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Wilensky turns 85

May 17, 2017




Wilensky’s on 34 Avenue Fairmount O, Montréal, QC H2T 2M1 one block east of Saint-Laurent

his past Monday Sun Youth were and different syrup flavours, and don’t forget there to help celebrate one of Mon- the sour pickle to complete the package. treal’s treasures, Wilensky’s. Wilensky’s is a must for every tourist and resWilensky’s is turning 85 years old. ident in Montreal. Walking in the corner door Wilensky’s opened in 1932 by Moe you are totally drawn to the green wood panWilensky. It was immortalized in elling, old pictures of all their customers over Mordecai Richler's novel. The restaurant is one the years, shelves with old books and CD’s for of the icons of Jewish food in Montreal with its sale.Tip well because all tips are donated to signature sandwich, its hand-mixed sodas and charity. its immutable establishment. Here’s to another 85 Ruth! Wilensky’s is known for its famous toasted sandwich with two kinds of salami and one of bologna, for a total of six slices of luncheon meat with mustard in a toasted bun (cheese is extra), known as the Wilensky light lunch. There is one rule don’t ask for the special to be cut as the sign says over the toasters, that’s the way they have been doing it since 1932. Ruth and her husband Moe, (now deceased), opened the restaurant in 1932 and sold the Wilensky special for 12¢, there was no price increase until 1952 to 17¢. To accompany the special sandwich you can have an old style fountain drink with real soda 7 WEDNESDAY

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