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Building a New Home


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Our Inspiration The MFF, modeled after popular festivals around the country that have revitalized small arts-oriented towns like Montclair, was founded in 2010 by a group of culturally aware residents to deliver innovative programs to regional film enthusiasts who flock to the local movie theater and independent art cinema. Relying on the expertise and connections of the many industry insiders who reside in our community, and maximizing its impact by collaborating with many of the town’s prominent arts organizations, the MFF was born. Our popular signature spring festival served as a springboard for the development of year-round film education and public programs that serve a growing number of students and families from across the region. As a leader in the art of film, the MFF’s growth into a permanent home on Bloomfield Avenue perfectly blends our organizational vision into the civic vision for the street, neighborhood and city, allowing us to expand upon existing commerce, excitement, and sense of destination that Bloomfield Avenue can provide.

MFF | Building a New Home

Are you ready to make a direct impact on the cultural future of Montclair? In May 2015, Investors Bank donated the building at 505 Bloomfield Avenue to become the permanent home for the Montclair Film Festival. Right now, the Investors Bank Film & Media Center is just that, a building. Only with the help of friends like you will it become the beating heart of film culture in Montclair—a place of learning and inspiration for all. Why is it necessary? In just five short years, the Montclair Film Festival has grown dramatically. The Investors Bank Film & Media Center will provide much-needed capacity to expand our education programs, film screenings, and community events. Imagine the rich discussion and new understanding that become possible when all members of our diverse constituency have a permanent place to gather. Picture the possibilities of dynamic, year-round community-driven film and media programs. You are among the very first people to see our plans. Why? Because we know that you are someone who cares about this town and about the Montclair Film Festival. It’s only with your help that we’ll be able to renovate the building and allow the MFF, New Jersey’s leading non-profit film organization, to continue its trajectory. We’ve got a great head start. As of the close of 2015, we have already raised more than $1.5 million in cash and in-kind donations towards our $3.5 million goal. Obviously, there’s still some distance to go. Keep in mind that this is a one-time fundraising campaign. If you believe, as we do, that this area deserves an innovative new hub for underserved communities, filmmakers, and cinema enthusiasts, the time to act is now. Look through the package. You’ll learn all about our vision for a state of the art facility that connects media talent with a growing audience of 30,000 film enthusiasts and students from across the region who want to explore, learn about, and enjoy the best in filmmaking, cinema, and storytelling. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, Building Committee, and Capital Campaign Committee (full listing enclosed), we thank you for your vital help and participation. Together, we will create a new home for the Montclair Film Festival—a place dedicated to great film and visual storytelling. Thank You,

Bob Feinberg Founder and Chairman

Evie Colbert Vice Chair Building Committee Chair

Tom Hall Executive Director

MONTCLAIR FILM festival + education + events + Conversations


MFF | 2016 Capital Campaign

As an organization committed to environmental and organizational sustainability, we are pursuing LEED Certification for our building design.

MFF | Building a New Home

Building an open community space for film students and enthusiasts across the region. We have reached the limits of our temporary headquarters, and have been presented with a building by Investors Bank. This new building fills a need for a year-round multipurpose facility that will position the MFF for continued growth and long-term financial and organizational stability.

Building Features • 6,000 square foot multipurpose facility

• Storytelling studio/recording booth

• 72-seat micro-cinema/auditorium

• Rear patio garden and mural

• Fully ADA-compliant facility with elevator

•A  dministrative offices on an expanded second floor to house year-round professional staff

• Film  education classrooms • Production lab

• Box office

Flexible Spaces • Festival headquarters

• Community gatherings

• In Conversation programs

• Special events and parties

• Filmmaker Lounge

• Facility rentals

First floor

Floor plan for screenings and conversations.


Our Partners The MFF remains firmly committed to partnering with organizations in our community and across New Jersey by presenting world-class film and education programs. While our capital campaign will help to fund a permanent home for the organization, the MFF’s spring festival, summer series, and partnerships will continue to take place in venues across the community and region. • Bow Tie Cinemas • Essex County Presby Memorial Iris Gardens • Jazz House Kids • Montclair Art Museum • Montclair Business Improvement District • Montclair Cooperative School • Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence • Montclair Kimberley Academy • Montclair Public Library

• Montclair Public Schools • Montclair State University • New Jersey Performing Arts Center • Rutgers University Newark • Succeed2Gether • The Wellmont Theater • Upper Montclair Business Association • Van Vleck House & Gardens

MFF | Building a New Home

Providing year-round opportunities for filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and students. Film Education Center The entire concourse level is being dedicated to cross-disciplinary film and media education and public programs. • Two classrooms (convertible to one large room)

• Green screen

• Film & media production lab

• Storytelling studio

21st Century Experiential Learning • Exploring film as a tool for social change

• Mentoring programs

• Junior Jury

• Storytelling sessions

• Summer & after-school filmmaking workshops

• Filmmaking camp

• Behind the Screen master classes

• Community conversations

• Emerging Filmmaker Competition

• Drop-in filmmaking lab

• Filmmaker Q + A’s

• Integrated curriculum screenings & discussions

• Networking events

Workshops & Classes • Scoring for film & TV workshops

• Screenwriting

• Digital storytelling

• Animation

• Media literacy

• Editing


Much more than a festival, the MFF presents education and community programs that reach a growing number of 30,000 patrons a year.

MFF | Building a New Home

Establishing a new arts, cultural, and educational venue in downtown Montclair. By developing a permanent new center for arts and educational programming and events in the heart of Montclair’s shopping district, the Montclair Film Festival will attract larger numbers of cultural tourists and students from across the region to enjoy all that Montclair has to offer. The MFF’s programs and events will be marketed as taking place, LIVE@505.

Events featured Live@505 • Intimate film screenings

• Parties & celebrations

• Lectures & discussions

• Private events in our main hall

• Community conversations

• Education programs

• Performances & readings

• Networking events

The multipurpose hall at 505 Bloomfield Avenue will be available for rent for private parties. The venue will accommodate seated dinners for up to 100 people and cocktail parties for up to 200 people.

First floor

Floor plan for seated dinner.


“These festivals are really important for artists. This is where we get a chance to get our movies seen, to get them noticed, especially the little ones that are trying to be different and think outside the box. Festivals are the ones that make us feel appreciated. are very important to the creative process.” – John Leguizamo, special guest at MFF2014

Grand Opening Spring 2017 Join us in building a community center to engage, educate, and entertain through the power of visual storytelling. The Montclair Film Festival’s new home will be the Investors Bank Film & Media Center, 505 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042.

Show your support The MFF’s new permanent home showcases our continued commitment to our • Signature spring festival • Growing educational initiatives • Community partnerships Customized leadership donations, which can be paid over two to three years, will help to • Renovate the building • Outfit the micro-cinema with projection, sound and seating • Furnish the classrooms and offices • Provide ongoing support for our growing educational initiatives

A limited number of very special Naming Opportunities ranging from $25,000 to $250,000 provide occasions to leave a legacy as a leadership sponsor of the Montclair Film Festival. Donors making gifts of $10,000 and up will qualify for recognition on our permanent donor wall in the entryway foyer, on our website and in our festival guide, and will receive invitations to VIP donor events.

Thank you for helping New Jersey’s largest and fastest-growing film and media arts organization to flourish in downtown Montclair. Construction will commence in February 2016 with plans to complete the building in time for the 6th annual Montclair Film Festival in May 2017. Voted Favorite Film Festival three years running by Discover New Jersey Arts’ People’s Choice Awards. 8

Accolades for the MFF “For a number of these films their Montclair screenings are the first in the New York Metro Area, giving people in the industry-filled and arts friendly community an early look at buzzed about titles.”

“MFF is a film festival with more of everything.”

“The Montclair Film Festival ends today with optimism for the future. Investors Bank has donated a Montclair Building to be used as the festival’s permanent home…MFF’s Investors Bank Film & Media Center will house the festival’s expanding year-round programs, events, educational offerings, and administrative offices.”

– ”The Montclair Film Festival is already bigger than anyone involved could have foreseen.”

“If Montclair’s status as hub for those who write, think about and make film and TV was ever in doubt, it’s not this year. From Essex County to Monmouth County to Hollywood, some of the biggest representatives of New Jersey film and culture will be hobnobbing at the Montclair Film Festival this month.”


film festival



Building a New Home  

Are you ready to make a direct impact on the cultural future of Montclair?

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