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LISI Aerospace Canada, a leading supplier in manufacturing fasteners for the aerospace sector, is recruiting candidates to fill the following positions: LISI Aerospace Canada ᰃϔᆊϪ⬠乚‫ⱘܜ‬㟾ぎ㋻೎ӊ⫳ѻॖଚ. ៥݀ৌⳂࠡ᢯㘬བϟҎਬ: CNC MACHINE OPERATORS ᭄᥻ᴎᑞ᪡԰ਬ CNC MILLWRIGHT ᭄᥻ᴎᑞ㓈ׂҎਬ PROGRAMMER – MASTERCAM ᭄᥻ᴎᑞ⿟ᑣਬ- MASTERCAM GRINDING OPERATORS – CNC AND CONVENTIONAL 䗮⫼⺼ᑞ੠᭄᥻⺼ᑞ᪡԰ਬ GENERAL MACHINING – HOT & COLD FORGING, BAR CUTTING ⛁䬏, ‫ދ‬䬏, Ầᴤϟ᭭ਬ CALIBRATION TECHNICIAN – HEAT TREAT FURNACE/ TOOLS ᷛᅮᡔᏜ – ⛁໘⧚♝/䞣‫݋‬ ELECTRICIAN - ELECTRONICS – ELECTRO MECHANIC ⬉Ꮉ – ⬉ᄤ/ ᴎ⬉

Send your resume to: 䇋ᡞㅔग़䗦Ѹࠄ:

Lisi Aerospace Canada Corp. 2000 place Transcanadienne Dorval, Qc H9P 2X5 Fax : (514) 421-2104