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By Malcoim McLean and Julie Nadler Montreal Times

hy would you do yoga? To be fit? To be happy? To deal with stress? To complement your running or other physical activity? People have lots of reasons to do yoga. How do they get themselves to practice regularly? Here’s what we suggest: 1. Identify your intention. This could be physical: strength, flexibility, and balance; or to improve your breathing; or to help recover from an injury or illness. It could be emotional or psychological: to deal with stress, or anxiety, insomnia, trauma, grief or sadness; many people begin regular yoga practices at times of great turbulence in their lives! It could be to find connection: with a community, or with your own inner Self. 2. Find classes that suit this intention. Yoga is a vast buffet. Physically (the asana practice) it ranges from gentle beginner classes or chair classes to advanced classes that would confound Olympic athletes. There are workshops and classes for couples, meditation classes that address your inner state and your relationship to the universe. There are Yin and

Restorative classes that gently realign and reset the body, Flow classes that give you a workout and set you up for the day, and many more. 3. Figure out a schedule that is accessible makes sense for you. How often do you need to practice to reach your optimum level of health and fitness? Which classes do you need to bring your body, heart and mind into balance? Be realistic! Set goals that are achievable. Choose from a wide variety of classes! Perhaps a Gentle/Beginner on Mondays, Yoga Nidra on Tuesday, Yin on Wednesday, Intermediate on Thursday, Gentle/Moderate on Friday,Yin-Yang Flow on Saturday, and Body Bliss on Sunday? Or, maybe Energy Flow 2 on Monday, Intermediate on Tuesday? It’s about balancing your personal needs with your work, family and lifestyle. 4. Give yourself an incentive to practice regularly! Reward yourself for a month of following your

practice plan. Treat yourself to a massage, or an Ayurvedic cleanse. Or go out for a nice dinner… Do appreciate what you are able to do. Don’t berate yourself for objectives that you could not meet. Always be kind to yourself. That is part of the practice. This May we challenge you to start the yoga practice you’ve talked about and thought about… to turn intention into reality. Set your aim, write it down, track it, and enjoy the benefits of your regular practice. To help you, we’ve set up the TAKE AIM IN MAY program at Yoga on the Park Studio in NDG. You can get a special 1month unlimited membership for $99, or the unlimited membership and a massage for $150. Yoga on the Park Studio, 5582 Sherbrooke Street West (corner Marcil). A studio with a view: facing Girouard Park. 514-712-9642


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