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Montclair Film Festival 2016 Annual Report


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Dialogue Engagement Diversity Education


The Montclair Film Festival connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community by presenting films and year-round programs that engage, entertain, and educate.

MFF As the Montclair Film Festival (MFF) shifts from an organization primarily focused on staging a tenday film festival into a dynamic, year-round film and media organization with our own home, we are witnessing a dramatic expansion of our programs, reach, and audience. This inaugural Annual Report for our 2016 fiscal year (7/1/15-6/30/16) illustrates our exciting growth and our shifting position as much more than a local, seasonal film festival. In these pages, you’ll learn about the launch of expanded year-round film education offerings, and the continuation of popular community programs like the Summer Series of free outdoor films, seasonal screenings, and special events, activities that have become highly anticipated happenings in our community. We cherish the opportunity to reach thousands of film lovers in accessible, meaningful ways and are proud to share our accomplishments in this report. Founded in 2010, the MFF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit film and media arts organization located in Montclair, NJ. In 2016, the MFF presented its 5th Annual Film Festival, featuring more than 150 films and 200+ filmmaker and industry attendees that attracted and inspired 26,000 ticket holders. In addition, we engaged dozens of community partners, helping to harness the power of film to fulfill our mission while sparking conversations that shared their own missions and stories. In May 2015, the MFF announced the gift of a new building, located at 505 Bloomfield Avenue in downtown Montclair. The building, to be known as the Investors Bank Film & Media Center, is under renovation and will open in April 2017 as our new headquarters. It will house our film and media education classrooms, administrative offices for our staff, and a micro cinema that will double as a flexible event space for screenings, celebrity conversations, parties, and community gatherings. We look forward to sustaining our growth and are filled with gratitude for tremendous support from our board, staff, filmmakers and artists, our members and donors, sponsors, volunteers and community partners, who make all you read within these pages possible. Thank you!

Tom Hall Executive Director Montclair Film Festival


The Montclair Film Festival supports filmmakers from around the world, bringing the work of hundreds of artists to our audiences to create meaningful conversations fueled by a diverse range of global perspectives. Over the past 5 years, we’ve screened films from: Europe

North America

Canada • Mexico • USA

South America Argentina • Brazil Peru • Venezuela

Africa Egypt • Ethiopia South Africa • Uganda

Belgium • Cyprus • Denmark France • Germany • Greece Hungary • Ireland • Netherlands Norway • Poland • Spain • Sweden Switzerland • United Kingdom

Asia Middle East Iran • Israel Jordan • Qatar

China • India • Indonesia Japan • Russia • South Korea

Australasia Australia • New Zealand


Year 3



Year 1

Year 5




Year 3

Year 5

1 45

Year 5

Year 3


50 26K

Screenings and Events





Year 3



Year 5

Festival Attendance


11 0


Year 3

16,0 0 0

Year 3

00 0 ,

50 Screenings & Events





Year 3






Year 1

Year 1




Year 5

Year 5

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2500 16K 11 0


Year 3

50 26K


Films Screened

Year 1




Year 5

Year 1

Year 5

Year 1


In just five years, the Montclair Film Festival has grown into one of the leading regional film festivals in The United States, attracting Films Screened Festival Attendance tens of thousands of attendees, inspiring thousands of members, 150 and showcasing more films and events64than ever before. Yearspecial 1 7500*

Year 3

increase in films shown (since Year 1)

11 0

16,0 0 0



The Power of Conversation Presented by Audible, Inc., our Conversation Series uses the power of discussion to connect audiences with leading artists in film and media. Featuring in-depth discussions about the creative process, the Conversation Series allows filmmakers the time and space to explore their careers while engaging and inspiring audiences. The series also serves as a platform for local issues, artists, and young filmmakers, presenting a unique opportunity to build bridges between storytellers, their work, and our community.

Filmmakers Richard Curtis, Tom Donahue, Rachel Grady, Chris Hegedus, Kristen Johnson, Terry Lickona, Keith Maitland, D.A. Pennebaker, Rob Reiner

Performers Stephen Colbert, Margo Martindale, Norman Reedus (pictured), Patrick Wilson

Industry + Community Caleb Epps, Andrew D. Evangelista, Neil Genzlinger, Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Dylan Keefe, Nathan Johnson, Jason Lynch, Partners For Health Foundation, Mark Phillips, Joel Stillerman

In 2016...

3,200 Attendees



Bringing Audiences and Filmmakers Together The power of film is found in its flexibility to address a limitless array of topics, ideas, and points of view. By bringing filmmakers to the festival and hosting post-screening discussions with them, audiences are able to exchange ideas directly with the artists who made the work. That engagement is central to our mission, making a powerful impact on our audiences and their opinions about the films we screen.

9 out of 10





50 90



200 Filmmaker & Industry Attendance

films rated 3.6 or higher by our audiences

7 Jon Stewart and Ina Pira

Rob Reiner

Over the past year, we’ve launched a series of filmmaking workshops, after-school enrichment programs, and summer boot camps. These programs teach the fundamentals of filmmaking, provide hands-on experience, and help students find their creative voices.

With tremendous support from our creative community, students meet and learn from filmmakers and other industry professionals. Our programs provide exciting opportunities to create, study, screen, exhibit, discuss, adjudicate, and enjoy film. 8

Behind the Screen


Industry Presenters Since 2011

The Montclair Film Festival, in conjunction with the Film Institute at Montclair State University, presented its 5th annual Behind the Screen program. This free annual program provides students and adults from all backgrounds with an opportunity to learn from leading industry professionals about building a career in film and television. From the artistic mastery of creative roles to the collaborative leadership of development and producing, each Master Teacher brings years of experience at the highest levels of film and television production.

“As a young filmmaker, teacher, and cinephile, the MFF’s Behind the Screen has become one of my favorite perennial events. The opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in the presence of true masters of their craft is a has truly become an invaluable event in the pursuit of honing our crafts.� Evan Dickerson, MSU Grad Student

9 Michael Slovis hosts a Behind the Screen class on filmmaking.

Junior Jury Students from across New Jersey had the unique opportunity to participate in the Montclair Film Festival’s 2nd Annual Junior Jury. Over the course of the festival, this diverse group of students screened a range of films and learned the process of consensus building, film criticism, and adjudication from industry veterans. After passionate deliberations, the jurors presented the Junior Jury Award (Gleason) and a Special Jury Prize for Social Impact (Sonita) as part of the MFF’s Closing Night Award Ceremony.

“The Junior Juror experience is one that I will remember forever. I was able to meet so many amazing, creative, and talented people in all age ranges. I now realize I want to pursue a career in the entertainment field.” Emma Boatwright, 2016 Junior Juror


29 Students From

20 Regional High Schools 10

(2015 – 2016)

Emerging Filmmaker Competition Now in its 6th year, the MFF’s Emerging Filmmaker Competition (formerly Kidz Shortz) continues to attract increasing numbers of submissions from students throughout the region. In 2016, 20 films (64 filmmakers) from 17 schools were presented with awards for narrative, comedy, documentary, and experimental films, as well as for films that have a social impact. After a red carpet reception at the Wellmont Theater, the winning films were screened before an audience of over 600 who joined us in celebrating the creativity and achievements of these talented young filmmakers.

650 student filmmakers reached since 2012

11 2016 EFC Winners from Essex County Vocational Tech

Succeed2gether In 2015, we partnered with Succeed2gether to bring filmmaking to their free summer enrichment program for students from low- and moderate-income families. Working with MFF instructors and the Montclair Art Museum, students created a powerful film on community and social justice. The students learned basic filmmaking techniques as they interviewed community leaders and documented the creation of a neighborhood mural. The workshop culminated in a red carpet reception, and the students’ film has been screened at various events throughout the year.

“The Montclair Film Festival has been a tremendous resource for our students and our families.” Myrna Marcarian, Director, Development and Special Projects, Succeed2gether


We continue to develop our partnership with Succeed2gether by offering free after-school filmmaking workshops and a Summer Filmmaking Boot Camp. We’re proud to offer free courses, scholarships, and mentorship opportunities to serve diverse audiences from across our community.

Spotlight: Immigration The MFF’s Spotlight Series seeks to deepen students’ understanding of important social issues by providing multimedia experiences and conversations throughout the year. This year’s focus was Immigration. In partnership with the Montclair Cooperative School, our Spotlight Series kicked off with the powerful film Ellis, followed by a provocative conversation with prominent immigration experts and social activists. To continue the conversation, interested students created street art that represented their own immigration story. The students’ art was

assembled into a public art installation that was featured in the MFF’s Audible Lounge, and was sold via silent auction to benefit Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. During the festival, hundreds of students attended a free screening of Sonita, an award-winning documentary about a young undocumented Afghan refugee. Students were also invited to a free screening of The Newest Americans, followed by a diverse panel of speakers including Newark’s Mayor Raz Baraka.

“The Montclair Film Festival opened my eyes to the complex issues surrounding immigration, and gave me the opportunity to express myself artistically, which made learning meaningful and fun.”


Olivia Harner, Montclair High School


Students From


Schools 13

Community Community Partnerships Through free panels, the MFF creates occasions for meaningful discussions that engage festival attendees. Over the years, we’ve invited audiences to continue the conversation in both informal and formal forums to explore issues of social justice, mental health, the environment, immigration, poverty, human rights, bullying, violence, civil rights, the economy, aging, and healthcare, among other topics explored through our films.

Our Nation’s Heroes Return: What’s Next?

Young Voices: A Community Conversation

Co-presented by Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey

Co-presented by Partners for Health Foundation

Following a screening of Tom Donahue’s Thank You For Your Service, the MFF co-presented a panel with the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey that invited the filmmaker and local service providers to discuss the challenges that veterans face upon returning home from war. The program highlighted the efforts of local organizations to provide critical services to veterans and their families.

In collaboration with Partners for Health Foundation the MFF hosted a community conversation to better understand the challenges teens face. A panel of professionals viewed four short films that were submitted to the Emerging Filmmaker Competition. These films dealt with mental health, diversity, anxiety and bullying. The panel discussed the concerns and realities facing local youth and presented the safety nets being provided to support them across our community.


Summer Series Launched in 2011, the MFF Summer Series is an annual program of outdoor film screenings, presented at venues throughout our community. With films for families, popular classics, and live music, all presented without charge to attendees, the Summer Series remains one of the MFF’s most popular events, reaching thousands of patrons from across our area for a great night of cinema under the stars.


Membership Year 5

2,500 Members

Year 2

1,700 Members

Year 1

1,400 Members


The MFF is a memberdriven organization, with thousands of members supporting our year-round programming through direct financial support. Members, among our most passionate supporters, receive discounts, access to special screenings and events, and advance notice and purchasing opportunities for the festival and year-round programs before they sell out! In 2016, MFF membership grew for the fifth consecutive year, providing the organization with the crucial support needed to sustain our programs.

Registered Volunteers



Year 1

Year 3

Volunteers Anyone who has attended an MFF event has witnessed the enthusiasm of our extraordinary volunteers. Since inception, our volunteer base has grown by leaps and bounds, with 2016 marked by a record number of over 1,600 strong. We are continuously inspired by their passion, dedication, and talents and are grateful for their invaluable contributions.

1,683 Year 5

“I owe the Montclair Film Festival and all the great people that work behind the scenes a ton for showing me the film festival business and putting me on an unforeseen career path - the festival basically changed my life.� Christian Murrell, East Orange



Capital Campaign


Am i ount Ra

se d

Flexible Main Hall for Screenings, Public Programs, and Parties


State-of-the-art Education Center

e nce to b

More than $1 million has been raised towards our goal of $2.5 million to renovate our new headquarters. This state-of-the art facility will house classrooms, a micro-cinema, event space, administrative offices, and much more.


The Investors Bank Film & Media Center

$2.5 million goal


$1,469,299 Balance To Be Raised

$1,030,701 Amount Raised as of 6/30/16

LEED-Certified and ADA-Accessible

Photo Credit:

Special thanks to our extraordinary Montclair-based project team. Ashenfelter, Slous, McDonough & Trevenen, LLP Larry Slous, Partner


The Bravitas Group Bob Silver, Project Director Katie Long, Project Manager

Opening in Spring 2017!

Thank You for the gift of our new home at 505 Bloomfield Avenue in the heart of downtown Montclair.

A place to engage, educate, and entertain through the power of visual storytelling.


Sionas Architecture, PC Paul Sionas, Architect Rick Jarzembowski, Architect RHG Architecture + Design Rachael Grochowski, Designer Jack Finn & Company, Building Contractors, LLC Jack Finn, Contractor Lance Hoffman, Project Manager

Annual Fundraiser With sold-out crowds attracting 10,000+ attendees over five years at The Wellmont Theater (2011-13) and New Jersey Performing Arts Center (2014-15), these high-profile fundraisers have helped to build national press and recognition for the Montclair Film Festival, positioning us as one of the fastest-growing and most critically acclaimed regional film festivals across the country.

“I don’t know much about Montclair, but I’m learning and it makes me just want to move here.” J.J. Abrams, Director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In 2015, Stephen Colbert was the spokesman for our first-ever OMAZE online auction campaign, which generated more than $20,000 in online donations from fans from across the globe who paid as little as $10 for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and hang out with Stephen and J.J. in the green room and join them on stage for a Q&A at our Celebrity Nerd Off event.

$1 Million

raised since 2011 in support of the MFF 19

Stephen Colbert

J.J. Abrams

Community Engagement Our popular programs and spring festival directly impact the continued success of our local businesses and partner organizations by bringing larger audiences to Montclair. We are proud of our programs that help to develop cultural tourism across the state and drive new economic activity to downtown Montclair. In 2016, the MFF Pin Program was introduced. This local marketing effort was created to bring business to our catalog advertisers.

“We are proud to be the Official Coffee of the Montclair Film Festival for the 4th year in a row. The pin program this year brought in even more patrons who were proud to show us their pins for their discount. It was a great way for us to identify who was connected to the film festival and gave us more visibility while ensuring all festival participants were well caffeinated with some nice cups of love. We see our partnership with the festival as a win-win!� The Wellmont Theater highlighted the festival during its spring performances


Jodie Dawson, Owner Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

What They’re Saying About Us “What sets the festival apart is not only ethnic diversity, but also the cultural, economic, and artistic variety. By attending the Montclair Film Festival for the past five years I’ve experienced my community’s devotion to the arts and artists—big and small.” Addie Morfoot

“A well-loved film festival that… attracts top-drawer talent” Stephen Whitty

“The Montclair Film Festival is already bigger than anyone involved could have foreseen.”

“(Being honored at the Montclair Film Festival) is a lovely thing. If I had any vaguely serious thought about it, it’s that it’s lovely for me that I’m a comedy filmmaker because every year you sit through the Oscars and think, ‘What about those great comedies and what about all those great comedy performances?’ I’m kind of biased towards the idea that maybe comedy films may have as much value… (they) are just as important in the history of the movies.” Director Richard Curtis

21 Richard Curtis

Washington Montana South Dakota Utah


Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois








Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas


Connecticut New York Rhode Island New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware


Virginia North Carolina South Carolina

Georgia Hawaii


Since 2012, festival attendees and program participants came from


Puerto Rico

35 states and at least 11 countries across 4 continents 22

Patrons from Essex County make up 67% of our audience, but we reach every county in New Jersey! Our audience has drawn from the following counties:


Counties Reached

67% Essex


Survey of audience data 2012-16

Bergen, Morris, Union



Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Warren

Much More Than A Local Festival In recognition of our significant cultural and economic impact across the community, region, and state, the Montclair Film Festival has been awarded competitive grant funding totaling more than $93,000 from the State of New Jersey— New Jersey’s Division of Travel and Tourism (2012-2014, 2016), and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (2015-2016). This important acknowledgement has helped us to leverage additional support from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

By popular vote in the People’s Choice Awards of Discover Jersey Arts, the MFF has been honored as “FAVORITE FILM FESTIVAL” the last four years in a row (20132016). 23

%% Increase Increase % Increase

80% 80%80%

16% 16%16%

110% 110% 110%

2016 Social Media Growth Followers increase from:



4,64,6 4,6 9 9 9

, 6, 6 , 6 1 71 7 1 7


676373 673



4 4 4

88 85 , 4, 4 ,4445 4 5


0 0


7 7 Facebook


3,93,9 3,9 9 9 9


0 10 1101, 4 1 ,14, 4



MFF Financials With an operating budget of $1.29 million and annual attendance of 32,000, the MFF generates $2,008,957* in total expenditures from nonprofit arts and culture organizations and audiences, resulting in local government revenue of $81,411 and state government revenue of $90,040. Our work supports a total of 59.8 full-time equivalent jobs in our community.

Operating Expenses





TOTAL: $1.29 million

TOTAL: $1.3 million

> Program > Fundraising > Administrative

> Earned Revenue > Contributed Revenue


In-Kind Donations The MFF enjoys a wide range of in-kind donations and valuable discounts to support our work. The value of in-kind donations in FY16 exceeds $200,000. When combined with our annual cash expenses, our in-kind support totals 10% of our annual budget.


45% Earned Income

Contributed Income 4%

Value Of Our Volunteers


The MFF is run by a small staff of 3.5 full-time employees and a part-time seasonal staff of 50. Our active board of trustees and more than 1,600 registered volunteers dedicated more than 5,700 annual volunteer hours in FY16, valued at more than $150,000.

*According to the Americans for the Arts’ Arts & Economic Prosperity Calculator





TOTAL: $446,362

TOTAL: $855,102

> > > >

> > > >

Corporate Sponsorships Individual Giving Foundation Grants Government Grants

Special Events Box Office Advertising Membership


> Other • Submission Fees • Merchandise • Program Fees • Raffle Sales


Sponsors Title Sponsor


The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey The Wellmont Theater William H. Connolly & Co.

Presenting Sponsors

Producing Sponsor

Ashenfelter, Slous, McDonough & Trevenen, LLP Hackensack University Health Network Horizon Foundation for New Jersey

Shine Global

Investors Bank

Signature Sponsor

Leadership Sponsors Chubb Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism New Jersey State Council on the Arts The Kensington Montclair Universal

Premiere Sponsors Applause Theatre & Cinema Books Partners for Health Foundation RBC Wealth Management 26

Corporate Friend Montclair Radiology Gelotti

Matching Gifts Apple, Inc. Dun & Bradstreet Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Gifts In Kind Arenson Prop Center Baristanet Bearing Black Walnut Bow Tie Cinemas

Brian Martin Bridge Furniture & Props Coca-Cola County of Essex, New Jersey Dan Cassidy, Professional Handyman Eclectic Encore Props Events By Joni Five Acre Farms Grabowsky Development Greenwood Development Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group InCharged Jack Finn & Company Jacqueline Jacobson Scarbo Java Love Jersey Artisan Distilling Julianne & Jim Fenhagen Little Daisy Bake Shop Montclair Art Museum Montclair Kimberley Academy Montclair Public Library Montclair State University

*If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by calling (973) 783-6433.

New Jersey Beer Company New Jersey Performing Arts Center New York City Lites NJTV Propeller Music RHG Architecture + Design Rose Brand Salem Fenhagen Design Shiftboard Simple DCP Sionas Architecture, P.C. Succeed2gether The Bravitas Group The Clubhouse The Joe Tea & Chips Company The Loft The Montclair Times Township of Montclair Uber Value Research Group WNET Thirteen, New York Public Media WNYC Yelp

MFF Capital Campaign Donors Investors Bank Film & Media Center $1 million+


Investors Bank

Sarah and Craig Barrack Luce and Daniel Battsek Cathy and Conrad Fink Beth and Chris Hart Meredith and Jonathan Ladov Aran Roche and Matthew Podwoski

$250,000-$499,999 Evelyn and Stephen Colbert The Silver Family Foundation

$100,000-$249,999 $50,000-$99,999 Anonymous Rose Cali Mindy Cohen and David Bershad Patti and Jonathan Strain

$25,000-$49,999 Melinda and Bill Connolly Molli and John Dowd Tracy Higgins and James Leitner Kate Logan and Edmund Rung Shelley and Keith Phillips Lynn and Sengal Selassie Margo and Frank Walter

$15,000-$24,999 Lisa and Joe Amato Christina and Brian Clarkson Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg Zandi and Tom Nammack Nancy Northup and Jim Johnson Karen and Warren Ross

$2,500-$4,999 Sandra Chamberlin and Paul Michaels JoAnn and John McCullough

$1,000-$2,499 Kathleen Beebe and Jeffrey Szilagyi Kahane and Jeff Cooperman Marci and Ken Gruber Edgar Kaplan The Parker Bowles Family Claire Walls and Banks Tarver

$0-$999 Joyce and Mark Friedman Lynn Kasner Morgan Dr. Frank Barnes and Dr. Tanya Carter Tracy McVeigh and Andrew Melitz Janet Shapiro Hundreds of gifts through our Text To Donate Campaign

Donations as of 6/30/16

$10,000-$14,999 Susan and Thomas Dunn Radika Eccles and Steve Weddle Martha and Dan Gregory Sue Hollenberg and Joel Stillerman Marcia Marley and Peter Rappaport Beth and Craig Wilensky *If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by calling (973) 783-6433.



(7/1/15-6/30/16) Moguls ($25,000 and above) Susan V. Bershad Charitable Fund Evelyn and Stephen Colbert Rhonda and Bob Silver

Studio Executives ($15,000 - $24,999)

Executive Producers ($10,000 - $14,999) Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Mindy Cohen and David Bershad

Producers ($5,000 – $9,999) Nancy Northup and James Johnson Lynn and Sengal Selassie

Directors ($2,500 – $4,999) Apple Inc. Sarah and Craig Barrack Daniela and Luke Parker Bowles Rose Cali Kahane and Jeff Cooperman Christina Cotton and Brian Clarkson Susan and Thomas Dunn Alice and Steven Hirsh Marcia Marley and Peter Rapopport JoAnn and John McCullough Shelley and Keith Phillips Karen and Warren Ross Jessica Sporn and Fred Cordero Claire Walls and Banks Tarver Beth and Craig Wilensky Adrienne Young

Performers ($1,000 – $2,499) Lorraine Acosta and Bill Best Linder and Merrick Andlinger Luce and Daniel Battsek Kathleen Beebe and Jeffrey Szilagyi Angela Beekers-Uberoi and Hank Uberoi Tanya L. Carter, O.D. and Frank Barnes Jr., O.D. Linda and Marty Brumbach Mary and Michael Dana Deborah and Steve Dillingham

James Dixon Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg Radika Eccles and Steven Weddle Cathy and Conrad Fink Susan and Chris Gifford Jody Gilardi and Dan Simon Philippa Girling and Joseph Fiorentino Robert Gregory Marci and Ken Gruber Beth and Chris Hart Leslie Larson and Don Katz Susan and Reimer Mellin Daniela and Luke Parker Bowles Carl Podwoski Amy Rosen and Tim Carden Patty and Jonathan Strain Laura and Willard Tressel Margo and Frank Walter JoAnn and John Weisel Joan and Don Zief

Supporters ($500 – $999) Alison and Doug Bauer Jennifer Bonnell Kris and Jim Bromley Myrna and Lenny Comerchero Katie and Peter Dancy The Drukker Foundation Julianne and Jim Fenhagen Michelle Johnson-Lewis Ronni and Josh Levering Claudine Liss Victor Maisano Helen and Thanassis Mazarakis Kelly and Joe McDonald Sara Mosle Aran Roche and Matthew Podwoski Betsy and John Thomas Lily Vakili and Robert Ellis

Friends ($250 – $499) Jill Abel Michelle Anderson Marianne Barish Anya and John Barrett Patti and Greg Barrett Marissa and Mark Bates Debbie and Joseph Bednar

Joanne Belcastro and Roger Dolden Big Sky Edit Katie Bliss Valerie Block Margaret Bodde and Don Fleming Beth Burke Julie and Monty Cerf Jennie and Tom Cherry Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Claus Busch Kitty and Ed Colbert Patricia Comerford Charlene and Terrance Connolly Deborah and Jason DeSalvo Joe Donahue Donna Dudek Leslie Duval and Jonathan Kantor Tracy Fontao Jaynthi Gandhi Karen and Robert Gulliver Catherine and Doug Halbert Betsy and Brian Harris William Harrison David Imperiale Joyce and Dennis Kaffel Teri and Steve Karole Andrea Mayes and Christian Millet Tara McCabe Ann and Dan McCarthy Tracy McVeigh and Andrew Melitz John Edward Mintz Catherine and Richard More Melissa Moore and Richard Abate Elizabeth Peters and Richard Segal David Polinchock Gretchen and Sandy Prater Amy and Don Putman Jill Rooney Carr Emily Rosenblum and Steve Lucas Marcy Sandler and James Janover Jane and Joel Schneider Adrian Shelby and Edward Bindel Denise and Paul Silverman Janet Sklar and Mitchel Ahlbaum Margo and Alan Sokolow Beverley Timins Alan Trembulak Karen and Chris Turner Kristin Wald and Peter Simon Margaret Whitsett

28 Tom Hall and Princess Shaw

*If your name has been misprinted or omitted in error, please accept our apology and let us know by calling (973) 783-6433.

MFF Board

Board & Staff Our extraordinarily dedicated Board of Trustees has been instrumental in our success with programming, marketing, partnership, development, and fundraising. Officers


Bob Feinberg

Rennie Ackerman

Philippa Girling

Dr. Frank Barnes, Jr.

Marci Gruber

Sarah Barrack

Beth Hart

Dr. Susan V. Bershad

James Johnson

Aran Roche

Bobbi Brown

Marcia Marley

Director of Development

Rose Cali

Luke Parker Bowles


Brian Clarkson

Alex Picou

JoAnn McCullough

Jeff Cooperman

Lynn Selassie

Vice President, Education

Radika Eccles

Claire Walls

Daniel Battsek

Conrad Fink

Beth Wilensky

Founder and Chairman

Evelyn Colbert President

Warren Ross Corporate Secretary

Shelley Phillips

Vice President, Artistic

Matthew Frankel

Year-Round Staff Tom Hall Executive Director

Meredith Ladov Managing Director

Sue Hollenberg Education Director

Kelly Coogan Swanson Lisa Ingersoll Marketing & Strategy

Jesse Bussey Graphic Design 29

Founding Members We thank our​Founding Members​who ​believed in our mission and we honor them as we celebrate five years of spectacular programming!


Rennie Ackerman and Dick Grabowsky Elaine and Richard Adamski Charles Adickman Jennifer and Steve Adubato Lisa and Joe Amato Dick Appert Dixie Anderson Michelle Anderson Dawn Armbrust and Toby Redshaw John Atlas Sien and Michael Avalos Duey Baab Karen Backstein Jackie Baillargeon and Ken Zimmerman Linda Baker Jeanne Barker and James Baity Amy Barnett Sarah and Craig Barrack Marlene Bartos and Roman Greller Dominic Basulto Luce and Daniel Battsek Jane Becker and Jacob Geller Renee and David Beechler Angela Beekers-Uberoi and Hank Uberoi Carol and Bob Beinish Lori Beitler Joanne Belcastro and Roger Dolden Jennifer and Barry Benjamin Alison Bermack Scott Bermack Susan Bershad Andie and Copeland Bertsche Gregg Best Mary Blackburn Anais Blin Katie Bliss Valerie Block Margaret Bodde and Don Fleming Danna Boshak Kara Brennan Tracy Breslin and Eric Boehlert Leslie Brody Kristina and Jim Bromley Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker

Cathy Brown Dina Cagliostro Cynthia Caillarec Rose and John Cali LeeAnn Carlson and Steve Van Kuiken Prescille Cernosia Bette Chamberlin Sandra Chamberlin and Paul Michaels Edward Chaves Jennie and Tom Cherry Christina and Brian Clarkson Renee Cohen Evelyn and Stephen Colbert Susan Cole Furlong Abby and Ken Colen Charlene and Terrance Connolly Kelly Coogan Swanson and Andrew Swanson Deborah and Christopher Corbett Kahane and Jeff Cooperman Mary Curtin and Tom Creaser Bonnie Cushing Pamela Cytron Mary and Michael Dana Katie and Peter Dancy Jessica De Koninck Julian Decter Joshua Denholtz Patricia Devine Harms and Steve Harms Kathleen Devlin and Thomas McLoughlin Karin Diana and Eric Toder Kelly Diegel Jillian DiGiacomo Deborah and Steve Dillingham Joseph Dioslaki Liz Dircks Cecelia Diskin Molli and John Dowd Joan Doyle Paula Doyle Kristi Drake Alice and Hal Drucker Maggie Drucker and Bob Feinberg Susan and Tom Dunn

Carla and Jamie Egbert Rhonda Einhorn Laura Elleman and Charles Johnston Patricia Falvo and Ivan Held Daniel Fast Melissa Feinberg and Ken Gottesman Diana and John Fennelly Lisa Ferrari Susan Fine Cathy and Conrad Fink Debra Finley Linda and Vince Flanagan Sean Flynn Leslie and John Ford Amy Freitag and Cindy Smith Amy Friedman Nancy Friedman and Michael Zinn Anne Gallagher Larry Gallant David Ganz Courtney Garboski Dianne and Frank Garland Deb and Matthew Garrison Chloe and Jordan Geary Isabelle Genest Lisa and Steven Genkin Patrick Gerini Milo Geyelin Jody Gilardi and Dan Simon Gabrielle Glaser Gabriella Glenn Donna Goddard Nick Golowko Margarita Goltseker Charmaine and Gregg Gonsalves Sandy and John Gonzalez Lisa Goodman Anne Gorfinkel Christine Gossinger Martha and Daniel Gregory Roman Greller Marci and Ken Gruber Sara Guttman CV Harquail and Todd Unger

MFF Jason Harris Lori Harris Beth and Chris Hart Jocelyn Hassenfeld and Jeffrey Fine Thad Hayes and Adam Lippin Kathleen Henry Tracy and Scott Herrick David Hessler Lois Heyman Ellen and Stephen Higgins Matthew Hintz Alice and Steven Hirsh Kelley Holland Liam Holland Greg Horn Michael Houston Gregg Hudis Lisa and Ben Ingersoll Diane Israel Jacqueline Jacobson Scarfo and Dan Scarfo Mark Joelson Mary and Michael Johnson Leeta Jordan Susan and David Jutt Lauren Kaiser Edgar Kaplan Teri and Steve Karole Anita and Jack Kassel Nan Katzenback Leslie Kaufman and Gary Rosen Barbara and Hans Keil Eric Klein Christina Baker Kline and David Kline Vicki Korlishin Debbie Kozak Ann and Carl Kraus Jacob Krawitz Joe Krawitz Martin Krezalek Meredith and Jonathan Ladov Todd Landis Emily Lazar and Jonathan Alter Geraldine Leer Scott Lehman Gail Leicht and Len Ruvulo Robyn and Jon Levine Warren Levinson Jill Levy

Nick Lewis Jennifer Ley and Christopher Skarstrom Mary Ann and Clifford Lindholm Claudine Liss Deanna London and Vincent Damico Diana Lunin Lori MacDonald Karen and Larry Mandelbaum Shira Margulies Mary Marino and Laurence Slous Marcia Marley and Peter Rapopport Diane and Scott Marshall Jen Marshall Dwight Mathis Helen and Thanassis Mazarakis Kelly and Joe McDonald Madeleine McGee Donald and Martha McKay Gad Meir Julie Mellby Mary Kate Mellow Mike Meltzer Stephanie Mendoza Zoi Michalopoulou Richard Miller Karen and Leeland Montgomery Dawn Morvillo Denise Muggli and Nader Tavakoli Jill and Scott Nadison Pamela Nedzi Raphaela Neihausen and Thom Powers Lori Nischol Zeva Oelbaum and John Reichman Marcia O’Grady Alexandra Okun and Craig Dubitsky Karen Parker Lisa Passamore and Glenn Schuster Frances Pelzman Liscio Trish and Tom Perlmutter Laura Phillips Shelley and Keith Phillips Robert Pienciak Joyce Pokoy-Kurtulus Melissa Polaner Judith Polonofsky Jeffrey Posner Amy and Don Putman

Bonnie Quern Scott Raab Harold Rabner Celia Radek Lee and Lori Rafkin Elaine and Gregg Rapaport Hillary and John Reimnitz Lisa Reznik Lisa Robinson Aran Roche and Matt Podwoski Steve Rockoff Kathy Rosenberg Michael Rosenberg Karen and Warren Ross Jayne Rubenfeld-Waldron Katherine and Robert Ruberton Dale Russakoff and Matthew Purdy Elaine Russo Wendy and Jay Sabin Kiah Sandler Mabel Sarno Tracy Schaffzin and Greg Odland Adriana Schanen Arlene Schwartz Carolyn Schwartz Charlotte Schwartz Jody and Eric Seidenberg Janet Shapiro Robin Sheer Boris Shifrin Mary Sibley and Michael Maurer Meg Siesfeld and Daniel Blackman Deborah and Benji Sills Rhonda and Bob Silver Hannah Singleton Kevin Snover Nina Sloan and Gene Sower Adam Solan Cathy Solomon Dorothy Sommer George and Amy South Sophia Spehar Helen Spencer-Snyder and Steven Snyder Antoinette Spiotta Sylvia and David Steiner Linda and Brian Sterling Caren and Andrew Stern

Marilyn Stone Michael Stoppay Patty and Jonathan Strain Keith Struble Laura Sulborski Jennie and Laurus Sutton Mark Swain Dustin Tan Gloria and Lewis Taub Jason Taub Barbara and Aaron Thall Michele Tomasik and Glenn Eichler Barbara Torter Trilling Pictures Darrell and Joanna Trimble Joan Tucker Karen and Chris Turner Lisa Vandever-Levy and Alan Levy Lily Vakili and Robert Ellis Laura Van Bloem Peggy Van Raalte Chris Veith Janice Victor Christopher Vitiello Sarah Vogel and Adam Isidore Sandra Vollero-Levy Kristin Wald and Peter Simon Richard Walker Susan and Charlie Wall Margo and Frank Walter Julia and David Warren JoAnn and John Weisel Katherine White and David Stadler Beth and Craig Wilensky Christina Williams Estelle Williams Sarah Wilson Julie Winokur Jane and Eric Winston Colleen Kelley Whitcombe and Nick Whitcombe Meredith Yannuzzi Anthony Zaza Kate Zernicke and Jonathan Schwartz Joan and Donald Zief Marcia Zweig

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2016 Annual Report  
2016 Annual Report