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IJBC 2010 BALI, INDONESIA IJBC was held from July 29 to August 2 and it rocked, Learned a lot! From impact to resources, everything about IJB! Met really cool people from the different committees & departments in CISV. We also met Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day virtually through a skype meeting. He shared a few stories and answered a few questions. His key to success? Believe in what you are doing and stay motivated! Worked – on Building Blocks which were - JB what it is and how we impact, JB within, Building Educational Content, The leaders within JB, En route & new projects!

The new IJB Team re-structuring (on trial-mode) In IJBC we decided to change things up a bit in the IJB team and we re-structured our team. Our team now works on 11 groups of tasks, grouped into 3 areas, as well as tasks that the team do together, with the IJRs. Check out each of the Area Pages on jbpedia to find out more about their specific tasks and goals.

One Day, One Dance A Peace Day Global Activity

The way it started was after skyping with Jeremy Gilley at IJBC - he mentioned One Day One Dance, and it could be something really cool that IJB takes part in. During a project group, about 10 participants at IJBC made some decisions so that all guys could get started! The Activity was beyond a great success and we got a large number of JBs participating. It was a really inspiring act of Active Global Citizenship!! Check out the awesome Mash-Up video of all the dances done in all JBs. Thanks to all the JBs all over the world in support and dancing for Peace One Day!


written by the APJB team

In the APJB region we’ve started our Regional Feel Activity: This project started from this year within APJB and you can see our goal from the name. As for July-September we had "JB Blue BBQ" where JB get together and dress up in blue, and share a meal! For next activity we have "Photo Competition" where JBers take a crazy photo somehow incorporating a Tooth brush, and the best photos will be included in the APJB wave. We are glad to announce that we finally have our year plan! Our 3 priorities are: Communication, Regional/Neighborhood WS Improvement, and IJB Involvement. In addition, our year theme is "Community within IJB, APJB and local JBs"


written by the EJB team

A lot has been going on in EJB the past 6 months since EJB has passed. We finished up with their Year plan the one they will be working on until next EJBM! We also applied for a grant from the European Youth Forum that if we hopefully get will lower the cost of EJBM which will make it more accessible for people! Also Francisco Attended the Italian youth forum where he presented CISV to a number of other organizations.. We have also had 2 great workshops that were run BeNeLux and Arabian Nights!

ARMM written by the ARMM team What has happened since ARMM and IJBC is that we now have elected 3 new members for the ARM Team, now we have Pedro Murta and Saris Velez as Senior Team Members and Grace Vottero and Ana Cueva as Junior team members. There has been a change on ARM structure, what used to be our NoDs are called Neighborhoods now since they are geographically near but not all of them have the same needs. The new NoDs are a group of ARM Junior Branches that have the same needs and that get together to help each other by developing workshops. We have created a ARM Team Facebook page so please like us and also we are trying to bring to people into the New ARM List so it would be awesome for you guys to join!

New Projects to join in on! • Inside Out Project A global art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. To raise awareness of the unheard voices, be a part of a global movement and give to our communities. Do this by taking a portrait using our theme and share with the JB community the stories of your unheard voices contact them at

• Stop Talking, Start Walking A workshop happening all around the globe. It aims to educate people(14+) in and out of CISV, about sustainable development. Giving the participants the tools to develop new concrete actions to make a change during the year of 2012. contact them at

• Challenge Accepted With the aim of making everyone in IJB feel like more of an international community a few juniors have come up with this cool activity wherein JBs challenge each other to do things. The way it works is a country in each region (Asia-Pacific, Europe or the Americas) has been given the task of challenging a country in the other regions to a task. A few challenges have already been done one was that JB Mexico challenged JB Hungary and JB Philippines to the challenge of: 4 people, 16 hamburgers, in less than 4:05.0 minutes. Now JB Sweden, JB Israel, & JB Denmark have a challenge in the works!

5 Facts about the IJRs this month: 1) We're looking forward to everyone's articles for IJB Thinks - and we want yours! 2) Mateo recommends never getting corrective surgery on the jaw. 3) We've been working with other committees discussing our role and potential changes, contributing to the organizational review. 4) James is about to get TTTed and very excited for the experience. 5) We're planning a meeting at the beginning of December and we can't wait!

JBpedia Curiosities - We had 4.903 visits from 94 countries/territories. - Amazing 46,28% of the visitors (2269 visitors) were NEW VISITORS!! - The average time that a person spent on JBPedia is 2 minutes and 57 seconds. - The most visited page was the Energizers page with 900 visits! - The most visited personal page belongs to Vicky Tuff from JB Leeds followed by Oscar.L from JB Hong Kong! - 124 juniors visited the IJB Team Restructure 2011. Juniors all over the world seem to be really interested to know what have changed!

To wrap it all up - The Monthly Digests are officially back and we’re here to stay! We will be releasing a new issue on the last friday of every month so mark your calendars! - Check out the IJB Calendar for workshops, NJBM/NJBC that are happening. - A Big HAPPY 60th Birthday to CISV International!

Brought to you by the Update Team email us at

Monthly Digest October 2011  

The October issue of the Monthly Digest brought to you by the Update Team in the IJB Team.

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