten children’s books, and has received numerous awards for her children’s literature, including the Newbery Honor Book designation in 1977 for Belle Prater’s Boy, and the New York Public Library’s Recommended 100 in 2007 for Way Down Deep. Many of her stories deal with the lives of poor and working-class children from the coal mining towns of Appalachia in the 1950s.

Jazz Cathcart is a 2007 graduate, and the Program Director for the “I Have a Dream” Foundation which provides educational support to a population of low-income children from the Pisgah View Housing Project. He says, “The Lord put into my heart to come to Asheville and be a part of the church downtown and serve the demographics here.” Jazz believes that part of providing the long term support for children’s education is to “destroy the negative stereotypes that shape how the children view themselves. The stereotypes become poor kids’ identities, and it’s hard for kids to distinguish between what society identifies them as and the identity that the Lord has given them.” Jazz later shares, “Each person has a unique potential, a unique capacity to develop into an organic, handcrafted expression of God.” Jazz Cathcart is also one of the lead ministers of the children’s program at Highland Church in Asheville and is currently working on a hip-hop album.

Adult Learning

Fast Facts


We were founded in 1916. Campuses in: • Montreat, NC • Asheville, NC • Charlotte, NC • Black Mountain, NC • Raleigh, NC • Rocky Mount, NC • Morganton, NC

Acres: 132 States represented: 30+ Countries represented: 10+ 21 major programs 29 major concentrations

Uncover your calling.

Then make it happen. At Montreat, we go beyond educating traditional college students. Our School of Professional and Adult Studies offers adult learners the opportunity to advance their careers through nine associate, bachelor, and master degree in five locations across North Carolina. We also offer a few programs online. We know that time is valuable, especially for working professionals balancing career and family life. That’s why we offer a Christ-centered education that fits into a busy schedule. Our adult students take one class, one night a week, meet with a closeknit group of peers, and earn a degree in two years. Go to to learn more.

13 varsity teams $31,206 total cost 98% of students receive financial aid. Accreditation: • Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools • International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education • Wilderness Education Association

Athletic Affiliation: • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics • Appalachian Athletic Conference

I“ am o ble ed to be able to come to a chool in uch a beautiful part of the country, receive a great education, and grow in my walk with God.”

–Sarah Warren ‘13

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION PERSONAL INFORMATION Full Name (first) (middle) (last) (prefer to be called) Mailing Address City State Zip County (NC residents only) Home Address (if different than mailing) City State Zip County (NC residents only) Cell Phone E-mail Home Phone Date of Birth



Social Security Number



Church you attend

International applicants, do you currently possess a U.S. Visa?


American Indian/Alaskan Native Asian Black/African American Hispanic/Latino

Religious Affiliation/Preference


Alien Number: A





If you are not a U.S. citizen, are you a permanent resident of the U.S.? Yes

Are you a U.S. citizen?

If Yes, what type of visa?

Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Native White Non-resident/International


Fall 20 Spring 20 Summer 20

I am applying as a:

First Time Freshman College Transfer Non-degree Seeking

I plan to major in I plan to play a sport:



I plan to reside:

On campus Off campus

I am applying for:

Full-Time Part-Time

If Yes, which sport?

I have been in contact with a coach concerning athletic grants/scholarships: Yes No I am a child of an active, ordained minister: Yes No I am actively involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): Yes No I am actively involved in a Young Life chapter: Yes No I am eligible to receive veteran’s benefits: Yes No I am a child of a Montreat alumnus: Yes No I have attended summer youth conferences through the Mountain Retreat Association: Yes


HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE INFORMATION List all high schools and colleges you have attended (most recent first - use a separate sheet of paper if necessary): Name: Name: Name: Name:

Location: Location: Location: Location:

Dates Attended: Dates Attended: Dates Attended: Dates Attended:


Other colleges considering: College/University 1: College/University 3: College/University 5:

College/University 2: College/University 4: College/University 6:

Have you ever been on probation or been dismissed from any high school or college? Yes No If Yes, please explain on a separate sheet of paper. Have you ever been convicted of a crime (other than minor traffic violations) or are there charges pending against you? Yes


PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION Father’s Name Address City E-mail Address Occupation

Is he living? State

Mother’s Name Address City E-mail Address Occupation Who is your primary guardian?


If other: Name Address City E-mail Address Occupation


Zip Phone Employer Is he living?

Both Parents




Zip Phone Employer Father



Relationship to you State

Zip Phone Employer

I certify that all answers and statements made in this application are true and complete and that withholding information and/or giving false information will make me ineligible for admission and enrollment. If accepted, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college as set forth in the catalog and other official publications of the college. Montreat College is authorized to release information to the news media concerning my achievements.

Applicant Signature:


Montreat College admits qualified students of any race, color, religion, sex, age, nationality or ethnic origin to all programs. Montreat College supports the attainment for all persons regardless of race, sex, nationality, age or disability. The college is committed to compliance with the American Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Federal Law prohibits the College from making inquiries regarding disabilities, but information voluntarily given will not affect an admissions decision and will be used to assist the student. If upon admission you require services because of a disability, you should notify the admissions office of Montreat College.

Mail application to:

If you have any questions:

Montreat College Admissions Office P.O. Box 1267 Montreat, NC 28757

Call us at 1 800 622 6968 E-mail

“Montreat gave me a great education, but it al o gave me a lot of great influence to help me become who I am today.” –Kathy Spallinger ‘12

Montreat College | 310 Gaither Circle | Montreat, NC 28757 | 1 800 622 6968 |

Montreat College Viewbook  

Montreat College's viewbook for 2012-13.

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