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Writen by 5è A Claret school Barcelona 2010


Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 slices of cheese 1 slice of ham 1 sal Preparation: Break the eggs into a bowl and beat .Add small pieces of ham and cheese. Pour entire mixture into the pan and make the omelet

Jordi’s recipe

by Ona

150 ml for milk.

3 yolk for eggs.

125 gr for sugar. 30 gr for flour.

Mix the yolk with sugar and the flour (beat) even lums are gone.To empy This mixture in the bucket with milk and cook five or six minuts, stiring, even to from one cream thinch. Leave to cool before to eat. It’s very delictioous!!!

1.Ingredients -3 potatoes -5 eggs

-½ onion -A little of salt -Olive oil

2.Prepation 1. Peeled the potatoes and cut into pieces. 2.Beat the eggs and throw on a plate. 3.Put the oil on the pan to heat. 4.Mix the potato and egg and put on a pan. 5.Turn it a few times alredy ,and‌is redy!!!! ENJOY IT!!! By Ivet


PREPARATION 1.Put the oil the tray 2.Break the eggs tray 3.And add the salt over the egg 4.Enjob it and!

by Sandra

Ingredients: Onion Water Spaghettis Tomato Salt Olif 1. Put teh water a warm. 2. Put teh spaghettis . 3. Put teh tomato 4.

By Eyob

INGREDIENTS: 250 gr the spaghetti ½ jar tomatoe Little amount butter

PREPARE: 1.We put spaghetti in the casserole and hope twenty minuts 2.Add the tomatoe and butter

by Albert

Ingredients 1 kg of salt - water prawn Oil Salt Pepper 1 lemon ( the juice ) 3 garlics 100 qr almonds, toasted and triturate Way of coking Put the salt - water prawn in oil adob, salt,pepper,garlics ( the juice ) ,lemon juice and almonds , for 2 hours. Put the owen 10 - 12 minuts. ยก the dish is ready to be served !

By Alba



RICE INGREDIENTS: -One glass of rice. -Handful of rice. -Olif. -A half liter of watter. -Garlig

PREPARATION: 1.Put the watter a warm. 2.Put the sald of the watter. 3.Put the rice and putthe olif. 4.Fivetyn minute Esperanto that warm 5.Remove from the fier. 6.Drain the rice and moisten.

By Joan

INGREDIENTS: 250 grams of flour 4 eggs 1/2 liter of milk 50 grams butter

PREPARATION: In a blender,mix the flour,eggs and milk.We have to obtain a smooth paste.Then add the meleted butter,set aside.In a very hot pan,incorporate half a lable of pasta and cook for 3 minutes.

by Victòria

INGREDIENTS -To make a dough: 路2 cups of flour 路Pinch of salt 路3 oz lard 路1/2 cups of water -3 onions -1 red pepper -3 tablespoons PREPARATION 1.Mix flound and lard, then add salt and water. 2.Work into smooth dough and rest under a cover for 30 min. 3.Meanwhile, slice the onions and the red pepper . 4.Put oil in the pan and cook the onions and red pepper until they are tender. 5.Roll the pastry out to a rectangle. 6.Spread the onions and red pepper over the pastry. 7.Bake in the over at 180 for 10 minuts. .3

by Laura

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