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The celebration of individuality.


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nowflakes. There’s more of them than stars in the sky, yet every flake is one of a kind, each one a crystalline ambassador of individuality. It is no coincidence that snowflakes are the long-awaited messengers of the festive season in many parts of the world. In that very special time of year families and friends merrily congregate to share stories from the past and the present and bestow carefully selected little somethings upon their loved ones to let them know what is treasured the most: their individuality.


s the cold season commences its frosty reign, the first sighting of snowflakes is eagerly awaited ... for they are the white-dressed summoners of a treasured time filled with frolic laughter, joyous encounters and peaceful contemplation.

Montblanc Nicolas R ieussec Chronograph Anniversary Edition Monopusher chronograph, manual-winding manufacture movement. 43 mm 18 K red gold case. 30 min. and 60 sec. rotating disc counters. Limited Edition of 190 pieces.

Time for contemplation.


fter the first delicate flakes swayed through the air as a winterly vanguard, a swirling, swaying, joyous spectacle sets in, transforming all earth and lands into an ethereal wonderland.

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Automatic Monopusher chronograph, self-winding manufacture movement, second t ime zone with day and night display, 30 min. and 60 sec. rotat ing disc counters. 43 mm stainless steel case, black alligator-skin strap.


now covers the surroundings in pristine white, cushions the sounds of the daytime and slows down the pace of life, putting the young and the old into a festive yet solemn winter state of mind.

Montblanc TimeWalker Dual Carbon Chronograph Automatic 43 mm black DLC-coated stainless steel case, 18 K red gold pushers, black dial and red gold plated luminescent hands and indexes, sapphire crystal case back, black alligator-skin strap.


ooking at the swirling flakes falling from the darkening skies, scattered by the winter winds, the thoughts wander back to treasured moments of the bygone year ... and to the joyous hours of celebration that lie ahead of us.

Montblanc Profile Lady Elegance Cabochon Stainless steel case with white mother-of-pearl dial. Crossover numerals with white semi-precious stones in cabochon cut. Black calfskin strap. Montblanc Star Chronograph Automatic 39 mm stainless steel case, silver coloured guillochĂŠ dial, 12 hr. and 30 min. counters, sapphire crystal case back, brown alligator-skin strap.

The beauty of winter.


here’s no other season of year that offers as many enchanting sights to behold as winter. Sometimes they’re hidden under snow and ice, or veiled under pitch-black darkness ... but once discovered, their beholder stands in awe, captivated by the sheer beauty of the moment.

Montblanc 4810 Jewellery Collection R ings in white gold with diamonds pavé. Necklace in white gold with diamonds pavé set on the Montblanc emblem.


he moon in full bloom, watching down from the star-spangled night skies, swathing the frosted forests in a surreal lunar twilight. A candle-lit window adorned with a frosted tracery so delicately intertwined that it resembles a unique piece of art.

Cabochon de Montblanc Collection R ings in red gold with milky quarts, rhodolite, rose quartz, aquamarine and iolite cut in the exclusive Montblanc cabochon.


he resplendence in a child’s eye as it secretly peeks into a low-lit room, filled with the overwhelming scents of cinnamon, gingerbread and a fir tree. The distinct beauty of winter lies in these precious moments, moments as amaranthine as a diamond.

Cabochon de Montblanc Collection Bracelet and long necklace in sterling silver with rose quartz cut in the exclusive Montblanc cabochon with milky quartzes and amethysts.

Men’s Jewellery Silver Collection Bracelet and cuff links in sterling silver with the exclusive Montblanc three-rings motif.

Men’s Fine Jewellery Collection Square cuff links in stainless steel with onyx and Montblanc Diamonds. Round cuff links in stainless steel with f loating Montblanc Diamonds.

A story in white.


he fragile beauty of snowflakes has always inspired poets and authors to sing praise about these white wonders in their written words.

Meisterstßck Tribute to the Mont Blanc Collection Classique and Mozart Fountain Pen made of precious white lacquer representing the eternal ice and snowy peak of Europe’s highest mountain with Montblanc emblem made of snow quartz. Platinum-plated or red-gold-plated metal forepart with fine engraving of the Mont Blanc mountain massif. Hand-crafted 18 K gold nib.


he magic spell of winter made their creative spirits flow away into snowy, wonderful dreamscapes so beautifully depicted that it warms our very hearts.

Meisterst端ck Montblanc Diamond Fountain Pen Fountain Pen featuring the unique 43-faceted Montblanc Diamond in the shape of the Montblanc emblem. Platinum-plated clip and rings, hand-crafted 14 K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay.


ut it’s not only the great writers who were captivated by the white magic of snowflakes. Each and every one has an individual memory of winter to share.

MeisterstĂźck Jewellery Edition Fountain Pen and rollerball made of black precious lacquer with an elegant guilloche featuring the unique 43-faceted Montblanc Diamond (0.5 ct.) in the shape of the Montblanc emblem. 18 K white gold fittings and hand-crafted 18 K rhodium-plated gold nib.


he first and fondest memory of being a little kid on a wooden sleigh, pulled through the freshly fallen snow by his father. Thinking back to returning home, frozen to the core but overjoyed, after a long walk through the niveous forests. Everyone has these stories to tell, stories as individual as a swaying snowflake. Writers Edition 2011 – Car lo Collodi Fountain Pen in dark brown precious resin bearing a champagne tone gold-plated cap with skeletonised figures inspired by Pinocchio’s fantastic world. Hand-crafted 18 K champagne-gold nib engraved with a cricket.

Meisterst端ck Canvas Collection Executive tote bag in canvas combined with Italian calfskin. Jacquard lining with Montblanc brand name.

Diaries & Notes Collection A selection of small leather goods in black, sand or cognac-coloured soft calfskin leather with jacquard lining and the engraved Montblanc brand name.

The festive silence.


hen the streets and surroundings are covered with three inches of freshfallen snow, the noises and sounds of everyday life fall silent and a solemn calm sets in. Spellbound by this ethereal silence, we undergo a moment of self-communion – before we head for our ceremonially illuminated home to celebrate Christmas.

Montblanc Celebration  
Montblanc Celebration  

The celebration of individuality.