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By the Numbers

Number of acres protected in 2012: 2,995 Total acres protected: 34,114 Number of pets owned by three staff: 26 Percent of budget spent for land protection: 91 Millions of dollars raised for conservation in 2012: 1.5 Number of seminars and outreach events held: 6 Number of easements held: 68 Number of members & supporters: 363 Number of fans on Facebook: 142 Percent of budget spent on fundraising and administration: 4 Number of Volunteers: 65 Number of board members: 10 Percent increase in net assets: 6 Number of margaritas consumed after work: ∞ See the 2012 Annual Update on Pages 4 & 5

A Sage Decision Nearly 2,000 acres protected near Dove Creek. by Jon Leibowitz Thanks to the generosity of two families in the Dove Creek area, MLC recently conserved 1,913 acres of critical Gunnison Sage-grouse habitat, farmland, and scenic open space. The Gunnison Sage-grouse is being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act. The recent flurry of activity surrounding the sensitive bird has prompted agencies to work with MLC and local landowners on a voluntary basis in an effort to place conservation easements on properties with important habitat. While MLC has nothing to do with the listing, conservation easements happen to be consistent with the priorities established to protect the bird. Ask people what has caused the population decline of the Gunnison Sage-grouse and you learn that the answer is a hotly debated topic. It is said that the bird occupies 53% of its historical range and its current population Continued on Page 3…

A New Look for the Newsletter! We hope you like the new look of our newsletter.

Our goal in updating the newsletter is to improve readability and update the styling. A special thanks to Zack Katz for his help.

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Dear Friends of MLC by Juniper Katz

Board of Directors Deb Gardner, President Ami Fair, Vice President Eric Freels, Secretary Phil Kemp, Treasurer Doug Bagge, Director Raymond Coulon, Director Dan Fernandez, Director Betty Janes, Director Vince Lee, Director Michael Preston, Director

Advisors to the Board Chris Kloster Brad Tafoya Ken Francis

Staff Juniper Katz Jon Leibowitz Jeff Weinmeister 216 W. Montezuma Ave. P.O. Box 1522 Cortez, CO 81321 (970) 565-1664

Montezuma Land Conservancy exists to permanently protect important open lands in partnership with landowners, in order to conserve agricultural, natural, and scenic open space resources in and around Montezuma and Dolores Counties. We accomplish our mission by working cooperatively with landowners in a nonregulatory manner.

MLC Spring 2013 2

We’ve had a flood of inquiries about our land protection services from landowners looking for options related to the potential listing of the Gunnison Sage Grouse under the Threatened and Endangered Species Act. It is our hope that voluntary actions by landowners to protect the bird’s habitat will demonstrate to the Fish & Wildlife Service that the bird can be managed locally. However, with the designation of Critical Habitat released earlier this year, it seems likely the bird will be listed. It is unclear how conservation easements over land included in the listing will be treated under the law, but it seems possible that landowners who’ve taken clear action to protect the bird’s habitat may be given some leeway in how strictly their activities will be managed moving forward. We continue to pursue regional collaborations with other land conservation organizations with the goal of increasing our efficiency and effectiveness at protecting land. There are 32 conservation organizations in Colorado, which operate as a pretty tight community. We are constantly sharing lessons learned and solutions to day-today challenges, but we also spend time re-creating the wheel, so to speak, by acting before checking with our colleagues. Recently, MLC consulted with Olivia Barltett, former Stewardship Director at Black Canyon Regional Land Trust in Ridgway to help MLC integrate the latest aerial imagery technology and analysis into our Stewardship program. We are also part of a national pilot program aimed at identifying effective ways for conservation organizations to make the most of their local presence while operating with the sophistication and resources of larger groups. This effort, titled Durable Collaborations, is slated to begin in May and go for about year. In February, the Board and staff participated in a fundraising retreat aimed at increasing our skill to raise funds and resources to accomplish our mission. It can be intimidating to ask your friends and neighbors to give to an organization, so if one of our board members comes to you asking for support, please encourage them with rewarding their courage with a gift! I hope you enjoy our Spring newsletter and our 2012 Annual Update. Yours in Conserving the Treasures of Southwestern Colorado,

Juniper Katz Executive Director

Above: Marsh property features many plant communities important for wildlife habitat

…Continued from Page 1

is just a fraction of what it used to be. grouse, unique and rare species such as Whatever the cause of the decline, one the burrowing owl, northern leopard thing is readily agreed upon: setting frog, and midget-faded rattlesnake aside large tracts of undeveloped also call the property home. MLC habitat can only be beneficial for the also partnered with the National Fish grouse - which is where we come in. and Wildlife Foundation and our By doing what we local Montelores have always done, Habitat Protection The property borders BLM MLC can work with Program committee lands and surrounds one of willing landowners in addition to the the last remaining leks north to place conservation Colorado Parks and of Dove Creek. easements on their Wildlife to make this property, protect project possible. important habitat, and Soon after closing on Sundown Farm, help keep the restoration efforts at a MLC closed on another Gunnison local level. Sage-grouse property. MLC worked One such example is Sundown Farm; with Richard and Monica Marsh to Dan and Anita Fernandez have called protect their critical property northeast the appropriately named Sundown of Dove Creek. Richard and Monica’s Farm home for nearly 25 years. About property was specifically mentioned six years ago, after living on the in Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s property and appreciating its diversity ‘Gunnison Sage-grouse Rangewide and charm for so long, they decided Plan’ as critical to the continued to place a conservation easement on occupation and survival of the species. their land and forever protect its beauty Thanks to the Marsh’s vision, 733 acres and habitat values. With its rolling of relatively natural habitat has been sage brush hills, wetland seeps, grazed permanently protected. Richard and pastures, and prime grouse habitat, Monica have done a real service to our MLC was pleased to work with them to community in conserving their land achieve their goal. for future generations. The project was the second partnership between MLC and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. In total, 1,180 acres of occupied grouse habitat and working ranchland along Highway 491 has been forever protected. In addition to providing habitat for Gunnison Sage-

From pinion pines and sage brush to canyons and ponderosas, the property borders BLM lands and surrounds one of the last remaining leks north of Dove Creek. A lek is a patch of ground used for communal display in the breeding season by males of certain

Below: Dan and Anita Fernandez on their property

birds and mammals. This project was made possible by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and our local Montelores Habitat Protection Program committee. The two properties represent MLC’s 68th and 69th conservation easements and bring our total conserved lands to 34,847 acres! MLC Spring 2013


2012 Annual Up

Managing for Resilience and Change by Juniper Katz

2012 Grantors & Foundations Ballantine Family Fund The Bayless Charitable Fund CDOT Colorado Conservation Trust Colorado Parks and Wildlife Great Outdoors Colorado Intermountain West Joint Venture Land Trust Alliance Montelores HPP National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. The Packard Foundation

In the land trust community, a theme has emerged that relates to both natural systems and Montezuma Land Conservancy: resilience in the face of change. Resilience is defined as the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change so as to still retain essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks1. As land and resource managers across the country search for tools and approaches to safeguarding our natural resources, we have also been working to cultivate internal resiliency through the institutionalization of our knowledge, resources and records. We take on a perpetual obligation every time we accept a conservation easement; therefore we must give special attention and planning to how we can best accomplish our mission despite inevitable change that occurs over time. To this end, we implemented some important accomplishments in 2012 will that will help us meet our long-term obligations and make our organization and our community more resilient. In partnership with the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts and its Center of Excellence Initiative, we launched a new database on the Salesforce platform that tracks all information related to the operations of our organization. The platform is both mobile and secure and allows staff and board members to access information wherever there is an internet connection. Our leadership in this realm 1. Walker, B., C. S. Holling, S. R. Carpenter, and A. Kinzig. 2004. Resilience, adaptability and transformability in social–ecological systems. Ecology and Society 9(2): 5. [online] URL: http://www.

MLC Spring 2013 4

has not gone unnoticed; MLC staff members have been asked to teach a seminar at the national land trust conference attended by over 2,000 conservation professionals.

By implementing the database, continuing to institutionalize our knowledge, and sharing our experience with other land trusts, we are making MLC stronger and the land protection community more resilient. In looking at how MLC is building resilience in natural systems, we partnered with landowners to protect 2,995 acres of land in 2012. This is an impressive amount of conservation taken on its own, but in combination with the work of other groups across the state, Colorado surpassed 1.2 million acres conserved2. This places Colorado third in the nation for total protected acres. I know our collective success is making our community more resilient in conserving the open space and ecosystem services that produce clean water, air and soil and in keeping the rural heritage of our residents intact for future generations. Thank you for making southwestern Colorado resilient in the face of change and for supporting our work – we can’t do it without you. Yours in Conserving the Treasures of Southwestern Colorado,

Juniper Katz Executive Director

Deb Gardner Board President

2. 2011 Land Trust Alliance, 2010 National Land Trust Census Report

MLC Fall 2011 5

pdate Acres Protected by Montezuma Land Conservancy 40,000

2012 Protected Acres: 34,114 30,000








Balance Sheet & Charts


Expenses by Program 2011



Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Grants and accounts receivable Investments Net property and equipment Total Assets

$116,435 $68,795 $755,177 $7,304 $947,711

$125,882 $47,510 $867,347 $5,246 $1,045,985

Liabilities & Net Assets Accounts Payable & Payroll Liability Total Liabilities

$14,099 $14,099

$8,810 $8,810

Net Assets Unrestricted Restricted or Board designated Total Net Assets

$143,080 $804,631 $961,810

$212,370 $645,067 $866,247





Land Protection



Land Protection

MLC Spring 2013


2012 Supporters: Thank You! If you have given in 2013, you will be acknowledged in our next newsletter.

2012 Easement Donors

Dan and Anita Fernandez James Hoffmann, Sam Hoffmann and Mary Lou Murray Richard Morris McClellan, Richard Dean McClellan For a complete list of easement donors, visit: easement-donors/

Land Stewards ($1000 and up)

Andrea Diehl and Rob Steuer Arch and Laura Brown Betty and Eric Janes Beverly and Douglas Capelin Chuck and MB McAfee Doug and Deanna Bagge M Deborah Corley and Gary Whiteside Mary Lyn and Richard Ballantine Nancy and Robin Strother Nancy and Vince Lee Pete Skartvedt Rich and Liz Salem Roland and Joan Hoch Sam Hoffmann and Mary Lou Murray Southwest Seed Sue Anschutz Rodgers

Land Guardians ($500-$999)

Allan C. Beezley, P.C. Angus McAlpin Betty Love and Dave Nichols Bill and Ann Fair Ecosphere Jane Dillard Lynn and James Price Michael and Jennie Hay Preston Peggy and Tony Littlejohn Ricky Lightfoot and Melissa Gould Sylvia and Warren Lowe The Kearns Family Foundation Trail Canyon Properties

MLC Spring 2013 6

Leaders ($250-$499)

Allan Beezley Archie and Mary Hanson Carolyn Johnson and Kevin Cook Chris Herrman City Market CARES Jim Murray and Jerri Katzerman John Wood and Shirley Powell Kathy and James Merrill Katy and Kevin Essington Margaret JohnsonGaddis and Robert Gaddis Mark Varien Mary and Phil Kemp Mountain America Jerky, LLC Norton Appraisal Services, Inc. Ray Williamson and Carol Carnett Sharon and Mark Walker Terry and Cindy Schupp

Sponsors ($100-$249)

Ami Fair Barb and David Rightley Barbara and Chris Eastin Barbara and Jim Ellson Barbara Lang and Art Todd Betty and Dean Wolcott Bob Bolin and Michelle Hegmon Carole Grunberg Chris and Nancy Babbs Chuck and Sally Cole Darla and Harold Welty Deborah Pate and John Forrest Don and Charlotte Lawless Eric & Catie Freels Exxon Mobil Foundation GOFF Engineering & Surveying, Inc. H&W Investments Harolynn Dyer Howard and Zadra Culp Huddleston Land Surveying James and Susan Mulligan Jean Howe

Joel and Pat Kantor Joel and Winifred Sharp John Fielder Julie Bell and Scott McDermid Justin and Brad Tafoya Kathryn and Richard Fulton Ken and Joyce Stevenson Ken and Susie Francis Kent Holsinger Kevin and Nancy McGarigal Kristin Haber Kye Hall La Mona and M.W. Price La Plata Archaeological Consultants Laura Chambers-Kersh and Micah Benson Lee Bergman & Peggy Tennyson Linda and Bernard Bell Lori and Don Raney LouAnn and Robert Ball Mark Shea Mark Tucker Max Dicken Pat Klock Patricia Flint Lacey Penny Welch and William Southworth Ray and Sammie Coulon Richard and Marjo Westerman Rick Corbitt Robyn and Bob Bragg Rosemary Hopkins Ryan Brown San Miguel Open Space Commission Sarah Harper Burke and David Burke Sarah Syverson and Janette Harrell Shelley and Kenneth Curtis Stephen Subber and Chris Huggett Susan MacLaughlin Third Sector Innovations Tim and Deborah Parker Tim and Lori Cooper Todd and Kate Kearns United Way- Valley of the Sun

Friends ($50 to $99)

1st Southwest Bank Alan and Rose Bernholtz

Alexander Lukens Betty Ann Kolner Bob and Diane McBride Carol and Alan Bensman Carol Nichols Carolyn and Paul Staby Charles Steen and Debra Docter Chris and Walt Stramel Chuck and Terri Forth Cindy and Chris Barnhouse Cliff and Jamie Stephens Dan and Janet Wood Dan Brodkowitz and Susan Localio Dan Perlman David Scott Deanne Carlson and Michael Goldman Deb Silverman and Paul Stirniman Dennis Green Diane Cherbak Dick and Betty Perry Dottie Peacock Ed and Sheryl Merritt Eileen Barrett and Sam MacBride Eleanor and Donald Wolf Financial Services Recruiting, Inc. Gregory Daniels and Margriet Schnabel Helen Rohrbaugh James and Karen Mischke Jamie Wells and Mike McGinnis Jean and Charles Peterson Jeanne Collette and Elizabeth Stateman John Godbey Joyce and Kent Alexander Julie Crawford and Jim Dryer Karol and Jim Kleidon Laurel Rematore Laurie Webster Lee Bennett Leslie Sesler and Tim Hovezak Linda Towle Mariah Tree Farm Mark Pearson Mary and Kerry O’Brien Melissa Churchill and Rick Clay

Mimi Pribble Scott and Earl Scott Pat Redburn Patsy and Kenny Smith Phil and Jean Hocker Robert Stockfish Rose Jergens Sally and David Primrose Sue and Gary Gnas Thomas Schillaci Three Boats Tree Farm William and Nancy Ivy William Johnson

Annual Members ($30-49)

Aaron & Shawna Chubbuck Amy and Jay Loschert Art of the Southwest Barb and Dick Barker Bonnie Maddex Brad Waltman Bruce Johnson Carolyn Landes Charlieen and John Patton Dave Finlay Dave Huber David and Carol Grenoble Don and Lasell Becker Doug and Patti Embree Duncan and Linda Rose Dustin Cole Dylan Schwindt Erica Olsen Fiona King Guy Lone Eagle Gilleshammer James Treat John Corzette Joyce Kramer Julia and Michael Garratt Karen Kristin Kathleen Turnbull and Richard Jost Kay and Rex Nelson Kevin League & Cedar Brown Larry Bruckner Leonard and Jeanne Cain Lew Matis Lois Stein LouAnn and Chris Burkett Madeline Williams Marilyn Colyer Mark Reider, ESQ

Matthew and Mini Clark Megan and Andrew Waterman Myrna Bloch Nancy and Robert Marion Naomi Reddert Rita Jeanne Caffey Rocky Wilson and Pat McClenny Steven & Julie Rogers Sue and Bill Hensler Tim Kearns & Siste O’Malia Tom Yoder and Danielle Desruisseaux Wayne Rice

The Abundant Life Allan C. Beezley, P.C. C.A.R.E. Citizens State Bank of Cortez Cliffrose & Tierra Madre Herbs Cortez Adobe Animal Hospital Custom Calligraphy and Frame Dolores State Bank Fraley & Company Katz Web Services Southwest Restoration Services Tuffy Security Products

MLC Legacy Fund

Bronze Sponsors

Dave Nichols & Betty Love Deb Gardner and Peter Robinson Doug and Deanna Bagge Juniper & Zack Katz Karen Holmgren & Alan Carroll Linda Honeycutt Phil & Mary Kemp Vince & Nancy Lee

In-Kind Donors

Allan C. Beezley, P.C. Elsa Love Katz Web Services, Inc. KSJD Osprey Packs Rollin M. Lunders Southwest Restoration Services Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC William B. Love Appraisals

Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Clif Bars Kleen Kanteen Osprey Packs Patagonia Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Harvest Beer Festival Sponsors Gold Sponsors

City of Cortez C.R.E.A. Kokopelli Bike & Board KSJD Montezuma Dolores Title Co. Osprey Packs

Silver Sponsors

1st National Bank of Cortez

Absolute Bakery & Café Bill Barrett Corporation Community Banks of Colorado Ecosphere Greenline Equipment Johnson Physical Therapy and Rehab, P.C. Keesee Motor Company Mancos Valley Bank McElmo Ventures Mountain America Jerky Pepperhead Restaurant ProBuild Robinson Consulting and Design Stone Free Farm Tafoya Barrett and Associates PC Wind River Timberframes


3 Rivers Brewery Carver Brewing Co. Dolores River Brewery Durango Brewing Co. Main Street Brewery Moab Brewery Ouray Brewery Ska Brewing Steamworks Brewing Co.

Beer Festival In-Kind Donors

Baymont Inn & Suites Best Western - Turquoise Inn Cortez Journal Darnell Bane & MCHS Art Honor Society Durango Party Rentals Edible San Juan Mountains Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters Jeff Mobley Lanmark Productions Le Pew Porta-Johns Inc.

Lewis-Arriola Fire Protection Michele Martz, SongHaven Farm Rent-All Rentals Slavens True Value Super 8 TNT Ice West Slope Liquors Zuberfizz

Silent Auction Donors 4 Corners Riversports A to Z Storage AppleGirl Farm ARAMARK Parks and Destinations Art & Accents Barbara Grist Photography Basin Co-op Beehive Betty Schneider BettyAnn Kolner Bill & Sue Hensler Bill Proud Photography Billy Jo Moffat Photography Black Diamond Body By Design Box Canyon Lodge Camel’s Garden Canyon Framing Canyon Trails Ranch Carol Martin Jewelry CASA Chavolo’s Mexican Resturants Choice Building Supply Chuck & MB McFee Cliffrose Come Dance Tonight Cortez Massage Therapy Cortez Vision Cowboy Forge Creative Sparks Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Custom Calligraphy & Frame David & Pati Temple Desert Sun Coffee Dolores Food Market Dolores Liquors Doug and Jan Parker Dunton Hot Springs Durango & Silverton Railroad & Museum Envy Erin Johnson Ethel Murphy Fahrenheit Coffee Flying Pig For the Birds Geisinger Feed Grains General Palmer Hotel Greenline Equipment

Guy Drew Vineyards High Desert Health James Mischke Janet Chanay Photography Jason Blarkenship Jill Lawson Yoga John Mumaw John Wood Forged Ironwork Juniper and Zack Katz Kelly Baldwin Design Ken & Sue’s Kim Lindell, RMT Let it Grow Lew Matis Lois Stein Lotsa Pasta Lou Swenson Love on a Hanger Mancos Artisans Mesa Verde Museum Association, Inc Moab Folk Festival Mountain America Jerky Mystic Sage Massage Nathaniel’s Master Hat Maker Once Apon a Sandwich Osprey Packs Outdoor Research Pam Telleen Patagonia ProBuild Raven House Gallery Redwood Llamas Rico Hotel and Argentine Grille Rocky Mountain One Stop Sam Perry San Juan Coffee Sideshow Southwest Colorado Concerts Southwest Seed Inc Spirit Shadow Studio Spruce Tree Coffee House Stone Free Farm Stonefish Sundance Bear Lodge SunSpirit Sutcliffe Vineyards Telluride Outside The Heart Path House The Ice House Vibrant Pet Viva Salon Wolf Creek

Ami Fair Betty Janes Brian Kelley Chuck Thomas Courtney Hart Dana Jensen Dave Nichols David Burke Deb Gardner Doug Roth Edwin Ellis Eric Freels Eric Triplett Garreth Martins Greg Weiss James Mischke Karen Holmgren Karen Winchester Katie Koppenhafer Kellie Willis Kelly Weinmeister Kelsy Woodson Lara Blair Larry Easterling Levi Smith Liliana Argento Linda O’Dell Lynn Soukup Lynndee Beller Marianne Mate Mark Wiechmann Mary Kemp Mike Coyle Mike Morehead Nathan Ross Pam Telleen Patrick McCoy Peter Robinson Phil Kemp Reed Larson Sam Mix Ray Coulon Sarah Harper-Burke Shauna Jensen Shawna Chubbock Topher Uriah Hubbard Vangi McCoy Vince Lee Zack Katz

Note: paid entry to the Harvest Beer Festival is not considered a charitable donation by the IRS.


Aaron Chubbock Abby Gulick Allan Carol Alma Ross

MLC Spring 2013


2013 Member Picnic Where

Redburn Flying R Ranch


Sat, June 29 • 12:00 - 3:00pm

What to Bring

Folding chair, sturdy footwear, and be prepared for afternoon showers.


Drive North from Dolores 16 miles on Highway 145. The turnoff is on the right marked by a ranch gate with “Flying R.” Continue past the ranch headquarters to the picnic site near the Dolores river.

A Board Member Returns…Experienced! Dan Fernandez, Director, MLC Board of Directors In January of 2013, Dan Fernandez re-joined the MLC Board. Dan is no newcomer to the Conservancy; he served on the Board of Directors from 2008 to 2010, when he left the board to pursue a conservation easement. After experiencing a conservation project from a landowner’s perspective (see the cover article about his easement), Dan decided it was time to rejoin the Board and share his unique perspective. Welcome back, Dan!

Lara Blair: Volunteer in Profile If you attended the Harvest Beer Festival last September or the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January, you were likely greeted by Lara Blair.


The first thing you notice about Lara is how friendly she is. Her positive attitude and generous spirit are evident, and are great assets in a volunteer.

Feel free to bring a friend!

Originally from Nicaragua, Lara and her family moved to Cortez three years ago. When not volunteering, Lara enjoys mountain biking, camping, cooking and entertaining.

Please RSVP by emailing, or calling 970-565-1664 before June 25. Please no visits to the property other than for the picnic; this is private property.

“Please join Pat Redburn and MLC for our annual member picnic at the iconic Redburn Flying R Ranch.”

– Juniper Katz

Thank you, Lara, for all you do for MLC!

Wish List

• We’ve made giving easy: you can find all the items we need on our Wish List:

• Portable projection screen • Conference room table and chairs for 14 • New server computer to replace outdated one that is on its last legs • Portable Easels • Canopy Tents MLC Spring 2013 8

Photo credit: Cortez Journal

Staff Updates Jeff Weinmeister, Operations Manager MLC staff and board welcome local resident Jeff Weinmeister to the team as Operations Manager. Jeff first worked for MLC as a contract Event Planner for the Harvest Beer Festival in 2012. He became a full-time staff member in January and will continue to coordinate the Beer Festival as well as tackling many other tasks for the Conservancy. Jeff brings over 15 years of management experience to the Conservancy with such diverse organizations as the Salt Lake Organizing Committee of the Olympic Winter Games 2002 and the Walt Disney Company. Jeff is a native of Colorado and holds a BA from Colorado State University and an MBA from Rollins College of Business. Although new to the conservation community, Jeff is an animal-lover responsible for the care of a diverse menagerie of creatures including ducks, guinea fowl, chickens, quail, dogs, alpacas, goats, three cats and a giant Flemish rabbit.

Amber Johnson In November of 2012, Amber Johnson left MLC for Tillamook, Oregon to take a position with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Amber is a wildlife biologist by training, and she was excited to return to her primary field of interest. Amber was with MLC for five years working mostly in the Stewardship department. During that time, Amber revamped our Stewardship program, led the way with our silent auction at the Harvest Beer Festival every year, and kick-started our now annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival. We wish Amber the best!

Robyne Cote Robyne Cote was with the Conservancy since 2008 and left at the end of last year. She provided crucial support for fundraising and administrative tasks. Robyne’s great attitude, background in animal husbandry, and her artistic bent served MLC well. Robyne kept things running smoothly at the Conservancy in countless ways and always brightened up the office with her positive attitude and sense of humor. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of MLC.

Will Kirk, Intern This summer, Montezuma Land Conservancy will host Will Kirk, our first intern. Will is in the Juris Doctor program at Vermont Law School in the graduating class 2015. Will is slated to assist MLC in a variety of important work, including conducting site visits on existing conservation easements as well as assisting Jon Leibowitz, Land Protection Fellow (and Vermont Law School graduate), on completing due diligence and other tasks associated with completing conservation easement projects. Before attending Vermont Law School, he earned a B.A. in History from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. A proud Southerner, he was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and is passionate about conserving our natural lands while encouraging our youth to develop a meaningful connection with the natural world. Vince and Nancy Lee (Vince is a MLC board member) have generously offered to host Will during his time in southwestern Colorado – thank you Vince and Nancy! MLC Spring 2013


Check Out Our New Easement Map! Our 2013 service area map adds our latest easements and includes surrounding counties. We changed the color scheme to make it easier to read, and we added important designated land areas such as Wilderness Areas and Wilderness Study Areas. Finally, you will notice that we include state-owned land and conservation easements held by other organizations. D C ol a o n re yo s n R W iv S e A r

Uncompahgre National Forest

Montrose San Miguel





¬ « 141


¬ « 62

¬ « 145

Mt. Sneffles Wilderness

¬ « 141


San Miguel Dolores

McKenna Peak WSA

£ ¤ 550


Sa nJ

Sa nM

Lizard Head Wilderness

ua n


Lone Cone SWA


£ ¤ 491

¬ « 145

Lone Mesa State Park

San Juan National Forest W


We m Wil inuch der e nes s


C C .A ro .N ss .M C . a an n yo d n


San Juan


£ ¤ 491


Canyon of the Ancients National Monument ¬ « 145

£ ¤ 550

La Pl a ta


La Plata

¬ « 184


£ ¤ 160

S A ef









Mesa Verde National Park

£ ¤


Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation

Webber Mtn. WSA



£ ¤ 160

Ute Mountain Tribal Park 0





20 Miles

£ ¤ 550

Updated January 2013

Easement Held by MLC Easement Held by Other National Park National Forest


BLM Land State Land Tribal Land

MLC Spring 2013 10

Local people protecting local land.

Creating Sustainability: The MLC Legacy Fund Montezuma Land Conservancy achieved an important milestone in 2012: we crossed the $100,000 mark in our Legacy Fund! The MLC Legacy Fund was established to ensure the sustainability of Montezuma Land Conservancy as an organization, and as a partner to landowners in perpetuity, by generating earnings to support the current and future operations of the Land Conservancy. At its current level, the Legacy Fund is contributing about $4,000 a year to our Annual Operating Fund, which is a great start. Former staff member Dave Nichols and former Board Member Linda Honeycutt were integral to getting us over $100,000. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Legacy Fund in 2012. By donating to the Fund, you can be a part of this growing legacy. The Fund provides a future income stream to support MLC’s operating expenses so we can continue to partner with landowners to accomplish conservation. It is our policy not to spend the principal of the fund1, so you can know your contribution will go on forever­—just as the land we protect. If you want to make a donation to the Legacy Fund, please mail in your tax deductible gift in the remit envelope provided, or you can donate online at: Please indicate that you would like your gift to go to the MLC Legacy Fund and thank you!

1. There is an emergency provision in the Fund policy that allows for the principal of the fund to be used in special circumstances with Board approval.

Stewardship Corner With the spring temperatures, MLC is gearing up for our annual site visits with landowners. With the departure of Amber Johnson, former MLC staffer, Dave Nichols and wife Betty Love have stepped up to fill this need. Dave and Betty will be contacting about a third of our easement landowners to set up appointments for visits. The remaining easements will be monitored by existing staff, Juniper Katz, Jon Leibowitz, Jeff Weinmeister, and intern Will Kirk. Thank you to all the landowners who attended our biannual Landowner Dinner in Dolores. Special guest, Martin Moses, Private Lands Wildlife Biologist, presented information about resources available to landowners and land managers for improving agricultural infrastructure and practices as well as habitat enhancement opportunities. If you missed the dinner and are interested in learning more, please contact Martin at: (970) 259-3289 x 113 or e-mail him at:

MLC Spring 2013 MLC Spring 201311 11

Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit # 18 Cortez, CO 216 W. Montezuma Ave Cortez, CO 81321

2013 Event Schedule Dolores River Festival June 1: Joe Rowell Park, Dolores CO Land Appreciation Week June 8: Guided Hike (Location TBD) Member Picnic (see Page 8 for details) June 29: Redburn Flying R Ranch Harvest Beer Festival September 7: Parque de Vida, Cortez

2012 Annual Update Spring 2013 Newsletter

Montezuma Land Conservancy 2013 Spring Newsletter  

Spring 2013 MLC Newsletter

Montezuma Land Conservancy 2013 Spring Newsletter  

Spring 2013 MLC Newsletter