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mercy links project The mercy links project began in May 2012 and is a collection of 118 photographic portraits of people linked to Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College and the Sisters of Mercy. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of Mercy values (Mercy, Human Dignity, Justice, Service and Empowerment of the Poor) in an educational context. We wanted to capture people at various stages of life with diverse connections to the notion of “mercy”. We included Sisters of Mercy, teachers, students, ex-students, parents, past parents and others that continue the Mercy Tradition. These are people of action, they see the big picture. Through the photographic process we have listened to great stories about what people are doing. Through conversation insights into the impact people have and are having on so many lives on a local, national and even global scale, have come to light. We would like to thank all those that have their portraits pasted on the wall. The project has reminded us that it is through such shared experiences that we can be inspired to be more than we hoped and imagined. We trust that the people in the project continue the conversation that started when they had their image taken. We want the local North Sydney community to engage with the faces on the wall. We want the students of the College to become inspired by the portraits, celebrate the value of their own Mercy education and consider the action they may take. Katie Hogg and Eloise Ford

“It is about the conversations, it is about the way you treat people, it is about the way you care and it’s in the little things.”

“Through the Biamunga and Central Desert Program I have gained respect for a whole culture.”

“This is an important word for me because I really want to help people start talking about things. Its about facilitating discussion and facilitating change.”

“Monte as a whole tries to make everyone united as one.”

“Monte helps people feel like they belong...”

“It is important to treat everyone fairly...”

“I feel that Monte gives me strength to get through anything at any time. I see the strength when all the girls are together...”

“I love my mum...”

“My story has been about exploring cultural difference and taking on adventure. It is a challenge to connect with things that are different to our own culture. Its about long term connections and building relationships.”

“Learning is something that you never stop doing - you need to learn about what is going on in the world. Once you are aware about the injustices in the world you are able to work for change and enact change.”

“Mercy means unite to me because it’s the unification of family, friends, students and history.”

“Mercy is about action and in living mercy we act for the betterment of others.”

“Walking means to accompany and during my time at Monte I think there was alway someone to accompany me. Mercy means walking with others that are less fortunate.”

“This word to me denotes joy, hope, love and sharing. As men and women of mercy we celebrate all the wonderful things that we can do through mercy.�

“At Monte - mercy is always surrounding us.”

“I believe that you should be respectful towards your friends and the environment. We display respect by living out the Mercy values inside school and outside as well.”

“I believe you have to dream before setting a goal - it can be big or small. Be a risk taker...”

“I enjoy being a Mercy girl and all that it encompasses.”

“I like to stimulate discussion, action, awareness, creativity and I think that encompasses everything about mercy. I try to give students and people like me a platform where they can explore cultural awareness and issues.�

“Mercy values strengthen our community and school, it strengthens our faith as an individual and guides us in how we relate to others and expectations of ourselves.”

“Mercy is about all different people coming together - the things I was involved in at school were about disparate groups, vulnerable groups Monte was about welcoming all people.”

“This is my key word, I have to give it away to keep it.”

“It’s our responsibility to give back to the less fortunate.”

“I work with the Sisters of Mercy and I collate their stories...”

“Respect is the most important thing you can have within a school. You need to respect the kids and they need to respect you.”

“We need to know what is right. The way to figure that out is to question.”

“Monte helps people to transform through opportunities and support.”

“All Mercy schools and communities should unite because it is important to continue the mercy ethos...”

“It is important to respect everyone and everything.�

“Mercy is about sharing. Our shared values connect us and make us a community. We share our feelings with other staff members, parents and students. This sharing brings us all together.”

“Mercy provides us with all the joy of relationships and this grows by offering compassion and love to others: to enjoy the diversity, warmth and love of human kind is to be truly merciful.”

“We walk together with indigenous people and make a connection - that’s what I learnt at Monte...”

“Unless you have respect for the person and dignity for who they are - you can’t do very much for them in the way of being there for them or helping them.”

“I want to celebrate my life as a Mercy girl. I always applauded the Mercies thoughts about education, especially for girls...”

“When I think of the word “mercy”- it brings me back to human nature and everyday life. I think about how we make choices and decisions, I think about being true to yourself and it brings you back to the very natural “you”.

“Its important to advocate for change...”

“For change to occur we need to imagine new ways for it to happen.�

“You have to make the most out of everything. Love everything you do.”

“Talking is a good way to express your ideas, your opinions and your thoughts.”

“I wanted to be in a position to help people. Being a politician ... gives you the most power to advocate and make a difference in peoples lives...�

“We have to live each day and take up the opportunities to be involved.”

“Dance allows me to show how I feel. When it comes to mercy and action, it’s a unique an interesting way to express feelings rather than through words.”

“ I feel that Monte provides an environment where students cannot only dream, but they are provided with a wonderful education that will help them achieve that dream in the future. The word dream is full of opportunity.”

“You can express mercy in many ways ... I like to sing.”

“At Monte it’s so easy to make connections - in the classroom and out of the classroom. You make a connection with staff and students and you become part of the family.”

“Trust is important in any relationship, trust yourself and trust the other person, trust your instincts.”

“Well ... if you don't work - you don't get very far in life...I liked to volunteer at Monte - I got a lot out of that work.”

“It is in the sharing that you get enormous enjoyment. You might have something that someone else can really use - why should it just collect dust in your brain cell or bookshelf? I share everything...�

“It is only by asking questions that you find answers and even if you don’t find the answers, you find things you never really thought you would find out.”

“....dreams are fun.”

“It doesn’t matter who it is, I have respect for all no matter what walk of life.”

“Singing is very uplifting, it lifts peoples spirits and makes them feel fantastic.”

“Being an ex-student of Monte I feel that through my Mercy education I am here to advocate for people less fortunate.”

“As a rule I try to enjoy life as much as I can and get the most out of it. With the Mercy side of it - I try to allow people to enjoy their life as much as possible...”

“In order to make a better world you have to plan and design for it...”

“A lot of the world has nothing to enjoy where as we have a lot to be joyful about.”

“Service is at the heart of the Sisters of Mercy.”

“I like to feel that everybody that I come into contact with - I have respect for.”

“Action is translating empathy, mercy or concern into something practical. Women of mercy are women of action.�

“I am always looking for the best in people and I think the Mercy values strengthen me...”

“My brother makes me laugh.”

“Something that we try to foster in the Biamunga Program is that it is really important that everyone is treated in a respectful manner - no matter-child, adult, background...”

“I chose create as I believe that everyone should have a chance to show their creative side. We use our creativity to share our purpose.”

“I want to hopefully share some of the qualities I have with other people around me.”

“Monte encourages us to have our own opinion...”

“As teachers it is our job to hold the values of mercy when the Sisters are not present in the college anymore.�

“Mercy has given me the opportunity to give back to the community.”

“You need to trust that what you do is right...”

“(Respect) has been displayed to me by the way the children and the teachers are here for each other. And I think that is what we need in our community.�

“(Transform) is what Catherine McAuley set out to do... In a school like this you are constantly in a state of transformation.”

“The school teaches us not to judge people...”

“It is important to dream and imagine the things that could be achieved...”

“Life is to be enjoyed!”

“Mercy is about trying to help people change to become better people...”

“Advocate is a really important word the whole idea is to spread the message of peace and love. I think the first thing is action. The Mercy Action Group creates an awareness and then takes action...”

“My view of myself is relevant to Gods love for me and is connected to my love for others.�

“Without explanations our world would not be understood.”

“The Mercy Sisters live in community, we call ourselves the Monte community and importantly our God is a communal God...”

“... celebrate everyone’s differences and gifts.”

“As Monte students, we should welcome all who come to our school.”

“Imagine all the potential and possibilities, and changes you can make.”

“Anything is possible if you dream...”

“I chose “become” because its about wanting others to become the best person they are...”

“It is about life and giving to people, allowing people to live their life to the fullest.”

“We should speak out for the people without a voice...”

“It is our responsibility as educators and as mercy women to actually do other than just talk - action is fundamental to being a mercy woman.”

“You can choose to help and choose to be a person of mercy.”

“I like to ensure that people are nice and safe.”

“I have a compassionate heart so I work with people that have been persecuted.”

“It’s important to have imagination and goals that you want to achieve. At Monte you can dream.”

“Respect is a basic human right...”

“I chose loving as I believe it is a love of teaching, a love of the Arts and a love for the Mercy community and a sense of feeling loved and belonging.”

“I believe that the welcoming spirit of mercy encourages people to be themselves, to show their true values and to connect.”

“I enjoy my job. I enjoy speaking to the people I work with. I enjoy doing my job well so they stress less and are happy when they come to collect their work.�

“Hopefully we are building a more merciful world around us...”

“Imagine what life would be like if justice was the norm?”

“I think I have been very lucky in my life that I have been loved...”

“Imagine all the things you could do through a sense of mercy...”

“By living the mercy values you live a happy life.”

“Everyone deserves one person who believes and respects them. ...”

“(Resolve) is a word that’s about determination, it describes a purpose and is an action word. Having resolve is about making choices and deciding. You have to have conviction and that is about having a faith basis.”

“I like to challenge the law, the government and anything that enforces people to think in one straight way...”

“I think through my work as a teacher and as a human being I enjoy meeting people and maybe connecting others to each other. I find great joy in being able to connect with young people.�

“I like to strengthen the girls to become better people - strengthen their character and how they treat people...”

“I believe that to be welcoming is the most important introduction - it gives people a sense of belonging to a community.”

“It is respect for others and respect for yourself - this is what mercy is about.�

“We can transform the meaning of the word “mercy” - so it’s more about positive action. A transformed understanding of the word has the potential to transform the world as well.”

“When you can connect with people you can help them and make a change.”

“It is important to strengthen peoples imaginations and ability...”

“I have taught my kids to be respectful because it is all about what you give out you get back in return.”

“I love the idea of transformation and change. I love the idea that you can start in a bad place and end up in a great place. I love the idea that people can help you do that. ”

“It is important to have big dreams...”

“Respect connects all living things as a whole. My connection to indigenous culture has enabled me to become clearer about just how this really works.�

“It’s important to remember to think about other people and not just yourself being involved in Night Patrol and MAG has allowed me to do this. ”

“I would like to protect the rights of people...”

The Mercy Links Team would like to thank all those who participated in the Project. We would especially like to thank Ken Jones. He is a die hard Sydney Swans fan - and like the Swanies, this year Ken is our champion. He has helped from day one in making this imagined idea become a reality. Thanks Ken. We would also like to thank others that have made it all happen... Sr. Carmel McDonough Mick Cuthbert Tom Lee Angela Swadling Michael Twomey Vanessa Sefton Lauren Davidson Hannah Dashwood Greg Owens Kate Watson Sinakka Christo Pat Clarke Karen Gair Michelle Williams Ann Buchanan Malcolm Harding Caroline O’Sullivan Nadia Nero Judith Ng

The Mercy Links Team Paris Bleechmore, Dayna Spink, Alana Walsh, Lily Loffhagen, Olivia Del Vecchio Alana Camilleri, Isabella Horne, Rhiana Chrisafi, Lucy Dirou, Meg Comino, Isobel McDonald Brigitte Sardelic, Andrea Chin, Chiara Anselmi (with Eloise Ford and Katie Hogg)

... and to Catherine Alcock - for giving Miller Street some street cred.


Mercy Links Project 2012  
Mercy Links Project 2012  

Mercy Links Project 2012 Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College