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suggestions for sourcing June in Montana means that nearly everything is available and (most) everything is going to be as fresh as possible. This is the best chance you have to find local foods at the grocery stores, the farmers markets, Root Cellar Foods and farm stands at local farms.

A Parent and Kid Collaboration Tip If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Most kids will eat foods that they helped make (or at least try). To take it one step further, the more color you put in front of little eyes, the more fun they’re going to have in the kitchen – which is another reason I love summer food so much. My best suggestion for Campfire Nachos is, when you’re preparing this at home before your excursion, have your kids help you prep a vegetable from each color of the rainbow and lay all the colorful ingredients on a cutting board and then let them build the nachos for you. This recipe is perfect for (literally) tossing ingredients into a Dutch oven with basic measurements and seeing what you can create. Be sure to make a big deal out of how tasty the creation is so your kiddos know they did a great job and you’ll be surprised at how often they’ll want to help you out in the kitchen in the future.

So healthy and delicious!

An Enviro-friendly Sustainability Tip We have all been at a campsite or cruising down the river and seen garbage that’s been left behind. These items are not only bad for the environment and not pretty to look at, but they’re also harmful to the wildlife we all love. Carrying your food items in reusable containers like Pyrex, silicone Ziploc bags, or even old mason/salsa jars is a great way to keep single use plastics out of the wilderness and out of the landfills. Instead of buying a case of bottled water, purchase a camping water cube from REI and pack along 10-20 gallons of water instead of 24 plastic water bottles. Metal growlers make wonderful beverage holders as well if you have items that you’d like to keep cold for long periods of time. If you do need to use single use items, opt for items like non-coated paper plates and compostable silverware. Whatever you do, Mother Nature will thank you for keeping the wilderness free of garbage. Zoey Mahoney is the Culinary Instructor with Gallatin Valley Farm to School and is completing degrees in Dietetics and Sustainable Food Systems from Montana State University. Zoey enjoys spending her days adventuring with her husband and building their greenhouse/chicken coop.

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