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written by Spanish NJR

written by Rowan Presland

written by Hannes Podzun

This year Iberico (a workshop for juniors from Spain, Portugal, and a few international guests) was held in Madrid from December 8-11. The theme of the workshop was “breaking stereotypes”. During the workshop, we had so much fun. We held trainings and also some open spaces, where we started projects such as a new JB meeting, which we be held during the summer, and is for 16-17 year olds from Portugal and Spain! On the last night we had a great party (with a private CISV DJ!) and we completed a challenge sent to us by JB France!

ANZAC was filled with both educational & fun CISV activities all planned by juniors from the region. Everyday at ANZAC we would have around 5 planned activities, which included having to fill up a cup with water that had holes in it, introducing the basics of CISV and JB, learning how to use some of CISV’s resources, and getting familiar with next year’s new theme Sustainable Development. All the activities were planned with the workshops goal in mind, to help develop JBs in the Australia New Zealand neighborhood. The workshop finished with the formation of a very warm and friendly environment, one of the main objectives of this workshop. I think I can quite confidently say on behalf of all ANZAC 2011’s participants that it was an action packed four days that won’t be forgotten soon, and we can’t wait for next year!

On the first weekend of December it is always NaJuWo-time in Hamburg, Ger. This time 100 participants from 13 different countries came to participate in the workshop and gain knowledge about “Sustainable Development.” We had two guest speaker sessions. The first was Achim, who served in Afghanistan as a NATO Information Coordination Staff Officer. The second one was Alejandra and Juanma, who are both currently working in the “I have a Mango” team. Both workshops we very interesting and gave us a bigger picture of what sustainable development consists of – much more than ecologically thinking. We had a great party, awesome participants, a lot of fun, and at the same time learned a lot. Looking forward to 2012!

Timeline of Events March

It’s that time of the year- time to start sending in your nominations for IJR.

The 2011 theme Conflict Resolution comes to a close.

Dec 31, 2011





( International Junior Branch Conference & Annual International Meeting )

where: France when: IJBC - July 28 - August 1 AIM - August 1 -6

EJBM ( European Junior Branch Meeting )

website: registration:

where: Belgium when: April 3 - 8






ARMM We begin working with the 2012 theme, Sustainable Development!

( Americas Regional Members Meeting)

JASPARC ( Juniors Asia Pacific Regional Conference )

where: France when: July (exact dates TBD))

where: Philippines when: March 30 - April 4

For more events check out the International JB Calendar 2012

JBpedia Curiosities ▪ This month we had 2,047 visits from 84 counties/territories. ▪ 1.121 visitors were NEW VISITORS!! WELCOME FOLKS AND ENJOY OUR BELOVED JBPEDIA

The Communications Review


▪ The average time that a person spends on JBPedia is 2 minutes and 10 seconds. ▪ Once more the most visited page was the Energizers page with 295 visits! I guess our camps will have more great energizers! ▪ The most visited personal page belongs to Simon Meynsbrughen with 19 pageviews followed by Gabs Ilagan with 20 pageviews. •

The city that visited JBpedia the most was Luxembourg with 175 visits, followed by Grenoble with 75 visits.


The Communications Review is a process we are going through for analyzing how efficient is our communication today and how we can improve it. It’s also a way of gathering useful information for our new website and what should be shown there. We started with a questionnaire about our communication tools and resources. We just closed it. We had 100 submissions and next step is to compile all this information. Then, we are creating strategies based on that and in the beginning of the year some changes will be seen already.

Summer Camp & Junior Branch Unite! This project started back at AIM 2009, when some ISU members and a bunch of IJB Team members started thinking about how they could creatively cooperate together. The very first reason of this collaboration was to give a chance to every participant at the Summer Camp to be introduced to JB, the way it works, the impact of JB activities, and the opportunities to join. We did this in order to get youth excited so that once back home, they would want to join their JB or even start one. The idea, thus, focused on promoting the JB. We decided to promote a cool JB activity to run during camp by JBers, so that youth could get a taste of what being a JBer means. But after this first idea, another goal arrived: that through JBers’ help, youth could get a good quality training in order to fully and actively participate in their Summer Camps. That is why the initial idea of a JB activity developed into a training, which is what we have now: the Youth Training Toolkit. This toolkit is formed by 3 trainings: the first one to be performed before the summer camp begins; the second one during the summer camp, and the last one, after the camp, once the participants are back in their respective countries. Since its creation, it has been piloted in some camps between 2010 and 2011. At AIM in Bali this year, we gathered some comments, impressions and doubts about this toolkit, thanks to a very productive and energetic involvement of the participants. Thanks to all these, we started revising the toolkit, exploring new ways of proposing the activities, and trying to adapt it to different situations (as each Junior Branch around the world can be different). We are still continuously working on this toolkit, but in order to improve it, we need more comments and suggestions. We need your comments! If you are interested in helping out with this project just contact us at (!

Have you read? IJB Thinks: “A Global Movement” Issue if you haven’t read it you should! Find it here!

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