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Gun safety: more than meets the eye By Rob Zolman Valley Journal


designed for activities other than shooting are not safe irearm owners and shooting enthusiasts who understand the importance of safety when handling fireto use. They may shatter on impact, damaging the eyes as much as or even more than if not wearing any eye protecarms often overlook the value of wearing protective tion. eyewear. An eye-popping estimated 30,000 firearms and air-gun “The only lens that is considered a safety lens is going to be polycarbonate. For the most part, polycarbonate eye injuries occur each year, according to the Centers for is going to be your safest bet, because when it cracks, it Disease Control and Prevention. cracks into two pieces rather While operating your firethan multiple pieces,” Alexanarms, your eyes are always in close proximity to dangerous der said. Shooting eyewear should be situations. The proper shooting glasses can keep your eyes safety-certified. Certification is the best guarantee that your protected from possible damprotective eyewear will do its age from ricochets, ejecting intended job. At the minimum, shells, flash of a muzzle and STEVEN ALEXANDER, WALMART VISION CENTER MANAGER a rating of ANSI Z87.1 is enflying debris. “Any time you are dealing couraged. Eyewear that wraps around adds extra protection. Classic with projectiles it’s always a good thing to protect your eyes,” Walmart Vision Center Manager Steven Alexander said. aviator-style glasses look cool but leave a gap around the frame and face, allowing debris to potentially get into the “You never know where ricochets may come from or what eyes. The wrap-around style sits closer to the face, so there may approach your eye during the practice of shooting.” is less of a chance of anything getting into the eyes. There are a few vital factors to consider when looking for “Wrap around offers some of the best protection because the right pair of protective eyewear. First and foremost, impact and barrier protection. No eye- they offer protection from all angles,” Alexander said. Making the wearing of protective shooting eyewear a wear is worth wearing if the lens won’t properly protect your eyes. At the least, the lens should be made of impact-repart of your firearm safety routine may very well be the difference between a close call or an eye patch. sistant plastic or polycarbonate. Goggles and sunglasses

“Any time you are dealing with projectiles it’s always a good thing to protect your eyes.”

4 - January 25, 2017

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