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Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Celebrating 101 Years! Serving Businesses from Fort Washington to Valley Forge, Conshohocken to Collegeville along the Route 202, Route 422, and I-76 Corridors since 1912.

11,000 Combined Circulation with four seasonal issues per year.


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610-551-0539 or email at

Sources: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) released “The Mobile Internet”;;; *Compiled by

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FRONT COVER Mercy Health Center Step Into The Future of Healthcare

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Caramanico Maguire Associates................................................................. 29 Clean A Tank............................................................................................ 17 Elite Cleaning........................................................................................... 40 Fish Window Cleaning............................................................................... 43 Just To Travel........................................................................................... 39 Kaplin Stewart Attorneys at Law.................................................................. 16 King of Prussia BID................................................................................... 44 The Security Advisors................................................................................. 21

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CELEBRATING Private Enterprise PA Style!

A 2012 PFEW ‘Finance Team’ prepares for their Stockholder’s Annual Meeting. At a time when you can't pick up a newspaper or turn on the national news without hearing bickering and divisiveness over what’s “wrong” with our economy, something truly uplifting and optimistic is happening in Pennsylvania. Quietly, and without much fanfare, more than 2,000 young adults and business executives will converge in Williamsport, Pennsylvania during the months of July and August to both explore and celebrate the world of business and what free enterprise means to America. Thirty-five years ago, business leaders in Pennsylvania responded to a perceived lack of awareness in most young adults about how the private sector operates and what their role is in it. In 1979, a marvelously innovative program was born to teach our young people (juniors and seniors in high school) about those issues that face business people every day. Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW), internationally-acclaimed for its excellence, now graduates approximately 1,800 students annually with a vastly improved understanding about the free market and how economic opportunity is so integrally tied to personal freedom. With the country still struggling in the grip of one of the most stubborn economic downturns in our history, teaching young people to understand and cherish our private enterprise system has never been more critical. Said John Trombetta, president & CEO of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education that



ter East High School, “Being part of PFEW has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. (It) was the best part of my entire summer and I will never forget the amazing people and learning opportunities about business and life. I will carry these memories with me forever!”

or her sponsor following graduation to report on the program and what they learned. PFEW is also an approved organization through the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program through the Department of Community and Economic Development.

The Chamber is proud to support PFEW to give our local students an eye-opening experience like Elizabeth described. We encourage our local companies and civic organizations to provide sponsorships for our students and, if possible, volunteers for the sessions. (PFEW is completely a product of the private sector.) Every student attends PFEW on a fully tax-deductible $525 scholarship (the actual value of the scholarship exceeds $1,500) which is provided by a local firm. All scholarship providers are recognized and thanked in a variety of ways for their sponsorship and each student wears the name of their sponsor throughout the week. Each graduate also corresponds with his

If you would like to learn more about this award-winning program and how you can help, you can visit their website at or contact John Trombetta, President of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education at (814) 833-9576 ext. 1 or e-mail him at PFEW is open to all current sophomores and juniors in Pennsylvania and information on attendance, as well as program applications, can also be found on the website. Questions can be directed to Ms. Michelle Warofka, Manager of Schools for PFEW by calling her office at (814) 833-9576 ext. 3 or emailing her at

PFEW is designed to give every participant, in broad brush strokes, an idea of what is germane and pertinent to the business world of today. Each day’s activities include four to five presentations from world-class business people from a list that reads like who’s who in Pennsylvania. The students hear about: Business and Finance, the Role and Relationship of Business and Government, Taxation, Business Ethics, Labor Relations, and much, much more. Is it effective? presents PFEW each year, “In a time Said Elizabeth Snell of West Cheswhen there is so much disagreement over the proper ‘prescription’ to address our economic challenges, one thing we can all agree on is the need for a populace that understands how the world of business works and its importance to our country. Helping young people gain that knowledge and regain their faith in the entrepreneurial spirit upon which our country was founded is a big part of our mission. We now have more than 32,000 graduates and we know from (Please check the website for additional information) their surveys following the program Please call the Chamber office in case of inclement weather. that PFEW completely transformed their attitudes about business and business people in a very positive Friday, March 8 Women's Resource Council Luncheon way.” DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Plymouth Meeting

Each summer, PFEW holds four, one-week individual sessions in July and August. The focus of the week is to group the participants (strangers at first) into “management teams” of senior executives who have inherited imaginary “companies.” These teams, under the guiding hands of “executives-on-loan,” called Company Advisors, operate their firms for a computer-simulated three-year period of time. To add a sense of reality, they are competing against two other student “companies” manufacturing and distributing the same product. These fledgling corporate executives are faced with decisions that any real-life business person confronts daily. They work with balance sheets, statements of income, market share surveys, etc., etc., and must also react to a variety of external factors. Oil embargos, inflation, union strikes, are but a few of the “unknowns” that these young entrepreneurs must deal with as they operate their businesses. Sound familiar?


Calendar of Events

Wednesday, March 13

Montgomery County Commissioners Luncheon Four Seasons Banquet Hall, Norristown

Tuesday, March 21

YPSN Continental Breakfast & Seminar Chamber Office, King of Prussia

Thursday, April 11

Business Card Exchange - Morning Penn Liberty Bank, Trooper

Thursday, April 11

YPSN Business Mixer Great American Pub, Conshohocken

Thursday, April 18

Celebration of Excellence Awards Banquet Plymouth Country Club


PA House of Representatives Luncheon TBD

Wednesday, May 8

Business Connections Chamber Office, King of Prussia

Tuesday, May 21

Business Card Exchange (on the terrace) Facenda Whitaker Lanes


Senate Luncheon TBD


Zoopendous TBD

Please monitor the calendar on the website ( for up-to-date information. 215-230-2910


Do we have your email address?

Chamber headquarters: members always


The Chamber’s predominant form of communication is email. Members should be receiving The Chamber’s epost on Thursday afternoon as well as regular announcements and invitations. If you are not please send your email address to and be sure to include your name and business affiliation.

but need an appointment

Members of the Chamber are always welcome at The Chamber’s headquarters, the historic King Of Prussia Inn but many ask why is an appointment required?

The reason is insurance. The historic 310 year old building has low head clearances and some uneven flooring and for those reasons guests must be escorted in the building much as you would in a private museum. Members are welcome Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30 and can make arrangements by calling (610) 265-1776.

Chamber reservation

policy: Reservations for Chamber events are generally required two to three days before the actual event. They are required to allow for adequate food service, seating and scheduling. Payment is required at the time of registration and can be refunded up to The Chamber’s reservation deadline. ‘Walk-in’ attendance can not always be accommodated, especially when the catering is very specific. You can always reserve at www. montgomerycountychamber. org and members may reserve by calling (610) 2651776 or (610) 277-9500.

Annual Subscription Rates Dues based on number of employees in the service area (2 part time employees = 1 full time) Dues may be tax deductible - please consult your tax advisor. New members please add $25 one time processing fee

245  1-5 employees, government agencies, non-profit agencies & educational institutes $ 295  6-10 employees 375  11-30 employees $ $ 575  31-99 employees 975  100-999 employees $ 1550  over 1000 employees $ $ 650  economy hotels 1050  full service hotels





Municipal MINUTES All municipalities in the Chamber’s service area are welcome to provide information of interest to residents and businesses. We look forward to providing information about upcoming projects, plans, events and celebrations in all future issues!

County Senior Games will take place at area recreation sites. These games are open to all Montgomery County residents 50 and over. Registration forms will be available at the Recreation Department Ambler Main Street will be in full bloom this May! or by calling the Upper Dublin Recreation Department. In July, First Fridays in Ambler debut Friday, May 3rd! East Norriton, West Norriton and Norristown will once again join Enjoy live music, a happening Kids Zone, wonderful shopping and great food in downtown Ambler. together to sponsor the 5th Annual Celebration 5k Run on Thursday July 4th. Run starts at the Norristown High School, enters the ristown Farm Park and returns to the High School. For more inforWelcome the Ambler Farmers' Market!!! mation on this run, contact the Recreation Department. The market will be open every Saturday, 9am to 2pm, in the SEPTA parking lot, adjacent to Trax The Zoning and Code Enforcement office would like to remind Restaurant & Café. The opening date will be announced as we get closer. residents that spring and summer is the time of year when many Stay in the loop: homeowners think about having their driveway replaced, resurfaced 17th Annual Ambler Auto Show or widened. Although this can enhance the value of a home, there are several important items to consider. Take the time to select a Saturday, May 18th from 10AM—3PM reputable paving company or contractor before a contract is signed. ~Rain date Sunday, May 19th~ Speak to neighbors or relatives that have had recent driveway imOn Butler Avenue from Main Street to Lindenwold Avenue provements made to help in your selection of a contractor. Always Ambler Arts & Music Festival June 14th & 15th ask a contractor for references and take the time to contact those Please join Ambler Main Street and Ambler Rotary as we welcome the Ambler Arts & Music Festi- individuals and look at the work that they had performed. Permits val, 2013! The MUSIC kicks off Friday night with special musical guests and the streets close Saturday are required for all types of driveway work with the exception of to welcome the ARTISTS! The festival will feature a wonderful array of local art, including oils, water- seal coating. A permit application should include a sketch of the color, photography, sculpture, jewelry, wood working, and more! The musical talent will be diverse as proposed work if a driveway is to be widened. Feel free to conwell, something for everyone, offering music inside and outdoors as well. Stay tuned for more details... tact the code enforcement department at East Norriton Township with any questions. Paving permit applications are available on the Township’s website. Ambler Main Street – 2013 Calendar Residents are also reminded that Sewer billing rates are charged May 3- First Fridays begin (First Friday of each month through October) based water consumption regardless of whether or not the water May 18~ Car Show (rain date, May 19) was used for outdoor purposes. Residents may install a second waEarly-Mid May ~ Ambler Farmers’ Market (every Saturday through November) ter meter at their property for outdoor purposes such as watering June 14-15~ Arts & Music Festival gardens, washing cars, filling pools and supplying irrigation sysJuly 21-28~ Ambler Restaurant Week tems. In advance of the sewer bill being received, residents with August 3~ Dog Days October 5~ Oktoberfest (rain date, Oct 6) alternate water meters will receive a post card to report and docuOctober 26~ Halloween Fun! ment their alternate meter usage which will be credited against their December events TBA! upcoming sewer bill.

AMBLER borough

Residents who are interested in installing a second water meter should obtain a plumbing permit from the Township. A plumbing permit application is available on-line at the Township website or at East Norriton Township will be launching Blackboard Connect, a mass notification system as a the municipal building. means to keep our residents notified of emergency situations such as snow emergencies, a missing child, road closures as well as notifications of special events, township activities, and important meeting dates. Residents will be able to go to the Township web site to add additional phone numbers or e-mails to have these messages sent to, as well as, set preferences as to which devices receive the outreach information on notification of township programs, meetings and special events.

East NORRITON township


The East Norriton Township Spring/Summer Newsletter will be out to the public in late March. Lower Providence Township is pleased to welcome Procura This newsletter will features important information for residents of East Norriton Township, articles Management, Inc. to its Park Pointe at Lower Providence on the activities from each Township department as well as the Recreation Department’s listing of Business Park. spring and summer activities. Procura, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthcare Solutions, Several of the upcoming special events include the Township’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Friday has leased 2500 Monroe Boulevard for its new regional headquarMarch 29th beginning at 10 a.m. at Stanbridge Street Park. In May, the 28th Annual Montgomery ters. More than 300 employees will move to the new location.


6 215-230-2910

The 2500 Monroe Boulevard office, which totals 57,055 sq. ft., will accommodate the company’s expanding business. The space is being designed to provide for improved employee collaboration, efficiencies and customer service. Procura is a market leader in the   workers’ compensation and auto managed care industry.   Elsewhere in the business park, Almac Group has invested $10   million to rehabilitate a 100,000 sq. ft. building that was shuttered   following the company’s move to new headquarters in Souderton.   With the investment, the pharmaceutical packing company will initially add 40 to 50 employees and anticipates growing at the Lower Providence site to 150. Almac looks to tap into the region’s rich   pharmaceutical talent pool. The new FDA-approved, commercial packaging facility offers bottle, blister, wallet and vial labeling/   packaging. Procura and Almac are the latest companies to invest in the Township’s rebranded business park, which has seen a steady increase in interest. The park’s daunting 40 percent vacancy rate of a few years ago has dropped to 20 percent.

UPPER DUBLIN TOWNSHIP Upper Dublin Township 801 Loch Alsh Avenue, Fort Washington, PA 19034 March-June 2013: Upper Dublin Township Events •  Parks & Recreations’ Summer Camp Registration began   on Mon 3/4/13 at 9a.

•  Township Yard Waste Collection began for year on Mon   3/4/13.

•  Upper Dublin Soccer Club Registration for Fall Soccer: Sat   3/2 & 3/9 & 3/16 10a-1p at Upper Dublin Township Building.

•  Sandy Run Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Musical, Disney   The Little Mermaid, Jr., SRMS Auditorium, Fri 3/8/13 7p, Sat/Sun   3/9 & 3/10/13 2p. Tickets available at Parks & Recreation. More   info at •  Upper Dublin Township Offices Closed Fri 3/29/13. Refuse   services move to Wed 3/27/13. Library short hours, Fri 3/29/13   9:30a-2p & Library closed Sun 3/31/13. •  UDJAA Fall 2013 Football and Cheerleading Online   Registration begins Mon 4/1/13 at

•  Upper Dublin High School Spring Musical, Legally Blonde   the Musical, UDHS Auditorium, Thurs/Fri/Sat 4/4 & 4/5 & 4/6/13   7:30p Tix at the door or in advance at Parks & Recreation.

•  MontCo Senior Games-Free Senior Expo on Fri 5/10, 9a-noon, MontCo Community College •  Sandy Run Middle School 6th grade musical Jungle Book Kids Fri 5/10 7p & Sat 5/11 2p.

•  Upper Dublin Sprint Triathlon, register for the 5/19/13 race at UD Sprint Triathlon Sun 5/19 in Fort Washington, PA. 400 meter indoor swim, 11.3 mile bike ride and 5K run. Register on your own or as a triathlon team or consider the Aquabike event (swim and bike only) or Duathlon (run and bike only). Interested sponsors or volunteers should contact Derek Dureka at, Director of UDP&R. fundraiser.aspx

•  UD Medal Reception/Ceremony Wed 5/22 6-9p, Location: Manufacturer’s Country Club. Reservations 215-643-8802

•  ACS 2013 Relay for Life Fri 5/17-Sat 5/18 at UDHS. Entertainment & Food thru day & night. Volunteer, donate, participate. •  Mornings in MonDaug, Sat 5/18 9a–11a, MonDaug Bark Park, 1130 Camphill Rd, FW.

•  Twp Offices Closed Mon 5/27. Refuse services move to Wed 5/29. Library closed Sat 5/25 thru Mon 5/27.

•  UDP&R Flea Market, Sat 6/1, 8a-1p Upper Dublin Twp Bldg, 801 Loch Alsh Ave, Ft. Washington. •  UD Public Library Summer Reading Club 2013 registration begins Mon 6/3.

•  Mornings in MonDaug, Sat 6/15 9a–11a, MonDaug Bark Park, 1130 Camphill Rd, FW. •  UDP&R KidZone, X-Zone, Small Folks & Camp BIG begin Mon 6/24.

Upper Merion Township Happy Birthday to Me! "Upper Merion Township - Better with Age" Some people do not like to give their age. But, I certainly do! I am turning 300 years old in 2013. My Tricentennial year will be one of the biggest celebrations! I am so honored to share it with all of you. After all, if you notice, I have truly gotten better with age.

I was incorporated in 1713 when the King of Prussia Inn, the Gulph Mills, Bird-In-Hand Inn and later the Swedes Ford Inn were required to pay 6 shillings to the Legislature for licenses. I made it through good times and bad, through inflation and prosperity, through peace and war. I have survived it all! Some say I look good for my age but I had a lot of help over the years. My rich history feeds my soul and keeps me relevant. My diversity and attractiveness comes from my Welsh and Swedish founders, my sound commercial base, green open space, high tech industry, cultural attractions and outdoor recreational opportunities. I have entertained more than 20 million people who come to visit me annually from all over the world. Did you know a quarter million vehicles pass through my borders each day? That is because so many people want to experience the unique quality of my numerous attractions. An operational farm, attractive mall, hiking trails, bike trails, expanded roadways, popular eateries and historic parks add to my allure. I am proud of the fact that my 28,000 residents, who reside in the historic villages of King of Prussia, Swedeland, Swedesburg and Gulph Mills, get to have these community pleasures in their own backyard and yet it can still be shared by others.

•  Fort Washington Fire Company, Ladies Auxiliary Spring Flea I am a township of the second class under Pennsylvania State statues. That simply means that I have   Market, Sat 4/6/13 8a-2p at Station A, 1245 Fort Washington Ave, a population of less than 300 people per square mile. It also means that my township has elected officials   Fort Washington. •  Recycling Day – “Anything With a Plug” Sat 4/20 9a-1p, 801 called Supervisors; they govern me during their staggered six-year term. I have been very fortunate to   Loch Alsh Avenue, FW. Free to all UDT residents, all data media have so many Board members, who have always had my best interests at heart. Over the years, even my Managers, who run the day-to-day operations of 240 dedicated full and part time employees, have been   will be destroyed or wiped. astute in their leadership and decorum. The departments in which they have led keep me relevant so I can •  Mornings in MonDaug Bark Park, 1130 Camphill Rd, FW still compete in today's market. The King of Prussia Business Improvement District, (BID), assists in that   Sat 4/20 9a-11a. effort. The BID enables the owners of more than 445 commercial properties to market me, improve my •  UDJAA Registration Online for Field Hockey begins 5/1 and appearance, provide services to employees of affected businesses and work continually on land use and taxation improvement. State law allows BID to reauthorize after five years, if the sponsors desire.   continues until 5/31 That is why I am so fervent in spirit to embrace this Tricentennial year, as are the volunteers who •  Annual Greenfield Youth Film Festival, UDHS PAC, Ft.   Washington. Thurs 5/2 7p-9p Awards Night and Film Showcase have done so much in preparing for my big birthday bash. Members of the Tricentennial Committee have been unparalleled in energy and have been working with grace, patience and humility over the   Free. last year. Without their tenacity and excitement, where would I be? The Committee has commissioned •  MontCo Senior Games, 28th Annual Games & Friday Awards a large "birthday cake" in my honor to be on display. Will you join me? I hope so. Please visit www.   Lunch Mon thru Fri 5/6-5/10 MontCo residents 50+ small fee for all the planned activities ahead.   register beginning in March: 215-643-1600 x3443




Looks to Extend Rail to

King of Prussia

King of Prussia has the largest mall on the East Coast, hundreds of businesses, tens of thousands of commuters, and one of the busiest highway interchanges in Pennsylvania. Soon, King of Prussia may also have a rail transit connection to the Philadelphia region. SEPTA is studying options to extend the Norristown High Speed Line into King of Prussia with stops at the King of Prussia Mall and the King of Prussia Business Center on First Ave.


The Chamber’s YPSN (Young Professional Suburban Network) recently hosted a Business Mixer in February. Dozens of young professionals enjoyed an evening of networking with their peers. YPSN is for seasoned professionals, as well as those just starting out. The YPSN Advisory Committee is planning several events for 2013, including a Continental Breakfast & Seminar at the Chamber Office on March 21st and a Business Mixer on April 11th at The Great American Pub.

The Norristown High Speed Line connects the Norristown Transportation Center to the 69th Street Station in Upper Darby via an electrified train. The train has stops along the Mainline at Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Ardmore, and Gulph Mills. Riders can transfer to the Market-Frankford Line in Upper Darby and continue traveling into Center City Philadelphia. The study being conducted by SEPTA is looking at alternative alignments, construction costs, and the impacts to the natural, cultural, and socio-economic environments. The intent is to identify the alternatives which best balance impacts on the area environment with benefits to the surrounding region. The study is the first step in a lengthy process to constructing the extension. After completing the Alternatives Analysis and Environmental Impact Statement, the project will have to be designed, which is anticipated to take at least three years, and constructed, which is expected take three or four years.

It is too early to know what the total cost of the project will be, which is in part, the purpose of this study. SEPTA will, however look at various ways to fund design and construction, including Federal, State, and local sources. It is expected that a significant portion of the funding will come from the Federal Transit Administration through the “New Starts” program. Recent changes in the federal program give the project a greater chance of receiving funding than under previous programs. There is also the possibility of using private funding under Pennsylvania Act 88 which authorizes Public Private Partnerships for transportation related projects. The study comes at a challenging time for SEPTA, as it struggles to maintain its system in a state of good repair. With an aging system, and fewer funds for maintenance, the decision to begin this study may seem poorly timed. One factor is how transit systems like SEPTA receive funding; federal and state funds are divided separately between new transit projects and maintenance projects. More significant though is that SEPTA is planning this extension with an eye to the future. Given the amount of time it takes to plan and design a project of this scale, starting the process now means the region will be poised to take advantage of funding opportunities in the future, and can capitalize on a growing interest among younger generations to use transit as the travel mode of choice.

To stay informed on the Norristown High Speed Line Study, be sure to visit the project website at The site provides more details about the study, the options being considered, and all future public meetings.

Shayne Trimbell works as Manager of Projects and Development with GVF. To reach Shayne by email:, or by phone: (610)635-3559.


8 215-230-2910

Mobile App

PRESENTATION Drew Griffin of Mojo Social Media & Mobile App Labs presented at a recent Business Connection. The presentation Mobile Apps and Marketing covered: What Mobile Apps Are? How Business Can Leverage Mobile Apps for Communications, PR, Marketing, Advertising and Sales Development Considerations Revenue Models Case Studies


HERO pictorial...


The Community Heroes and Future Community Leaders were honored on December 11 at Presidential Caterers. The Chamber was proud to honor:

Chamber members were very engaged in the presentation.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: Lt. Stan Turtle, Lower Providence Police Department Emergency First Responder of the Year: Chief Jim Staufenberg, East Norriton Fire Company

WOMEN'S Resource Council

Educator of the Year: Sister Janet Purcell, Principal of Pope John Paul II High School

The Women's Resource Council held a luncheon at Green Valley Country Club in December with Irene Lane, whose work is known around the world. She gave everyone in attendance tips on Desktop Intuition, handling all types of situations simply by following your inner intuition.

Non-Profit of the Year: Laurel House Along with students from: Central Montco Technical High School, Methacton High School, Norristown Area High School, North Montco Technical Career Center, The Pathway School, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, Pope John Paul II High School, Upper Dublin High School, Upper Merion Area High School, and Wissahickon High School. Their contributions to our community are extraordinary. Special thanks to J.P. Mascaro & Sons for supporting the banquet as our Event Partner, the award sponsors, The Homer Group, Crown Trophy, Presidential Caterers.



THANK YOU We Thank Our 2013 Renewing Members AAA Mid-Atlantic

Gable, Peritz, Mishkin, LLP

American Digital Graphics

Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.

American Executive Centers

Garabedian Clinic

AnestiPlus, Inc.

Goodman Properties

Appetite for Nutrition

Jay Gress, Inc.

Arnold’s Family Fun Center

Gwynedd Psychological Associates

American Society for Testing & Materials

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• Mail large (11x6) postcards for less than smaller, less noticable cards. • Target the specific area you want to reach based on postal carrier routes. All you have to do is choose the zones! • Professionally designed, printed and delivered!

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Generating Income in a Low-Rate Environment

Income generation remains a top priority for investors, especially for those nearing or in retirement. In this “low-for-long” rate environment, generating income remains a challenge for investors who need to maintain their preferred lifestyle. Certain market dynamics are creating opportunities to pick up yields across a range of asset classes. However, investors’ current flight to safety—turning to low-yielding bonds and cash—may not provide enough income and can put long-term goals in jeopardy. “Against the backdrop of a low growth, low-interest-rate climate, securing a high and stable income going forward is proving to be a difficult quandary for investors,” says Drew Barlow, Senior Vice President/Financial Advisor, who is one of the portfolio management directors at Penn Wealth Management, along with Brian McKeon, Senior Vice President/ Financial Advisor. “Diversifying beyond high-quality fixed-income categories is more important than ever before. The good news is that there are ample opportunities and strategies across a rich and developing spectrum of fixed income assets.” Penn Wealth Management was established with the goal of providing world-class investment advice and service to a select clientele. They feel privileged to help guide their clients to make sound financial decisions which are designed to align with their personal values. Customized investment strategies designed for wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies to help meet their clients’ retirement and legacy needs are among their specialties. “Only after extensive discovery sessions and lengthy profiling of all areas of importance to the client – financial, family, social, and spiritual – are the investment policy and wealth management strategies formulated. The resulting plan incorporates the individual values and addresses the objectives within asset management, lifestyle management, risk management, and liability management for corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. We focus on delivering results. Our primary thrust is execution,” McKeon says. “Serving as an advisor to our clients is a privilege and we are very happy to provide more service, such as customized trading strategies, if that’s what the client wants,” McKeon adds. “Clients should always be aware of the overall value of the services that they are paying for.” “Penn Wealth Management continually invites clients and prospective clients to educational events at a variety of local venues,” Barlow says. For example, the team offers an ongoing seminar program on income-planning strategies. Barlow and McKeon each hold a Certified Portfolio Manager® (CPM®) title from Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers (ACPM) in conjunction with Columbia University. The CPM® program helps differentiate financial advisors while broadening their experience and increasing their knowledge, which in turn helps them to provide clients with the strategies necessary to help achieve financial goals. “Our concern goes beyond traditional investment matters,” says Barlow. “We’re often the first call someone makes when considering a practical issue such as selling a home, dealing with changes brought about by age and health-related issues, or making a significant purchasing decision. Done properly, no industry is more personal than wealth management.” Despite all the uncertainty in the markets, one thing is certain: Investors need a steady income stream. Brian McKeon and Drew Barlow are Financial Advisors with the Wealth Management division of Morgan Stanley in Doylestown, PA. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the views of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, Member SIPC. The Financial Advisors may only transact business in states where they are registered or excluded or exempted from registration Transacting business, follow-up and individualized responses involving either effecting or attempting to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made to persons in states where they are not registered or excluded or exempt from registration. The strategies and/ or investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors. Morgan Stanley and its Financial Advisors do not provide tax advice. Individuals are urged to consult their tax advisor regarding their own tax or financial situation before implementing any strategies. The individuals mentioned as the Portfolio Managers are Financial Advisors with Morgan Stanley participating in the Morgan Stanley Portfolio Management program. The Portfolio Management program is an investment advisory program in which the client’s Financial Advisor invests the client’s assets on a discretionary basis in a range of securities. The Portfolio Management program is described in the applicable Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC ADV Part 2, available at or from your Financial Advisor.

(Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello



LIVING YOUR WAY: PLANNING FOR INCOME IN RETIREMENT With retirement not too far off, do you see it primarily as a time to relax? Travel? Further your education? Start a business? Spend time with your family? More importantly, will you have the income you need to afford the kind of retirement you envision? Drawing on the resources and intellectual capital of a global investment firm, a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you create a retirement income game plan that incorporates sound investment strategies, current retirement realities and––equally important––what retirement means to you. Topics include: • Why is retirement income planning important? • How much will you need to retire comfortably? • What are the most effective strategies for generating enough income to have the retirement you want? To learn how a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you make your retirement dreams a reality, please attend our complimentary seminar on retirement income planning. Date: Time: Place: Speaker:

April 25th 2013 5:00PM to 8:00PM The Manor House at Commonwealth 300 Tournament Drive Horsham, PA 19044 Penn Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley

Please call us at 215-230-2910 to reserve your place. Admission is free but space is limited.

Brian J. McKeon CLTC, CMFC®, CPM® Senior Vice President Financial Advisor 4259 W Swamp Rd, Suite 400 Doylestown, PA 18902 +1 215 230-2910 Tax laws are complex and subject to change. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (“Morgan Stanley”), its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors and Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice and are not “fiduciaries” (under the Internal Revenue Code or otherwise) with respect to the services or activities described herein except as otherwise agreed to in writing by Morgan Stanley. This material was not intended or written to be used for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. Individuals are encouraged to consult their tax and legal advisors regarding any potential tax and related consequences of any investments made under such account. © 2012 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. 215-230-2910


Treasures in Oaks The American Treasure Tour and experience treasures spanning the decades! An incredible collection of Americana, this ninety minute guided tram tour is a fantasy for the eyes and ears. With thousands of items to view in over 100,000 square feet, this experience is a treat for any age. Be sure to check out our photo gallery that gives you a glimpse into this gigantic collection.

The Tours • • • • •

Group Tours for the Coach & Travel Industry Group Tours for Clubs, Churches, Families and Student Groups Group Tours for Corporate Outings Corporate Team Building Packages Fundraising: Special Events, Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations

Meals • Catered Buffet Style Meals for Groups of 30 or more • Restaurant Style Meals for Groups under 30 people

Extras • Opt to extend your ninety minute tour to a full 2 hours • Individuals may be put on a wait list for a tour with openings that they can join (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

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Bottom Line

HELPING YOUR : Hidden Costs Under Your Lease by Mark A. Snyder, Esq. Many businesses enter into a lease for their office, industrial or retail space without really knowing the potential costs that could be charged under the lease. You have likely gone to great lengths to negotiate a fair base rent, but have you considered the economic impact of other lease provisions? In most commercial leases, tenants are obligated to pay a share of operating expenses, real estate taxes and the landlord’s insurance premiums. While landlords have little control over real estate taxes and insurance premiums, most leases provide landlords with considerable latitude to determine what can be included in operating expenses. You may be surprised to learn that many leases allow landlords to pass through capital expenditures such as a roof replacement or the repaving of an entire parking lot. These expenses, by their nature, are often very large sums that will ultimately affect your bottom line. In addition, operating expenses will often include a property management fee ranging from two percent to five percent of the rent. In some instances, landlords charge both a management fee and the salaries and benefits of their employees, which in effect doubles the management costs that are passed through to the tenant. There are numerous other miscellaneous expenses that are passed through to tenants. However, with little incentive to control these costs because the landlord is simply passing these costs on to its tenants, operating expenses almost always increase from year to year. To protect yourself, when negotiating a lease or a renewal of an existing lease, you should insist on a noncumulative cap on “controllable” operating expenses. “Controllable” operating expenses generally include all operating expenses, other than taxes, insurance, utility costs and snow removal charges. If pushed hard enough, many landlords will agree to a five percent annual cap. The key here is that the cap is calculated on a non-cumulative basis (i.e. the tenant’s share of operating ex-



penses will not increase by more than five percent over the tenant’s share of operating expenses in the previous year). Landlords may agree to a cap on the condition that it is calculated on a cumulative, compounded basis. However, under this approach, what may look like a five percent cap could be substantially higher in future years. While a cap on expenses provides some protection from “landlords gone wild,” it is important to make sure that operating expenses are carefully defined and appropriate exclusions from operating expenses are spelled out in the lease, including exclusions of capital expenses (or at least certain types of capital expenses) and limits on management expenses. Bottom line: help your bottom line by being diligent when negotiating operating expense provisions in your lease. In this economy, you have more leverage than you may realize. (Submitted Copy; Contact

Strategy. Skill. Success. Corporate Law & Business Planning Mergers & Acquisitions Land Use, Zoning & Development Construction Law Environmental Law Mediation & Arbitration Employment Law for Employers Healthcare Law Estate Planning & Administration Tax Law Real Estate, Business & Financing Transactions Business, Commercial, Real Estate & Title Litigation

Kaplin Stewart CONTACT: Kevan Hirsch & Marc A. Snyder

Attorneys at Law

610-260-6000 • Blue Bell, PA • Philadelphia, PA • Cherry Hill, NJ

Does My Business Interruption Insurance cover

A HURRICANE? It Depends... by Kevan Hirsch

Hurricane Sandy caused billions of dollars in property damage and resulted in billions of dollars in lost business revenue. Many business owners are wishing that they had purchased business interruption insurance, but many others are discovering that their policies do not necessarily provide coverage for the consequences of this natural disaster. Before buying your next policy, it is important to carefully inquire about just what coverage you will be afforded. Business interruption insurance, or business income insurance, is intended to reimburse the insured for the amount of revenue it would have received during the period of interruption caused by a covered event. Like all insurance, however, whether a business is covered by loss from an event like Hurricane Sandy depends upon the terms, conditions

and language of the policy. There are many difficult, complex questions raised by a disaster like Hurricane Sandy that impact whether business interruption coverage will be afforded. A few simple examples will illustrate why the question of coverage is not nearly as simple as it might seem. These are where the business interruption occurs: (1) without physical property damage; (2) due to flood damage; or (3) from civil evacuation. If the business property was lucky enough to escape serious physical damage, but operations cannot resume due to road closures, flooding elsewhere, power outages or other causes, there might not be coverage. Most business interruption policies require that the insured suffer physical damage to its business property which results in the interruption of operations to trigger coverage. The cause of property damage can also be important, for policies can be "all-risk" or "named peril", which limit the causes of interruption to

those specifically named in the policy and may not include floods or other natural disasters. Even many "all-risk" policies provide exclusions disclaiming coverage for disasters such as flooding and tidal water overflows, such as those caused by Sandy at the ocean shore and far inland. If your business property escaped weather and flood damage, but was closed due to evacuation of the town or area, there may or may not be coverage. Some business interruption policies contain additional provisions or endorsements which extend coverage for lost revenue resulting directly from the insured’s access to business property being prevented or hindered by order of a civil authority due to damage to or destruction of nearby property.

Courts will no doubt be sorting out these and other issues implicated by Sandy for years, just as they have been due to the September 11th attacks and Hurricane Katrina. To prepare for the next time, it may be prudent to spend some time on reviewing specific policy provisions or exclusions in relation to your business needs and circumstances with your broker or attorney before buying or renewing coverage. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello 215-230-2910


241 Plaza Dr. Collegeville PA 19426

Chester Springs

163 Pottstown Pike Chester Springs PA 19425

West Chester

1130 Mc Dermott Drive West Chester PA 19380


1425 Marshalton-Thorndale Rd. Downingtown, PA 19335

EXCEDEExpectations! In October of last year Kinetic Physical Therapy expanded its services by opening the Collegeville office located in the Providence Town Center complimenting its three locations in Chester County. As always, Kinetic is proud to offer Montgomery County the most comprehensive line of physical therapy services available in this region. From sports medicine, aquatic therapy, and video analysis to health and wellness; Kinetic is the provider for you, your health, and your complete recovery. The Physical Therapists here at Kinetic have all of the qualifications and advanced skills needed to provide you the highest level of health care in the region. In addition to extensive yearly continuing education, many of our Physical Therapists have post-professional degrees and specialty certifications. We have worked hard as a company to bring you a product line that represents the most evidence based and current treatment techniques on the market today. It is this product line, and the professionals behind it that makes Kinetic Physical Therapy the ONLY choice for your physical therapy needs. Kinetic Physical Therapy believes in developing each individual therapist. That’s why we provide all of our therapists with advanced clinical education in manual Physical Therapy techniques, as well as the areas of their individual interests and specialization. When you walk into Kinetic Physical Therapy you will be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff person in an atmosphere conducive to getting well. Our goal is to find the root cause of your problem, in order to achieve a long term solution. We want to exceed your expectations! Our philosophy is simple, One Physical Therapist, One Patient, One Goal which means your evaluating physical therapist stays with you throughout the rehabilitative process. The State of Pennsylvania supports your access to physical therapy services without a physician’s prescription providing a tremendous convenience as well as financial benefit. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

Complete Residential & Commercial Aquarium Services

Freshwater & Saltwater Maintenance • Installation Sales • Service

Fish Tank Makeovers

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HEALTH links Sponsored By:

HEARTHealth Heart disease is the #1 killer of women today; and this health condition that takes the life of one woman per minute may also be one of the most misunderstood diseases. Heart disease affects the body’s blood vessels and cardiovascular system. Over time, plaque may build up in the walls of the arteries in your heart, narrowing the artery walls, and making it difficult for blood to flow through. Eventually, a clot can form and stop the blood flow. This can cause either a heart attack or a stroke. But there are other forms of heart disease as well: • Heart failure or congestive heart failure—the heart is working, but not pumping blood and getting oxygen to the full amount it should. • Arrhythmia or abnormal rhythm of the heart—the heart is either beating too fast, too slow, or irregularly, which affects the heart’s functioning. • Heart valve problems—sometimes heart valves do not open enough or close properly, which can cause blood to leak through or flow backwards. 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease. There are risk factors that can be controlled, and risk factors that cannot be controlled. But women can take charge of their heart health by making the healthy choices listed below. Factors like cholesterol, eating habits, and smoking are things you can control and change. Women who are thin may have high cholesterol, and women that exercise regularly and eat healthy may have a family history of heart disease. It is important to know your risk factor(s) and adjust your lifestyle accordingly! • Don’t smoke • Manage your blood sugar • Get your blood pressure under control • Lower your cholesterol • Know your family history of heart disease • Stay active • Lose weight if you are overweight • Eat healthy, natural, non-processed foods 64% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms, which is why it’s so important to know your numbers and have them under control. This includes your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. A common misunderstanding of heart attacks is that extreme chest pain is the only symptom. Symptoms, if you have any, vary between men and women. Heart attack symptoms specific to women are listed below: • Shortness of breath • Jaw pain • Nausea/vomiting



• Dizziness/light-headedness/fainting • Extreme fatigue Stroke is the #4 cause of death in the United States, and the leading cause of severe, long-term disability. Warning signs that you may be having a stroke include: • Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, leg, or on one side of the body • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding • Sudden trouble seeing or blurred vision in one or both eyes • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, or loss of balance/coordination • Sudden severe headache with no known cause Heart disease affects women of all ages and ethnicities. Some people are born with underlying heart conditions, while others are at a greater risk due to overeating or living a sedentary lifestyle. Hispanic and African American women also have a greater risk for heart disease compared to Caucasian women. ALL women need to be heart healthy and evaluate their individual habits. Here are some tools to keeping your health in check this February: • Drink more water, which leaves less room for sugary foods and drinks • Go Green by eating seasonal, natural fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat, high-sodium processed foods • Eat more fiber, like whole grains that aids digestions and lowers the risk of heart disease • Quit smoking • Get routine checkups • Be as active as possible • Consider low-dose aspirin and talk to your family physician

1430 Dekalb Street P.O. Box 311 Norristown, PA 19404 Phone: (610) 278-5117 Fax: (610) 278-3971

Planners and Jo urna ian Inspired t s i r s Ch


Grace of


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• News and events featuring our members, businesses and visions building our region.

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• Story-line feature and editorial pertaining to our coverage area.


CALL TODAY To Place Your Ad in our NEXT Issue

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Incentive Programs

Why do some companies have happy employees, loyal customers and that welcome feeling when you walk through their halls? It’s because they recognize and value their workers and clients by utilizing Incentive Programs. An Incentive Program is any type of program that motivates participants by offering some form of reward. When an Incentive Program is successful, companies find an increase in sales and productivity, increased participation, better employee morale, enhanced work quality, teamwork, decreased absenteeism and they attract and retain quality employees. They enjoy stronger relationships and increased loyalty with their customers, along with gathering valuable data and insight to establish competitive differentiation. Incentive professionals are skilled in identifying and understanding the needs of their clients and the type of incentive they should offer. By working with an industry professional, you’ll have access to all the resources needed to create a customized Incentive Program. Some examples of Incentive Programs include sales incentives, service awards, loyalty programs, gifts with purchases, attendance programs, safety and training programs, wellness programs and corporate gifting. Once you decide on an Incentive Program, you will then work together to develop the plan. You will build your Incentive Program by following an 8 Step Plan. You must first establish your objectives...aka, The Blueprint. Then you will outline the parameters, decide how performance will be measured and establish a budget. Next you will select the type of award, implement the program, celebrate and then evaluate your program. An Incentive Program is a serious investment, but when properly administered; it motivates, rewards, incites, boosts, educates and enhances. Consider the impact an effective Incentive Program could have on your business. For more information on Incentive Programs or Promotional Marketing ideas, please contact one of our representatives today...Tonbo-Visual Promotions (215) 723-0250.

Shirish B Kokatay Agency Owner

(484) 994-1138 Email: • Fax: (888)-386-2163 2823 W. Ridge Pike • Norristown, PA 19403

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20 215-230-2910

Negligent SECURITY


When business owners think about premise liability, they usually think about slip and fall injuries sustained by customers or visitors to their store or office. An issue they should also be thinking about is negligent security.

CONSULTING • TRAINING PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Sound Solid Solutions for your Security Concerns.

Let The Security Advisors put our unique blend of law enforcement and corporate investigative experience to work for you. Call us for a free consultation.

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610.277.7700 Gentle & Professional Dentistry for the Entire Family


PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Jay Goldsleger, DDS Scott Goldsleger, DDS Ibrahim Durra, DMD Amita Patel, DMD Natalie De Barros, DMD Abbey Sullivan, DMD Matt Boswell, DMD Michael Daley, DMD ORTHODONTISTS Bryan Ruda, DMD

GENERAL DENTISTRY Larry Schlarb, DMD Skip Hoerz, DMD Ama Soleye, DMD Andrew Rush, DMD Kristine Rushby, DMD

ENDODONTICS Andrew Greenstein, DMD


357 S. Gulph Rd. • King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Three elements must be proven for the business owner to be found negligent when someone is hurt on their property; 1- a duty to protect, 2- a breach of that duty to protect and 3- causation. A fourth element a jury considers is damages. If your business is located in a high crime area, or if a particular crime is regularly committed in places of business similar to yours, the presumption of 'duty to protect' is greater. The business owner must be aware of these issues and take steps to prevent the crime from occurring. Failing to execute measures to prevent an incident that is foreseeable and preventable may result in a finding that you have breached your duty to protect. To establish this, a plaintiff's attorney employs a security consultant (like us) to conduct a review of area crime statistics and business categories. We should note here that we have been retained by attorneys for just this type of law suit. Causation is proven if the business owner is found to not have taken reasonable security measures to secure the property and this failure caused the plaintiff's injury. This is considered a negligent act and may result in the jury awarding damages, the fourth element. What can a business owner do to prevent or mitigate a negligent security lawsuit? The first thing to do is to conduct a security assessment of your business location. This assessment should look at the physical security situation of the property, the crime rate in the area, the crimes being committed in other like businesses and any inherent crime risk of the particular business. An example of an inherent crime risk would be a shopper being assaulted and injured in a mall parking lot or a customer being robbed and injured at an ATM machine. It should also assess the policies of the business and employee training in security matters. After the security assessment is completed, the business owner must address the security weaknesses the assessment discovers. The mall may install more lights in the parking lot or increase security patrols. The bank may install more lights or enclose the ATM in the vestibule of the bank or other enclosure that offers security (and can only be accessed by customers holding ATM cards). Cameras can be added to both areas as an additional deterrent. Training should not be overlooked. It is important that a business owner educate his/her employees to the security situations that may occur on the property, not only for customer protection but for their protection as well. Employees must be aware, and be kept aware, of the security issues prevalent to the business and to the area. If you need help in conducting a security assessment of your business, office or store, contact The Security Advisors at 610-277-7700 or through email at (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

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OMEGA Commercial Real Estate, Inc. A full service real estate company specializing in corporate tenant/buyer representation, landlord/seller representation, project leasing and investment sales for Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

Joe O’Donnell 610.616.4604 101 Bill Smith Blvd., King of Prussia, PA 19406

The OMEGA Minute: Your Real Estate Review

For tenants, your real estate cost is typically the second largest expense after payroll. It is rare that the amount of square footage, the rate you are paying or the term you have left on your lease is exactly what you need at any given moment. You should examine your lease commitment annually or semi-annually. You should also meet with your real estate broker about what market trends they are seeing and how to act or react. There is still time to take advantage of current conditions. Currently, I am helping many tenants renew a few years early. We take advantage of still depressed rates, reset the company’s rental rates by a few dollars per square foot and grab the remaining tenant incentives landlords are still willing to offer. For this the tenant commits to an additional 3 to 5 years of lease term. If your lease is coming up within the next 12 to 18 months and you’re comfortable with it, pursue a flight to quality. Prices per square foot for some office space are still at all time lows. A flight to quality is moving up the building Class chain. This is moving from a Class B or Class C building to a Class A building for little or no increase to what you currently paying.

expert to make the informed choices. Until next time, don’t work for your space. Make your space work for you. Please feel free to call or email of you have any questions or comments. Thank you. Joe O’Donnell is the president and owner of OMEGA Commercial Real Estate, Inc. He has been in commercial real estate for over 10 years. His expertise is corporate tenant/ buyer representation as well as landlord project leasing for office, industrial and retail buildings and investment sales. He primarily works the surrounding Montgomery, Chester and Bucks County markets. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello @

Joe O’Donnell is the president and owner of OMEGA Commercial Real Estate, Inc. He has been in commercial real estate for over 10 years. His expertise is corporate tenant/ buyer representation as well as landlord project leasing for office, industrial and retail buildings and investment sales. He primarily works the surrounding Montgomery, Chester and Bucks County markets.

Tenant VS. Landlord

Your office real estate lease can be one of the most expensive commitments a company can by Joe O’Donnell, President of OMEGA Commercial Real Estate, Inc. make. Make sure you consult with your commercial real estate rent and moving allowances. The number one question we get is “How’s the real estate Currently the Philadelphia office market?” The answer is it Medical BUILDING For Sale! vacancy is rate is at 11.6% which depends. The true answer to 1411 Powell Street is slightly up from last quarter. the market question is “it Norristown, PA 19401 This is due to the largest deals depends…on who you are.” Contact: Joe O'Donnell last year were mostly a shell The local commercial real estate Email: game of local existing tenants market is slowly tightening up. 610-616-4606 moving from one large block of Many of the surviving landlords Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate. space into another larger block have deleveraged, refinanced, of space. New, large deal volume retained tenants and stabilized For Sale $295,000, 5,000+ SQFT Office Medical Building, 11 Exam is still down. Philadelphia, their assets. Less vacancy means overall, is a stronger market and Rooms, 22 Parking Spaces, Built in 1890, Renovated in 1993, New fewer tenant incentives landlords the vacancy rate consistently HVAC, Aggressive Ownership, Taxes $9,912/yr, Great Location: Minoffer to attract and retain beats the national average. utes from Plymouth Interchange, tenants. These fading incentives I-76, I-476, PA Turnpike, Germantown Pike, Ridge Pike include tenant build outs, free


22 215-230-2910



1100 E. Hector Street Conshohocken, PA Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate.


686 Dekalb Pike Blue Bell, PA Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate. This is newly constructed, freshly painted and carpeted, 1,800sf office space with 6 offices, kitchenette and reception area. This space was built for a tenant that does not need the space and never occupied it. It is fully wired and ready to go. Two sides of windows for a space this small. A discount sublease that still has 3 yrs on the lease.

NEW!!! We have a 4,600sf plug and play, sublease immediately available. There are 3 offices, double glass door reception area, conference room, IT room and kitchenette. 5 sets of workstations, conference table and chairs, phones and phone system in place, wired for internet. Partially exposed ceiling, great space for startup, small firm, attorneys, accountants, architects, staffing company. This space is located in the Spring Mill Corporate Center, 1100 E. Hector St, Conshohocken, PA 19428, off of the R6 train line. Lease runs until 6/30/2014. This building is located in a Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ).



1200 Markley Street Norristown, PA 19401 Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate.

750 West Washington Street Norristown, PA 19401 Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate.

28,090 SQFT Heavy Industrial Building, 1 Loading Dock, 1 Drive In, 16’ Ceiling Height .72 acre Property. Fenced lot on the property with Ample 13,056 sf Industrial Building Available for lease or for sale. 19' ceilings, 2 Parking. 27,000 daily car count. Great Location: Minutes from Rt 202, loading docks, 2 drive ins, 3 phase heavy power. PA Turnpike, I-76, I-476. Real Estate Taxes $12,900/yr

OFFICE BUILDING For Sale or Lease!

123 Boro Line Road Bridgeport, PA 19405 Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate. 36,000 SQFT Office Building, 17,000 SQFT Available. Excellent Exposure on Rte 202. Great Location: Minutes from PA Turnpike, Rt 202, Rte 363, Rte 252. Shell space ready for built-to-suit opportunity. Rental rate: $17.50sqft + Electric

OFFICE SPACE For Sale or Lease! 513-517 Swede Street Norristown, PA 19401 Contact: Joe O'Donnell Email: 610-616-4606 Realtor: OMEGA Commercial Real Estate.

1,200 to 15,000sf Office Space Available for lease or for sale. Located on Lawyer’s Row in a SBA Hub Zone, Keystone Innovation Zone and New Market Tax Credit area.

How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

Please Join Us for a Celebration Dinner Honoring Captain Willie Gene Richet Forty Years of Service Norristown Police Department Date:

Saturday, March 30, 2013


4:00 PM-8:00 PM

Location: Westover Country Club South Schuylkill Ave. Jeffersonville, PA 19403

Ticket Price $50.00 per person Kindly Reply by March 13, 2013 or Barbara: 610-279-5483

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24 215-230-2910

How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

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! o r P a e


at! e r ok G

s Lo

s e g n i n i s t u B ain

r u P o . g t Y n x i e E k h / Ma nt. was


r r e e w d p o e a l P l p l a l Wa & Inst ed v o 9ALL Rem 0 2 2 C T 4 S 3 JU 2 L 21O5IT AL D E W

BANCROFT Wallcovering and Painting Taking Exterior

Reservations NOW

Bancroft Wallcovering and Painting is a recognized longtime industry marketplace leader in both Residential and Commercial avenues serving the tri-state areas providing excellent customer service before and after the sale since 1989.

We are up to date on the current procedures and advanced technologies used in the commercial and residential marketplace. Currently our focus and mainstay is the commercial market while still providing residential services from Apartment re-paints to high end residential clients. Sandy has devastated our area. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected at this time due to Sandy. During the clean-up processes please know we are here for your assistance and guidance along the way. We have many years of experience providing free insurance estimates. If you need us please do not hesitate to call. Remember we service the tri-state areas and we have crews at your service to help bring your property back to service. Some of the services we provide: • Commercial Painting and Decorating • LEED Coatings Applicator • Wallcovering • Faux Finishing • Specialty Coatings- Interior/Exterior • Chalkboard painting, Whiteboard applications, Tack board application • Power Washing • Restaurant makeovers with updated color schemes • Open ceiling painting with specialty paint products. • Evening and Weekend Crews • Fully insured Providing services in a number of commercial markets, including: • Office Buildings • Hospitals • Hotels • Shopping Centers • Restaurants... and more

Serving Tri-State Area Rodney Bancroft

Fill out the contact form for a discount @ HIC# PA 058066



We do what it takes to get the job done on time… • Scheduling Evening Shift and Weekend Crews to meet your important deadlines. • Our paint does not stink….Zero Voc and zero odor paints used to allow for quick turnaround without any odors. • Hire a Pro !! • All of our professional commercial applicators are more than proficient in industry standards. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello 215-230-2910

Heel pain Can Happen

to Anyone!

By Nicholas Pagano, DPM Guess what your favorite podiatrist woke up to this morning: Heel pain. Heel pain and plantar fasciitis account for about 15-20% of the patients that come into good old Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care in Plymouth Meeeting, PA. I speak ad nauseam about stretching and icing and beg people to follow my directions. Being that my patients are the BEST (eh hem), they always follow what their doctor says, but what about when the doctor doesn't take his own advice.

repetitive injury and overuse, the area where this band inserts can get inflamed and sometimes tear. The injury itself can hurt but also due to inflammation in the area, a nerve (BAXTER's NERVE) can get entrapped. THIS IS WHY THIS PAIN IS LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. There is something about nerve pain, no disrespect to the other pains in our life, but nerve pain is exquisite in its ability to stop a moving locomotive aka YOU. The plantar fascia's job is to support the arch of the foot and function in stabilizing the foot in the gait (walking) cycle. The reason why the pain will go away is because you are warming up the area and it helps reduce the inflammation. But as soon as you sit down: welcome back heel pain.

It happened to me. I've been training for a race and I am not the skinny little kid I was back in those days.


So the training is different and the mileage is way different. (100 miles per week vs. 30 miles per week). Usually I am in a rush, stretching gets the bypass with the feeling that I'll just start slowly and stretch out as I go and the result is this.

First and foremost you should search out a medical evaluation to help diagnose the problem. There are others things that this could also be; so a good, handsome young foot doctor, particularly one located in Plymouth Meeting and a former runner, would be the best.

Here are my symptoms, doc:

Depending on the findings, a treatment plan will be established. Don't fear that when you go to the podiatrist, that you are locked in for a needle and a follow up appointment in two weeks. At Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, I believe in the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself. I like to establish a treatment plant that focuses on supporting the plantar fascia, relieving the stress through a stretching program and possibly looking into a therapeutic intervention to get you back in action ASAP. An x-ray is helpful to diagnose this problem further.

Whenever I wake up and step down on the floor, directly under my heel I feel serious pain. It's hard to describe, it BURNS, it is STABBING and it radiates up my leg and into my arch. If I can keep going, it eventually warms up and I can get through the day. This pain without treatment continues to worsen. Until I go see my local foot and ankle doctor. (For me this only takes a glimpse in the mirror and an aggressive talking to.)

Alot of patients come into the office and say "I have a heel spur, my friend told me that." And it is likely that you may have a heel spur, but in my experience, if I took x-rays of ten patients, 6 would have a spur on their heel bone (calcaneus), and only 1 of those patients would complain about it. This is a biomechanical problem, so in order to treat this we need to treat the entire body in the walking cycle. That's why stretching, support and control of inflammation can be so effective.

It is likely that you are suffering from a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. This is a sports injury that can occur from overuse/training injuries. It is very common and it can happen to any foot type and person type. I have treated elite runners to the hard working person on their feet all day. Usually, when having a thorough history of the problem and a physical examination by your podiatric specialist, a determination of Surgery is never the first option and if that is what is suggested to you, your problem and treatment kindly excuse yourself from the room, settle up and exit the office. The plan can be started. body with the right treatment plan can heal! Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory process involving a band of tissue that runs from the heel bone to the ball of foot and toes on the bottom of your foot. Due to

How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

If you need an appointment, give us a call at 484.681.9485. Happy Running everyone! (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

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R HOICE & rant stau ia e R n ss Italia f Pru Best King o inline a &M





7 D AY S A W E E K


Private Rooms Available for 20 to 100 Guests

Call for our special pricing before you book your affair

Wedding Receptions

Rehearsal Dinners

Bridal Showers

Engagement Parties

Funeral Luncheons

Sit Down or Buffet Style

No Room or Bartender Charges

11 TVs

Bar Specials

Try our new & delicious signature dessert for 2! Share one today! Monday Texas Hold-Em Wednesday Trivia Night Thursday Texas Hold-Em Fri & Sat Live Music Sunday 7-8 : In the Biz Night




Now Booking...

Private Happy Hours! 15 or more people

TOTALLY RENOVATED PRIVATE ROOMS & LOUNGE Reservations suggested. Regular menu also available. Outdoor dining seasonal.

W ac e p c ri sp om de ec m ou ia od rs l r at el eq in ve ue g y s st ou on s. r



239 Town Center Road | Valley Forge Shopping Center

LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED your hosts: Frank Vermonti & Sal Bello still the best food & drink prices in King of Prussia

$25.00 off your next private party OF 20 OR MORE PEOPLE. LUNCH OR DINNER.

Pre-Reserve & Use Coupon by 8/30/13. SPRING 2013

28 215-230-2910


The Optimal Salesperson

Do you have the Mindset of a Sales Superstar? Is Your Closing Rate too Low? Do You Consistently Hit Your Sales Goal?

Mastering the Mindset of Sales Superstars

If you answered “NO” to any of the above then you will want to subscribe to the free sales mini-series

The Three Secrets of the Optimal Salesperson In this three part mini-series you will learn: How your self limiting beliefs prevent your success How to qualify prospects to increase your closing rate How to make sure that you reach your sales goals TO REGISTER GO TO

The mini-series is sponsored by:

Caramanico Maguire

Associates, Inc.

Sales Force Developement Experts

Since 1986 Caramanico Maguire Associates, Inc. has been coaching and training individuals, small businesses and major corporations to increase their sales effectiveness and make that quantum leap to the proverbial “next level”

Phone: 610 940-4430 350 Sentry Pkwy., Ste. 110, Bldg. 610, Blue Bell, PA 19422


The prospect is giving them an indirect message that they are not interested enough to buy but the salesperson can’t take a hint.

Optimal Salesperson®

• Not qualifying hard enough – The salesperson mistakes passing interest for a compelling reason to buy or they fail to establish that the prospect has enough money to afford the product or service. The prospect puts them off for a month or two as a way to avoid saying no and the salesperson starts a long follow up sequence that will eventually lead nowhere.

Salesperson Time Waster #1 Following Up

By Dan Caramanico Ninety five percent of the time salespeople spend following up is a colossal waste of time. I know, I know!! Many of you reading this article are saying “is he crazy”? “Persistence in following up is one of my greatest assets. I never give up and a few of my clients bought from me just because of that persistence.” In fact the sales literature is filled with stirring examples of the indefatigable salesperson dogging a prospect until they finally give in and buy something. These make great inspirational stories, but I wouldn’t want to build a career on that strategy. It wastes too much of your valuable time and will wear you out before you can make any real money. The top salespeople don’t need to follow up because they close the business now and no follow up is needed. Or they determine that there is no real need to follow up because there is no business to be had from that prospect. Again no follow up is needed. Here are some reasons salespeople waste time following up: • Happy ears – The sales person hears what they want to hear. The prospect gives them some faint praise about their presentation and the salesperson interprets through his happy ear filter that they love the product and will buy it. He becomes so excited that he agrees to get back to the prospect with more information. He fails to understand that the prospect is just being nice and there is no compelling reason to buy.

How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

There are plenty of examples that are similar to the two given here but they are all fairly similar and spring from the salesperson not being able to distinguish a real prospect from one who is just interested or too weak to tell you the truth. So what is the remedy? It is simple really. Make the prospect prove to you that they have a compelling reason to move forward and have the ability and desire to consummate a deal if you get that far. Make sure that if they are not buying today, that you end the first meeting with a specific action that will take place at a specific point in time in the future. However, the most important asset you can have to avoid wasting time is a firm belief that your time is valuable and that you shouldn’t waste it on unqualified prospects. That belief and an effective selling process will let you end pursuits as soon as they lose the compelling reason to buy or more importantly not begin long follow up sequences with prospects who are too nice to tell you no. Dan Caramanico is a salesforce development expert and he is the author of Attributes of The Optimal Salesperson® One of Selling power’s top ten books for 2010 and Optimal Selling, Sales Conversations of the Optimal Salesperson. Dan is president of Caramanico Maguire Associates, Inc. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

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BUSINESSES that help you


for that

Special Day

Gown by Stephen Yearick info:

Here come the brides, all dressed in...

well…whatever they may want!


Your Perfect Day!

Your wedding reception at Presidential Let Presidential Caterers play host to your Montgomery County wedding, Blue Bell wedding, or corporate event! With our many first-class amenities, we are here to make your event an extraordinary one. The Presidential is among the largest, independently owned wedding, special occasion, meeting and entertainment facilities in Montgomery County. Centrally Located in the heart of Montgomery County, the atmosphere and grandeur of Presidential Caterer’s expansive lobby gives a feeling of romantic big city elegance. Outstanding service, impressive menu selections and personal attention to detail guarantee that every occasion is a memorable success. Whatever you have in mind — simple or lavish, traditional or contemporary, large or small — our professional staff will work with you to create your perfect wedding or corporate event. You have dreamed about your wedding day your entire life. Let Presidential make it perfect. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

There are many choices that a bride to be has in her decision making process, so businesses have to be at the top of their game with superb quality and superior customer service. Planning a wedding is an exciting and exhilarating time. It can also be overwhelming for all involved in the decision process. By working with seasoned businesses in this industry you will find that the planning will be less time consuming and a wonderfully fun time for the soon to be couple as well as all involved. Here are a few Local Businesses that rate The Best Of Business in The Greater Montgomery County area for Weddings and Social Occasions. These local businesses are experts and know how to cater to the Brides, their Weddings and smooth out any potential glitches that may occur. Dedication to helping you make that special day perfect for you and yours is their business. They are also very knowledgeable and can refer you to other businesses on your important to do list. Best of Health, Happiness and Success to you and yours.



610.275.7300 2910 Dekalb Pike • East Norriton, PA 19401 215-230-2910

ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY, All EYES will be on YOU Just as important as the dress, the hair, and the makeup, is

Your Beautiful White Smile. If your smile is not perfect, your dentist can help.


A Nice Place To Visit……………....

The newest type of orthodontics can straighten teeth and improve your bite without wires and braces. Research done by Invisalign reveals that 80 % of patients with a bad bite or "malocclusion" can be treated and corrected with clear aligners.

With convenient hours and a clean, modern office, you’ll feel completely comfortable with us.

Bonding. Improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked, stained or have spaces between them.

We look forward to meeting you!


About Us…………………

Custom made shells that cover the front side of teeth can be used to treat spaces between teeth, and teeth that are chipped, worn, permanently stained, poorly shaped, or slightly crooked.

Dr. Anne Facchiano graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1995, and completed a General Practice Residency there in 1996. She practiced as an Associate in the area for several years before purchasing her practice located in a charming Norristown neighborhood.

Cosmetic Tooth Contouring. Similar to filing your nails, tooth contouring can be done to even edges of teeth, and smooth minor chips.

Whitening. Done either in the dental office or at home, tooth whitening will give you the bright smile of your dreams. Taking good care of your teeth will keep you smiling

"Happily Ever After"

Dr. Facchiano is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Temple, and a member of the American Dental Educators Association. A member of the Academy of General Dentistry since 1996, she was awarded Fellowship in the Academy in 2010, an honor bestowed on fewer than 10% of members. In addition, Dr. Facchiano is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Association of Women Dentists.

Now Providing Invisalign Braces! Celebrating 10 Years of Smiles

• Personal & Relaxing • Cosmetic & Family Dentistry • Implant Restoration • Soft Tissue Laser • In Office Whitening • Evening & Saturday Appointments

Anne M. Facchiano, D.M.D., F.A.G.D. 1639 Pine St. • Norristown, PA 19401 610-275-3990 How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

A Nice Place To Visit

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The Bridal Look You Have

Dreamed of... From the moment you walk through the door we are committed to providing the highest level of service possible, and to do so in a friendly, relaxing and comfortable environment. The staff at Salon Dominique understands how special your wedding day is to you. We know just how beautiful you need to look and feel on the memorable day. Our stylists are very committed to helping you achieve the bridal look you have always dreamed of. To reserve a consultation for Bridal Package services for you or your entire bridal party, call us. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello@



Salon Services for Women & Men ✦ Hair Cuts ✦ HAIR Coloring ✦ Smoothing Treatments Brazilian Blowout Keratin ✦ Bridal Packages ✦ Nail Spa ✦ Skin Care ✦ Make-Up ✦ Waxing ✦ Gift Cards Available

Wedding Packages & Prom Specials Gift Certificates and Gift Items Available, too! 2301 Dekalb Pike ✦ East Norriton w w w. s a l o n d o m i n i q u e . n e t


Tues, Thurs & Fri: 9am-8pm ✦ Wed: 10am-5pm ✦ Sat: 9am-5pm ✦ Sun & Mon: By Appt. Only 215-230-2910


Outdoor Wedding Rentals

If you are looking to have a memorable outdoor wedding and you have a location in mind, Norris Sales Party Rentals can help. Serving Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs for more than 10 years, we specialize in everything from small backyard nuptials, to large-scale weddings. Norris Sales Party Rentals offers affordable rentals, while providing professional grade equipment and service. Choose from our broad range of tents to accommodate your guests. Compliment your tent with a dance floor, staging platform and a variety of lighting choices. We also offer a large selection of tables, chairs, linens and more. Let Norris Sales Party Rentals help create the wedding that everyone will be talking about. Imagine approaching your tent under an awning lined with decorative columns, silk linens and lighting. Entering the tent through double glass doors, you are greeted by the cool burst of air conditioning as you step upon the carpeted floor. You look up to find the clear top tent has provided an amazing view of the sky. Scanning the room you

How do customers view YOUR BUSINESS?

notice the chairs match perfectly with the linens you carefully selected. We consider customer satisfaction our number one priority. By meeting your highest standards, expert coordinators ensure a worry free event. Whether you are looking for a small open tent or a large tent with sidewalls and heating, no job is too big or small for Norris Sales Party Rentals. Visit for pictures and product descriptions. While online, create an account and submit your wish list. To speak with an event coordinator, call 800-457-RENT. We can also be found on Facebook at and Twitter and (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello

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34 215-230-2910




“Offset Rising Energy Costs with Efficient Windows and Doors”

64 Years In Business!


• Awnings • Bay Windows • Bow Windows • Fiberglass Doors • Fiberglass Windows • Garden Windows • Gutters • Patio Covers


• Shutters • Sliding Patio Doors • Steel Doors • Storm Doors • Screens • Storm Windows • Vinyl Windows • Wood Windows





Why Go Anywhere Else? 48 W. Germantown Pike East Norriton

(Opposite Wal Mart & Pep Boys)

“YOU PICK THE REASON - WE PLAN THE PARTY!” We Specialize in All Types of Parties from:

Complete Bridal Packages Showers Sho owers • Birthdays • Mitzvahs o Funerals Fu unerals • & Anniversaries

“NO PARTY IS TOO SMALL” At Your Service!





Call Today!!!


Why bother now? Is


Providing local quality service, American products, and saving you money! With energy rebates expiring, why bother replacing windows and doors in your home? Is there any benefit now? Rich Graboyes says yes. Replacing drafty, poorly insulated windows can end up saving you lots of money on your energy bill. By replacing any moderately drafty windows in your home, you could end up saving 20 to 25 percent on your energy bill. Older homes with draftier windows could even see savings of 30 percent or more! Not only are you saving energy and money, but you’re also adding to the beauty of your home – inside and out. Every one of our windows and doors is made in America. When you buy from us, you’re not just saving yourself energy money you’re supporting the economy. It’s a win-win situation! Graboyes is a business with humble beginnings, started in 1949 when founder Joe Graboyes went door-to-door selling aluminum storm doors. Since then, we have been the longest continually running business in East Norriton Township. Of course, much of our success at Graboyes is due to our standard of fairness and family values that have built our company up over the years. We’re not in it to make a quick dollar, we run slow and steady, doing quality work and making

friends all along the way. It’s never just about getting a job done, it’s about getting it done right. That’s what we Joe, Pam and Rich Graboyes do here at Graboyes, we make sure every job is a job done well. We offer quality, local service. Located right here in East Norriton, the vast majority of our work is in the Montgomery County, but we service all of Philadelphia: lower Bucks county, Delaware and Chester counties, and even parts of Berks county. As a family owned and operated business our values help guide our business. We don’t look at our customers as just customers, but as friends. We make it our responsibility to make sure that every customer receives quality service and excellent treatment. When a customer calls with a problem we listen and then we solve it. That’s what our business is all about: Integrity, Service, and Excellence. (TS Rebecca Whitpan) (Submitted Copy; Contact 215-230-2910

Penn Liberty Bank


Opens in


Penn Liberty Bank announced the opening of its tenth full service branch in Downingtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania on Monday, October 22, 2012. Conveniently located at 1201 E. Lancaster Avenue, the branch building incorporates the bank's standard design elements including the familiar clock tower.

The new branch features all of the standard Penn Liberty amenities including a customer friendly environment with comfortable seating, wide screen TV, complimentary coffee and pastry, and PENN-E-LANE, a free self service coin counter. Drive up banking is also available at this location including the Penn Liberty Bank standard no-surcharge automated teller machine. A welcome addition to this branch is a new sitdown teller design providing extra comfort during your banking experience. The new Downingtown branch is led by Steve Groening who is supported by an expert branch staff. Mr. Groening has been active in Penn Liberty’s temporary Downingtown branch in the Commons at Oaklands since 2010 and is excited to welcome existing and new consumer and business customers to the new branch location. “We are excited to be able to expand our service in the Downingtown area and have been looking forward to opening our full service location since we opened in our temporary location. This new full service location will allow us to improve our conveniences for Downingtown area residents and businesses", said Patrick J. Ward, CEO of Penn Liberty Bank. Penn Liberty Bank is a community bank focused on providing personal, high touch service. Combining state of the art technology with highly talented, customer service oriented employees and a full suite of consumer and business products and services, including CashWiseTM a comprehensive suite of cash flow enhancements for business clients has resulted in the bank's growth to over $540 million in assets. To learn more about Penn Liberty Bank visit (Submitted Copy; Contact

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Powerhouse of Play PACKS EVEN the


If you haven’t been to Arnold’s Family Fun Center in Oaks lately, you haven’t been to Arnold’s! Everywhere you look you’ll see something exciting and new. Are you UP for a new challenge? Then Arnold’s Rock Wall Challenge is waiting for YOU! Climb to the tippy-top of our 32’ Rock Wall. Go ahead… we double dog dare you! Our trained staff members will give you expert guidance every stepping stone of the way. Our new Rock Wall makes a great activity add-on for Corporate Team-Building events and all types of parties. You get three climbs to the top for just 500 Play Pass Points (or $5.00) per person. The minimum weight is 60 lbs., and the maximum weight limit is 250 lbs. Always dreamed of being part of the Winter X Games? Arnold’s has four eye-catching SNOCROSS HD video games that let each racer perform the same sick tricks as seen in the X Games. You can travel the world by riding on seven intense tracks in France, Antarctica, China, Alaska, Washington, D.C., Moscow and Colorado. You can even share your scores to Facebook via personal QR codes. And, if you are a Big Buck Hunter fan, Arnold’s now has Big Buck HD with an incredible 80” HD screen. This amazing game boasts some of the most beautiful graphics ever before seen in a video game! But it doesn’t stop there. Big Buck has added many new features to bring your game to a whole new level like Stat Tracking, Add-On Tourneys, National Tournaments, plus exciting challenges, new Bonus Round, Social Networking on Facebook and Twitter, Buck Points, and so much more. If that isn’t enough, watch for more details coming your way soon about Arnold’s all-new, state-of-the-art and all-electric Pro-Karts. They’re powerful, sleek and, oh… so fast, and will be proudly unveiled in just a few weeks! Arnold’s Family Fun Center also introduced year-round Weekday Specials. There’s Monday Madness where you can buy one game of Black Light Mini Golf, and get one game of Mini Golf FREE every Monday! On Too Good To Be True Tuesdays there’s a buy one, get one special for our Krazy Kars available every Tuesday. On Wacky Wednesdays you can get two Arnold’s Kart rides for just $10.00 every Wednesday. On Thrilling Thursdays you can buy one Rock Wall admission and get one admission FREE every Thursday. And, on FUN-tastic Fridays you get two games of Laser Tag for just $12.00 every Friday. Plus, Thursday night is out of sight at Arnold’s! Get unlimited Track, Laser Tag, Bowling and a $10.00 Points Card for the Arcade for only $40.00 per person from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. Plus, live bands start rockin’ in the Bowling Center at 10:00 p.m. You must be over 18 and bowling lanes are subject to availability. And, have you heard the word? There’s a new night club called The Water Tower located inside Arnold’s Bowling Center. DJ Steve Stanley heats up the dance floor every Friday night from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. On Saturday nights, the hottest live bands around take center stage from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. There’s no cover charge for patrons 18+, and there’s food and drink specials all night long in Arnold’s Bistro & Bar. So… why settle for less when you can enjoy it ALL at Arnold’s Family Fun Center and Arnold’s Bowling, Bistro & Bar right next to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at 2200 West Drive, 422 Business Center in Oaks, PA 19456. For more information, visit our website at or call 610-666-0600. (Submitted Copy; Contact crafanello


38 215-230-2910

Falling for

Fall Foliage

As we enjoy the gentle breezes of Spring, it is not too early to think about fall travel. The northeast coastal region from New York to Canada showcases the magnificent change of autumn leaves from hues of green to bold reds, bright oranges and brilliant yellows. One of the best ways to experience this magnificent And of course, relax and enjoy the many amenities of ship board life. Bask in world class cuisine with flexible anytime display Mother Nature offers each year is on a Fall Foliage dining, an attentive staff, spa services, lively bars and Cruise. lounges, the excitement of the casino and festive and fun daily complimentary activities await you. Take advantage of New York and Boston departures sailing The season doesn’t last long. Consider joining us on to Canada and experience the history, culture and scenic the September 21st sailing of the Caribbean Princess. beauty of two countries. Visit the mansions of Newport, Oceanview cabin rates start at $ 1199.00 and include a trace the path of our independence along Boston’s Freedom $25.00 on board credit Trail, enjoy an authentic “downeast” lobster bake in Acadia National Park or stroll the quaint shops of Bar Harbor. In Cruises are limited and sell out quickly. Call us now for the Canada, experience the mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy best pricing and stateroom choices or alternate sailings. and the charm of Peggy’s Cove. (Submitted Copy; Contact


Just To Travel, Ltd

We are a full service travel agency specializing in leisure & corporate travel for over 20 years! • Customized Vacaons • Cruises • Desnaon Weddings & Honeymoons • Luxurious Escapes • Resort Packages • Corporate Accounts Welcomed 600 W. DeKalb Pike Suite 250 • King of Prussia


travelinfo@jus� www.jus�

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American Eagle Outfitters the



As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, shoppers will begin planning their perfect prom ensemble and must-have additions to a new summer wardrobe.

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning • Apartment Complexes

To make the warmer weather even more exciting, Plymouth Meeting Mall will welcome popular young adult fashion destination American Eagle Outfitters this spring. The retailer, which specializes in casual clothing and accessories for teens and young adults, will offer its wellknown brand of jeans, surplus and graphic t-shirts, accessories, outerwear, footwear, and swimwear. American Eagle Outfitters will open in the two-level, enclosed mall just in time for shoppers to grab the top summertime trends.

• Offices & Retail Stores • Medical Facilities • Construction Clean-Up • Realtor Turn-overs • Clean-out & Organizational Projects

• Carpet Cleaning & Windows • Floor Buffing-Waxing • Power Washing • Warehouses • Schools • Gift Certificates

WE DO HOMES TOO! • Housekeeping • Deep/Custom Cleaning • Home & Property Management


610.941.9600 |



American Eagle Outfitters is the latest addition to the mall’s diverse selection of leading national retailers. Plymouth Meeting Mall, anchored by Macy’s, Boscov’s, and Whole Foods Market and Café, features more than 100 specialty retailers. Aéropostale, Bath & Body Works, Express, H&M, Justice, and Victoria’s Secret are located in the mall, and Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, Jos. A. Bank, LOFT, Massage Envy, OLLY Shoes, and Orvis comprise The Plaza Shops, while Charming Charlie has both interior and exterior entrances. As a retail, dining and entertainment destination, Plymouth Meeting Mall also offers popular destination restaurants Benihana, Bertucci’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle Mexican Grill, King Buffet, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, and Redstone American Grill in addition to a nine-unit food court, Dave & Buster’s, and an AMC Theatre. For the latest updates, “like” Plymouth Meeting Mall on Facebook, visit, or follow us on Twitter @ PlyMtgMall. (Submitted Copy; Contact

The Norristown Area Education Foundation Presents


$200 OFF

The 8th Annual Golf Outing All proceeds benefit the students of the Norristown Area School District Monday, May 13th, 2013 at Plymouth Country Club Registration opens at 10:30 AM Lunch is served at 11:00 AM Shotgun Start at 12:30 PM

Player Package Includes:

Commercial Cleaning

* Minimum purchase required. Applies to first time customers only. Not valid with other offers or prior services.



• All cart & green fees • Pre golf luncheon • On course refreshments • Cocktail reception with buffet dinner • Gifts/awards/prizes

$175 per golfer

Sponsorship Opportunities Available! Call 484.690.3662 or visit for more information 215-230-2910

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We understand that controlling your insurance costs is a must! We specialize in a wide variety of services and lines of coverage, including: • Workers’ Compensation • Automobile • Property • Professional Liability • Directors & Officers • Employment Practices Liability

• Pollution Liability • General Liability • Risk Management • Loss Control • OSHA Compliance & Reporting • Claims Cost Containment

Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership, and excellence, The Peterman Group has been providing insurance and loss control consulting services to the business community since 1937. We are committed to delivering tailored risk management solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, and technology-based solutions to our valued clients. Providing Insurance Since 1937


42 215-230-2910

There's rain in the forecast.... what should I do?

Have Us clean your windows! If you are concerned about the rain making your windows look dirty after we clean... Rest assured it will not!

Rain water does not cause your windows to look dirty or streaked. Windows become dirty from the wind blowing dust and debris against your windows. Actually, rain water is about as pure as water can be. Having Fish Window Cleaning maintain your windows on a regular basis keeps the glass clean and allows rain water to run off without leaving streaks or spots. If rain is simply in the forecast or your windows are covered by an overhang or awnings - we'll make them sparkle just like we do when it's sunny. They'll look great and, because they're clean, they won't spot up or streak.

..Difficult Windows to Clean? Contact Us, We Can Help 610-630-3474 3119 W Ridge Pike Eagleville, PA 19403 (Submitted Copy)

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Auto accessibility is one of the main reasons King of Prussia remains a premier destination for retail, dining, hospitality and business. At the intersection of some of SE Pennsylvania’s most significant highways, King of Prussia enjoys a prime position close to Philadelphia and the Main Line. Although auto access is excellent, surprisingly, King of Prussia lacks good access to multi-modal public transit options. In an effort to address this, King of Prussia District (KOP-BID) will launch The Connector, a commuter shuttle service connecting the King of Prussia business park to Regional Rail in 2013. The shuttle service will transport employees to and from the Norristown and Wayne stations to the business park. The shuttles will be ADA compliant and feature bike racks, comfortable seating and Wi-Fi. A three-year CMAQ grant will provide partial funding for the shuttle service. The balance of funding will come from a combination of King of Prussia commercial property owners, ticket sales and ad revenue. The Connector will close the “last mile” between Regional Rail and the largest employment center in the suburban Philadelphia Region. KOP-BID is also working with SEPTA to explore the possibility of extending the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) into King of Prussia. As a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, KOP-BID provides guidance and support for the project that could dramatically impact the future of King of Prussia. For more information about King of Prussia District transit projects, visit us online at (Submitted Copy; Contact

For ten years, our friends and neighbors have been battling cancer where the need is greatest - in our own community. Our fight will continue on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Stanbridge Street Park in East Norriton, PA. For more information, contact: 484-622-7018 SPRING 2013

44 215-230-2910

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Summer is

mentally appropriate and designed for fun. We greet each camper everyday with enthusiasm and smiles – ready to go! Awaiting your child are opportunities to widen horizons, form new friendships and discover new strengths. It’s all about growing as an individual, embracing new opportunities and having fun. And it’s adult role models. We are sure your more fun as we attend to the social, camper will discover experiences at emotional and personal growth of the Audubon YMCA that meet their each child. needs and create lasting memories. And there is something for everyAt the Y, you are our family. We one, including specialty camps to exwant to exceed your expectations plore… and work everyday to make it a special one for each camper. Some of the Specialty Camps we are offering this summer include: Audubon YMCA Camps this summer include the traditional camps for    Dance Camp each age level:    Boot Camp 101    Stepping Stones – ages 4-5    Y-TV    Mohawk – ages 5 1/2 -6    Improv    Oneida – Ages 7-8    Art Explosion    Cayuga – Ages 9-10    National Junior Rangers    Seneca – Ages 11-12    Healthy Chef Traditional camps give each camper an opportunity to experience the vast    Imagine That array of camping activities, develop-    Great Outdoors

a stone's throw away

Believe it or not but it won’t be long before we welcome the spring and summer is just a stone’s throw away. So, of course that means it is time to start thinking about what your child is going to do all summer. The best solution – Camp Yumka or Camp Strong from the Audubon YMCA. At each of our camps, we look forward to providing your camper with enriching and rewarding experiences by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Our quality program and services incorporate our Core Values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We help kids develop new skills and interests, interact in positive ways and in engage in healthy lifestyles with strong



   Water Adventures    Camouflage    Teen Leaders    Counselors in Training    Variety of Sports Camps including Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Iron Man and much more!! Campers at the Y learn how to be responsible and resourceful, work in groups, solve problems and make decisions that will help them grow as individuals. As a leading nonprofit, the Y works to help children and teens discover their full potential by providing opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. To ensure that every child and teen has the chance to go to camp, all day camps at the Y offer financial assistance to those in need. Check out our camp guide online – Audubon camps are listed on pages 12-18 and 28. (Submitted Copy; Contact 215-230-2910

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