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COLLEGE NIGHT College Night is the most honored and beloved tradition at UM. It has no rivals for first place in the affection of students and alumni who consider it their unique contribution to the academic world. The origin of College Night is closely associated with UM’s transition from a secondary school to a college. The class of 1919, observing, “Now our school is becoming a college, we have begun to take up college stunts,” held the first College Night on March 3, 1919. Oral tradition has it that College Night began as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. The performance was divided into four parts, each given by a class. Purple and Gold, as designations for the rival teams, were first used in 1921 as a part of the celebration of the school’s 25th birthday. These first performances were held in a dining room on an improvised stage. College Night remained a dining-room-situated event until Feb. 23, 1927, when one performance was given for students in the dining room, and a second for the public was given the following month in Reynolds Hall. College Night performances changed to Palmer Hall upon its completion in 1930. The program itself has changed with the passing of time. After early experiments, the evening’s activities included, from each competing side, a toast, a pep song, a slow song, a stunt and an impersonation, interspersed with music and rallying cheers. No major changes occurred until 1950, when student leaders and faculty advisors decided that College Night needed a unifying theme. It was agreed that each side would give one original production into which all songs, drama, comedy, dance or any other feature would be integrated into one piece. College Night, the highlight of each UM school year, is best explained: “If you have never lived through one,” a former leader wrote in 1931, “never cried, laughed or sweated through one, know this. It is the crest of the wave of college spirit. It is the high spot that will stand out in your mind as meaning college when all the rest has faded.” (Excerpted from History of Alabama College by Dr. Lucille Griffith, Professor Emerita of History.)

CONCERT AND LECTURE SERIES Distinguished speakers, lecturers and artists present concerts, lectures and plays. Many of these programs are presentations of the Concert and Lecture Series. These presentations are in addition to the plays, concerts and lectures by theatre, music and dance groups and individuals within the University.

COUNSELING SERVICES Main Hall Central, Lower Level Phone: 205-665-6245, Fax: 205-665-6255 Website: Email: Josh Miller, Director of Counseling Services Whether this is your first semester on campus, you are preparing to graduate or you are somewhere in between, college can be challenging. The Counseling Services Office is here to help! The staff understands the pressures of being a college student and is available to meet with you. All services are free, confidential and are available to all currently enrolled, degree-seeking students. Services include individual and group counseling. These services can help you as you learn to deal with relationships, live away from home, balance a variety of responsibilities and handle everyday life, among other things. In addition to individual and group counseling, emergency assistance services are offered to help with financial, food and other immediate needs in those unpredictable and unforeseen situations. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, stop by the lower level of Main Hall or call 205-665-6245. For more information about our services, visit counseling-services.


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