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Cable Beach West Branch of Toastmasters International Club 6796 Region 8, District 47, Division I, Area 80

Volume 1, Issue 1 October 2009



TM Wentworth Stubbs, DTM

TM Marcia Cooper




TM Kendrick Knowles Jr., CC/ALB




TM Nadia Hope Johnson, ACB/ALB

“Achieving through Commitment, Integrity and Excellence” The Mission of Toastmasters International Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is basic to this mission that Toastmasters International continually expand its worldwide network of clubs, thereby offering ever-greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its programs. Page 2

The Mission of the Club The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.


The Cable Beach West Branch

Toastmasters Club 6796 Region 8, District 47, Division I, Area 80 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: From the Desk of the President


Editor’s Corner


Club 6796 Installation of Officers


Club 6796 Honours First Patron


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Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest


First Quarter Church Service


World Champion of Public Speaking Chosen


First Quarter Highlights


Congratulations Corner







FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT A TIME FOR GROWTH Growth – that’s the word everyone wants to be associated with. It represents a movement from one situation to another. It defines movement, expansion and change. There are only two sides to an existence in this three dimensional world in which we live. They are growth and stagnation. If one is not growing, he is in a state of stagnation. There is no neutral ground. Growth exemplifies life. Stagnation is the path that leads to death. It is a law of nature that all growth is brought about by addition or accretion. Stagnation begins with immobility or inertness which leads to staleness. This is the first stage of dying. Which one of these situations describes your present experience as a Toastmaster? Put another way, which one do you choose to be your reality? The choice is yours. I do hope that you have chosen growth. In order to grow as a toastmaster, you must constantly be exposed to new and positive life-changing academic, mental and emotional material. Your initial learning when first coming into the programme is really only the first step toward your growth as a toastmaster. This first step includes completing the CC manual, the AC manuals and participating on the educational programme. Expansion begins when you take on the role of leadership – leadership at both club and District levels. Perceptible growth begins when one actively participates in seminars that

provide recurrent training in all the various communication and leadership series by Toastmasters International. Then REAL growth takes place when one begins to be actively involved in teaching and mentoring others in the programme. We learn best what we teach! Fellow Toastmasters, in order to expose members to all aspects of the toastmasters growth experience, a bold initiative has been taken, by Club 6796, to sponsor a series of communication and leadership series training seminars for the first six months of the 2009/2010 toastmasters year. The objectives of facilitating these series are twofold: 1. 2.

To prevent stagnation; To facilitate the highest standard of growth for members active in the programme. I am certain that any member of Club 6796 that is ambitious and serious about his/her career as a leading, dynamic toastmaster in Bahamas Division I will embrace this rare opportunity to grow in all aspects of the programme. Remember, as YOU grow, so will Club 6796. The converse is also true. If you are stagnant, so will be the Club.

TM Wentworth A. Stubbs, DTM - PRESIDENT

EDITOR’S CORNER “Achieving through, commitment, integrity and excellence...” These are monumental yet simple words that have created and can continue create a GREAT difference in the goals and the implementation of goals set forth by our executive team. This first quarter has proven the axiom “Don't judge each day by

the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” I look forward to an even GREATER year as we c o n t i n u e t o m o ve f o r wa r d remembering our theme and humble creed, “Achieving through, comm itment, integrity and excellence.

TM Kendrick Knowles Jr. CC, ALB - VP Public Relations Page 4


Installation: Treasurer's Thoughts Undoubtedly speech is one of the most important assets we possess as individuals. This year, not only has the toastmasters’ organization provided me with the opportunity to develop and enhance my speech, but also I was allowed to develop my leadership skills in the capacity as treasurer. At the installation ceremony our Area Governor, TM Denison

Balfour , read my roles and responsibilities as treasurer. I accepted this oath and It is one that I do not take lightly, I look forward to a successful tenure as treasurer, and in keeping with my duties admonish all members of club 6796 to pay their dues in a timely fashion, so as to assist in the quality programmes we will produce this year.

TM Vanessa Gibson - Treasurer Page 5


TM Sharnette Ferguson, DTM

Words Of Wisdom “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” - Winston Churchill “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.” - Randy Pausch “The Unprepared Speaker has the right to be afraid.” - Ralph C. Smedly “A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool speaks because he has to say something.” - Plato Page 6

New Member Profile TM Crystal Rolle is our Newest member she shows great promise and is excited and interested in contributing to our club. She desires one day to become a Distinguished Toastmaster.

CLUB 6796 HUMOROUS SPEECH AND EVALUATION CONTEST CLUB 6796 SHOWCASES TALENT: Humorous Speech Contest: 1st Place - TM Marcia Cooper 2nd Place - TM Nadia Hope Johnson ACB/ALB

In March of this year I embarked on a journey of toastmastership that has undoubtedly, in a mere 6 months, proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in developing and fine tuning my leadership and communication skills. This program has shown me that with initiative, devotion, and willingness to learn and achieve, one is steadily on the right path to success. To date I have completed 6 phases of my CC manual and should have it completed by the end of October, and the CL should also be completed soon after. I have taken on the role of secretary becoming a part of the executive team, the driving force behind the club and I am truly happy to be serving the club in this capacity as it also gives me good leadership experience. I graciously look forward to serving as secretary for the rest of this 20092010 year. It has so far been a wonderful experience. I have been able to participate in the Humorous Speech Competition at the club and area level. Being apart of the competition was fantastic and gave further evidence that I am growing through the program as I won the humorous speech contest at the club level and came second at the area level. I have adopted club 6796 as my extended family and through my membership I look forward to learning from those before me and to the continuous growth I expect to achieve from the program. I would encourage anyone to join as it is never too late to develop excellent leadership and communication skills!

TM Marcia Cooper

CLUB 6796 SHOWCASES TALENT: Evaluation Contest: 1st Place - TM Kendrick Knowles Jr. CC/ALB 2nd Place - TM Nadia Hope Johnson ACB/ALB

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First Quarter Church Service

The first quarter Church Service was a huge success. A great presentation was given to us by Mr. D. Paul Riley.

WORLD CHAMPION OF PUBLIC SPEAKING - 2009 Mark Hunter, a school principal and coach from Brisbane, Australia, has claimed the title of World Champion of Public Speaking with his speech titled, "A Sink Full of Green Tomatoes." Second- and third-place winners of the W orld Championship of Public Speaking were Mary Cheyne of Somerville, Massachusetts, for "Nelly" and Erick Rainey of Portland, Oregon, for "Feed the Right Dog." The contest took place at the Toastmasters International Convention in Mashantucket, Connecticut, on Aug. 15, 2009. Page 8

Club 6796 First Quarter Highlights

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Condolences go out to: • TM Karen Dean on the passing of her Aunt • TM I. Chester Cooper on the passing of his Mother. Birthday Greeting’s go out to all Celebrating Birthdays in the First Quarter: • TM Vanessa Gibson - July 17th • TM Richard Desmangles - July 22nd • TM Alma Evans - July 25th • TM I. Chester Cooper - July 29th • TM Anthony Gibson - August 4th • TM Erica Sweeting - August 4th • TM Theophilus Claridge - August 14th • TM Nickollete Eldon - August 11th • TM Mark White - August 18th • TM Monique Carey - August 26th • TM Sharnette Ferguson - August 27th Page 10

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Congratulations goes out to: • TM Wentworth Stubbs on receiving his leadership excellence award. • TM Wentworth Stubbs on receiving his Competent Leader Award. • TM Charles Hunt on receiving his appointment as Magistrate.

Toastmasters 6796 Newsletter 1Q-2009-2010  

Toastmasters 6796 Newsletter 1Q-2009-2010

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