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Prostitution snares many victims Friday, August 22, 2008 The Oregonian In regard to the article on the prostitution problem on Northeast and Southeast 82nd Avenue ("Woman charged in killing on 82nd," Aug. 19), as a retired Portland police officer who worked street prostitution, I am baffled by the comments made by East Precinct Cmdr. Mike Crebs. Crebs "is leading a committee to develop a strategy to clean up 82nd Avenue . . . (b)ut first . . . the group is working to analyze the problem," regarding why women are involved in prostitution, why they work 82nd Avenue and so on. Are you kidding me? This problem does not need to be analyzed, unless you have lived on another planet. I spent the majority of my career working street prostitutes and was fairly successful; I did not take radio calls, I worked the street prostitutes eight hours a day, five days a week. The prostitution-free zone law was a huge tool and it made Portland a better city, but of course due to the incompetence of the mayor and the City Council, Portland no longer has prostitution-free or drug-free enforcement zones. Prostitutes do not like going to jail because it hampers their ability to make money and that is why they are out there. Pimps and prostitutes are on 82nd Avenue (and Northeast Sandy Boulevard) because that is where the customers are. Enforcement has to be targeted at both prostitute and customer. And for those who think prostitution is a victimless crime, tell that to the women who get their teeth knocked out by their pimps because they don't make enough money. BRIAN DUDDY Gresham

Letter from Retired Police Officer Aug 22, 2008  

Letter from a retired Portland police officer who worked on prostitution and his support of the PFZ

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