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>>>PLEASE HELP US REINSTATE THE PROSTITUTION FREE ZONE ORDINANCE.<<< On September 30, 2007 Mayor Potter & the City Of Portland allowed Portland's Drug Free Zone and Prostitution Free Zone ordinances to sunset after determining both laws have not been effective in eliminating the drug addiction that drives these crimes. However all of the data & research that was conducted to come to this conclusion was centered only on the disparity in how the Drug Free Zone law had been enforced, no research was conducted focusing on the effectiveness of the Prostitution Free Zone and it was lifted in conjunction with the Drug Free Zone. (**18 page report and not one mention of nd “prostitution” in the entire document) Since that time, we the neighbors & residents that border 82 Avenue have seen an extreme increase in blatant prostitution in our neighborhoods. Please help us reinstate the Prostitution Free Zone which was one tool that helped our police department, foot patrols and residents keep their neighborhoods free from this illegal activity and safe. **

Below are just a few excerpts from recent articles, comments from community forums/minutes/ etc. regarding the steady & blatant increase in prostitution in our neighborhoods since the lifting of the Prostitution Free Zone ordinance.

>>>82nd Ave and Prostitution Activity: NRT reported that calls for police services concerning prostitution along 82nd Ave have quadrupled from this time last year. So far this year, there have been 805 calls for service. This number far exceeds the YTD calls for the years 2006 and 2007. NRT officers will meet with Commissioner Leonard and Mayor Potter to discuss and explore strategies to mitigate this on-going and growing problem. This fall, the Montavilla Neighborhood Association will host a summit to discuss this issue, too. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments, in the mean time, please continue to call the police about this problem. - From Southeast Precinct ,

Community Forum’s July 23, 2008 Meeting Notes.

>>>Mount Tabor Foot Patrol has observed far more discarded condoms & needles in Mount Tabor Park than previous years, now that the Zone ordinance has been lifted.

>>>“Prostitution-free Zones said to be successful. While reinstating Prostitution-free Zones won't "cure" street-level prostitution, everyone with whom we've spoken in law enforcement says they were a good "tool" to reduce the prevalence of street-sex sales activity. We're told that since cities in the Seattle region have stepped up anti-prostitution enforcement and instituted ordinances, their rates of prostitution have dropped – and prostitutes themselves report that they've traveled south to work the Portland street, because the demand is high and the penalties are low. Perhaps when the makeup of Portland's city government changes in the new year, city leaders will once again revisit the Prostitution-free Zone ordinance. If they want to hear it, Portland's own police officers will tell them that the zones really do help reduce the sex – openly for sale, on Portland streets” – East Pdx News, July 4, 2008

>>>John Campbell, a principal of Campbell DeLong (whose study the city used when lifting the Zones), has in the past been a proponent of the zones. In one public address, referring to the moving-the-problem criticism, he said that such crimes are “a plant, not a rock. By that I mean, the one thing they don’t do is stay the same. If you leave it alone, it will take root and grow. If you uproot it, you will at least stunt its growth.”

- Mid County Memo

Please join and help us take back our neighborhood – email us at: or check out our blog for updates/ more info, next steps & upcoming meetings. We will be canvassing with our petiton, please visit our website for neighbors to post comments and have an open dialogue on this urgent issue affecting our safety & livability. Thank you, your fellow neighbors of Montavilla In Action.

>>>GET ACTIVE<<< n >>> JOIN THE MONTAVILLA IN ACTION GROUP & SIGN OUR PETITION TO REINSTATE THE PROSTITUTION FREE ZONE – SEND AN EMAIL TO: PLEASE JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR UPDATES AND NEXT STEPS AND CHECK OUT OUR BLOG & DOWNLOAD THE PETITION & GATHER SIGNATURES: o>>> PLEASE CALL & EMAIL OUR CITY’S LEADERS & state why lifting the PFZ was a mistake (no research ) and that it needs to be reinstated immediately to stem the critical nature of this crime until all of these other solutions are in effect. >>>>



The research that the Mayor cited when lifting the ordinance did not even mention prostitution in the entire 18 pg doc it was lumped with the issues surrounding DFZ's enforcement. According to the Neighborhood Response TEAM (NRT) - calls regarding prostitution have quadrupled since last year this time. Cause & Effect - Zone is gone = crime has grown considerably & taken roots We the citizens around 82nd Ave are having our safety compromised each & every day (read our blog to hear comments from your neighbors: how neighborhood women are being harassed, neighborhood young girls are being propositioned in daylight). Crime from all over is coming to 82nd – it is well documented that the women are being trafficked from Seattle, LA and beyond to work on the avenue due to our laxed laws. Johns from all over the State & WA state are coming to our neighborhoods. Until the city’s real solutions are in effect we need to immediately stem the crime that has taken over our communities.

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Mayor Tom Potter: ph 503-823-4120 fax 503-823-3588 no direct email listed, link: Maria C. Rubio - Mayor Potter’s Public Safety & Security Director 503-823-3583 Mayor Elect Sam Adams:

ph: 503-823-3008

City Commissioner Randy Leonard: ph 503-823-4682 City Commissioner Nick Fish:

ph 503-593-8172

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman: ph 503 823-4151 Amanda Fritz (running for city council):

no direct email listed, link:

ph 503-235-2295

Jane Ames/ Sam Adams’ - Senior Policy Director - Education and Public Safety Tom Miller/ Sam Adams’ - Chief of Staff - ph 503-823-1121

ph 503-823-1126




If you see crime being committed, or any suspicious behavior/activity – please call each & every time and report it to the Non Emergency Police #: 503.823.3333 – press option #2 and the press #2 again to be connected to dispatch and state what you saw to log the increasing crime activities. We need to start calling in the crime or activities we see happening on our streets and in our neighborhood.

r>>> WALK YOUR STREETS WITH YOUR FELLOW NEIGHBORS OF THE MONTAVILLA COMMUNITY PATROL Montavilla Community Patrol is a volunteer community driven patrol. Our main goal is to make a safety presence. We are nonconfrontational and report any crime to the police to handle. Our primary directive is observe, record, and report. Vests are provided thanks to Montavilla Neighborhood Association and Portland Police Bureau. Patrols dates / times vary & flex to meet volunteer patrol needs. All patrols are pre-scheduled &require at least three people present for safety & visibility. As our numbers have grown, we have expanded our territory. We currently patrol the entire Montavilla neighborhood. Boundaries are flexible and can vary with patrols. If you wish to join, have your area patrolled, or seek information on neighborhood issues in your area please contact: for information.

s>>> HELP US PLAN OUR MARCH TO TAKE BACK OUR STREETS – MARCH IS ON SATURDAY SEPT 20, 2008 -Please contact us to stay informed on this activity we are planning – for all to attend, families, Media to draw attention to this critical problem as we approach the 1 year anniversary of the lifting of the PFZ on Sept. 30, 2007. Please email us to get updates: & check the blog & look for flyers. THANK YOU



Updated Handout - Sept 1, 2008