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14 Hook a Book Lover. Ten clever ways to get your kids reading. by Janeen Lewis

P.O. Box 806 Pacific Grove, CA 93950 831-582-1373

16 Parents Coaching the Coach. Parents behaving badly on the sports field has become all too common. Don’t become one of “those” parents by learning why it happens and how to avoid bad behavior with your child’s coach. by Cheryl Maguire


18 Weekend Getaway to Solvang. A weekend visit to this adorable Danish community is a sure recipe for relaxation. by Andrea Breznay Publisher Andrea Breznay abreznay@ 831-582-1373

20 Spring Break Camps. Your children will have a fun-filled spring break at one of these twelve camps.

Sales Executive Cherilyn Miller cmiller@ 831-582-1770

2020 22 How to Choose a Sleep-Away Summer Camp Your Kids Will Love. If this is the summer your children attend sleepaway camp, we have suggestions on how to find the right fit. by Kimberly Blaker

Cover Photographer Michelle Findlay Contributing Writers kimberly blaker andrea breznay tanni haas janeen lewis cheryl maguire tricia vlasak rob weisskirch

24 Summer Camp Safety 101. As you’re getting the kids ready for camp, take some time to think about these safety concerns. by Tanni Haas 26 Summer Camp 2020. It’s time to start thinking about summer camp. If you’re looking for a summer camp to fill the days, we have some pretty awesome choices for you.

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34 Camp Memories. Adults share how attending camp shaped their lives. by Cheryl Maguire

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Ready, set, summer camp


Reid Giedt, MD

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and associates

Tonya Blakemore, MD

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We are excited to welcome Jennae Lee, M.D.

Almost like clockwork, we get to March, and the conversation starts to turn to “what are we going to do with the kids this summer?” We’re here to help! This month we begin our 3-issue series of summer camp issues. On pages 22-35, you’ll find helpful articles offering information that will get you started on the journey to choosing the perfect camp for your children. On pages 26-32, you’ll find listings of featured camps. These businesses and organizations have their camps all planned and are ready to register your child. The quicker you make your decision, the better the chances that you won’t be disappointed to find out that your chosen camp is filled. More summer camp information is coming in the April and May issues. You can also check our summer camp directory at for updated information. In other big camp news, we’re giving away six weeks of camp. Thanks to generous sponsors (All Saints’ Preschool, Carmel Youth Center, Central Coast YMCA, MY Museum, and Thomas Farms Films), six lucky families will win a week of summer camp. You can get more information about the contest on page 15 and then enter to win just the camps you’re interested in at The contest will run from March 1-April 15, and winners will be selected by random drawing. We haven’t forgotten about Spring Break Camps. Check out the listings on pages 20-21 for options for spring breaks in March and April. There are also lots of other informative non-camp articles in this issue–advice to help your children become readers (pages 14-15) and an important article about children’s sports and the difficulties facing coaches (page 16-17). Finally, I had a wonderful trip to Solvang recently and report on what to see and do in the delightful little village on pages 18-19. Have a wonderful March!

Jennae Lee, MD.

Comprehensive pediatric outpatient care at the office and inpatient care at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

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Andrea Breznay/Publisher

on the cover Mia Holguin is 9 years old and is a homeschooling learner who lives by the beach in Monterey. Mia’s mom Jen recently started Intention Advising, LLC to support students and families with college planning, and dad Joey is an IT Director at the Defense Language Institute. Photo by Michelle Findlay 831-262-9192


In California, all kids count. Children should be included on your 2020 Census form—and not just children related to you, but any kids that live at your address. That means your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and the children of any friends or relatives staying with you. Babies count, too! Even if they’re still in the hospital, as long as they were born on or before April 1, 2020, make sure the person completing the Census for your address includes them on the form. For more information about the 2020 Census, visit



Mindfulness and Fathering If you want to be more effective, more attuned to your kids, less reactive, take the time to be a mindful dad.

Father’s day by Rob Weisskirch


ometimes, dads of older children, teens, or adults comment to me that I should enjoy parenthood when children are little because childhood goes by so fast. This comment is usually shared when I’m in the middle of reprimanding my child or reminding her of expected behavior. I always think this is a strange comment that makes me think that I am not displaying sufficient “joy” in interacting with my kid at that moment. There are activities in which I relish the time we spend together--playing at the park, when she is laughing uncontrollably, when she wants to share some discovery, or even wrestling on the couch. But, then there are the times that feel like I’ve been sucked into a time vortex of a never-ending loop of saying “brush your teeth” over and over again. I know mindfulness is all the rage-where you are supposed to become aware of your actions and gently accept your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Mindfulness is about being conscious of your reactions, accepting them, and not becoming overwhelmed by them. When I’m in one of these time vortices, it is hard to step back, feel the joy of being together, and not yell, “Just brush your teeth and go to bed.” At the same time, there are times when I am particularly “mindful” in my interactions. I know I have to display emotions and say certain things to mold my kid into the decent person I want to see in the world. I mindfully have to become an excellent actor in communicating urgency and consequences to a child acting like a

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sloth getting ready for school. The reality is that there are few consequences to arriving a few minutes late. However, I know that she does better when she gets a few minutes on the playground, is able to chit chat with others before entering the classroom, and learns the value of punctuality. So, my wife and I become the sloth wranglers getting our daughter clothed, fed, and groomed for her benefit. There are other times when I have to suppress my laughter at something she is saying or doing that are inappropriate for the time or place. Announcing that she heard and smelled someone’s fart at Target, commenting on the various food products and bodily substances potentially staining her new shirt, and her “big girl” dancing that looks like she is ejecting a spider from her pants push the limits of me keeping a straight face and being a mindful dad. Internally, I’m laughing at the absurdity of the situation. The truth is that kids are naturally mindful, existing in the moment and supremely aware of what is happening in their thoughts and feelings. Now, they may not have the depth of understanding as an adult or self-control, but when a kid is sad, mad, happy, silly, excited, etc. they know and show. They display the excitement of being in the moment of finding a particular bug or finding a shell on the beach. In that moment, I believe they recognize the specialness of their find that most adults cast off as ordinary. Often, parents voice words of excitement or reinforcement of the uniqueness of the find, helping them experience being mindful in a brief interaction. Validating that feeling of specialness supports the child’s growing sense of wonder.

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“Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow!”

Zero to Three, an advocacy and policy institute for children ages zero to three and their families, suggests five ways to be mindful as a parent: 1. Listen to your child with your full attention. 2. Accept your child (and yourself) without judgment. 3. Imagine your child’s feelings and match your response. 4. Manage your own feelings and reactions. 5. Show compassion for yourself and your child. I’d like to think I have that much self-control and selfawareness that I engage in these practices with regularity. But, I don’t. As dads, there are multiple pressures and demands on us that often pull us away from really being there in the moment with our kids. Think of how often being tired, checking your phone, catching up with your romantic partner, getting food on the table, cleaning up a mess, and fixing stuff hijacks your attention and effort. There are few opportunities to sit back, take a deep breath, and reflect on the strange, complicated, messy, experience of being a father. If you want to be more effective, more attuned to your kids, less reactive, take the time to be a mindful dad. Robert (Rob) S. Weisskirch, MSW, Ph.D., CFLE is a Professor of Human Development at California State University, Monterey Bay and is a Certified Family Life Educator. He and his wife are parents to a chatty 5-year-old daughter and reside in Marina. MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020

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Summer Fun With Grandma and Grandpa

grandma says by Tricia Vlasak

There are many ways grandparents can participate in their grandchildren’s summer fun. Grandparents can help out with camp pick up, pick up the tab, create a “Grandma Camp” or even attend camp with their grandkids. Read on for some suggestions on filling the summer with fun for both of you.


echnically, it is still winter–what passes for winter in sunny California–but soon it will be time for parents to start making plans for summer. Often the plans include a summer camp. I remember summer camp as a kid. It was the stereotypical summer camp experience: six kids to a room, lots of sports, lots of crafts, terrible food, and lots and lots of bugs. At the time, most of us couldn’t wait until the week was over. Looking back, though, summer camp is one of those hazy, nostalgic childhood memories — a rite of passage of childhood. I can still smell the mix of sunscreen, chlorine, and pine trees. As grandparents, we have the opportunity to be a part of those warm, happy summer memories for our grandchildren. For working parents, sometimes the desire to help your children experience summer camp clashes with work obligations. When I still had young children, getting them to their camp of choice and picked up in the afternoon was a challenge. I usually had to use my vacation time to do it. Day camp hours never work well


with a traditional work schedule. If it hadn’t been for help from my parents, my kids would have lost out on many experiences like YMCA outings, baseball camps, and leadership camps. Providing transportation help or a couple of hours of child care after camp could make a big difference in your grandchild’s summer experience. Also, if you’re able, offering to pay for part or all of it can take a considerable burden off the parents. For grandparents who live too far away to be a part of daily operations, what about starting a summer tradition? Grandma and Grandpa Camp! Keep the grandkids for a week or two this summer and plan some fun. Water parks, trips to the lake or beach, libraries, museums, movie days, crafts… there are so many fun things to do; you’ll run out of days before you run out of activities. If you and your partner are energetic and able, consider expanding that “Grandma Camp” to include all of the grandkids. This gives kids the invaluable opportunity to spend recreational time with their cousins. As the grandparents, remem-

ber you get to make the rules–limited technology sounds like a great place to start. Have you ever heard of summer camps where the grandparents attend with the kids? I hadn’t either until I started looking online for ideas for my time with my grandkids. Many facilities label them as “intergenerational programs,” offering opportunities for grandparents to bond with the natural world and their grandchildren. They are provided all over the country and in Canada. There is even one close by in the Sequoia National Forest. They aren’t cheap, but I can’t imagine a more fantastic memory to create with those precious kids. After researching information for this article, I’m planning on taking my granddaughter to one in Minnesota. There are even companies that have all-inclusive touring trips (called multigenerational adventures) in the states and abroad geared toward grandparents and their grandchildren. You could have a fantastic experience with your grandkids that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Grandparents have the unique opportunity to play a huge role in the lives of their grandchildren. The advantages to the children are profound and well-documented. However, what we often forget is that being an involved grandparent is also good for us. Studies show that being a grandparent plays a significant role in brain health. One study in Australia found that grandmothers who spend one day per week caring for their grandchildren had the highest cognitive performance of all participants in the study. Spending time with your grandkids keeps you social, keeping loneliness, depression, and isolation at bay. Grandparents who are involved with their grandchildren are more physically active and, generally, enjoy better health than their noninvolved counterparts. So get out there and let your grandkids bring out the kid in you again! tricia vlasAK is a mother, grandparent, and wife. She works in law enforcement when she isn’t writing about parenting, hiking with her dogs, or going on Jeep adventures.


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EGGSTRAVAGANZA Saturday, April 4

11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

FACE PAINTING • BALLOONS & MORE Located in the courtyard outside Macy’s.

Children 12 and under are invited to hop over and collect eggs from participating merchants. Bring your camera to capture special memories with the Easter Bunny at this FREE event.



Register near Guest Services in Macy’s courtyard to receive your scavenger map to collect eggs, while supplies last.

Join the Easter Bunny near Pottery Barn and march alongside as he hops through the mall. The parade ends at the Garden Courtyard near H&M.

12:15 – 2:00 p.m. EASTER BUNNY PHOTOS Garden Courtyard near H&M.

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EDUCATION by Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts

Writing Assignments, Study Methods, and Kindergarten Social Skills

Ways to Jumpstart a Writing Assignment Question: My son in fifth grade is not doing well on writing assignments. It’s like pulling teeth to get him started. I am willing to work with him. What should I be doing? – Helpful Answer: Your son may well be slow in starting a writing assignment because he is unsure of how to approach the task. This is an area in which you can help him. A common problem is selecting a topic when this is left up to a student. Sometimes just too many topics are appealing. You can help by having him write his top choices on cards. Then discuss together the merits of each topic and eliminate them one by one. If he can’t make a final decision, have

him shuffle the remaining cards and then draw one at random. Getting the first words on paper is often a roadblock in the writing process. It can help to have your son write all his ideas on cards. Then he can lay them out on the floor and place related ideas together. You will probably have to help your son find the most important idea, which will serve as his topic sentence. Once this is selected, the other groupings of topics can be arranged in the order they will be used. Within each grouping the ideas can be arranged in their order of importance. A Tried and True Study Method That Really Works Question: My son, who is the fourth grade this year, is struggling to understand his social studies and science

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textbooks. The poor kid tries so hard and is always willing to read his textbooks. In his reading class, he is actually reading on grade level according to his teacher I don’t know why he never seems to understand what he is reading in social studies or science. How can I help my son improve his reading comprehension in these areas? – Puzzled Answer: Reading problems can crop up any time, even for children who are generally good readers. The most common times are at the start of fourth grade, when they start reading content materials, and at the start of middle school or junior high, when the amount of reading greatly increases. In order for children to understand what they read they must become ac-

Serendipity Pre-School LLC We open the eyes and hearts of children to the wonder and discovery of learning.

• A quality educational program for children ages 3 to 5 • Full and part-time preschool and Pre-K classes • Serving Peninsula families since 1981

831-375-9743 1231 Seventh Street, Monterey, 93940 MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020

tive readers. Here is a good way to help your son improve his comprehension of both social studies and science materials. It is called SQ4R and may even have been taught to him in school. A more detailed explanation of SQ4R can be found on our Dear Teacher website under Skill Builders - Study Skills. Because SQ4R takes time to use at first, you need to guide him through it for several weeks in both textbooks. Here are the basic steps he needs to learn: 1. Survey: Read headings and subheadings. Look at all illustrations. Read captions under illustrations. Read chapter summary. 2. Question: Write a question for each heading and subheading in an assignment. 3. Read: Read only the material under a heading or subheading to find the answer to each question. 4. Recite: Recite the answer to any step 3 question. 5. Record: Write down the answers that were recited in step 4. 6. Review: Review after all questions are answered. Recite the answers to each question. Repeat this step the next day, a few days later and before a test. Social Skills Needed for Kindergarten Question: My only child did not go to preschool. How do I know if she has the social skills needed to start kindergarten? – Worried Answer: Social skills are an absolute must for success in school. While kindergarten teachers do not expect children to behave like miniature adults, they do want them to have most of the following skills. Your daughter should be able to: • Approach others positively. • Express wishes and preferences clearly. • Assert her own rights and needs appropriately: Give reasons for actions and positions. • Express frustration and anger effectively without escalating disagreement or harming others. • Gain access to ongoing groups at play and work. • Make relevant contributions to ongoing activities. • Take turns fairly easily. • Show interest in others. • Negotiate and compromise with others appropriately. • Not draw inappropriate attention to self. • Interact nonverbally (smiles, waves, nods) with other children. Parents need to be warm and loving with their children if they want them to get along with others. They also need to have certain rules of social behavior that they expect the children to follow. Do not panic if your daughter does not have all of these skills. There is still plenty of time for her to gain most of them before she goes to kindergarten. Hopefully she is having some interaction with groups of children. This can help her acquire needed skills. To speed things up, she could participate in programs at libraries, churches and parks departments. Parents should send questions and comments to dearteacher@dearteacher. com or to the Dear Teacher website. MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020

SUMMER DAY CAMP TK - 8 grade th

Call your local branch or

CAMPS visit



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EDUCATION by Janeen Lewis

Hook a Book Lover 10 Clever Ways to Get Kids to Read One of the most important things parents can do is raise a reader. Successful reading leads to successes in academics and gives kids a solid start in life. In fact, recent research shows that kids who read at least 15 minutes a day have accelerated reading gains. But no matter how diligent parents are at supporting reading, sometimes kids resist. Books have to compete with those oh-so-scintillating devices, video games and TV streaming apps.

Why not shake things up a bit and try some stealthy ways to hook a book lover? The following te ideas are sure to win over the most reluctant reader.


Free Stuff! If your kids don’t believe you, ask Siri or Google “free stuff kids can earn by reading” and oodles of free items will pop up. By merely recording the titles they are reading, my own children have earned these things free: Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas, frozen yogurt, books from Barnes and Noble, and amusement park tickets. One time my son turned in the most reading logs in our local summer reading program and got to be interviewed on the radio by a DJ. She gave him a basket of goodies including movie tickets for our whole family.


Let the books out. Don’t cage them up on the shelves! When my son was eight, he announced that he didn’t want to read non-fiction books because they bored him. I checked out a big stack of nonfiction titles from the library and in my most nonchalant voice said, “You don’t have to read these, but I think I will. They seem very interesting.” I strategically placed the books throughout the house, concentrating on his favorite places. That kid read every book by the end of the week. Research shows that kids from print-rich homes are better readers, but it helps if the books, magazines and newspapers are out where kids can see them. Put bins and baskets of books in the bathroom, in the car, and spread out books with inviting covers all over hard surfaces in your home.


Reward with extra bedtime reading. Have you noticed that your child who has a plague-like aversion to reading during the day suddenly develops a fondness for reading when it’s time for bed? Why not embrace this motivation and let your child earn extra reading time at bedtime? If he or she reads for a specified amount of time or reads a certain number of books, extend lights out for a few minutes -- as long as your child spends that time reading.


Make your book nook the envy of the neighborhood. Think: tent with twinkle lights. Plump pillows.



Comfy chairs. Make your child’s reading space as comfortable and inviting as you can. The most original reading space I’ve seen was at a school. It was a model of the fictional Narnia ship Dawn Treader. Kids climbed a ladder to a reading nook on top that was cushioned with carpet and pillows. But you don’t necessarily have to get fancy–sometimes what adults think is simple is a kid’s reading castle. When my children were young they draped a sleeping bag over the footboard of our queen-sized bed. Extending it from the back of the bed, they lapped it over a chair and then curled up with their books in the “reading fort.” When reading time was over, we put everything away. Another fun thing my kids have done is build a “reading cave” with old moving boxes.


Make it a double feature. Every year new films come out that are inspired by books. If your child wants to see a movie that was based on a book, have them read the book first and then rent the movie and watch it together. Compare the two, and have your child explain which he or she liked better, the movie or the book.


Get graphic. Umm. . . I’m talking graphic novels here. They may not be the conventional kind of books parents grew up with, but they may draw your child into reading. And while you are mixing it up, let them read comic books. Oh, and throw in some audio books and let them read on a device sometimes. Imagine all the possibilities that might engage your child in reading.


Let them order a magazine subscription. I let my daughter have a magazine subscription, and she chose “Ask Magazine” for science and art lovers. She reads every edition repeatedly, quoting facts and digging further into topics like poisonous plants and venomous animals. Magazine subscriptions that come specifically for the kids of the house make them feel grown up and tempt them to read. Some good ones to try: Ask, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, Cobblestone, Ladybug and Highlights.


Tickle a funny bone. From Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to Peggy Parish’s Amelia Bedelia, or

Sara Pennypacker’s Clementine, a funny story is a good way to hook a book lover. And if you read a humorous book with your child, you might find yourself chuckling along, too.


Let there be light. Come on, don’t be so stuffy! Let them read with a flashlight under the covers. Or, there are a plethora of really cool reading lights in today’s universe. Headlamps are a unique option, and there are even book lights that keep track of minutes read.


Be a rock star reader yourself. Carve out time daily for your child to see you pouring over the paper, curling up with your favorite book, or discussing a tidbit from a magazine. Model a reading life, and your child will be more likely to embrace the same literature-loving values. Janeen Lewis is a writer, teacher and mom to Andrew and Gracie. When she’s not trying to tame the whirlwind that is her life, you’ll find her curled up with a good book.

Win a Week of SUMMER

1. All Saints

Preschool camp for ages 3-5. Winner can select one week.

5. MY Museum

2. Carmel Youth Center

One week of camp which runs from June 29 - July 3rd. For ages 6-8.

Select one week out of seven themed options. Open to ages 5-13.

6. Thomas Farms Films Filmmaking camp for ages 5-13.

3. Central Coast YMCA One week of day camp at Salinas location. Open to ages 5-15.

4. Central Coast YMCA One week of day camp at Monterey location. Open to ages 5-15.

Enter to win at Random drawing will be held April 15. For full list of rules, see website.



Parents Coaching the Coach I

By Cheryl Maguire

officially became a “soccer mom” last year when my eight-year-old daughter enrolled in soccer. She loves playing the sport and interacting with the other girls on her team. Being part of the team has entailed traveling to other towns. Sometimes we have witnessed other games in progress while waiting for her game to begin. I’ve been shocked to see parents yelling in an aggressive manner at either kids or the coach. In Braintree, Massachusetts, a girl’s basketball high school coach quit due to parent complaints. The coach helped bring the team two back to back Division 1 state championships and had a 63 game winning streak, yet the parents were still dissatisfied. Research at the University of Maryland found 53% of parents reported feeling angry during their child’s soccer game. This is an issue in many towns across America caused by various factors.

ing about their child’s playing time. The coach became tired of dealing with the parent complaints and eventually resigned. Studies found people tend to bully online since they are not held accountable. Social media and email messages lack a person’s tone or body language causing miscommunication. Also if a person sends an angry message, the person receiving the message can read it over and over again resulting in hurt feelings.

Social Media: In Braintree, the parents created an email exchange complain-

High Cost of Sports: Participation in sports can be expensive. Players are


High College Costs: According to College Data, public college tuition can cost an average of $24,610 per year and private college averaged $49,320. With the high costs of colleges, many parents want or need their child to receive scholarships. The pressure of winning a scholarship from playing a sport has created parents who either have unrealistic expectations or become angry when their child isn’t participating.

required to purchase sports gear and usually pay a fee for being on a team, even in public schools. According to research at University of Michigan Health System on average, a player had to pay a $125 participation fee and $275 for sports equipment and travel. Thirty years ago when a child played baseball often the team shared a helmet and bat. Now most players have two bats, their own helmet, batting gloves, and a baseball bag. When a parent pays these high costs, they feel they should be getting their money’s worth and when their child doesn’t play, they can get angry at the coach. Parent Personality: Research by Goldstein, found control-oriented parents are more angry and aggressive during their child’s sporting events than autonomy-oriented parents. A control-oriented parent is a person who is concerned about other people’s opinions and motivated by external forces whereas an autonomy- oriented parent is driven by their own goals. During games the control-oriented


parent tends to take things personally. For example, if a coach pulls their child from the game, this type of parent may feel it is a personal attack against their child rather than an impartial decision by the coach. Parents Vicariously Living Through Their Child: Often parents relive their childhood experiences through their children. If a parent was unsuccessful at a sport and their child excels in this sport they might experience the feeling of success they never could as a child. Research by Brummelman found parents who see themselves in their child want their child to fulfill their unfulfilled ambitions. This may cause parents to pressure their child to succeed and parents to become angry when their child makes mistakes during the game. If the parent feels their child isn’t getting enough playtime they may become angry at the coach as was the case with the Braintree coach. Unrealistic Parent Expectations: Parents can hold unrealistic expectations about their child’s abilities while playing sports. A parent may consider their child to be the best on the team or think their child will be a professional athlete one day. This viewpoint can cause conflicts between the parent and the coach. Cheryl Maguire holds a Master of Counseling Psychology degree. She married and is the mother of twins and a daughter. Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, Upworthy, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings and Twins Magazine. You can find her at Twitter @CherylMaguire05


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Most coaches volunteer or are paid a small stipend. The coach is usually interested in helping your child and their team have a positive experience. When you are on the sidelines refrain from criticizing the coach or players. Your role should be to support the team. If you have an issue with another parent or coach speak to the person directly about it and refrain from using social media to air your grievances. Before speaking to the coach allow yourself time to calm down by waiting 24 hours after the incident. Also, schedule a time to meet with the coach instead of trying to speak with the coach after the game. Playing on a sports team should be a fun experience for your child and the coach. Try to put things in perspective and remind yourself this game is for your child, not you. When you get angry at the coach you are ultimately hurting your child by causing embarrassment and resentment. Research by Omli & Wiese-Bjornstal found kids prefer supportive parents rather than angry ones at sporting events. There is no “I” in the team. A coach tries to make decisions based on what is best for the team not just your child. When you tell your child what to do from the sideline, you are implying they don’t know how to play the game. If you tend to get angry easily, practice anger management techniques such as deep breathing, or counting to 10.

What can you do to prevent your coach from quitting? • If a parent complains to you about the coach encourage the parent to discuss it directly with the coach. • Be respectful of the coach. • Offer to assist or help out with practices or communication with parents. • Praise the coach when he/she is doing a good job. • Show gratitude for the coach. A simple thank you can mean a lot.



ou made it through the holidays, a rainy January, a busy February, and now you’re ready for a break. If you’re thinking about a quick weekend away that is genuinely relaxing, we have a suggestion for you: Solvang. Just a little over 200 miles from Monterey, Solvang is an easy drive south on 101. Solvang is Danish for “sunny field” and is located in the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County. The city was founded in 1911 by a group of Danes who traveled west to establish a Danish community. Initially, most of Solvang was built like any other western town with commercial buildings sporting false fronts. After World War II, interest grew in the concept of a Danish Village, and facades in the Danish Provincial style were added. The first of Solvang’s four windmills were built in the 1940s. Visitors to Solvang are drawn to the windmills, the statue of Hans Christian Anderson, The Little Mermaid replica, the half-timbered houses, and the restaurants and pastry shops serving Danish specialties. Wine tasting rooms are a relatively recent addition. We spent a warm February weekend in Solvang and found the little

town to be thoroughly charming. It’s a great place to spend one or two nights. It’s not an action-packed destination: think boutique shopping, plenty of delicious food and wine, and strolling the town’s downtown. Solvang is a place where the sidewalks roll up when the sun goes down. And, sometimes, that’s precisely what the doctor ordered! Our one-night visit was a stop along the way back from a business meeting in LA. We arrived on a Friday at 5 pm and checked into the Corque Hotel on Alisal Street. The Corque is a medium-priced hotel with large rooms that would comfortably accommodate a family of four. There are no namebrand hotel chains in Solvang, but there are quite a few boutique options. We took note of the Solvang Alisal Cottages across the street from our hotel. These adorable cottages come complete with a front yard with rope swing, picket fence, and full kitchen and would be great for a larger family. We took a quick stroll after arriving to orient ourselves to the town and realized that almost everything closes at 6:00 pm. Some of the restaurants are open for dinner, but many are breakfast and lunch only. We were in town for “restaurant week,” so we took ad-

The first of Solvang’s four windmills were built in the 1940’s.

The Old Mission Santa Ines, the first European settlement in the area, is a must see.




by Andrea Breznay 18


vantage of that and had a pre-fixe dinner at Root 246 on Alisal Street For just $22, we had a 3-course meal that included a choice of appetizers, entrée, and a dessert. With a glass of wine, dinner for two was less than $70. There are no fast food options in Solvang, so if you’re looking for something quick and cheap, you’re going to need to drive a few miles to Buellton. Saturday morning, we were up early to be first in line at Paula’s Pancakes. A short 10-minute walk from the hotel, Paula’s is legendary and for a good reason. We ordered the Danish pancakes, thin, plate-sized buttermilk pancakes served with fruit, and sprinkled with powder sugar. The pancakes were heavenly: light, and slightly sweet. Breakfast perfection! By the time we left the restaurant around 9:00 am, there was a long line forming. The rest of the morning was spent strolling around the Solvang downtown. There are plenty of souvenir shops, as well as a handful of stores selling specialty food items. Candy shops are everywhere, including The Swedish Candy Factory, where you can watch Polkagris (a type of Swedish taffy) being made entirely by hand. Ingeborg’s Chocolate Shop is another “must stop” where you’ll find mouthwatering handmade chocolates that are produced in the little kitchen behind the shop. We found time for a visit to the Elverhoj Museum. The Elverhoj, the former residence of one of Solvang’s artistic families is now a community museum dedicated to the history of the town, Danish-American heritage, and the arts. Inside there is a photo exhibition with the town history and a recreation of a period Danish home. It’s more geared for adults, but little ones might enjoy seeing the wood-

en shoes and “old-time” furniture and rooms. There is also a sweet dollhouse complete with furniture. The highlight of our morning was a visit to The Book Loft on Mission Street. The first floor is a lovely independent bookstore with a nicely curated selection of current books, including popular Danish exports. The real treat is on the second floor, where the Hans Christian Andersen Museum is housed. A variety of exhibits highlight Andersen’s life and work. We were lucky enough to meet Kathy Mullins, the lovely woman who has owned the bookstore and museum for over 50 years. She’s still at her desk on the second floor almost every day and is a wealth of information about Solvang. Leaving The Book Loft we headed to the Old Mission Santa Ines. The Mission was founded in 1804 and was the first European settlement in the area. The mission grounds afford beautiful views of Santa Ynez River Valley and walking tours of the buildings and grounds are available. Leaving Solvang for Monterey mid-afternoon, we had one final stop: Industrial Eats in Buellton. The restaurant had come highly recommended, and after scouting it out online, we knew it was a must stop. It’s located in an industrial park just outside of town, and it was packed when we arrived at 3:00 pm. Things moved quickly, and the food was so delicious (the Pan Bagnat is easily the best sandwich we’ve ever tasted!), and the servers so friendly that we didn’t mind the wait. We left Solvang carrying a bag of spices, chocolate, and Polkagris. Solvang is a perfect weekend destination because nothing cures stress like pancakes, a glass of wine or two, friendly people, and a book of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.


FAMILY FUN in SOLVANG The most recommended Solvangarea attractions for families: Hans Christian Andersen Park features a wooden playground and a skate park. There is a music-making station and a rock-climbing wall. 775 Atterdag Road, Solvang Ostrich Land is a 33-acre farm with 100 ostriches and emus. The animals roam freely, and you can feed them with purchased feed. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for under 12. The feed is $1. 610 Highway 246, Solvang Quicksilver Miniature Horse Farm is located between Solvang and Ballard and is open daily from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is free to walk around and pet the horses. 1555 Alamo Pintado Road, Solvang 805-686-4002 Solvang Danish Days are held in September and include three parades, Danish folk dancing and musicians performing all around town, a Viking encampment, and rock concert. Solvang’s Julefest is held throughout December and is a month filled with lights, a variety of events, and lots of holiday cheer.

For the ADULTS:

The Solvang Stomp is in October and is a celebration of the annual Santa Ynez Valley wine harvest. Enjoy a traditional grape stomp, sip wine, and enjoy the Lucy or Ricky Ricardo look-alike contest.


Summer Camp


$295 per week | Discounts for siblings & multi-week Open to boys & girls ages 5-17 | Scholarships available All Equipment Provided Including Wetsuits Ocean Skills • Boogie Board • Surfing • Beach Soccer

Register online at

2020 JRGA PGA Sports Summer Academy Monterey Peninsula Unified School District and some area private schools will be on Spring Break from March 16-27. Other area schools are on spring break in April. If you’re looking for a spring break activity for your children, here are the local businesses and organizations offering camp. Carmel Youth Center

June 22-26; July 8-12; July 6-10; July 20-24; Aug. 3-7 Half Day $299 (12:00-3:30) • Full Day $449 (12-5pm)

Sign up before March 31 to get 10% off Register Today!

KsuImDmerS CAMP City of Seaside's

City of Pacific Grove Recreation Dept. PRE-SCHOOL July 6 - 24


June 8 - August 4




The break camp in April will be Brick Builders & Engineers Camp!!!!!! The whole week will center around building with LEGO-style bricks and will feature LEGO challenges, lego STEM activities, lego art and more!!! The week will include daily trips to the park, a beach day, movie day and more!!! The full week of camp is $155. Hot lunch option is an additional $25. Early registration is highly recommended as this camp is expected to sell out. For additional information please call #831-6243285 or email 831-624-3285


It’s springtime fun with the City of Pacific Grove Recreation Dept’s Springtime Adventure Camp. Campers will take walking field trips to local parks daily. Activities include recreational games, movies, sports, arts & crafts, music, and more. Runs daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

with extended care available. 302 16th St, Pacific Grove

City of Seaside Recreation Dept.

Camp activities in the fullday camp at Oldemeyer Center are designed for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. During their week at camp children will experience crafts, indoor and outdoor games, sports, swimming, mini golf, and an exciting excursion. Day camp runs from 3/16-3/20 and from 3/23-3/27. In addition, a spring cheer camp will be held at Soper Community center and a spring Multi-Sports Camp will be at Cutino Park. The fee for any of the camps is $97 for city residents and $120.75 for non-residents per week, per child. Oldemeyer Center 986 Hilby Ave, Seaside Recreation-Services

Elite Gymnastics

Mini spring break camp will be held March 18-20 and spring break camp will be


April 13-17. Lots of fun with games, relays, crafts, and gymnastics and tumbling. 726-A La Guardia St., Salinas 831-754-1113

MEarth Carmel

A week-long day camp for campers in grades 3rd5th. Campers will get to explore MEarth’s ten-acre habitat, through garden to table snacks using edible native plants and fresh garden ingredients, art activities using natural materials, practice being eco-stewards and engage in STEAM challenges. Program cost is $350/week or $75 per day. Hilton Bialek Habitat 4380 Carmel Valley Road Carmel,

Monterey Recreation

Recreation leaders will supervise children in arts, crafts, indoor and outdoor games, and more. Children should bring a bag lunch, snack will be provided. Two sessions will be held: March 16-20 and March 23-27. The fee is $200/week for non-residents and $175 for city residents. Hilltop Park Center 871 Jessie Street, Monterey Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center 735 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, Monterey-Recreation

Monterey Recreation Spring Camps

Field Sports Camp and Baseball/Softball Camp are scheduled for March 16-20 and March 23-27. Field sports is open to ages 4-13 and Baseball/softball camps is for ages 4-10. Fees vary for camp and for age. Both camps are held at Via Paraiso Park. Hilltop Park Center 129 Via Paraiso, Monterey Monterey-Recreation

Progress Not Perfection

For the weeks of March 1620, March 23-27 and April 6-10, Progress Not Perfection is offering full week camps. Open to boys and girls ages 6-12. Camp runs from 9 am-2

pm and includes all supplies needed for each project and painting created each day. Children may be dropped off as early as 8:30 am and picked up as late as 5:00 pm at an additional cost. 125 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove

Rising Star Gymnastics

Active fun camp for ages 4-11 held daily from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Ninja tricks, gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, open gym, and games daily. 2024 Del Monte Ave Ste E, Monterey, 93940

READING CAMP • July 13-24

Reading camps for preschool and elementary students who would like a headstart in reading instruction or support for reading difficulties. Literacy Kickstart Camp is for preschoolers and early elementary students. (Monday-Friday, 9:00-10:30am) Reading Booster Camp is ideal for elementary students who need support. (Monday-Friday, 11am-12:30pm) To register call 831-204-0019 or email

Monterey Bay Speech Therapy, Inc. 170 17th St, Suite B, Pacific Grove


SPCA of Monterey County

SPCA’s popular programs offer children a unique mix of fun and educational handson experiences that nurture compassion, a respect for all living things, and make a difference for the animals in our care. Sessions are $55 each and a different workshop is offered daily from March 1720. 1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway, Salinas,

Spring Break Camps: Mini Spring Day Camp - March 18-20 Spring Day Camp - April 13-17 Summer Camps: #1 June 15-19 #2 July 6-10 #3 July 27-31

Call now for details!

The Wahine Project

Offering 4 weeks of camp in March and April. Open to ages 5-17. Participation in ocean play, boogie boarding and surfing. All equipment will be provided along with wetsuit if needed. Participants will be broken up into age groups to provide an amazing time at the beach, make new friends and be inspired to help take care of the sea. A rashguard and reusable tote bag are included.

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(831) 754-1113 Camps for Boys and Girls 5-13 Years Members & Nonmembers

ELITE GYMNASTICS ACADEMY 726-A La Guardia St., Salinas

Building Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Champions Since 1993!

YMCA of the Monterey Peninsula

The Y provides a safe and nurturing environment where children will learn the values of caring, honesty, and responsibility. Led by trained Y staff, break camp will provide your kids with fun and inspiring activities. 600 Camino El Estero, Monterey



grandma says by Tricia Vlasak


How to Choose a

Sleep-away Summer Camp

Your Kids Will Love Whether you’re looking for enrichment for your child, a way to keep your kids occupied and supervised while you work, or need a short reprieve from parenting, there’s sure to be a summer camp that’s the right fit for your child and family. THE BENEFITS OF SUMMER CAMP Summer camp offers kids plenty of benefits, and many kids thrill at the idea of going away to summer camp. Still, for some kids, particularly those who are shy, introverted, or homebodies, the thought of going away for a night, let alone a week or more, can cause considerable anxiety. When kids are adamantly opposed, forcing summer camp on them may not be in their best interest.

But for kids who are eager – or at least willing to give it a shot without much fuss – summer camp offers opportunities kids may not have elsewhere. Summer camp provides kids the following benefits: • fosters independence • a place to develop new and lasting friendships • development of new skills • discovery of new interests and hobbies • the opportunity for creative expression • a break from being plugged-in • daily exercise • improves their self-esteem • teaches kids to work with others • makes them feel part of a community


JUNE 15-19




JULY 27-31

MYM Members $300/child | Non-members $335/child ages 6-8

CALL 831.649.6444 TO REGISTER MY Museum| 425 Washington Street | Monterey, CA 93940


By Kimberly Blaker •

prevents or reduces summer learning loss

GETTING STARTED IN YOUR SEARCH Before you begin looking into summer camps, create a list of the criteria you’re looking for. Here are some things you’ll want to consider. • What is your budget for camp? • What is the purpose of sending your child to summer camp? • Do you want a resident (overnight) or a day camp? • Are you looking for a short-term (week or two) or summer-long program? • Do you want a camp that’s very structured or one that provides your child with lots of freedom?

Outdoor Adventures

• Discovery Camp (ages 8-12) • Outdoor Leadership Train­ing (ages 13-16) • Wee Ones in the Woods (ages 4-7) • Condor Wilderness Camps (ages 13-17) • Weekly homeschool classes (ages 4-12) Scholarships available on a sliding scale.

For dates, more information, or to enroll, visit us at: or call



What are your child’s passions, such as a particular sport, hobby, or other interest? Once you’ve narrowed down some of the criteria, you can begin your search. Visit www.summercamps. com, where you can search by zip code or category. The American Camp Association (ACA) accredits summer camps. So this is another excellent place to look. The ACA educates camp owners and directors in health and safety for both staff and campers as well as program quality. It then accredits camps that meet the ACA’s standards. NEXT STEPS TO FINDING THE PERFECT SUMMER CAMP Once you’ve selected a few summer camps that meet your criteria, and that fit your child’s interests, share the choices with your child to see what excites them. Be sure to let your child know that you still need to thoroughly investigate the camp(s) before making a final decision. But do keep your child’s choices in mind to ensure your child gets the most out of camp.

Once you and your child have narrowed the list down to a manageable selection, you’ll want to investigate the camps further. There are several things you’ll want to consider. 4 What are the staff’s qualifications? Many summer camps use teens to staff the camps. Teens make excellent mentors and can bring liveliness to summer camp programs. However, the programs themselves should be developed by professionals and have professional oversight to ensure kids are getting the most from their camp experience. 4 How does the camp ensure your child’s safety? Find out what kind of safety training the camp provides its staffers. Also, is there staff on hand at all times that knows CPR? What are the camp’s procedures in the event your child has an accident, or an emergency? 4 What is the daily schedule for campers? Ask for a daily itinerary, so you know your child will be getting everything

you and your child anticipate from the program. 4 What are the rules? Each camp has its own set of rules. So, find out whether your child is allowed to call you. If it’s a summer-long residential camp, can parents come and visit? Can kids bring along a cell phone or electronics? Also, how much money can they bring, and how is it managed? DON’T SWEAT IT Keep in mind, although there are many great camps, no camp is likely to offer everything precisely the way you want it. Just choose the one that best fits your child and satisfies your most important criteria. Remember, your child will have many summers to come and plenty more opportunities to work in more exciting camp experiences. Kimberly Blaker is a freelance lifestyle writer. She’s also founder and director of KB Creative Digital Services, an internet marketing agency, at

The American Camp Association is a community of accredited camp professionals. Their website offers camp search tools and information at

serious fun It’s a girl thing.

Summer at Santa Catalina

Monterey, CA • 831.655.9386 • MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020


Summer Camp

Safety 101


s you’re getting the kids ready for one of the year’s absolute highlights – summer camp – teach them how to stay safe while they’re having fun. Based on my own experiences as a parent of summer campers as well as conversations with other parents, here is a list of some of the most important safety concerns. Field Trips Many summer camps take the kids on day or overnight trips, which can be great fun. To avoid any accident driving to and from their destinations, teach your kids proper behavior while on board a vehicle – stay seated at all times and buckle up – and ask the camp whether the vehicles are inspected regularly by qualified mechanics. Also ask the camp how field trips are managed. Are campers split into smaller groups? How do the counselors communicate with one another? What is the counselor-to-camper ratio? Is there a buddy system? What is the emergency protocol if a camper is lost? Hiking Another popular activity in many summer camps is hiking. Summer camps are often located in beautiful surroundings, so it only makes sense to take the kids on a hike. Pack a pair of hiking boots with good traction so that your child’s feet stay steady on the ground. Remind them not to take

2020 24

any unnecessary risks, like walking too close to cliff sides or running when they should be walking. It’ll get the other kids’ attention, but it’s dangerous and not worth it. Medical Information Kids do get sick at camp. Hopefully, it’s not going to be anything serious. But to be on the safe side, provide the camp with a detailed health history, including illnesses, injuries, operations, allergies and current medical problems (if any). Review the facilities and activities for anything that might trigger medical/allergic reactions. Give the camp copies (front and back) of your hospital, medical and dental insurance cards. Finally, make sure that the camp has a well-staffed and well-equipped medical station, know their procedures for dispensing medication, and explain to your kids who to alert if something is wrong with them. Sun Screen Sun safety also means teaching your kids to put on sun screen whenever they’re about to go outside and to reapply it throughout the day. Buy some sun screen before camp starts and make your kids try it to ensure they don’t have any adverse reactions to it. Swimming Most kids love to splash around with their friends in the camp swimming pool, if there is one. It’s a source of endless fun, but it can also be dangerous if they don’t know basic water safety and how to swim. If your kids aren’t already proficient swimmers, sign them up for swimming lessons before camp starts and encourage them to never engage in dan-

gerous activities like holding someone else’s head under water. Ask the camp what it does to enforce water safety? Is the pool always supervised by lifeguards who’re trained in CPR? Does the pool have rescue equipment like life jackets and a shepherd’s hook to grab kids who may be drowning? Is play time organized by proficiency level so that beginners and advanced swimmers aren’t in the pool at the same time? Water Few things are as important as teaching your kids to stay properly hydrated all day. It’s hot outside, they sweat a lot, but they’re having fun so they often forget to drink at all or as much as they should be drinking. You don’t want them to get dehydrated or, worse, get a heat stroke so shop together for a water bottle that they like and remind them to fill it up throughout the day. Find out what the camp counselors do to ensure that the kids stay hydrated. Do they remind them to drink? Do the campers have regular water breaks during the day? Water Sports The same safety concern applies to water sports like boating and jet skiing. Your kids need to understand how important it is to wear a life jacket at all times when they engage in any water sports. They should also understand never to dive in shallow water or participate in other dangerous activities. Tanni Haas, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders at the City University of New York – Brooklyn College.


Come to CAPA CARES open house

Summer 2020 Preview


Capa Live Stream

Daily Programming Streaming of Top National Dancers, Choreographers and Conditioning Includes Membership to

Dance on the Go “CAPA GO” App

Surf’s Up Ages 8 - 18

1/2 Day Train 1/2 Day Surf

Learn More Meet the Teachers and Sign-Up! Reserve Your Spot Schedule Online: Summer2020 833-600-CAPA (2272)

First 15 Students Enrolled in CAPA Cares Summer 2020 Receive a CAPA T-Shirt, Bag and Sticker Arts & Crafts, Dancing, Moving, Grooving, Singing, Surfing and CAPA GO Streaming.


AGES 4 -6 • Your Inner “Super Hero” • Breakfast at Tiffany’s Princess Dance and Tea Party. Includes: • Mind My Manners 2-Day Workshop AGES 6 - 9

Hip Hop AGES 8 - 18

Ballet Camp Silks Camp Music Camp Sing Camp


2020 It’s time to start thinking about summer plans for the kids. If you’re looking for a summer camp to fill the days, we have some pretty awesome choices for you!

Be sure to check our summer camp directory at for comprehensive information on summer camps. Adventures in Writing Authors, teachers, and musicians are teaming up to help students fall in love with writing. Adventures in Writing Camp is a two week camp that allows elementary campers to write, edit, and publish their own eBooks, and middle-schoolers to create their own blogs. Campers learn and create under the guidance of credentialed teachers, musicians, and authors. Lessons are delivered as songs. New writing skills are practiced by writing (family-friendly) rap songs. It’s all designed to give your child a positive, confidence-building experience with writing All Saints’ Day School 831-624-9171 • Join us this summer for some fun in the sun at the All Saints’ Preschool Camp. Geared towards children ages 3-5, the emphasis of the program (which will operate for nine weeks from Monday, June 15 through Thursday, August 13) will be on engaging each child, and inspiring them as they explore developmentally appropriate games, skits, songs, and crafts. Children must be potty trained. Carmel Academy of Performing Arts 833-600-2272 • Dance, music and movement camps for ages 4-6, 6-9, and 8-18. Balanced program offering students a variety of dance styles, theater experience, music lessons. Carmel Youth Center 831-624-3285 • The Carmel Youth Center offers a dynamic and fun program for children ages Kindergarten through 8th grade. Each weekly camp has a theme and the daily activities and events are correlated to that theme. Each day of camp offers tech-free ‘brain time.” Plus, club time where children choose from sports, cooking, coding, art and garden, drama and more. There are daily walking field trips to the park. Summer Camp is open 7:30 - 5:30 daily. Central Coast YMCA 831-757-4633 • Salinas, South County, Watsonville, San Benito, and Monterey The Y provides a weekly themed day camp experience, complete with outdoor fun and quality supervision that is perfect for the camper in your family. The focus of this camp will be on developing social skills, teamwork, self-esteem and an appreciation for the environment. Campers are exposed to an interactive curriculum including values, reading and health and wellness. Activities include field trips, on-site guest speakers, indoor and outdoor games, recreational swim, nature activities, family events and so much more.



NEW Summer Theatre Programs for ages 6 to 18

create...INNOVATE! Special Theme • Jedi Training • Wizarding Camp • Pirate Play • Pokémon Adventures

Theatre Training • Acting • Shakespeare • Improv • Comedy

Register now at

831.425.WEST (9378)


Classes held at Osio Theater 350 Alvarado St, Monterey


Coming this summer!

2020 Chartwell School 831-394-3468 • Chartwell School’s Summer Program is academically focused and open to any student who would benefit from specialized instruction or would like to maintain progress achieved over the preceding academic year. Afternoon programs include a Math Clinic, robotics, studio art, or woodworking. City of Seaside Summer Camps 831-899-6800 • The City of Seaside Recreation Department hosts camps for preschool and school-aged youth in the summer. There are many options available such as sports, full day and half day options, cheerleading and more.

July 20-24, 2020 Monterey Park School For more information visit

The Dance Center 831-625-3262 • Summer camps at The Dance Center (TDC) offer a wide range of options for the recreational or experienced dancer. Kingdom Camp includes themed half days (dance) for rising preschoolers and kinders. Ballet/Pointe and Jazz/Contemporary intensives cater to all levels (rising 1st graders) while Acrobatics & Hip-Hop Intensives and Musical Theater Camp include rising kinders through rising 9th graders. This year will also feature an introductory cheer & pom camp. The Dance Center also offers a 6 week summer class schedule. Elite Gymnastics 831-754-1113 • Three sessions of summer camp begin on June 15. Each week-long session has a different theme and are co-ed for ages 5-13. Lots of cooperative fun, games, relays, crafts, water games, and gymnastics and tumbling. Junipero Serra School 831-624-8322 • There are two summer camps scheduled for the summer: Mission STEAM Camp, is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) inspired camp with a variety of fun learning activities for children. The second camp is a baseball camp held on the Carmel Mission baseball fields (Larson Field). MEarth Summer Day Camp • 831-624-1032 Adventures in food, nature, and community for Kindergarten through 8th graders. Early bird registration ends March 21. Monte Vista Christian • 831-722-8178 MVC is offering a full docket of summer camps for K-12 students this June and July. Optional transportation will be provided to serve students and families. Camps that focus on athletics, equestrian, and fine arts will be on the schedule.







MONDAY-FRIDAY | 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. | GRADES 7-11 Game Design • Global Citizenship Creative Writing • Design Thinking

REGISTRATION DEADLINES & TUITION $1,300 before April 30; $1,550 starting May 1 Accepting applications through May 31, 2020 9501 York Road, Monterey, CA 93940 831.372.7338 x115 OR x116

An educational SUMMER EXPERIENCE your child will love! ALL SAINTS DAY SCHOOL (CARMEL)

July 13th – 264h, 2020 M-F, 9am – 3pm* 1st – 8th Grade (833) WRITE-ON

Monterey Bay Speech Therapy 831-204-0019 Monterey Bay Speech Therapy will hold two reading camps for preschool and elementary students who would like a headstart in reading instruction or additional support for reading difficulties. Literacy Kickstart Camp is designed for preschoolers and early elementary students who are ready to work on preliteracy skills. (Monday-Friday, 9:00-10:30am). Reading Booster Camp is ideal for elementary students who need support with reading fluently, sounding out words, and spelling. (Monday-Friday, 11am-12:30pm) Monterey Recreation 831-646-3866 • Offering fun and diverse summer camps and Adventures in Writing playground programs for children to learn, Camp is open to have fun, exercise and meet others instudents an orgaentering grades 1 – 8 nized and supervised environment. Programs Hours: Pines 9am – 3pm and camps offered include Whispering Extended care available Day Camp (ages 5-9), Camp Quien Sabe Youth Overnight from 8-9amCamp & 3-6pm at locations (entering 2nd grade-15 years), Playground Program (agesmost 5-12), British Soccer Camp (ages 5-13), Flag Football Camp (ages 5-13), or Visit call (833)9-13) WRITE-ON Beach Volleyball Camp (ages 11-16), Basketball Camp (ages (833-974-8366 ) for and much more. Registration begins Weds., March 25. locations Registra& dates tion for Camp Quien Sabe begins Thurs., March 26. MyMuseum Summer Camp 831-649-6444 • Three summer sessions will be held June 1014; June 24-28; and July 29-August 2. Summer camp is open to ages 6-8. Campers will play and experiment with unique hands-on exhibits and discover new friendships. Each day offers a new adventure focused on learning through play.

* Extended care available from 8-9am & 3-6pm

Pacific Grove Art Center 831-375-2208 • The Pacific Grove Art Center is excited to bring you our performing arts camp! Children ages 4-12 will have the chance to explore the arts in many forms as they act, dance, sing and paint their way through the week. Our highly qualified instructors are experts in their genre, and have many years of experience working with children. You’ll be able to see all of the students’ work come to life in an exciting show on the final day. Camp dates are July 20-24, 9-Noon, $180 for students ages 4-12.



AGES 5-12 $200-300 PER SESSION

To register ,please visit For more information, call (831) 264-5434 or email


Progress Not Perfection Paint Parties 831-596-9194 • Kids art and craft camps will be held all summer long. Camps are open to ages 6-12 and are co-ed. Camps run Monday-Friday 9-2pm with extended care options until 5 pm. The kids will paint, draw, craft and have a blast. Rising Star Gymnastics 831-375-9335 • Offering junior camps for ages 3-5, gymnastics camps for ages 5-12, and ninja camps for ages 5-12. Active, fun-filled days to keep children busy throughout the summer.


2020 Santa Catalina Summer Camp 831-655-9386 • Open to girls ages 8-14 in grades 3-9. Summer at Santa Catalina offers 2-, 3-, and 5-week sessions with both day camp and boarding options. Activities include musical theatre, dance, visual arts, marine biology, robotics, equestrian, aquatics, surfing, sports, and much more. Shoreline Church Summer Day Camp 831-655-0100 This epic summer day camp will be held July 20-25, 9 am to 12 pm daily. Camp is open to 3 year olds through 5th graders. Register before April 15th for a $15 discount on the $60 camp fee. SPCA 831-264-5434 • Five day summer camp sessions will be held in June through August. Summer camp is open to ages 5-12. Sessions are $200-300 each. Stevenson School Stevenson Summer Camp is a five-week day and boarding program for boys and girls ages 9 - 15. The program is located on the Pebble Beach campus. The camp program is a balance of academic enrichment in the morning workshops and sports and fun through the afternoon sports program. The resident campers have additional weekend and evening opportunities, including backpacking and field trips. Stevenson Junior Camp is a day camp program for rising Kindergarten - Grade 4 girls and boys. The program is located on the Carmel Campus in a quiet residential neighborhood just minutes from the beach. The program offers special sessions including Marina Biology and Surf Camp, Equestrian Camp, and more.



Eight weeks of filmmaking camps for ages 5-18

Week 1: June 15-June 19 Week 2: June 22-June 26 Week 3: June 29-July 3

TUITION INCLUDES: • Supervised fun on an organic farm for one full week— Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Already a bargain! • Cool TF Films T-shirt. • Project-based filmmaking education making a supercool finished short film to be proud of. • All summer camps films will be screened together at the THOMAS FARM FILMS SUMMER CAMP 2020 FILM FESTIVAL in early Fall 2020. TBA. Invite all your family & friends. Fancy dress & Red Carpet. An incredible & memorable event! REGISTER NOW AT:

Week 4: July 6-July 10 Week 5: July 13-July 17 Week 6: July 20-July 24 Week 7: July 27-July 31 Week 8: August 3-August 7 * 20% sibling & multiple week registration discounts. * We now offer payment plans. * Partial and full scholarships available to those in need

Thomas Farm Films 831-612-6312 • Located on an organic farm in Aptos, CA— Thomas Farm Films is a nonprofit organization that educates children how to make movies. From script to screen, our hands-on

PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION PAINT PARTIES • STUDIO PAINT PARTIES • PRIVATE PAINT PARTIES Bring your own picnic basket We can even come to you! and wine! NOW BOOKING! S • POP UP PAINT PARTIES ARTS & CRSAFT P M Come visit us all around town. CA


Book a pa int pa Jessica Ansb rty with owner, erry today!

y ly miily m am F Fa

Fa F vorites


✯winner✯ Monterey Bay


125 CENTRAL AVE | PACIFIC GROVE | 831.596.9194 | MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020





Tia Brown Laura Jeselnick








26135 Carmel Rancho Shopping Center Suite B-6 Carmel, CA 93923

SUMMER DAY CAMP JULY 20-25 | 9AM-12PM 3-Years-Old through 5th Grade | $60 Register at Register by April 15th for $15 discount

2020 curriculum promotes creativity, self-confidence, & critical thinking…resulting in short films that are screened together at our local theater in “Thomas Farm Film Festivals!” All children ages 5 to 18 can learn the craft, as we offer partial & full scholarships for those in need. Mark Velcoff, MD Asthma Camp 831-759-1890 • Sponsored by Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Asthma Camp offers practical education with SVMHS medical staff and fun outdoor physical activity supervised by Central Coast YMCA. Generally held in mid-July, the camp is open to children with asthma 6 to 12 years old. $55 fee covers 5 days and each camper receives a t-shirt, fanny pack and interactive workbook. Ventana Wildlife Society 831-455-9514 • For ages 4-7. Small groups of up to 10 participants and two staff will enjoy a half-day of storytelling, exploring and creating. Creepy Crawlies, Feathered Friends, Tidal Treasures, Earth Day Every Day, and Super Survivor are just a few of the exciting and educational programs on the menu. West Creative Performing Arts 831-425-9378 • Create...INNOVATE! Specializing in processbased theater experiences and active learning environments that foster creativity, community, and leadership for ages 6-18. Classes held at Osio Theater in Downtown Monterey. From Jedis to Wizards to Shakespeare, we have it all so come PLAY! Space is limited, so register early and spend your summer with West! The Wahine Project 831-236-4642 • The Summer Camp session runs for 11 weeks. Camp is daily from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm at Casa Verde. Camp is open to ages 5-17. All things ocean for all levels and experience in the ocean. Children will participate in ocean play, boogie boarding and surfing. All equipment will be provided along with wetsuit if needed. Campers will be broken up into age groups to provide an amazing time at the beach to develop their relationship with the ocean, make new friends and be inspired to help take care of the sea. A rashguard and reusable tote bag are included in registration this year. York School 831-372-7338 • Stanford Honors Academies from June 8 - 19, are two-week intensive courses on Game Design, Global Citizenship, Creative Writing, and Design Thinking for College Preparation, offered at York School. Small class sizes and indepth exploration of advanced topics in an engaging and interactive workshop format.

2500 Garden Road, Monterey |





By Cheryl Maguire

camp memories Adults share how attending summer camp shaped their lives.


ow many kids do you think go to camp in the summer? According to the ACA (American Camp Association) website 14 million kids and adults attend camp every year. Camp is an $18 billion industry. To understand why kids love going to camp, I spoke to 5 adults about their camp experience when they were kids. They shared with me how going to camp helped shape them into the people they are today. Here are some ways they benefited from going to camp: Learned New Skills Attending camp gives kids the opportunity to learn new skills they might not be able to learn elsewhere. u “I learned how to juggle and play guitar at Camp Kingsmont. I vastly improved while there each summer because one of the counselors offered daily lessons as a free time activity. Juggling lessons was also a free time

2020 34

lesson from one of the counselors who went on to become a puppeteer on Sesame Street,” says Andrea Simokonis, 38 from Quincy, MA. u At Chen-a-Wanda I learned swimming, boating, and jewelry making,” says Kim Liberman, 38 of North Andover, MA. u “I learned to sail, leather work, water ski, camping (map reading, pitching tents, fire building), canoeing, woodworking and cribbage at Camp Kabeyun,” says Jake Wolf-Sorokin from Brookline, MA. Discussed Social Challenges Since camp is more interactive than a school setting, kids have a chance to discuss social issues. u “At camp we would talk about the hard issues that teens face like using drugs and alcohol, love, peer pressure, and often we talked about how God impacted our decisions in these areas.” says Simokonis. Developed Connections The social setting of the camp helps kids to make new friends and develop a sense of camaraderie.

u “At the end of the day we raced back to our cabins to have time with our friends while we got ready for whatever evening activity. In our cabin we had endless conversations. I don’t think anyone ever really slept. It was 20 of my closest friends all hanging out in our goofiest pjs, having girl talk and eating junk food all night. It truly was amazing,” says Simokonis. u “At camp I developed a set of friendships with campers and counselors that continues to bring me joy and fulfillment to this day,” says Wolf-Sorokin. Developed Independence and Confidence Camp provides an environment that encourages kids to try new activities or select activities kids want to learn which helps them to develop independence and build confidence. u “For me, Camp Kabeyun’s enduring legacy, was building independence, confidence and self-reliance by treating children as ‘grown ups’ by entrusting them with more responsibility than they may otherwise take on during the year. At camp, I got to choose what I did every day, be it out of camp hik-


ing and paddling trips, or in camp sailing, tennis and leather working. This was a stark and refreshing contrast from my hyper-scheduled life at school during the year. The camp’s non-competitive focus encouraged me to take risks and push myself, knowing I could return to my supportive set of cabin mates and counselors, even if I had just wiped out on the water-skis or lost a tennis match,” says Wolf-Sorokin. u “Camp always gave me a great sense of freedom, independence, and community. I could participate in a wide variety of activities every day from land or water sports to art and music classes. I was away from home which gave me a sense of independence but I had the support network of my peers and the many different staff members. Being in this kind of setting, in the woods on a lake, and sleeping in a cabin gave me an incredible feeling of freedom,” says Linsey Pimentel from Andover, MA. u “I went to Camp Yomechas and I liked the adventure and fun that went along with each day,” says Darlene Cofran 38 from East Bridgewater, MA. u “Every morning, the entire camp would get a sheet of paper with a bible passage on it and then some questions to help you reflect on the verse and how it pertained to your own life. Then you could sit and meditate on it for 15 minutes. The camp was entirely present, yet completely silent everyday. It truly was magical to get 500 teenagers to sit in silence for that long,” says Simokonis. Found A Mentor Camp counselors often develop mentor relationships with their campers. u “The camp counselors shared their experiences as a teen and were truly mentors to me. I loved my counselors and I keep in touch with them. It’s kind of amazing,” says Simokis. Developed A Career Most of the people I spoke with either became a camp counselor as a teen or went on to be a camp director or serve on the Board of Trustees of the camp as an adult. u “I went on to be a counselor for 7 summers after I graduated high school and had just as much fun as a counselor as I did when I was a camper,” says Simokonis.

summer camp AT THE CYC

2020 Summer Camp at the Carmel Youth Center! Weekly themes, field trips, STEAM activities, fun clubs, beach days, crafts, sports, and more! Hot lunch available. Registration OPEN NOW!


7:30AM - 5:30PM DAILY



For more information, please call #831-624-3285 or email



Summer Day Camps

Adventures in food, nature + community! Camps for Kindergarten - 8th graders June - August 2020 Register early! Early Bird Registration ends March 21st | 831.624.1032

u “My love for the camp experience led me to go back to work in the camp field. After sending my kids to camp Jori, I then worked there as a counselor. After that I was offered the camp director role,” says Liberman. u “I attended Camp Kabeyun, a boys camp on Lake Winnipesaukee for 6 summers when I was growing up. I then worked there as a counselor for 3 summers, and I now serve on the Board of Trustees of the non-profit organization that owns and operates Camp Kabeyun,” says Wolf-Sorokin. Cheryl Maguire holds a Master of Counseling Psychology degree. She is married and is the mother of twins and a daughter. Her writing has been published in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, AARP, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessing, Your Teen Magazine and many other publications. MONTEREY BAY PARENT • March 2020


Calendar march 2020

FOR MORE INFO ON EVENTS You can find complete descriptions of events, website links, and a list of storytimes, farmers’ markets and other weekly events at

SUBMIT YOUR EVENT If your organization or business has an event you’d like to share with our readers, go to, click on “events,” and click on “submit your event.” It’s easy and it’s free.

The online calendar is updated frequently so be sure to check often to see new events!

1 sunday 9:00 AM. Antique and Artisan Market A 2-day market featuring artisan, antique and vintage vendors from throughout California. Attendees can expect to find home decor, clothing, jewelry, glassware, furniture, up-cycled and re-purposed goods, locally grown and made foods and much more. Free admission and parking. Monterey County Fairgrounds 2004, Fairground Road, Monterey, 93940 (831) 372-5863 ext. 304   8:00 AM. Santa Cruz half Marathon The Santa Cruz Half Marathon features a half marathon, 10K, & 5K run/walk along scenic West Cliff Drive past breathtaking vistas of the Pacific coastline. With several distances to choose from, this event unites locals and outof-towners, newbies and seasoned athletes alike. Schedule: 6:00-8:00 am Packet Pick-Up, 8:00-11:30 am Half Marathon Race, 8:15 am 10K Race, 8:25 am


5K Race and 9:30 AM (approx.) Awards at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 400, Beach Street, Santa Cruz, 95060   9:00 AM. Sensory Sundays Open 2 hours early on the first Sunday of every month, specifically for children with autism and other special needs. Reduced lighting and noise, food and games offered, trained and caring staff. Chuck E. Cheese 1447, North Davis Road, Salinas, 93907   10:00 AM. Prom Dress Donations Donate your clean, gently used dresses to help local teens throughout the county. Local libraries are taking prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns. Hangers are very much appreciated. Drop your donation at Carmel Public Library, Pacific Grove Public Library, Monterey Public Library, Salinas Public

Library or Marina Branch Library. Prom dress giveaway will be Saturday, April 18 at Marina Branch Library. The donations period runs through March 21. Marina Branch Library 190 Seaside Circle, Marina, 93933   1:00 PM. Seaside Crafts Come create and take home a fun souvenir, an activity for the whole family to share. For example, find out what gray whales eat by creating a bright sun catcher for your window, or create a fancy fish with paper, paint, and color. Build a seal or sea lion puppet decorated with your own special seal nose, complete with whiskers. Seymour Marine Discovery Center 100 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz, 95060 1:30 PM. Nature Hike Over 200 species of waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds live in and migrate through the wetlands, making it an ideal place to watch for feathered creatures or enjoy one of the many trails winding through the area. Join us in exploring our award-winning trails through this rich wetland habitat. Meet at the Nature Center. No reservations required. Binoculars provided. Families with children welcome. Great for all ages. Bring water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Hike held weekly. Watsonville Nature Center 30 Harkins Slough Road, Watsonville, 95076   2:00 PM. Family Movie Come view some of the best family-friendly movies of all time. Free event. Held weekly. Cesar Chavez Library 615, Williams Road, Salinas, 93905 2:00 PM. Family Concert:

The Orchestra Sings Composers and musicians create melodies, which can be sung or played on instruments. The orchestra sings when its musicians play melodies on their instruments. Through the Link Up repertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminating interactive performance with a professional orchestra, we will discover how the orchestra sings. The Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre collaborates with the Santa Cruz Symphony in these fun, informative concerts which center around the orchestra. Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium 307 Church Street, Santa Cruz

2 monday 10:00 AM. Craft of the Month During the month of March, make a fun leprechaun craft. Drop-in, for the whole family. Park Branch Library Mission & Sixth, Carmel, 93923   3:30 PM. Cooking with MEarth Make hands-on healthy and tasty snacks using fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies. Hosted by MEarth. For 3rd-5th grades. Space is limited and registration is required. Monterey Public Library 625 Pacific Street, Monterey, 93940,   6:00 PM. Comfort in Birth 101: Community Class The Birth Network of Monterey County presents a free community parenting series called Parenting 101, or P101. These classes run Mondays year-round on a 7-week cycle. Parents can pop in for one or come to all of them. These classes do not replace a comprehensive childbirth series, but they are a great jumping-off


Presented by Monterey Bay Parent Magazine and

Family Fun

Last year’s event was a HUGE success. Register today because booths will sell out again!


Santa Catalina School 1500 Mark Thomas Dr, Monterey, CA 93940


FREE toEntertainment, attend! giveaways, activities & more

The Family Expo is great for representatives of preschools, dance schools, summer camps, private schools, medical professionals and more to meet and greet hundreds of Monterey Bay parents!

Saturday, April 18 10 am to 3 pm

Booths are almost completely sold out! Call 831-582-1373 or log onto www.Monterey for registration info.


Are you suffering? Back Pain?

Sports Injuries? Headaches?


s nclude Offer i tress test s nerve o x-rays. w t 0. and $167.0

at Valued nt coupon to rese p t s u count. M the dis receive tients only. a 1/20 New p

Neck Pain?


Offer e



Dr. Brian P. Rector 2511 Garden Road, C100, Monterey, CA, 93940


Appointments available CALL NOW!

Chiropractic care for everyone Adults • Children Pregnant Women


point. This class is free, but we do ask that you register so that we know how many families to expect. Monterey Birth & Wellness Center 4 Harris Court Suite A, Monterey, 93940

ter. Rain cancels. Two walks are available, each one hour long at 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. Sea Cliff State Beach 201 State Park Drive, Aptos, 95003

6:00 PM. Starry Night of Family Art Bring the whole family to paint, color, cut and paste to create pieces of art to take home. Supplies and materials are provided. Smocks are desirable. Register at each class. Hilltop Park 871 Jessie St, Monterey, 93940

10:00 AM. Musical Storytime with Miss Stephanie Miss Stephanie of Music Together will be here with her violin for a fun musical storytime. Afterward, we gather at the craft tables and socialize. Park Branch Library Mission & Sixth, Carmel, 93923   3:30 PM. Drop-In Crafternoon Join us for an afternoon of crafts. The crafts stations are designed with varying age groups in mind, so children of all ages are welcome. Held weekly. Pacific Grove Public Library (Temporary Location) 542 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, 93950

3 tuesday 9:00 AM. Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Blood Drive Life-saving blood offers second chances and many tomorrows to those who depend on it. The process only takes about an hour and is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community. Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital 450 E. Romie Lane, Salinas, 93901 10:00 AM. $2 Tuesdays at MY Museum $2 Tuesday is the first Tuesday of every month. Enjoy $2 admission per person for Monterey County residents with ID. As always, children under 24 months are free. 425 Washington Street, Monterey, 93940, 10:30 AM. chartwell school tour Chartwell School is open to students in grades 2-12 with language-based differences. Tour the school, meet staff, and find out whether Chartwell is the right fit for your child. 2511 Numa Watson Road, Seaside, 93955 11:00 AM. Seacliff History Walk Learn the history of Seacliff and surrounding Aptos in this onehour, half-mile history walk. The tour focuses on the Ohlone, Raphael Castro, Claus Spreckles, Aptos Landing Wharf, the development of Seacliff Park-including Paul Woodside, “the Madman of Seacliff: and the Concrete Ship. Tours are free: parking at Seacliff State Beach is $10 and supports the park. Meet at the Visitor Cen-


4 wednesday

5:00 PM. Lego My Library Legos, games, and snacks. Pacific Grove Public Library (Temporary Location) 542, Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, 93950

5 thursday 10:00 AM. Parent’s Nook at the MAH Carve out time for yourself and lean on professional “play facilitators” for your kiddos as you work, relax, or meet with friends nearby. The Parents’ Nook is here to help you balance work and play by offering drop-in childcare. Set your mind at ease knowing that your kids are nearby and well cared for as you take time for yourself. The paid supervisors are called “play facilitators”, keeping the play safe and engaging without leading or micro-managing.  $30 drop-in, $10 per additional child. Santa Cruz Museum of Art 705 Front Street, Santa Cruz, 95060, 3:30 PM. Teen Chef Food in the library?  Well, only if you make it. Come in and learn a new recipe for a snack. Make it, eat it and watch a movie while you enjoy it. Food sup-




plies are limited; first come, first serve. Middle School and High School students welcome.  Monterey Public Library 625 Pacific Street, Monterey, 93940, 4:30 PM. studio art for kids Develop your artistic skill as we create original art with a variety of media such as paint, charcoal, pencils, pastels, ink, and clay. Explore art techniques and learn about artists and art history. All materials are provided. Casanova Oak Knoll 735 Ramona Ave, Monterey, 93940  

6 friday


A California non-profit corporation serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders since 1993 Behavioral Intervention for Autism (BIA) has been supporting families & children affected by Autism for 25 years. Founded in 1993, BIA is steadfastly committed to providing quality, applied behavior analysis intervention services to children diagnosed with autism.

OUR MISSION BIA’s mission is to significantly improve the lives of children diagnosed with Autism by providing innovative and individualized treatment. BIA is a recognized leader within the community for intervention and support of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). BIA is one of the first Autism providers in Northern California and remains one of only a few providers functioning as a Non-Profit, 501 (c)(3). ADVERTISEMENT


• Intensive 1:1 Intervention Services • Center, Home and Community Based Services • Social Skills groups (ages 6-18)

Monterey l Fresno l Bay Area (831) 375-1310

9:00 AM. Jazz Bash by the Bay Old Monterey comes alive as world-class musicians bring a rich, time-honored tradition to the Monterey waterfront. The Jazz Bash by the Bay brings together the many colorful forms of American classic jazz, from traditional, ragtime, swing, gypsy jazz, zydeco, and blues. Runs through March 8. Monterey Conference Center 1 Portola Plaza, Monterey, 93940   9:30 AM. Music & Movement Come shake your sillies at the Library Connection at Northridge. Music & Movement is a fun way to get moving with your little one. Held first and third Fridays from 9:30-10:00 a.m. 796 Northridge Mall, Salinas, 93906, 12:00 PM. “Kid Food” Tasting Event Picky eater? Not sure what to pack for lunches? Pop on over to New Leaf Community Markets (Westside) to try before you buy. The Community Classroom will be filled with an array of kidfriendly samples hand-selected by staff from each department. New Leaf Community Market 1101 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, 95060,   4:00 PM. Teen Fandom Club: Fandom Friday Every other Friday from 4:00 5:30, join us for Fandom Club. From anime to cosplay, from comics to crafting, from cult classics to fan fiction, and be-

yond. Anything you like to geekout over is our favorite thing too. Monterey Public Library 625 Pacific Street, Monterey, 93940,   5:00 PM. Planetarium Children’s Show The Planetarium at Hartnell College has been enchanting audiences with the wonders of astronomy and space science for over 50 years. Entry fee of $4 per person. \Held weekly on Fridays except for holidays. Hartnell College Planetarium 411, Central Avenue, Salinas, 93901 5:00 PM. First Friday at Santa Cruz Museum of Art Explore all three floors of exhibitions for free along with drop-in craft activities and dance to live music. Santa Cruz Museum of Art 705 Front Street, Santa Cruz, 95060, 5:00 PM. Girl Scout Spring Overnight Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Scout families are invited to experience an overnight event unlike any other. Includes: Sleep Inside the Boardwalk’s Coconut Grove, free play in the Arcade, movie and games, dinner and evening program, sandcastle contest, ride wristband for Saturday and much more. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, 95060   6:00 PM. Book Release Party Nielsen’s first book, “Anna and the Banana-Jamma”, is a fun and fantastic read that every kid should have in their library. Please join us for an evening of words, amusements, and shenanigans - for free. Enjoy live music, light refreshments (perhaps a banana or ten), and a ton of fun - everyone is welcome to attend. Of course, kids are welcome at this family-friendly event. Downtown Book & Sound 213, Main Street, Salinas, 93901 www.downtownbookand   6:00 PM. First Friday at PG Art Center Join us every month on the 1st


Friday from 6:00-9:00 pm. Look for the Green flags to signify participating businesses. Pacific Grove Art Center is open from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Pacific Grove Art Center 568 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, 93950 (831) 655-9775 or

7 saturday 10:00 AM. Reserve Tour Join us at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve each Saturday and Sunday for docent-led tours at 10:00 and 1:00.  Tours can last from 1 to 2 hours depending on interest and number of participants.  No reservation is needed.  Tours meet at the Visitor Center.  Binoculars are available. Elkhorn Slough Reserve 1700 Elkhorn Road, Castroville, 95012, (831) 728-2822   7:30 AM. Recovery Run 2020 This is a great event to get moving, while raising funds to support Sun Street Centers youth prevention efforts and Safe Teens Empowerment Projects and celebrating individuals and families in recovery. There will be food, mu-

sic, fun, fellowship and so much more. Ft. Ord Dunes State Park Beach Range Road, Marina, 93933 news-events/recovery-run-2020/   9:00 AM. Watsonville Young Eagles Rally Local pilots donate their time and planes to introduce kids to aviation and join the EAA Young Eagles Program. All for free. Doors open at 9 am and sign-in closes at noon. Watsonville Municipal Airport 100 Aviation Way, Watsonville, 95076,   9:00 AM. 1st Saturday Book Sale Held every 1st Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm next to Starbucks. Buy used books, CDs and DVDs – almost everything is $1 – $3. Capitola Mall 1855 41st Avenue, Capitola, 95010   9:00 AM. Binoculars Workshop Set out on an adventure with your child in this Binoculars Workshop. Kids develop handson skills by gluing, hammering and more. With help from parents and Store Associates, your

child will create their own pair of binoculars to take home. All Kids Workshop attendees must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. All kids get to keep their craft, receive a free certificate of achievement, a workshop apron, and a commemorative pin while supplies last. The Home Depot 1590 Canyon Del Rey, Seaside, 93955, The Home Depot 1890 North Davis Road, Salinas, 93907 93955,   10:00 AM. First Saturday Book Sale The Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library holds the “First Saturday Book Sale” on the first Saturday of most months from 10 am until 4 pm in the arcade in front of the library. The Book Sale often include old and rare books, sets of books, special production art books, specially bound volumes, and many other unusual books that are evaluated and specially priced. Pacific Grove Public Library 550 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove, 93950   10:00 AM. First Saturday Book Sale

The Friends Bookshop sidewalk sale is held on the front lawn of the John Steinbeck Library.  Rain postpones the sale until the second Saturday of the month. John Steinbeck Library 350 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas, 93901 10:00 AM. CSUMB Chapman Science Planting Event Volunteers are invited to come and enjoy the outdoors, plant native plants, and help restore the natural beauty of the Oak Woodland habitat at the California State University Monterey Bay campus. Everyone is welcome. Tools, water, and snacks provided. Earn community service hours and mingle with like-minded servers.  CSUMB Admissions 100 Campus Center, Monterey, 93955 831-582-3686 11:00 AM. Luck O’ the Castros Come for a fun, early spring day on the Rancho and learn about the fortunes of this historic hacienda and the family that once called it home. Enjoy a festive atmosphere and a snack from our restored cocina along with your


Chuyen Le Trieu, M. D

Breann Kinsey, PA

Quenlyn Larson, D.N.P

• Sat. morning clinic, extended hours until 6 PM Mon-Thur • Urgent advice and referral available by phone


Cristina Mercado, M. D

Dr. Nitikul Solomon

• Available on site while you wait (complete blood count, urinalysis, anemia testing, rapid strep, urine pregnancy tests, and more.


• Well care at 601 E. Romie Lane, Salinas • Sick and urgent care at 505 E. Romie Lane, Salinas • Providers rotate at both offices




Best of march

12:00 PM. “Kid Food” Tasting Event Picky eater? Not sure what to pack for lunches? Pop on over to New Leaf Community Markets (Westside) to try before you buy. The Community Classroom will be filled with an array of kid-friendly samples hand-selected by staff from each department. New Leaf Community Market 1101 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, 95060  



10:00 AM. Family Computer Day If you have never used a computer before, this workshop is for you. Come and learn what you can do with a Chromebook and learn how it works Connect with your child and work together as a team. At the end of the workshop get a free portable Chromebook for your family. Space is limited, so preregister. El Gabilan Library 1400 North Main Street, Salinas, 93906,



5:00 PM. Kids Night Out Need an evening without the kids? Use this opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved night off while your kids enjoy games, crafts and other exhilarating activities. Go out to see a movie, have dinner or go shopping while your children have a good time in a safe and fun environment. Dinner will be provided. For ages 3-12 years (must be “potty” trained). Casanova Oak Knoll 735 Ramona Ave, Monterey, 93940


9:00 AM. Color Me Green Participants will run or walk 5 kilometers and be showered with washable dye at stations throughout the route at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center, leaving them colored green by the end of the run. Single registrations include race, t-shirt and dye powder pack. Additional dye packs may be purchased for $5.00 each and additional t-shirts for $10.00 each. Registration may be done at www. Monterey County

9:00 AM. Cutting Day This is an excellent opportunity to exchange cuttings and plants. All Monterey Peninsula gardening buffs are invited to this popular event to exchange softwood cutting materials, seedling plants, bulbs, potted plants, etc. The Parks Division will have free seedling trees available for the public. Participants are encouraged to bring cuttings and plants for the exchanges. Friendly Plaza, corner of Pacific and Jefferson Streets (next to Colton Hall), 831-646-3860


sneak preview of this one-of-akind family home as it rises again as the centerpiece of the Pájaro Valley’s very own state historic park. Free event. Limited parking; carpooling encouraged. Castro Adobe 184 Old Adobe Road, Watsonville, 95076,   11:00 AM. Life on the Ranch Day Come experience firsthand the early days of life on a dairy ranch with our costumed docents, living history demonstrations, and old-time activities. Draft horse wagon rides available. Bring the whole family and a picnic lunch. Free event. Vehicle day-use fee is $10. Wilder Ranch State Park 1401 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, 95060 (831) 426-0505 11:00 AM. UCSC Arboretum Tour Join us for a free (with paid admission) docent or a staff-led tour of the UCSC Arboretum’s extensive gardens on the First Saturday of every month. Tour length varies depending on what’s in bloom and what the participants request. Tours leave

from Norrie’s Gift and Garden Shop at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, pay admission at the gift shop. Admission to the gardens is: $5 for adults, $2 dollars for kids (6-17), Kids under 6, Arboretum Members and UCSC Students are free. UC Santa Cruz Arboretum 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, 3:00 PM. LunaFest Film Festival LUNAFEST was created to provide a platform for women to share their untold stories with the world. These important films bring fresh perspectives, ideas that rock our future. The doors open at 2:30 pm for the 3 pm showing so you have the opportunity to gather, get some treats and view the silent auction offerings. The films are two hours and rated PG. General Admission $25; Student/Senior $15; VIP Event and 7 pm showing $50. Carmel Women’s Club SWC, San Carlos & 9th, Carmel, 93921   3:00 PM. NAMI Monterey Family Support Group NAMI Family Support Group is a


free confidential support group for family members, friends, and partners of loved ones living with a mental illness in a compassionate environment. Join a caring group of individuals helping one another by utilizing their collective experiences and learned wisdom. Also held March 21. NAMI Monterey County 1020 Merrill Street, Salinas, 93901 5:00 PM. Kids Night Out Need an evening without the kids? Use this opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved night off while your kids enjoy games, crafts and other exhilarating activities. Go out to see a movie, have dinner or go shopping while your children have a good time in a safe and fun environment. Dinner will be provided. For ages 3-12 years (must be “potty” trained). Casanova Oak Knoll 735 Ramona Ave, Monterey, 93940

8 sunday 9:00 AM. Downtown Santa Cruz Antique Street Fair Vendors offer an eclectic blend of antiques and unique items. Weather permitting. Year round.

Cedar Street & Lincoln Street Cedar Street & Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz, 95060 /   3:00 PM. Santa Cruz Baroque Festival Our program features the kaleidoscope of Spanish music that was exported to the Americas from the time of Columbus forward. Organ, harp, harpsichord, and violin were among the instruments that crossed over, preserving Spanish culture while also moving in new directions. Peace United Church of Christ 900 High Street, Santa Cruz, 95060,

9 monday 6:00 PM. Foster Care and Adoption Informational Meeting Foster care and adoption informational meetings occur on the second Monday of every month from 6-8 pm at Kinship Center in Salinas. No RSVP needed. Kinship Center 124 River Road, Salinas, 93908 (831) 455-4740


11 wednesday 8:30 AM. Junipero Serra School open house Learn more about Carmel Mission’s Junipero Serra School which offers preschool, TK, K and 1st-8th grades. 3080 Rio Rd., Carmel 12:00 PM. Music with Mary Lee Music for all ages. New time, now at Noon. Pacific Grove Public Library (Temporary Location) 542, Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, 93950

13 friday 9:00 AM. Bird Watching for Beginners On this 2-hour walk, be prepared to hike two miles on uneven surfaces, with many stops to view the many birds, plants, and scenery along the way. Bring your binoculars if you have them (binoculars are available to borrow), clothes for variable weather, and good walking shoes. Everyone is welcome, but children under the age of 18 must be accompa-

nied by adults. Rain cancels. Free event. Vehicle day-use fee is $10. Wilder Ranch State Park 1401 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, 95060, (831) 426-0505

Meet in parking lot. Rain cancels. No pets. Free event. Vehicle dayuse fee is $10. Wilder Ranch State Park 1401 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, 95060, (831) 426-0505   9:00 AM. PVUSD Recruitment Fair 2020 Check out jobs available in the district...teachers, custodians, special education aides, food and nutrition positions and many more. Testing and interviewing taking place on-site. Pajaro Valley Unified School District 294 Green Valley Road, Watsonville, 95076

14 saturday 9:00 AM. Color Me Green Participants will run or walk 5 kilometers and be showered with washable dye at stations throughout the route at the Monterey County Fair & Event Center, leaving them colored green by the end of the run. Single registrations include race, t-shirt and dye powder pack. Additional dye packs may be purchased for $5.00 each and additional t-shirts for $10.00 each. Registration may be done at Monterey County Fairgrounds 2004 Fairground Road Monterey, 93940

10:00 AM. Fort Ord National Monument Planting Event A great family activity that is free. Tools, water, and great snacks provided. Wear sturdy footwear and plenty of layers. Bring your community service forms to earn hours. Directions: Follow BLM Special Event signs from Giggling & 8th ave. Seaside, CA 93955 and proceed through the gate.  CSUMB Admissions 100 Campus Center, Monterey, 93955

9:00 AM. Back country Hike On this 7-mile, 3-hour challenging hike, we’ll explore the natural and cultural history of the upper hills of Wilder Ranch. This hike includes several descents and ascents. Bring layered clothing, good walking shoes, water, snacks and lunch, and binoculars.

AFFORDABLE AFFORDABLE 831-582-3686 10:00 AM. Second Weekends at Watsonville Airport Admission is free and everyone is welcome to show and admire these historical aircraft. Watsonville Municipal Airport 100 Aviation Way, Watsonville, 95076 10:00 AM. Santa Cruz Montessori Open House See the campus, meet our teachers, and learn about our programs. Open to all families interested in Montessori Education for their children. This event has 2 locations, please visit us at one or both depending on the programs you are interested in. For ages 1 to 3: SCM Winston Campus, 2446 Cabrillo College Drive, Soquel.  For ages 3 to 11: SCM Main Campus, 6230 Soquel Drive, Aptos. Santa Cruz Montessori School 6230, Soquel Avenue, Aptos   10:00 AM. Toddler Time Dance at MY Museum Do you have a little one who is interested in dance? Join us at

335 Dorado 335 El El Dorado St #8 Monterey, CA 93940

St., #8 Monterey, CA 93940

Orthodontic Care Orthodontic Care


Now is the time to take care of you, whether it’s braces or Invisalign, we’ve got you covered! Get your smile on with only $129 a month.

Now is the time to take care of you, whether it’s braces or Invisalign® we’ve got you covered! Get your smile on with only $129 a month.

• Our #1 team goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic

care highest in a friendly,quality fun, family-based, high-tech care a • Our #1 team goal is to provide the orthodontic • Using proven state-of-the-art technology to enhance your friendly, fun, family-based, high-tech practice. experience, I utilize the most advanced procedures and equipment available to ensure that every patient achieves I • Using proven state-of-the-art technology to enhance your experience, a healthy and beautiful smile. utilize the most advanced procedures and equipment available to en• Dr. Auger is proud to be an Elite Invisalign Provider. sure that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile. ®


• Dr. Auger is proud to be an Elite Invisalign® Provider. Payments starting at


Orthodontic Consultations including X-rays Expires March 30, 2020

Orthodontic consultations Payments including X-rays starting at

129 831-373-3765 With this card. Offer expires 30 days from mailing.




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Tim A. Auger, DMD

“Excellent staff, everyone in the “Excellent staff, everyone in the office was very friendly and office was very friendly walked felt us walked us through the entire process. and My seven-year-old very comfortable all the way through the appointment.” through the entire process. My seven— Casey Minson year-old felt very comfortable all the way through the appointment.” – Casey Minson

Call to make an appointment today!


Call for an appointment today!

831-373-3765 44


MYM for a half-hour of fun as we partner with The Dance Center. Toddlers will learn about the basics of dance in this fun and engaging program. MY Museum 425 Washington Street, Monterey 93940,   11:00 AM. Spring on the Farm Visitors can participate in the regular activities of the Ag History Project plus others related to the day’s special focus. Agricultural History Project 2601, East Lake Avenue, Watsonville, 95019 11:00 AM. Northridge Mall Science Saturdays The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History will present fun science-themed activities for families. Bring your kids and an interest in exploring new ideas. Located near the Kids’ Play Area. Northridge Mall 796 Northridge Mall, Salinas, 93906 https://shop-northridge-mall. com/directory/ 5:00 PM. Kids Night Out: Leprechaun Adventure Parents it is your lucky day! Take this opportunity to enjoy an early St. Patrick’s Day night out while we watch your children. You can rest easy knowing that your children are enjoying special themed crafts, activities, games and even baking a tasty treat. Dinner will be provided. Hilltop Park 871 Jessie St, Monterey, 93940   6:00 PM. St. Patrick’s Day at the Carmel Mission Join us at the Carmel Mission Basilica, Murphy’s Center for some Irish Music and Dance. Carmel Mission 3080 Rio Road, Carmel, 93923   7:00 PM. Night Owl: Prehistoric Party The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History will host a fundraiser of epic proportions when it hosts a special Night Owl event featuring games, craft drinks, delicious bites, and tromp-stomping music. This will be your opportunity to get up close to fossils from the museum’s extensive collection and rediscover your sense of wonder while supporting the museum during this ancient after-hours event. 

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History 165 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, (831) 648-5716

Participant of:

15 sunday 8:30 AM. Go Green 10K, 5K, and Kids’ 1K The start and finish will be located at the Benchlands area located adjacent to the Santa Cruz County Courthouse. Costumes are welcomed and encouraged. We will have a special prize for the best theme costumes this year. San Lorenzo Park 137 Dakota Avenue, Santa Cruz, 95060   12:00 PM. For Goodness Snakes You’ll get a chance to see and hold (if you want to) several snakes. Open to ages 7 and up. $3.00 fee. Quail Hollow Ranch 800 Quail Hollow Road, Felton   1:30 PM. Science Sunday Marine scientists bring you public lectures with photography, video, and stories of their work and lives. Come touch a friendly shark, see how marine scientists work, and take in the spectacular Monterey Bay. Seymour Marine Discovery Center 100 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz, 95060

20 friday 8:00 AM. Santa Cruz Jazz festival Festival featuring the adjudicated performances of statewide College, High School, and Middle School Jazz Bands, Vocal Jazz Ensembles, and Combos. Cabrillo Crocker Theatre 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 95003   3:15 PM. Drawing with Dante Join Dante for a drawing class for 8-14-year-olds. All materials are supplied by the library. Please pre-register by calling us at 831624-4664. Park Branch Library Mission & Sixth, Carmel, 93923   6:00 PM. Northern California Road Trips Book


Supporting young musicians from 20 schools in Monterey County, taught by 8 professional music teachers, directed by James Paoletti, Artistic Director.

To support us, please visit: Or donate through MCGives! Thank you for your donations.

*Home School Program – Grades TK-12 *Independent Study Program – Grades 9-12 *Fully Accredited by WASC! *No Interdistrict Transfer Required to Enroll! At Monterey County Home Charter School, students are given a rich, individually designed, tuition-free education while studying in a nonclassroom-based environment. Enrichment and intervention classes, workshops, field trips, tutoring sessions, concurrent enrollment and ROP opportunities, and weekly meetings with fully credentialed teachers give students every opportunity to succeed.

For more information or to enroll, contact: Monterey County Home Charter School 901 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93912

(831) 755-0331 •


Release Event Local travel writer, Stuart Thornton invites you to celebrate the release of “Northern California Road Trips.” Enjoy live music, light refreshments, and a perhaps a few shenanigans - for free. Oh and plenty of books, too. Downtown Book & Sound 213 Main Street, Salinas, 93901 www.downtownbook

21 saturday 8:00 AM. The Pinkest 10K and 5K The Santa Cruz race course runs along the coast and finishes oceanside with a post-race festival on Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz. When you cross the finish line you will get your water, collect your awesome race shirt, and have fun at the festival with local vendors, yummy samples, and fun activities. Bay Street and Centennial Street, Santa Cruz, 95060   8:30 AM. Birding at Palo Corona Bird under a canopy of trees along the Carmel River; a magnet for vagrant and migratory bird species. Each visit provides a


varied experience. Appreciate the many changes to this former golf course as it “rewinds” back to a natural landscape. This program is good for the novice to experienced birders. Palo Corona Discovery Center 4860, Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, 93923 9:00 AM. Cutting Day This is an excellent opportunity to exchange cuttings and plants. All Monterey Peninsula gardening buffs are invited to this popular event to exchange softwood cutting materials, seedling plants, bulbs, potted plants, etc. The Parks Division will have free seedling trees available for the public. Participants are encouraged to bring cuttings and plants for the exchanges. Friendly Plaza, corner of Pacific and Jefferson Streets (next to Colton Hall)  831-646-3860   10:00 AM. Hummingbird Day Bring the whole family and explore the breathtaking gardens of the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Meet up with a docent to learn about plants that attract one of the Gar-

den’s most celebrated birds, the Hummingbird. No early access, gates open at 9:00 am. UC Santa Cruz Arboretum 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz,   10:00 AM. SVR Compost Workshop Come and learn how to compost your food scraps through backyard composting and vermicomposting. Salinas Valley Recycles 139 Sun Street, Salinas, 93901   10:00 AM. Polar Plunge The Polar Plunge invites individuals, teams, businesses, law enforcement, community groups, and schools to take a dip, dive or dunk into the chilly winter waters of Rio Del Mar Beach. All proceeds go to Special Olympics to support children and adults with intellectual disabilities on and off the field. $125 to plunge. Free to watch. Rio Del Mar Beach 201 State Park Drive, Aptos, 95003   11:00 AM. Coast Nature Walk We will explore the plants, animals, and geology of the spectacular coastal bluffs on this 2-mile

family-friendly walk. Bring water, hat, closed-toe shoes, and layered clothing. Meet at the interpretive center. Trail stroller accessible. No pets. Free event. The vehicle day-use fee is $10. For more information, call. Wilder Ranch State Park 1401 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, 95060, (831) 426-0505 12:00 PM. Third Saturday Storytime Following storytime, children will take part in a craft activity led by our staff. National Steinbeck Center 1 Main Street, Salinas, 93901   1:30 PM. Crafternoon Join Miss Jen, for a fun craft. You will be making a rock mushroom craft. All materials are supplied by the library. For the whole family, drop-in. Park Branch Library Mission & Sixth, Carmel, 93923 5:00 PM. Nature Night Hike Meet at dusk and venture into the park for a 2-3 hour hike. Switch off the flashlight, let your eyes adjust, and use heightened senses while exploring your noctur-


Monterey Bay Parent Magazine Feb., March, April, May 2020

nal side. Delight in the abundant sounds of nature on this one-ofa-kind walk on the wild side. Palo Corona Discovery Center 4860, Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, 93923

25 wednesday 12:30 PM. Star Market Blood Drive Life-saving blood offers second chances and many tomorrows to those who depend on it. The process only takes about an hour and is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community. 1275 S. Main Street, Salinas, 93901

27 friday 8:30 AM. FIRST Robotics Competition – Monterey Bay Regional An exciting, multinational competitions that teams professionals and young people together to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. Seaside High School 2200 Noche Buena Street, Seaside

28 saturday 10:00 AM. Family Computer Day If you have never used a computer before, this workshop is for you. Come and learn what you can do with a Chromebook and learn how it works Connect with your child and work together as a team. At the end of the workshop get a free portable Chromebook for your family. Space is limited, so preregister. El Gabilan Library 1400 North Main Street, Salinas, 93906, 10:00 AM. Science Saturday Science Saturdays are familyfriendly events that have a variety of hands-on science activities for guests of all ages. Admission is free for everyone during Science Saturday. Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, 165 Forest Avenue Pacific Grove, 93950 11:00 AM. Coast Nature Walk We will explore the plants, animals, and geology of the spectacular coastal bluffs on this 2-mile


family-friendly walk. Bring water, hat, closed-toe shoes, and layered clothing. Meet at the interpretive center. Trail stroller accessible. No pets. Free event. The vehicle day-use fee is $10. Also held March 28. Wilder Ranch State Park 1401 Coast Road, Santa Cruz, 95060, (831) 426-0505 1:00 PM. Mindful Meditation in the park Engage your senses as you come into contact with the natural world. Release the stress of everyday life with mindful walking, movement, guided sitting meditation, and informal discussion. Free event. Open to ages 16 and up. While no fee is collected, participants are asked to preregister. Palo Corona Discovery Center 4860, Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, 93923   1:30 PM. Steam Saturday with Miss Myah from River School Miss Myah, the science teacher from River School, will be here leading cool science experiments. This program is for K-5th grade, and all materials are supplied by the library. Harrison Memorial Library

Ocean & Lincoln, Carmel, 93923

29 sunday 10:00 AM. March Safe Space Clinic This is an introductory surf lesson for women or anyone who would like to experience learning to surf in a Safe Space community. You will receive a 1:1 surf lesson. It includes wetsuit and surfboard or boogie board if you prefer. Open to ages 16 and up. Wharf #2, Figueroa and Del Monte Ave., Monterey, 93940

31 tuesday 4:00 PM. 3D Printing Workshop for Middle and High School Students Middle and High School students - come learn how to use CAD software to create an object, then print it on our 3D printer. Beginners welcome, repeat students can get creative with our assistance. Free, open to grades 5-12, class size limited. Monterey Public Library 625 Pacific Street, Monterey, 93940,


Think differently? Think Chartwell. Tuesday Tours March 3 May 5 Tours start at 10:30 For students in grades 2 to 12 with dyslexia and other learning differences.

Call today!

Admission and financial aid information available

Summer Camp now enrolling! Visit For over 35 years Chartwell has been leading the way in research-based education for students with language-based learning differences.

Stop struggling. Start learning. Chartwell School | 2511 Numa Watson Rd. | Seaside, CA 93955 | 831.394.3468 48


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