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KEEP IN TOUCH WITH OUR GOINGS ON! ® innovative british chocolate


All of our chocolate is made from the best ingredients we can find using innovative and fun taste combinations. We guarantee a flavour in the collection to suit you!


We hope that every interaction you have with us is a happy one. If this is not the case – we take the time to find out why!


We pride ourselves on our trading fairly policy and hope that this is reflected in everything we do.


All our delicious chocolate is made in sunny West Sussex by the beach!

IT’S EASY TO ORDER... Email: call us on: +44(0)1243 510514

It’s our 18th Birthday! “I can’t believe it’s been 18 years since Simon and I set up the business following our life changing trip to South America. We’ve loved developing our chocolate ranges over the years, and taking inspiration from different flavour combinations, ingredients and cultures. In fact the Festival concept for our new product range was inspired by Holi, the Hindu festival which signifies the arrival of spring and has become known as the happiest festival on earth. We have had the most fun since founding Montezuma’s so what better way to celebrate our coming of age than by creating some of our most exciting and pleasurable chocolates to date.” - Helen Pattinson, Co-founder

We are very proud to be supporting the amazing charity

Children On The Edge As part of Montezuma’s trading fairly policy, since 2005 Montezuma’s has for many years strongly supported a local small international charity Children on the Edge in its fundraising efforts. Children on the Edge exist to help the most vulnerable children in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who are living on the edge of their societies. Children without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their governments, ignored by international media and missed by larger charities.

Montezuma’s Co-founder Helen in Uganda 2016

In 2017, Montezuma’s raised more than £25k for COTE

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1323 Black Forest Gateau (V) Dark Chocolate with Cherry 012 Very Dark (V)(O) Organic 73% Cocoa Dark Chocolate 248 Chilli (V)(O) Organic Dark Chocolate with Chilli 423 Orange & Geranium (V)(O) Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange and Geranium

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769 Lordy Lord (V) Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs 772 Sea Dog (V) Dark Chocolate with Lime and Sea Salt 770 Bean Machine (V) Dark Chocolate with Coffee 776 Spice It Up (V) Dark Chocolate with Dragon Ginger

Tel: +44(0)1243 510514

Our 100g bars are an important cornerstone of who we are and what we do. SRP 12 x 100g

(V) - Vegan (O) - Organic

milk & white CHOCOLATE 013










013 Smooth Milk (O) Organic 34% Cocoa Milk Chocolate 616 Butterscotch (O) Organic Dark Side Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch 617 Chilli & Lime (O) Organic Milk Chocolate with Chilli and Lime 394 The Dark Side (O) Organic 54% Cocoa Milk Chocolate 014 Creamy White (O) Organic Creamy White Chocolate

775 Minted Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Peppermint 1011 Open Sesame Milk Chocolate with Sesame and Sunflower Seeds 773 Space Hopper Milk Chocolate with Orange 018 Eton Mess Milk Chocolate with Strawberry and Meringue Pieces 917 Treacle Tart Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Toffee


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Limited Edition 100g Bars We are turning 18 this year so to celebrate our coming of age, we are off to our first Festival and have created a range of colourful bars with exciting new flavour combinations to help us to party! SRP 12 x 100g

1422 Dark Chocolate with Rose & Vanilla (V) 1423 Milk Chocolate with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs 1424 Milk Chocolate with Chai Latte






For that dramatic cocoa hit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 100% Cocoa is sugar free, gluten free, soya free and dairy free. Perfect for a whole host of different diets and food intolerances. Give it a go it is delicious! SRP 12 x 100g



1272 Absolute Black 100% Cocoa (V) The classic 1337 Absolute Black with Almonds (V) Studded with blanched almonds


1338 Absolute Black with Orange & Cocoa Nibs (V) Essential oil of oranges and tiny pieces of cocoa beans 1381 Absolute Black 5 Bar Library (V) See page 10

truffle filled 100g bars We love bars and we love truffles but sometimes we just can’t decide. So we set about creating a bar with truffle centres in every chunk. Delightfully delicate centres for your delectation! SRP 12 x 100g



1096 Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino Centre 1092 Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Centre




1087 Dark Chocolate with Cherry Centre (V) 1389 Milk Chocolate with Coconut Centre NEW


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30g mini BARS 559





NEW 1426

For that impulse buy, these 30g treats are the ultimate convenience bar. In six great flavours, we think they’re perfect for any location.... till point, shop counter or even mini bar! SRP 26 x 30g

559 Organic Smooth Milk Chocolate (O) 560 Organic 54% Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch (O) 557 Organic Very Dark Chocolate (V) (O) 1425 Sea Dog - Dark Chocolate with Lime & Sea Salt (V) NEW 1427 Minted - Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Peppermint NEW 1426 Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Solids (V) NEW

organic giant chocolate buttons These amazing buttons are made from our house-blended chocolate and have been part of our family since our foundation in 2000. Form an orderly queue! SRP 8 x 180g




all time best sellers!

163m Organic Milk Chocolate (O) 162m Organic Dark Chocolate (V)(O) 164m Organic White Chocolate (O)

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Tel: +44(0)1243 510514

no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no soya, all natural 100% dark & mysterious 1337

‘I adore this chocolate, it’s definitely the best 100 per cent I’ve ever had.’ - Sheila



TRUFFLE JARS We think jars make the perfect gift! A - you can see what’s inside and B - they are re-usable! We have filled these jars with three of our favourites! American Idol, Peanut Butter and Milking Maid. Gorgeous gifts!



1292 Peanut Butter Truffles


1328 Milking Maid Truffles

Milk chocolate with peanut butter

(Case 1 x 700g)

Milk chocolate with salted caramel

(Case 1 x 600g)

(Case 1 x 600g)

organic button jars Case 6 x 900g

399 Organic Milk Chocolate Button Jar (O) 398 Organic Dark Chocolate Button Jar (V) (O)


9 |

1291 American Idol Truffles

Smooth milk chocolate truffle

Tel: +44(0)1243 510514


100g bar libraries Smart and eye-catching gift packs, each containing five 100g bars. Cases 4 x 500g



1275 Milk Chocolate Library A selection of our best-selling Milk 100g Bars.

1276 Radical Chocolate Library A selection of our more exciting 100g Bars!

1274 Dark Chocolate Library (V) Five of our dark bars in one handy pack.

1381 Absolute Black Chocolate Library (V) A 5 bar collection of the Absolute Black range

30g mini BAR library 929

A mixed gift box of our six delicious Mini Bars. (2 of each flavour included) Cases 6 x 360g

929 Mini Bar Chocolate Library


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Truffle Collections We design our truffles using the quintessential Monty’s way, not the Belgian way or the French way, but our way. If you like, the third way! Our truffles have a firmer ganache centre with a good snappy chocolate shell.

Medium (16 Truffles) Cases 5 x 220g

Large (25 Truffles) Cases 9 x 340g

Extra Large (50 Truffles) Cases 5 x 700g

Grand Collection Great intro to our truffle range. Milk, White and Dark Chocolate. 029a (Medium) 181 (Large) 182 (Extra Large)

Milk Collection Smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles. 175 (Medium) 188 (Large)

British Pudding Collection Paying homage to the long list of Great British Puddings. 930 (Medium) 1224 (Large)

Dark Collection Dark chocolate truffles for the chocolate purist. 062 (Medium) 193 (Large)

Cocktail Collection Our first Cocktail Truffle Collection and we have had great fun creating it! 1281 (Medium)

In The Pink Collection A collection of our beautifully delecate truffles. 589 (Medium) 936 (Large)

Barista Coffee Collection Milk, white and dark chocolate truffles with a coffee twist. 1336 (Medium)


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Spiced Caramels Smooth chocolate with runny caramels, gently spiced to achieve a perfect explosion of flavour! SRP 5 x 130g

1430 Dark Chocolate with Salt, Pepper & Chilli Caramel 1432 Milk Chocolate with Strawberry & Peppercorn Caramel 1433 White Chocolate with Mango, Lime & Chilli Caramel





ORGANIC drinking chocolate Our Organic drinking chocolate is made from real chocolate for the best taste. To make, just melt one disc in a cup of hot milk and stir vigorously. Cases 6 x 300g


2190 Dark Drinking Chocolate (V) (O) 6480 Mint Drinking Chocolate (V) (O) 8955 Mocha Drinking Chocolate (V) (O) DRI012 Dark Drinking Chocolate (1.5kg) (V) (O) 1.5kg bags make approx 100 cups.



ORGANIC COUVERTURE We all know the key to the perfect brownie is to use top quality chocolate. So for all you bakers and restaurateurs grab a few bags of our Couverture available in Milk, Dark and White Callets (that’s buttons to you and me). Case 1 x 2kg resealable bag



601 Dark Chocolate (V) (O)



602 Milk Chocolate (O)


603 White Chocolate (O)

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Montezuma’s Favourites Gift Hampers


Smooth & Creamy A delicious collection of our favourite milk chocolate gifts to keep even the most enthusiastic fan smiling! 1395 Cases 4 x 500g


Dark & Mysterious A great collection of dark chocolate treats! 1396 Cases 4 x 500g


Montezuma’s Massive Favourites We think this massive assortment of our bestselling chocolate goodies will fill you with glee! 1394 Cases 4 x 1.7kg

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Tel: +44(0)1243 510514

Created in collaboration with the London Transport Museum, our bar library and truffle box hold a selection of our favourite chocolates inspired by the London tube lines.



London Transport Bar Library 5 of our top selling flavours

London Transport Truffle Collection A selection of our fabulous truffles

1300 Cases 4 x 500g

180LT Cases 5 x 210g

Chocolate lager We have teamed up with the Hogs Back Brewery in Tongham, Surrey, the award-winning brewers of the famous T.E.A., to create a unique chocolate lager. Enjoy the light, refreshing lager with its strong chocolate aroma and a surprisingly well-balanced combination of chocolate and hops. Awarded a gold medal at the 2014 International Beer Challenge. You can buy our wonderful lager in cases of 12 x 330ml through Hogs Back, by contacting If you are interested in a Chocolate Lager gift pack that includes the award-winning lager and some of our lovely chocolate, please contact the trade team at Montezuma’s on 01243 510514

Trading Fairly Ever since we started Montezuma’s in 2000, we have been focussed on the way we do business. To us, it is really important to strive to do good business and “Trade Fairly”. This has always meant paying a fair price for our ingredients but it also extends to the way in which we treat all of our suppliers, staff and customers. As a small family business we try pretty damn hard to ensure we do a good job with equity and integrity. We buy some of the best cocoa in the world and for that privilege, we pay a handsome price but if it means putting back into the rural economies that help us to produce the best chocolate, then we are very happy to do that. It is equally important to us that everyone else we come into contact with has enjoyed the experience and in turn will help us to spread a little bit of chocolate love. In 2016, we were proud to be voted Best Confectionery Brand by visitors to the Speciality & Fine Food Show for the fourth year out of five! We hope this helps to demonstrate that our customers enjoy a little Monty’s Magic in all their interactions with us.

Thank you for helping us to achieve our goal of becoming ‘Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate company!’ - Helen & Simon

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Tel: +44(0)1243 510514

About us Selling Chocolate & Advice

Call us if you need help on the which, when, how and why of selling the magical dark stuff. We’ve been doing it for 18 years!


Free delivery if you order over £300 (ex-VAT)

Product Care

Please remember that chocolate will not tolerate excessive heat, cold or humidity. Be especially careful storing chocolate in the fridge. This can cause two problems; firstly most fridges do not de-humidify and therefore a significant amount of humidity is introduced and secondly, when moving the chocolate into a warm room condensation can form causing sugar bloom.

Prices & RRP

We provide a RRP for your guidance only. We have considerable experience retailing our own products and we are confident that the RRP represents good value for your customers.

Montezuma’s Wholesale Partners

We work with some fabulous Wholesalers at Montezuma’s who we just love to shout about and we always try to encourage our customers to buy our products through them. With low minimum order quantities and fast delivery times it may be more cost-effective


Min Order/Area

Contact Details

CLF Distribution

£250/ UK / 0238 127 7000

DDC Foods

£50/ UK / 0144 287 1071

Holleys Fine Foods

£100/ UK & Export / 01179 380084

Essential Trading Co-op

Dependant on location / UK only / 0117 958 3550

Goodness Foods Co-op

Dependant on location / UK only / 01327 871655

Greencity Wholefoods

£200+/ UK Only / 01415 547633

HF Chocolates

£150/ UK Only / 0190 831 5003

Hider Food Imports

£250 -£450 / UK & Export / 0148 256 1137

Infinity Foods

£150 / UK / 0127 345 6376

Queenswood Natural Foods

£200 - £300 / UK Only / 0127 842 3440

Suma Wholefoods

£250/ UK & Export / 0142 231 3840

The Cress Company

£125 - £450/ UK Only / 0845 643 1330

The Health Store

£350/ UK & Export / 0115 976 7200

Love for Local

£100 / UK / 02089 422883

Tree of Life

£350/ UK & Export / 0178 256 7100

Rainbow Wholefoods

£200/UK / +44(0) 1603 630484

Our Wholesale Partners know so much about Montezuma’s, but we are of course still here to help! Please feel free to contact the Montezuma’s Trade office anytime to discuss POS, Samples and Product Selections 01243 510514,

® innovative british chocolate

It’seasy easyto to order! order! It’s Email: Callusus on: on: +44(0)1243 Call +44(0)1243 510514 510514

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Montezuma's Wholesale 2018 Brochure  

Montezuma's Chocolates Wholesale 2018 Brochure

Montezuma's Wholesale 2018 Brochure  

Montezuma's Chocolates Wholesale 2018 Brochure