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Medical Journal Dr. Montgomery Peppers June 19, 1925 Western Medical Group The patient, Mrs. Pibb, over the last couple of weeks has been progressively deteriorating in her mental stability. Overall, she seems to be unstable and borderline hysterical. Also, she talks a lot about being unhappy. Most of the time, she gets upset when talking about her husband and doing things around the house that she is confined to every single day. I think her problem is too much stress. Dr. Weir Mitchell recommends to most of his patients bed rest and no stress at all. I think what is I what I am going to prescribe to her.

I Am (Not) Crazy

I hate to see her like this They think I’m going crazy

I think she’s going crazy

They say I’m hearing voices And hallucinating I know they were real though Even if they weren’t real “I’m feeling ever so much better” (Guilman 766).

She’s getting worse. I miss the old Suzie. She was so lively and fun. Now, the doctor recommends three More months of bed rest

The doctor recommended three more Months of bed rest, But I hate being stuck in here. It’s like a prison cell in here. I feel like I don’t need this.

She needs this.


hospital or asylum for further treatment.

James Pibb, the husband of Suzie Pibb, was found dead, stabbed to death by his wife at his house by authorities this morning. Neighbors of the couple heard screaming late at night and reported it to the police the next morning, when James was then found dead. Suzie was known to be seeing a doctor for her diagnosed hysteria and had been receiving treatment for some time. She confessed that “she saw a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome,” and that “she did love [her husband]−sometimes” (Chopin 785). Friends and family close to her also said that she was against all the treatment, and didn’t think herself actually ill, but only limited by her husband and doctor. Authorities have also reported that she will most likely by placed inside of a mental

-Jessica Jemima

Eulogy at the funeral of Suzie Pibb, who recently committed suicide in her cell at the mental facility she was housed in: “I worked with Suzie since she was first diagnosed. She was diagnosed with a form of hysteria, basically insanity. Women are often quick to be diagnosed with such “illnesses” due to an unwillingness to conform to the template society has given them, and a desire to be productive. She was diagnosed all because she “believe[d] that congenial work, with excitement and change would do [her] good” (Gilman 768). I used to believe in these diagnoses and symptoms. After following Suzie through her experience with a man-made “disease,” I realized that we were all mistaken. Women in our age are forced into a fake and not all-inclusive stereotype that society and men have created. It troubles me that such a tragedy is the only thing that can make people come to such revelations about the wrongs in our society.” - Dr. Montgomery Peppers

The Story of Suzie Pibb  

Suzie Pibb was a woman who suffered from a gender-biased false diagnosis of hysteria. Her frustration with the oppression of women and of he...

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