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Realizing client’s dream and vision is our business Notre métier est la réalisation des rêves et visions du Client

The business of PEC is realizing client’s dream and vision of efficient and affordable infrastructure. The expertise and capacity of PEC’s professionals help create the environment which is conductive to promotion of investment to provide growth and momentum for sustainable economic development.

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About PEC Business

Who are we? Qui sommes-nous? Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants (PEC) is an international consultancy providing full spectrum services of planning, design, management and business solutions to public and private infrastructure sector clients around the world. It is a dynamic infrastructure engineering firm based in Korea and oriented to global reach.

Principal Sectors Principales activités PEC is committed to providing impartial, cost effective and quality services customized specifically to suit requirements of the most exacting clients. It provides one-stop multidisciplinary services, including the following sectors : • Road & Highway Engineering

• Water Resources, Flood Control & Drainage

• Railway, MRT & LRT

• Rural & Agricultural Development

• Transportation Planning & ITS

• Urban & Landscape Planning

• Bridge & Structural Engineering

• Building & Housing

• Tunnel & Geotechnical Engineering

• IT & CAD-based Technology Development

• Water Supply & Wastewater

• Facilities Management

• Environmental Management

• Mechanical, Electrical & Telematics

The key strength of PEC is its ability to unite professional resources so that the services required are delivered by teams of high-caliber staff who possess balanced experience to precisely interpret the clients’ needs into reality.

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What do we do? Que faisons-nous? PEC’ s planning, engineering and management expertise cover the whole project development cycle, providing comprehensive one-stop service, ranging from preparing a business case and advising on related issues to the design and supervision for completion of the project and beyond. We are also able to offer a variety of financial advice and assistance for project worldwide.

Principal Services Principaux Services • Feasibility Studies & Planning

• Safety Inspection, Operation & Maintenance

• Preliminary & Detailed Design

• R&D in Engineering & Construction Technology

• Economic & Financial Analysis

• CAD Design Software Development &

• Construction Management & Supervision • Contract Documents & Procurement Support

Dissemination of Road/Railroad Designer “RD-2006”and related programs;

PEC is also active in Infrastructure Privatization Business Consultancy; and is a prominent provider of professional consultancy and advisory services in government’s bilateral technical assistance, ODA loan projects and multilateral development bank’s funding projects in developing countries, such as : • Advisory services to promoters & lenders of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public-Private Partnership(PPP) projects, • Project formulation, independent checking & monitoring, • Dispatch of staff experts for government’s ODA project missions & operation of training components.

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Management & Key Experts’ Activities

Management Management We have been spreading our activities to many countries of the world in the last decade, taking leading roles in providing sustainable infrastructure solutions, with enviable reputation and accolades for our achievements. Today, in global villages, irrespective of the location, our experts strive for sharing their expertise and experience with our clients. We continue to broaden our efforts in this era of borderless world to help our customers achieve their cherished goals, with advanced and affordable technologies for sustainable development. The management of PEC will endeavor to closely interact with its valued clients to get closer to their dream and vision, with effective control on cost, risk management and added value by services tailored to the needs of the clients.

Some of the recent awards & decorations PEC received for Engineering Excellence

Jo Je Ah Pa Kim Ch e o oi, CO , Hy CE n, G Vic n, Se CE rk, Su CO , KiC K O i o O-D eu O u O-I nO-I Suk e C ng O-P -Eu -CM Ung nte Jae nte , C ha -S esi m-P FI B n, V irm oo Bu , PE, rna , C rna E, V gn yo, i usi ce C sin Pr an n, P Bu PE tion E, V tion ice n , e e h h e sin , Pr C i s s a a al B Ch D c s O i s i l de s / r ess es Bu e C P O m usi air -R& E nt & an ide sin ha ne ma , nt & DI ess irm ss n n an stit ute

Park, Tae-Kwon, PhD/PE, Advisor Emeritus & CTO- Eco-road R&D

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Kwon, Jae-Won, PE, Chairman & CEO

Business Registration, Quality Assurance & Professional Membership

Business Registrations & Licenses Enregistrements & Certifications Pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations of Republic of Korea, PEC is duly registered with the authorities concerned for engineering consulting business, fully covering all related infrastructure fields. Registrations and licenses of PEC include: •

• Waste Disposal

Roads & Airports Civil Engineering Structures • Soil & Foundations • Water Supply & Sewerage Treatment • Landscaping • Urban & Regional Planning • Water Resources Development • Traffic & Transportation • Railways • Air Pollution Control & Management • Harbours & Coastals • Water Quality Control & Management • Rural & Fishing Districts Development • Quality Assurance System • Architectural Structure • Construction Safety • Telecommunication

Geological & Geotechnical • Noise and Vibration Control & Management • Geographic Spacial Information • Hydraulic Mechanics • Electrics & Transmission • Public Measuring • Environmental Impact Assessment • Traffic Impact Assessment • Disaster Impact Assessment • Population Impact Assessment • Research & Development • Supervision of Electrical Facilities • Supervision of Fire Fighting Facilities • Management of New Technology for Construction • Construction Supervision & Management

Quality Assurance Assurance Qualité PEC has been registered and certified with ISO-9001 and 14001 of both“Design and development, survey and serving architecture engineering, and safety diagnosis and servicing of civil engineering”and“Provision of related supervisory personnel and safety diagnosis” .

Professional Membership Appartenance Professionnelle PEC subscribes memberships in all relevant professional consultancy services associations in Korea including Korea Engineering & Consulting Association (KENCA) which is a member of Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC). Its chairman serves as the chair of Korean Civil Engineering Consultants Association (KCCA).* It is duly registered with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, etc., and is the only Korean infrastructure consulting firm that is a member of International Road Federation (IRF). ** * & ** : At the time of printing of this booklet

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Research & Development

With the R&D tasks spearheaded by PEC R&D Institute, PEC is in the forefront of infrastructure engineering technology advancement. The institute coordinates with pertinent in-house experts as well as those of the contributing institutes such as Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea Transport Institute, Road & Transportation Technology Institute of Korea Expressway Corporation so that the combined talents and resources of the specialist groups will be utilized to delineate problems and challenge any issues with a view to develop satisfactory solutions.

Road / Railroad Designer “RD-2006” Programme de Route/Chemin de fer " RD-2006 " It would be noteworthy to mention that the “Road / Railroad Designer RD-2006,” developed by PEC and its computer software affiliate, Pyunghwa Data System Co., Ltd (PHDS), is the most popular design tool that is widely used by road/railroad professionals in Korea. PEC, therefore, has the ability to draw upon the software development expertise of PHDS for any R&D related to design technology advancement.

RD-2006 can perform entire design from pre-feasibility to detailed design. Design horizontal alignment, divided carriageways & ramps etc., with free sketching & mouse clicking only, • Install/modify super-elevations & generate ground level from TIN, • Display vertical/horizontal alignments, and automatic quantity take off and cost estimation, • Bridge/tunnel installation & random modification, and create rock depth TIN. •

RD-2006 offers simplified automatic procedures for such tasks as : Facility design like side ditches and median for divided road; and produce information such as slope, drainage, structural dimensions, and counter balance at bridge abutments by default, • Mass-curve generation (earthwork & hauling distance during cross section design), • 3-D simulation and on-screen checking of design error with built-in checking features for compliance with design standard & safety requirements, etc. •

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Major R&D Projects Principaux Projets de Recherche et Développement Environment-friendly & Intelligent Road Design Research, for Ministry of Construction & Transportation (MOCT), Korea - A 5-year, US$17million R&D Project

A key R&D under MOCT’s “Core Construction Technology Road Map (CTRM)” Project. PEC is the lead consultant in this 27-party CTRM R&D Consortium.

New Standard for Design of Permanent Bridges and Temporary Structural Works, for MOCT, Korea

R&D for development of national standard for typical reference drawings for structural works of construction.

Expressway Accident Reduction Research, for Road & Transportation Technology Institute of Korea Expressway Corporation

Critical review of geometry on accident-prone expressway sections, from which to recommend geometric design improvements with improved safety features.

Innovative Construction Cost Engineering Research, for MOCT, Korea

Develop cost estimation reference model, construction cost monitoring and control system.

System Development of Road Design Checking, for MOCT, Korea

R&D for development of system for review and checking road design and model for road stability and economic analysis.

Development of Optimization Process for Intelligent Road Design, for MOCT, Korea.

R&D for system development of optimization process for road alignment utilizing Geographic Information System, Design Expert System and Genetic Algorithm.

CTRM R&D: Environment-friendly & Intelligent Road Design Process

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Research & Development

Patents & Registered Technologies Brevets et Technologies Enregistrés PEC has invested heavily in research and development for new construction technologies which has produced patents, utility models and computer software programmes in the infrastructure sector such as transportation, roads, bridges, tunnels, structures, geotechnical, water resources, flood control, water supply, sewerage and environmental science, etc. PEC’s activities in R&D will be further strengthened in the coming years.

PEC New Technology Development Committee

Major Patents & New Technologies PEC has numerous registered patents and new technologies including the followings : �A

method for protecting coffer dam utilizing inflow pipe and gate �A method for calculation of road sight distance utilizing 3-dimension view software (SD2000) �Block type reinforced earth retaining wall & connection system for driving the equity settlement �A built-up drain for use on mountain roads �A vertical pedestal for forming ceilings �An apparatus for removing floating particles �A method for repairing voids under bridge approach slabs �A method for choosing safe sight distances in road design �Construction method of caisson foundation �A method for excavation of soft soil using block drainage �Bridge construction method using precast arch segments �An apparatus and method for determining gradient and horizontal level �A method of calculation of waterway slope stability �A method for using high-resolution satellite imagery in road design programs

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and installation of shock absorbing median guardrail �Design and installation of uni-directional movable bridge bearings �Design and method for launching of incremental bridge sections �Block type reinforced earth retaining wall system for equalizing settlement �Removal of impurities from submerged structure �Earthquake restraint expansion joints �Draining Unit for purifying polluted rainwater �Environmentally friendly prefabricated mat block for embankments �A structure for preventing erosion of river banks �Nets for preventions of water pollution �Pressurized immersable rubber dam with deflectors �Roller guides for launching incremental bridge sections �A sluice gate with a system for controlling water levels �An inclined slope block for the bottom river fish-ways �Protection from erosion at curves in river flows �River flow velocity reduction blocks to provide protection for fish stocks

PEC Information & Data Library

PEC Booth for New Technologies : 3rd International Road & Traffic Expo, 13th REAAA Conference, PIARC Council Meeting 2009, Inchon, Korea

Major Utility Models (Innovation Patents) �Device for measuring bridge deck deflection �Wire rope and picket fence to prevent rocks falling on roads �Crash barrier using old tires �Expansion joint waterstop �Forms for cantilever structures �Clamp for workbench �Rod for traffic control lanes �Pillar cap for guide rail equipment �Pile joiner using steel pipe �Two hinged panel to connect abutment to structure �Pressure grouting unit of high strength steel

Major Computer Software Programmes �Program for Decision-making for safe sight-distance of road system �Program for Intelligent road optimized alignment design �Program for selecting the appropriate location and type of bridge �Program for selecting the appropriate location and type of tunnel �Module for selecting the appropriate location and type of intersection �Evaluation program considering economical efficiency for road

system based on traffic demanding forecasting �Three dimensional road view simulation �Program for buffering and grid analysis �Program for Error correction to make integral digital terrain map �Program for TIN (triangular irregular network) creation using constrained linear algorithm

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Global Activities

Global Activities & International Cooperation PEC participates in several international events such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions in its related field of business. Recent events in which PEC participated includes : Exposition to introduce the project ‘Autoroute des Hauts Plateaux (High plateaus bypass)’, Saida, Algeria � Seminar about the Algerian market, Korea � Ministerial Conference KOAFEC ‘Stimulate the collaboration between Africa and South Korea, Korea � Seminar on the Algerian-Korean economic Cooperation, Korea � Trans Capian : International Exhibition of Transport, Transit & Logistic, Baku, Azerbaijan � Transport Logistic Fair in conjunction with UN-ESCAP Transport Ministers Meeting, Korea �

Road and Traffic International Exposition, Korea � FIDIC Conferences & Seminars Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on PPP (Public-Private Partnership) for Infrastructures’ development, Seoul, Korea � Korean-Indonesian Road Cooperation Meetings, Jakarta, Indonesia � Numerous bilateral Infrastructure delegations / missions to Algeria, Russia, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Vietnam, etc. �

Exposition to introduce the project 'Autoroute des Hauts Plateaux

Exhibition to introduce the project‘Autoroute des Hauts Plateaux (High Plateaus Bypass) Saida, Algeria

Traditional Dance during Trans Caspian International Exhibition of Transport, Transit & Logistics, Baku, Azerbaijan

Trans Caspian 2007, the 6th International Exhibition of Transport, Transit & Logistics, Baku, Azerbaijan

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Recently completed or on going International projects

PEC is currently active in more than 20 countries worldwide and it is proactively seeking mutually complementary global cooperation and strategic alliances for opportunities in Korea and in third countries. It is open to discuss any mode of win-win arrangement.

Training & Technology Transfer Formation et Transfert de Technologie PEC is committed to dissemination of engineering and construction technologies to foreign government officials, contractors and associate consultants, providing ad hoc or on-the-job training. Its technology transfer programs cover, for example, training on : the use of CAD program such as “RD-2006”, • quality control, laboratory/field tests, monitoring & evaluation, • procedures for dealing with disaster, and any unforeseen emergency circumstances, • application of new technologies and methods, etc. •

Field study at various construction sites and RD-2006 training of trainees from foreign countries

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Key Service Areas Domaines des Services Principaux Highway Engineering �expressway / toll road / interchange / national & county road / arterial / by-pass / access road / parkway

Bridge & Structural Engineering �extra dosed / arch / cable stayed / truss / box girder / girder / suspension

Railway & Mass Transit �highspeed rail / railway / metro / light rail / rail infrastructure / station / maintenance facilities / ventilation / emergency egress / signaling (CTC, ATC ) / communications

Traffic & Transportation �Planning ; network model / accessibility analysis / capacity analysis �Management ; TMS (traffic management system) / TDM (traffic demand management) / TIP (transportation improvement program) / �ITS (intelligent transport system) & U-transpotation ; ATMS (advanced traffic management system) / BIS (bus information system) �Traffic Impact Assessment

Tunnel & Geotechnical Engineering �geotechnical investigation (slope/earthwork) �geotechnical analysis & design (slope stabilization/ground improvement/foundation/ retaining wall) �tunnel and underground storage cavern �high-power Shield TBM technology

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Water, Waste Management & Environment �Water ; hydrologic analysis / water quality study / water supply / treatment & distribution / well design / stormwater management. �Waste ; Sewer treatment network system / industrial, commercial & residential discharge management / municipal sewer management �Environment ; air, water & soil quality assessment / noise & vibration management / environmental impact analysis & mitigation

Water Resources & Rural development �Irrigation & Agriculture ; irrigation & drainage / reclamation / on-farm water management / farm development �Water Resources ; reservoir & dam / flood control / ground water / waterway improvement / catchment management �Rural Development

Urban, Regional & Landscape Planning �national & regional land use planning / new town development planning / district unit planning / tourism / resort & leisure planning / site planning / industrial land development planning / urban design / landscaping / urban infrastructure

Building & Housing �residential housing / commercial building / office building / multi purpose highrise building / industrial building / educational facilities / resort & hotel / sport complex / hospital / interior design / remodeling / landscape architectural planning

Electrical, Mechanical & Telematics �Substation & Transmission line ; tower design / tower spotting / electrical design / composite insulator / high voltage testing �Mechanics �Telematics ; IED, RFID & UFID for infrastructure and building

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| 15 |

International project experience of PEC ranges from rugged mountains of Nepal, rain-forests of Indonesia, difficult tropical islands of the Philippines, Tsunami-hit coastal road of Sri Lanka, extreme hot & cold plains of Mongolia to arid foot-hills of the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan, and it is further expanding its business horizons to clients in other regions.

Highway Engineering

PEC is a market leader with its core business in the highway sector, and covers the full spectrum of services from feasibility study, design and supervision to operation and maintenance, etc.

Research & Development : It is investing heavily in R&D of highway and transportation sectors, including user-friendly design software development and related CAD-based application technologies, and it also spearheads development of new construction technologies and methods, often with patents, for practical field application.

Sepoong IC (Sepoong-Junggun By-pass), Korea (Alternative Design Competition)

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Highway Engineering


PEC has designed, monitored and supervised numerous expressway projects in Korea including Gyeongbu Expressway, Joongbu Expressway, Youngdong Expressway, Namhae Expressway, Mokpo-Gwangyang Expressway, Daegu-Busan Expressway, Busan-Woolsan Expressway and Seoul Belt Expressway. Also, numerous national and county roads, access roads and highways financed by public and private sectors in Korea have been successfully designed and supervised by PEC.

Seoul-Busan Expressway Project : 8-lane widening and improvement between Southern Seoul and Suwon, Korea (Feasibility Study)

Mokpo-Gwangyang Expressway Project, Korea (Detailed Design)

Osan-Pyungtaek Expressway, BTL Project, Korea (Detailed Design) Andong city By-pass Project, Korea (Turn-key Design)

Gwangyang city By-pass Project (SepoongJunggun) (Detailed Design)

Youngdong Expressway Project (Hobeop-Ganam), Korea (Detailed Design)

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Highway Engineering


PEC has rendered engineering consulting services for road projects in many foreign countries including Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao DPR, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Algeria. These were financed by international funding agencies, private funding or national and local governments. Our overseas business has been actively implemented, and will be further expanded for ensuring more strong international cooperation.

High Plateaus Expressway Project, (East section : 220km), Algeria (Basic & Detailed Design).

Selected National Roads Improvement Project, the Philippines (Feasibility Study & Basic Design)

Rach Gia Bypass Project, SCCP, Vietnam (Detailed Design & Construction Supervision)

East-West Highway Project, Detailed Design for Widening (4-lane) from Yevlakh to Ganja (87.2km), Baku Urban Transport Infrastructure Advisory Project, Trans Qafqaz Highway Project (Guba - Shamaxi 105km), Azerbaijan (Feasibility Study & Basic Design)

Honoi-Haiphong Expressway Project (6-8 lane, 105km), Vietnam (Detailed Design)

The 3rd ADB/EDCF Regional Roads Development Project(431km : ChoirZamiin-Uud), Mongolia (Detailed Design & Project Preparation)

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Highway Engineering


PEC has wide ranging experience in highway project implementation services. It currently has on-hand construction supervision and management contracts of more than one hundred projects in Korea, the majority of which are in highway and transport infrastructure projects. It is increasingly active in overseas highway projects as well. It completed supervision assignment of the Manado by-pass in Indonesia. PEC carried out design-build road projects in Cambodia and an emergency Tsunami damaged coastal road & bridge rehabilitation turn-key project in Sri Lanka, and is also working with a contractor on a similar projects involving road works in Lao DPR. Seoul Belt Expressway BTO Project, Korea

Saneung-Hopyung National Road Project, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Seoul Belt Expressway Project, Korea (Monitoring Service for the Lenders, Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi UFJ & KDB)

Haksan-Yeongdong National Road Project, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Manado city By-pass Project Phaseâ… (Detailed Design Review & Construction Supervision) & Phaseâ…Ą(Feasibility Study & Detailed Design), Indonesia

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| 19 |

Our engineers find innovative engineering solutions for areas with difficult foundation conditions, congested area or in places with physical alignment constraints. Construction methods include conventional, precast segmental construction, in-situ construction, balanced cantilever, and incremental launching, etc. International experience ranges from design of bridges across the gorges of the Himalayas in Nepal, bridges in tropical conditions of Indonesia, rehabilitation and upgrading of Tsunami-devastated bridge in Sri Lanka, bridges across Mongolian Savanna to urban congestion regions.

Bridge & Structural Engineering

PEC’s multidisciplinary team of engineers is experienced in planning, design and supervision of all kinds of bridges, with good knowledge in materials including the use of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, steel and composite materials for highway, railway and other structures.

Gongchon No.1 Bridge, Cheongra area Incheon city, Korea (Alternative Design Competition)

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Bridge & Structural Engineering

Pont et Ouvrage d’art

PEC has participated in various bridge projects such as suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridges, extra-dosed bridge, arch bridge, truss bridge and girder bridge in overseas as well as Korea.

Turn-Key Design for Link Road Construction Project for Gogunsan Islands, Korea (Gogunsan Suspension Bridge)

Magok Bridge Project, Seoul, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Woonam Grand Bridge, Korea (Turnkey Design Competition)

No.2 Namhae Grand Bridge, Korea (Alternative Design Competition)

Euigok Bridge, Korea (Detailed Design)

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| 21 |

Bridge & Structural Engineering

Pont et Ouvrage d’art

Pyungtaek Grand Bridge,Korea (Detailed Design)

Seongsoo Bridge Project, Seoul, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Babek Bridge, Baku, Azerbaijan (Basic Design)

Mahanama Bridge Project, Sri Lanka (Detailed Design)

Cheomdan No.2 Bridge, Cheomdan Industrial Complex, Gwangju city, Korea (Turnkey Design Competition)

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Gwangyo Eco Bridge, Korea (Alternative Design competition)

Bridge & Structural Engineering

Pont et Ouvrage d’art

Diamond Bridge, Korea (Turnkey Design Competition)

Buyeo Grand Bridge Project, Gooryong, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Chorak Bridge, Korea (Turnkey Design Competition)

No.2 Sungsan Grand Bridge, Korea (Turnkey Design Competition)

Jeokbeok Grand Bridge, Korea (Alternative Design Competition)

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| 23 |

We are involved in new construction of a 16.24km rail tunnel, the longest of its kind in Korea; and have successfully completed services for reconnection and rehabilitation of the railway link between the South and North Koreas. Providing design supervision services for Honam High-speed Rail Project, we work closely with Systra of France and DBI of Germany.

Railway & Mass Transit

With multidisciplinary base of expertise, PEC’ s engineers design and manage construction for both new and renewal of operating rail infrastructures and facilities.

PEC also began to expand its rail sector services in such countries as Northern Africa and former CIS countries.

Kanggyung Station, Kyungchoon Railway, Korea

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Railway & Mass Transit

Chemin de fer et Transport Public

PEC helps clients throughout all stages from planning to activation of railway and mass transit projects. Major projects include high speed rail, passenger and freight rail, mass transit rail for international airport, metro in Seoul and Busan cities, and light rail for small cities in Korea. Korail Kyungjeon Railway Tunnel & Civil Works, Korea (Construction Supervision)

North-South Korea Railway Reconnection Porject (Construction Supervision)

Alignment of Kyungchoon Railway Project, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Korail Youngdong Railway : Solahn Tunnel & 2 Rail Stations Main line tunnel length: 16.24km, the longest in Korea (Construction Supervision)

Incheon International Airport Railway Project Phaseâ…Ą, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Metro No.7 Project, Seoul, Korea (Basic Design)

KTX Highspeed Rail Honam Line Project, Korea (Basic Design Supervision & Detailed Design)

Light Rail Project for Gyeonggido, Korea (Master Plan)

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| 25 |

PEC also provides similar services for international projects, in which case it works closely with Korean contractors and investors in their overseas infrastructure and property development projects in the Pacific Rim, Africa and CIS countries.

Traffic & Transportation

With highway and railway as its core sectors of business, PEC provides professional services, covering wide range of multidisciplinary expertise such as transportation analysis and demand forecast for public sector clients as well as promoters and lenders of privatization projects, TMS, ITS, TIP, Green parking, etc. in relation to roads & railroad transportation, urban planning and renewal projects.

ITS : BIS (Bus Information System), Korea

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Traffic & Transportation

Trafic et Transport

Our major activities in traffic and transportation are ; • Transportation Planning

- Urban traffic readjustment - Public transportation • Transportation Management

- Transportation system management - Transportation improvement management • ITS (Intelligent Transport System) • Traffic Impact Assessment • Feasibility Study & Analysis

Turnkey Design of Transportation Management System on Seoul Metropolitan Urban Motorway System, Seoul, Korea

- Alternative design competition - Economic efficiency analysis

Public Transportation System Study, Korea (Master plan)

Urban Traffic Readjustment Project, Gangrung city, Korea (Master Plan)

Environmental & Traffic Impact Assessment of Seoul Belt Expressway, Korea

Caspian sea

The City-wide Intelligen Transportation System Project, Baku, Azerbaijan

Urban Traffic Readjustment Project, Hwaseong city, Korea (Master Plan)

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| 27 |

While the target of each design is satisfied with client's request and purpose, our geotechnical engineers strive to prepare the most efficient and optimal designs. PEC also places great importance in advancing cost effective technologies such as for slope stability/protection, geotechnical investigation, and foundation design through continuous R&D of new technologies.

Tunnel & Geotechnical Engineering

With more than 70% of Korea's precious land comprising hilly areas and mountains, tunnelling and geotechnical engineering work is a vital element in the establishment of all infrastructure such as highway, railway, subway, water conveyance & sewerage, urban renewal, underground space development, underground power lines and telecommunication project etc.

Besides, PEC also places great importance in High-Power Shield TBM Technology. The High-Power Shield TBM belongs to a category of machines which are fitted with an composite geological conditions. TBMs fitted with a shield are used on brittle rock formations or soft rock. They have a very wide range of application on composite rocks. High-Power Shield TBM

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Tunnel & Geotechnical Engineering

Tunnel et Travaux GĂŠotechniques

With expertise and stockpiled experiences, PEC serves full range of engineering disciplines from planning, design through construction supervision of numerous tunnels and underground facilities, including geotechnical investigation and analysis, and various kinds of geotechnical designing works (foundation/slope design etc.) as well as utilizing High-Power TBM technology.

High-Power Shield TBM Korail Youngdong Railway Project : Solahn Tunnel, Korea (Construction Supervision & Ventilation Test)

Undersea Tunnel by High-Power Shield TBM

Design of Temporary facilities in Busan MRT Lot 5 of No.3 Project, Korea

Reinforcement of Pile foundation on the tunnel-crown in Busan MRT Lot 5 of No.3 Project, Korea

Tunnel of Lot 701 of MRT No.7 Extension Project, Seoul, Korea (Design)

Byeolyang Tunnel in Mokpo-Gwangyang Expressway Project, Korea (Detailed Design)

Vertical shaft design of Seoul MRT, Lot 701 of No.7 Extension Project, Korea

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| 29 |

PEC actively participates in environmental engineering consultancy covering water, wastewater treatment, combustible/organic waste-to-energy facility, automated waste collection system and new & renewable energy main agent of green industry, and other environmental issues involved in modern infrastructure development such as noise, vibration and air pollution It also provides professional services for privatization of environmental infrastructure projects: such as sewage treatment BTL projects, etc. and it is keen to broaden the portfolio of services in line with the changing needs of the prospective clients.

Water, Waste Management & Environment

Supply of high quality water for domestic and industrial use, sewage treatment and disposal of wastes, preservation of environment and pollution control are keys to sustainable economic development.

Basic and Detailed Design of Sewerage Collection and Treatment Facilities, Korea

| 30 | Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants | |

Water, Waste Management & Environment

Eau, TraĂŽtement des DĂŠchets et Environement

PEC has maintained a proactive approach to planning, design and construction supervision for water supply, waste management and environmental issues on behalf of clients in public and private sectors, which include water supply projects in the cities of Pajoo, Hwaseong, Gwangjoo and Uiwang in Korea and Vientiane in Lao DPR and sewerage treatment projects in the cities of Pohang, Nonsan, Uiwang, Gapyeong, Cheongjoo and Uigeongboo in Korea, and Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Ghana. Environmental Impact Assessment is also our active consulting field in relation with the areas of urban and regional planning and civil engineering work.

Water Supply System Expansion Project, Gwangjoo city, Korea (Detailed Design)

Municipal Water Treatment Work Project, Uiwang city, Korea (Detailed Design)

Water Supply System Rehabilitation & Expansion, Wa, Ghana (Feasibility Study), Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Expansion Project, Techiman, Ghana (Feasibility Study)

Municipality Sewerage System BTL Project, Cheongjoo city, Korea (Basic & Detailed Design)

Larkana City Sewerage Project, Pakistan (Feasibility Study)

Waste water Treatment Project, Pyungtaek, Korea (Detailed Design)

Waste water Treatment Project, Pohang, Korea (Detailed Design)

Small Towns Water/Wastewater Treatment Projects, Korea (Detailed Design & Construction Supervision)

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| 31 |

Water, Waste Management & Environment

Eau, Traîtement des Déchets et Environement

Professionals of PEC’s environment plant division implement their services widely based on their accumulated experiences and professional skills ranging from feasibility studies, planning, designing and supervising. Major business encompasses combustible waste treatment energy system, organic waste energy treatment system, automated waste collection system and new & renewable energy business. Followings are major projects executed by PEC’s professionals in the field of environment related plant.

Combustible Waste -To- Energy Facility One of the environmental facilities to treat the wastes for generation of thermal energy through refuse derived fuels (RDF) and combustion such as processing of cracking, separating, drying, and figuring the combustible wastes.

Green Energy Center, Gyungju city, Korea

The Second Waste Treatment System of Local Industrial Complex, Dalseong, Daegu city, Korea

Organic Waste - To - Energy Facility One of the environmental facilities to treat various biological wastes such as food waste, livestock excretion and sewage sludge for generation through anaerobic digestion applying the process of gasification.

Food Waste Resource Center, Dongtan, Hwaseong city, Korea

| 32 | Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants | |

Environmental Resource Center, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

Water, Waste Management & Environment

Eau, TraĂŽtement des DĂŠchets et Environement

Automated Waste Collection Automated Waste Collection System is eco-friendly urban based waste collection and treatment system that is operated by main control center. This new system is designed to collect wastes in urban areas by the underground vacuum pipelines and to treat at the center facilities.

Automated Clean-net Facility, Byeolnae, Namyangju city, Korea

Automated Waste Collection System, Unjung, Paju city, Korea

New & Renewable Energy Technologies Resources for new and renewable energy are ranging from sunlight, water, wind and bio-organisms which natural objects are utilized as new renewable energy sources. These new technologies are the future oriented green energy industry to solve the existing environmental problems. Solar Power Plant, Sinan-gun, Korea

Tidal Power Plant, Sihwa, Ansan city, Korea

Small Hydro Plant, Youngsan River 2 Zone, Damyang-gun, Korea

An Geothermal Heating and Cooling Facility, Dukpyeong, Icheon city, Korea

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Wind Power Park, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

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PEC’s experience in the field of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Development ranges from the safety evaluation of reservoirs and dams to the design of river improvements and agricultural irrigation and flood control including pumping station, dikes, canals and drainage structures, and comprehesive rural infrastructure projects encompassing drainage, water system and village road, etc.

Water Resources & Rural Development

With the hilly areas covering more than 70% of the Korean peninsula, efficient management of water resources – particularly, effective drainage and flood control of rivers during rainy season and well managed irrigation during dry season has been the most crucial to the settlers of the tiny peninsula, and even globally, the mainstay of the subsistence has been the water management for farming and other uses, prevention of natural disasters of all conceivable type and rehabilitation.

A patented technology of PEC: Pressurized Immersed Rubber Dam with Deflectors, installed at Hyangsan stormwater pumping station at Kimpo city & Raw water intake station at Uiseong, Korea | 34 | Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants | |

Irrigation, Drainage & Rural Development

Irrigation, Drainage et Aménagement Rural

PEC is involved in numerous restoration river, river basin studies, hydrologic & hydraulic studies, irrigation/drainage, flood control, and rural infrastructure projects, which include : • Detailed Design & Construction supervision for Restoration of Youngsan River, Korea • Construction Supervision for Restoration of Nakdong River, Korea. • Review of feasibility study for upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric project, Nepal. • Basic design for improvement of Jeongneung river, Seoul, Korea • Detailed design for riparian renewal and flood protection infrastructure on Han river, Nakdong river, Seomjin river and

Keum river etc., Korea • Detailed design of rehabilitation for Yeojoo irrigation dam, Korea

Natural disaster impact assessment on Kimpo aircraft manufacturing industrial complex development project, Korea • Hydrologic & hydraulic analysis on preliminary and detailed design of Naengjeong-Busan Expressway, Youngjoo Bypass, Namcheon Bridge, etc., Korea • Construction supervision for 6 dikes in Cheongcheon region, Korea • Construction supervision for river dike in Jangcheon region, Korea • Construction supervision for 2 dikes in Boorim region, Korea. •

Youngsan River Restoration Project, Korea (Detailed Design & Construction Supervision)

Nakdong River Restoration Project, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Dukpoongcheon Flood Control Project, Hanam city , Korea (Detailed Design)

Small Towns Rural Infrastructure (Village, Drainage, Water System & Roads) Improvement, Lao PDR

Irrigation System Plan of a Multi-purpose Farm Development, Cambodia (Master Plan)

Rehabilitation of Irrigation Dam, Yeojoo, Korea (Detailed Design)

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PEC provides full range of professional services related to physical and social development plan for urban and rural areas for sustainable and balanced development. The wide spectrum of our services covers from master plan to detailed design taking consideration into various hierarchies of national and regional plan guidelines, policies and regulations that have relevance to the assigned project. Utilizing know-how accumulated during last decades in Korea, PEC is developing urban infrastructure development project such as U-City development and new town development the world over.

Urban, Regional & Landscape Planning

Urban and regional planning involves comprehensive and complex approaches that will inherently explore various aspects of the built and social environments of differing and varying nature in this multi-faceted society.

Shinwang District International Resort, Korea (Master Plan)

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Urban, Regional & Landscape Planning

Planification Urbain, RĂŠgional et Paysage

PEC is actively involved in domestic and overseas projects involving urban master plan and social infrastructure developments that have strong bearing on new city development, tourism industry development, sustainable regional balance and poverty reduction aspects.

Siheung Industrial Site, Korea (Master Plan & Feasibility Study)

Haiphong New City Development, Vietnam (Master Plan : PMC)

Anyang City Master Plan 2020, Korea (Urban Fundamental Planning)

Pyungtaek Ocean Resort Development Project, Pyungtaek city, Korea (Master Plan)

Cultural Facilities Site of Yeoju, Korea (Master Plan & Detailed Design)

Poongdong District Development Project, Goyang city, Korea (Master Plan)

Naksan Golf Resort Development Project, Yangyang city, Korea (Master plan & Detailed Design)

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PIC operates independently in its own right, but for overseas projects PEC and PIC mutually draw upon resources of the other for synergy effect in overseas endeavor for the building design and construction from office towers and high density housing developments to schools, hospitals, tourism & recreation facilities and museums, etc.

Building & Housing

PEC, in conjunction with its affiliate, PIC Architecture & Engineering, provides architectural and related engineering services incidental to its infrastructure design and supervision projects: such as expressway rest/service area facilities, toll plaza building works, water/waste water pumping stations, MRT stations, tunnel operation and maintenance buildings, and so on.

Woongjin Apartment, Soowon, Korea (Design)

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Building & Housing

B창timent et Logement

PEC & PIC joint team is committed to developing innovative design and construction methods with the aim of adding value to projects and worldwide client relationships.

Multi-purpose Office Building Project, Hanoi city, Vietnam (Design)

Telecomland Complex Project, Busan city, Korea (Design)

Highrise Residential Tower Project, Daejon city, Korea (Design)

Ambassador Hotel Project, Gumi city, Korea (Design)

City Department Project, Bucheon city, Korea (Design)

Elim Memorial Park Project, Korea (Design)

Royal Hotel Project, Cheju city, Korea (Design)

Dangsan Sports Complex Project, Seoul, Korea (Design)

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In combination with conventional telecommunications, telemetering and M&E system, modern infrastructure now requires real time information and monitoring by means of high speed internet. Emergence of technologies such as IED, RFID and UFID are fast adopted to modern infrastructures such as traffic management and signaling of road, railroad, bridge, tunnel, water resources and flood control, environmental facilities, building automation, goods distribution, etc. s mechanical, electrical and PEC’ telecommunication engineers provide necessary services in this respect and coordinate with other specialty service providers when necessary, in keeping with the design and implementation of modern infrastructure projects.

Electrical, Mechanical & Telematics

With advent of ubiquitous age, new dimension of spaces are created which are linked by network.

Turnkey of Lighting & Mechanic system of Gwanmoon Sports Garden, Gwacheon city, Korea

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Mechanical, Electrical & Telematics

Namsan No.2 Tunnel Lighting System, Seoul, Korea (Turnkey)

Mécanique, Electrique et Télématique

Lighting System on Road and Bridge Electrical Conduit for Infrastructure, Seoul, Korea (Construction Supervision) Uijeongboo city, Korea (Construction Supervision)

PEC provides engineering services in the electrical, mechanical and telematics. These are based on advanced technologies that are in line with the client’s changing needs. In addition to providing plan of infrastructure in mechanical, electrical and telematics market, we also offer design, installation, operation and maintenance services for a variety of clients. Electric Facility of Intelligent Building and High-density Apartment, Seoul, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Automation and Remote Control System for Sewerage Treatment, Hyengseong, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Rail Tunnel M&E, Telecommunication System and Emergency Facilities at various locations, Korea (Planning)

Electric Facility of Substation at various locations, Korea (Construction Supervision)

Seoul Metropolitan Police Traffic Control Center : Upgrading & Expansion of Traffic Monitoring & Control System, Seoul, Korea (Preliminary Design)

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Our Vision Notre Vision

We, PEC, always strive for your success through advanced technology, creative spirit and extensive experience.

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To realize its vision of “Quality Consulting and Development Solutions Worldwide” and to achieve its mission of “Responsibility, Faithfulness and Contribution to Social Development”, PEC, with synergy made by utilizing its affiliates, is ready to provide the Clients worldwide with more value added professional services.

PYUNGHWA Data System Co., Ltd PYUNGHWA Data System, as a PEC’ s affiliate, is a vehicle dedicated particularly to the dissemination, making and training of the extensive range of computer aided engineering and design programs and other IT based solutions developed by PEC.

PIC Architecture & Engineering PIC Architecture & Engineering, as a PEC’ s affiliate, has a mission to strengthen capability in the fields of architecture and urban development and further expand business network with international clients and partners.

ASIA Engineering Co., Ltd. ASIA Engineering, as a PEC’ s affiliate, takes a role to implement a special and unique mission in the field of civil engineering, especially management of advanced civil engineering technology.

PEC & VANXUAN Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd PEC & VANXUAN Engineering Consultants, as PEC’ s Vietnam based affiliate, has been taking special mission in the fields of infrastructure, building and housing, and property development consultancy in the country. PEC has further plan to establish additional overseas affiliates in other countries so as to become closer consulting professional on worldwide level.

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