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“On a farm, every season is a TURNING POINT. The right partner is the difference between surviving and thriving.”

Teddy Schneider

Schneider Farming Partnership

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As a fourth-generation farmer, Teddy Schneider knew that occasional ups and downs in production just came with the territory. Having a banker stand by him during the hard times – now that was a turning point. Regions Banker Tripp Shepherd understands the unique needs of Teddy’s business, so Tripp is constantly bringing him solutions that help him move forward. Like when he introduced Teddy to Regions’ commodity hedging product. Being able to book the price for crops 24 months in advance was another turning point for Schneider Farming Partnership, one that not only reduced Teddy’s overall risk and stress, but also helped him to streamline, optimize and, most importantly, continue to move forward. To see how we can help your business move forward when it’s at a turning point, turn to Regions. Chip Gentry is the vice president of air service development for the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce and the Montgomery Airport Authority.

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Montgomery Business Journal – March 2014  

Montgomery Business Journal – March 2014