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From Colombia with love…

On the







growers bring another sales cycle to a close with


Women’s Day.


sending 30 flights a day, mostly north to the United States, Colombian flower Growers


sights on Russia,

their their

second biggest market . th

March 8



the now infamous New York textile plant fire in commonly associated with 1909 where 129 women lost their lives while locked in, protesting for rights against workplace abuses and exploitation from their bosses.

In 1914, the commemoration caught on in Russia where bestowing flowers on all females

regardless of age became symbolic of its celebration of the day.

Colombian flowers: Guests of honor at Ikebana 2010 The quality and diversity of Colombian flowers just keeps growing on the demanding Japanese market. Last December 11th, the country of Colombia and its flowers were the guests of honor at Ikebana International in Tokyo. Patricia Cardenas, Colombian Ambassador to Japan, presided over the Event with the support of Asocolflores. Hundreds of Colombian flowers made their way into the hands of Patricia Cárdenas, Colombian Ambassador to Japan next Ikebana masters at an affair that brought together to Princess Takamado florists and floral designers from all over Japan. The event created a window of opportunity to continue promoting the consumption of Colombian flowers in Japan, where Colombia has managed to consolidate itself at the second provider of fresh cut flowers.

Colombian flowers around the world  

Colombian markets, the business relation with USA, Rusia, Japan.

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