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MISSION Our mission is to provide adventure, discovery, personal growth and engagement via human powered outdoor pursuits.



HISTORY Originally founded in 1975, the Outdoor Recreation Program strives, each year, to provide Montana State University students awe-inspiring, transformative experiences. Our participants soak in the wildest and most remote vistas in the area, learn a variety of valuable outdoor skills, and strengthen their communal experience by meeting likeminded adventurers.

We are educators who develop and change students using experience as our textbook and the outdoors as our classroom. If you want to build your skill set in an outdoor pursuit, we can help. Classes and clinics are an excellent way to try a new activity or simply build upon an existing skill set. Most offerings are beginner friendly, while some require certain experience levels. Stop by and ask for more information. Sign up online, by phone or in-person.

ADVENTURE: TRIPS PROGRAM Try something new on an Outdoor Recreation Program trip. Sign up for a trip! With access to some of the best outdoor venues in the country right here in our backyard, our Trips Program can take you to incredible places sure to make your jaw drop. We have them during all four seasons and they are a great way to learn a new sport, meet new people and see new things.


GEAR: OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT RENTAL Excited to get outdoors? Don’t have the equipment you need? No worries! We have a huge inventory of high-quality, modern outdoor equipment available to rent. Current students receive great prices on gear. Come on in, check it out and make a reservation today.

BIKE & SKI SHOP Need to tune up your gear? The Outdoor Recreation Program Bicycle and Ski Workshop provides the opportunity for MSU students, faculty/staff and affiliates to perform maintenance and repairs on personal equipment. The area is available for use during certain operational hours of the Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP).

RESOURCE ROOM “Who fails to plan, is planning to fail.” Winston Churchill sure knew what he was talking about. Planning a trip? Not sure where to start? Our resource room is the spot; it has a wide variety of guidebooks, maps and resources to get you started in the right direction.




Bridger Ridge

Sypes Canyon

Pursue one of the prominent peaks of the Bridger Mountain Range. Pass across tree lines and get into the high country. Soak in the view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the satisfaction of being on top of the world.

Spend part of Halloween hiking through the lovely Sypes Canyon. Earn a bit of extra candy by hiking through the backcountry before trick-or-treating. Sypes Canyon offers a scenic hike ending with an overlook of the surrounding area.

FULL DAY / $20

SEPTEMBER 25 Hyalite Peak Get a more extensive view of what Hyalite has to offer. Hike through lush forest and cross over bubbling streams to reach a stunning alpine lake. Continue your adventure by summiting Hyalite Peak and gazing down on Hyalite basin. FULL DAY / $20

HALF DAY / $10

NOVEMBER 5 Buffalo Jump State Park This trip is a great way to get outside and explore in late fall. We will begin our outing at the confluence of the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers. This is the same spot that Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery camped. The scenic trail system provides views of the surrounding mountains and grasslands. On the way home, we will visit Buffalo Jump State Park for a short hike with scenic vistas of the Madison Valley. The trail ranges from easy to moderate in difficulty and is popular with hikers. HALF DAY / $15









Bear Canyon

Yellowstone Scenic Raft

Bozeman has much to offer when it comes to rock climbing. This outing is designed to get students outside and climbing on rock. Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

Take a relaxing float through the inspiring Paradise Valley and soak in the views that have earned this valley its name. This section of the Yellowstone River offers views of the towering Beartooth Mountain Range and is a great place to see many migratory and native birds, including bald eagles and osprey.

HALF DAY / $25


HALF DAY / $25

OCTOBER 22 Parent’s Weekend

OCTOBER 8 & 9 Yellowstone National Park New to overnight camping trips? No problem. This trip is designed to accommodate beginners and experts alike. Yellowstone National Park is globally known for its pristine wilderness and astounding trail networks. Our itinerary brings us through the west entrance to the Park and around to Old Faithful where we will hike trails surrounding the geyser basin. We are planning on camping in the Mammoth Hot Springs area, where hot pools and terraces provide magnificent views. This is a great way to explore the Park and meet new people.

This float trip offers a great opportunity to show some of Montana’s natural beauty to parents coming into town. Make part of your parents visit a memorable rafting experience. Floating is a great time to make memories and catch up with your family. HALF DAY / $25



SNOWSHOE HIKING NOVEMBER 19 Bridger Canyon Welcome the winter season by exploring Bridger Canyon. Walk on top of the snow while taking in stunning winter views and enjoying a day of snow trekking. This is a great opportunity to scope out some of the terrain Bridger Bowl has to offer. HALF DAY / $20

JANUARY 29 New World Gulch Come explore New World Gulch on something other than skis. The area has some great views of Mt. Ellis. Come meet new people and see a beautiful section of your backyard. HALF DAY / $15

FEBRUARY 4 Indian Ridge Indian Ridge is located within the Gallatin Wilderness and provides excellent views of the Spanish Peaks and a close view of the massive face of Gallatin Peak. HALF DAY / $15






Brackett Creek

Porcupine Creek

Bracket Creek is located in the Northern Bridger Range and provides excellent views of Bridger Bowl and the surrounding scenery. This XC ski trip is designed to introduce beginners to the backcountry in a safe and fun fashion. Our experienced student trip coordinators provide guidance to create a pleasant, fun and safe experience in the mountains.

Porcupine Creek begins near Big Sky and the Gallatin River. The trail climbs towards an intersection with the Gallatin Ridge Trail high in the Gallatin Range. Come travel with us through the Elk Preserve and into an incredible array of scenic vistas. A great way to enjoy winter in Montana.

HALF DAY / $20


MARCH 4 Mill Creek & Chico Paradise Valley is a XC ski destination that is in close proximity to the naturally sourced Chico Hot Springs, which are only a couple of miles to the north. We will relax in the hot springs after our skiing adventure. A perfect end to a great day. Hot springs admission is included in trip price. FULL DAY / $30

FULL DAY / $20

FEBRUARY 12 Hyalite Canyon Interested in climbing ice? Never tried anything like that before? Come out with the MSU Outdoor Recreation Program and give it a try. Hyalite Canyon is a world-famous ice climbing destination right here in our own backyard. You are sure to be enthralled with getting out and climbing some vertical ice. No experience necessary. HALF DAY / $30






Drinking Horse

Yellowstone River

This trail system is located at the mouth of Bridger Canyon (directly across the road from the popular College “M” Trail) and consists of a meandering trail through forest and sub-alpine meadows. The trail tops out at Drinking Horse Mountain (5539 ft.). It is a two and a half mile loop that incorporates crossing an elegant bridge designed by a local architecture firm.

Get into a raft and punch through big waves on the Yellowstone River. Dig your paddle into the frothing current and propel yourself into adventure. Experience thrilling whitewater while floating on a beautiful river surrounded by the mighty Beartooth and Absaroka Mountain Ranges. FULL DAY / $40

HALF DAY / $15


MULTI-DAY APRIL 22 & 23 Yellowstone National Park

The Madison River stretch is locally renowned for excellent flatwater rafting and the scenic surroundings. The stretch of the river we will be running is a nice and relaxing flatwater section. Let us show you one of the gems of our local river systems.

New to overnight camping trips? No problem. This trip is designed to accommodate beginners and experts alike. Yellowstone National Park is globally known for its pristine wilderness and astounding trail networks.

HALF DAY / $25

2 DAYS / $75



MOAB & CANYON COUNTRY SPRING BREAK ADVENTURE March 13-18 Moab Area Spend your spring break exploring the incredible red-rock and desert vistas of Southern Utah. We will camp in the Moab area nearby hiking, climbing and biking in this world-renowned outdoor mecca. Our multi-sport adventure will be punctuated by meeting like-minded students and exploring as much of this amazing landscape as we can cram into your spring break. This is one of our most popular trips, and fills up quickly, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. $300

ACT 114: INTRO TO ROCK CLIMBING Learn the fundamentals of rock climbing `through skill sessions, demonstrations and practical experience. Emphasis will be placed on skill development (including belaying, basic equipment usage and movement techniques), health and fitness climbing and safety in the sport of climbing. Please refer to our website for registration information regarding all ACT courses:

ACT Classes for Credit

All ACT classes for credit are available for registration through your student account portal on the Montana State University Website.



ACT 176: Fundamentals of WW Rafting In Fundamentals of Whitewater Rafting, students will be introduced to the basic components of this activity. This includes: equipment, hydrology & feature terminology, river safety & scenarios, rescue techniques and of course, lots of rafting.

ACT 177: WW Kayaking The fundamentals of Whitewater Kayaking, includes the components of kayaks, basic strokes, rescue and eskimo roll. Introduction to kayaking on moving water and boating safety will be emphasized. Please refer to our website for registration information regarding all ACT courses:

Please refer to our website for registration information regarding all ACT courses:

25 23


Hyalite Canyon Montana Alpine Guides will join us for a course in Hyalite Canyon, one of the premiere ice climbing destinations in the United States right here in our backyard. Course will cover the fundamentals of ice climbing so that you can get out and enjoy this exciting sport on your own! All courses are one evening followed by two full days. 2 DAYS / $125

FRIENDS OF GALLATIN NATIONAL FOREST AVALANCHE EDUCATION The Friends of GNFAC and ASMSU Outdoor Rec are sponsoring these courses. Register online at For more information contact the GNFAC at 406-587-6984 or

#1. Class: Nov. 30 & Dec. 1, Field: Dec. 3 or 4 #2. Class: Jan. 18 & 19, Field: Jan. 21 or 22 Advanced Class: Jan. 26 & 27, Field: Jan. 28 Bridger Bowl Intro to Avalanches with Field Course ($30) lectures are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, with the field course on Saturday at Bridger Bowl. To participate in Advanced Avalanche with Field Course ($50) students need a basic knowledge of avalanche terrain, weather factors that contribute to avalanches, and the development and relationship between slabs and weak layers. Therefore, each student should have taken the equivalent of our Introduction to Avalanches with Field Course.



Instructional Courses We offer a variety of classes and clinics in a notfor-credit option. These opportunities are always being updated and added to. Be sure to check the website for new offerings and to register.

WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER JANUARY 2 - JANUARY 6 MSU Campus Desert Mountain Medicine’s WFR course is a very engaging curriculum and is designed to be realistic, stimulating and hands-on. The class itself is 80 hours, delivered in a hybrid format of online and in-person work. It will be held on campus at a discounted price for students. This class encompasses patient stabilization to improvised litters and is quickly becoming regarded as the minimal standard for guides, outdoor educators, search and rescue personnel and individuals who work in a wilderness or remote settings. 80 HOUR COURSE (30 ONLINE/50 IN-CLASS) $625

MSU SNOW AND AVALANCHE WORKSHOP NOVEMBER 9 MSU Campus Mountains and Minds, captures perfectly the nexus between our high caliber academic programs at MSU and the attraction of Bozeman’s unique location. Many students chose MSU because of the combination of access to a high quality education and outstanding winter recreation. Focus is on processes and performance in avalanche terrain. This workshop allows the opportunity to place your hands on some of the best technology available. FREE FOR THE BOZEMAN COMMUNITY

LEVEL 1 AVALANCHE JANUARY 14-JANUARY 16 Bozeman Area We are proud to partner with Beartooth Powder Guides to put on a Level 1 Avalanche Training. During the 3 days, participants will be exposed to techniques and skills required to be a competent backcountry partner. This will include a combination of lectures and field sessions, where students will get hands-on experience in learning about snowpack layering, terrain management, weather elements, decision making and rescue skills. We will initially begin at the Outdoor Rec. Shop and make our way into the field after we cover a series of lectures. Course includes: permits, instruction and certification. Discounted rentals for class. (Limited availability.) 3 DAYS / $275



SINGLE PITCH INSTRUCTOR March 13-18 MOAB Join us as we travel to beautiful Moab Utah to participate in an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course. The American Mountain Guides (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor Course is the first in the sequence of climbing instructor and guide training programs. Our Professional Partner, Red River Adventures, will host our course. This is a great way to transition from a capable recreational climber to an effective climbing instructor. The SPI course is intended for recreational climbers who are already proficient in both top-rope and lead climbing. Each of our SPI courses is led by an IFMGA certified Guide and member of the Instructor Pool for the advanced level AMGA courses. $725 (Includes Course and Assessment)





May 13-15



With our local professional partners we will travel to beautiful, wild and remote Cooke City, Mt. The class will largely consist of traveling up, down and around the mountains surrounding the Woody Creek cabin to demonstrate proper decision making techniques for traveling in avalanche terrain safely and efficiently. Completion of a Basic or Level 1 Avalanche Course is a prerequisite for all participants. A great confidence builder for those interested in expanding their backcountry travel knowledge and skills set. Course cost includes transportation, lodging, instruction and permits.

We are proud to partner with Swiftwater Safety Institute from Jackson Hole, Wy. to offer Swiftwater Rescue Training. This course teaches river rescue techniques with regard to limited resources in a wilderness setting. This three-day, 24 hr, course meets the needs of professional river guides as well as USFS and BLM employees. Recreational river runners or anyone finding themselves working on or near moving water will gain valuable techniques in dealing with water hazards and emergencies. $285



(Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm)


(Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm)


(Sundays from 4:00-6:00)

Beginner boating sessions. Pool reserved for those wishing to practice in a less-crowded environment.

MSU Sharpen up your skill set! Get in the pool and practice your kayaking skills. Outdoor Programs and Recreational Sports and Fitness provides pool space for you to paddle, roll and practice. Space and equipment are limited. Come early, bring your boat if you have one. Limited availability for use from Outdoor Programs.



PROFESSIONAL PARTNERS Montana State University Outdoor Recreation Program is proud to work with these organizations who provide courses with nationally recognized certifications. Examples of some of the courses that we offer are listed below: Wilderness First Responder AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Swiftwater Rescue Training Level 1 Avalanche Training Introduction to Ice Climbing

(406) 994-3621 /msuoutdoorprogram /msuoutdoorprogram/ 1401 West Lincoln Street Bozeman, MT 59717

ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Brochure  

Our mission is to provide adventure, discovery, personal growth and engagement via human powered outdoor pursuits. Come in. Get out. Play.

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