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WINSTATION QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE TO SIGN ON: Enter your retailer number and password, then touch (OK).

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TO LOAD SCRATCH TICKETS: 1 - TO LOAD FULL BOOKS: Press (LOAD FULL BOOK) or (LOAD FULL BOOK (Smart Load ) ) from the Maintenance Menu screen. • Enter the Bin number to be loaded. Press (ENTER). • Scan any ticket in the book or scan the Smart Load card. Proceed to Step 2. 1- TO LOAD PARTIAL BOOKS: Press (LOAD PARTIAL BOOK) from the Maintenance Menu. • Enter the Bin number to be loaded. Press (ENTER). • Scan the first ticket in the partial book. • Scan the last ticket in the partial book. Proceed to Step 2. 1 - TO LOAD COMBINED (Partial and Full) BOOKS: Press (LOAD COMBINED BOOKS (Partial + Full) ) from the Maintenance Menu. • Enter the Bin number to be loaded. Press (ENTER). • Scan the first ticket in the partial book • Scan the last ticket in the partial book. • Scan any ticket in the full book. Proceed to Step 2. 2 - Verify the correct ticket price, total ticket quantity and ticket length shown (use ruler below to verify ticket length if necessary) and press (ENTER). 3- Slide tickets over roller and through ticket guides (See photos at right). Once sensed in the slot, they will automatically load. 4 - Press (OK) when "Tickets successfully loaded" appears to return to the Main Menu.

TO LOAD PRINTER PAPER: (See photos at right) 1- Place new roll on the arm located behind the printer. 2- Press the green metal platen back and lift. 3- Put the paper print side up into the feed area and close the platen. Printer will automatically feed the paper once it is sensed in the slot. TO ACCESS REPORTS: 1- Touch (ACCOUNTING REPORTS) on the Main Menu screen. 2- Select the desired report and press (VIEW REPORT). 3- To print the selected report press (PRINT REPORT). TO REMOVE CASH & RECONCILE: Before removing any cash, produce a Shift Report. To produce this: 1- Touch (MAINTENANCE) on the Main Menu. 2- Select (Close Shift). Upon confirmation, the Shift Report will print and all counters will be reset to zero. Then, to access Cash Compartment and remove cash: 1- Open Cash Compartment door with hardware key provided. 2- Press the release button at the front of the bill stacker. 3- Open the door on the front of the stacker. Remove bills. Replace door. 4- Close door to the Cash Compartment, remove key.

NOTE: Loading full, partial or combined books can also be accomplished by bypassing the use of the barcode reader and manually entering the information.

TO UNLOAD INSTANT TICKETS: 1 - Press (UNLOAD BOOK) on the Maintenance Menu. 2 - Enter the bin number to be unloaded. Press (ENTER). The rollers will reverse and the tickets may be pulled from the ticket guide.


Before proceeding with the following troubleshooting tips, from the Main Menu, press (SYSTEM REPORTS). Select (STATUS (DEVICE CONDITIONS) REPORT). This report can help give insight as to what the problem may be. A simple reboot fixes most problems. TERMINAL REBOOT - In the case of an error and the Winstation needs to be rebooted (Retail Manager login required): 1- Select (DIAGNOSTICS) from the Main Menu. 2- Touch (RESTART SOFTWARE). 3- A confirmation screen will pop up. Press (OK) to reboot the Winstation. This effectively refreshes all components of the Winstation, including connectivity. BIN DISPENSE ERRORS & JAMS - If a bin dispense error or jam occurs, a message will display, the price display will read “- - -”, and the bin will be disabled. To remedy this: 1- Run an Inventory Report from the Accounting Reports Menu. 2- Perform an UNLOAD on the bin where the error occurred. 3- Reload the tickets as a partial/combined pack with the number that was produced by the Inventory Report. If a jam occurs, perform an UNLOAD on the affected bin. BILL ACCEPTOR DISABLED - If the bill acceptor is disabled, check for the following problems: 1- First, ensure that the stacker is not full or obviously jammed. 2- If there is not an obvious problem in the stacker, remove the stacker by pressing the metal release bar on the scan head and lift. 3- Remove any obstruction and replace the scan head.


SCRATCH GAMES Scratch tickets can be purchased by pressing the button of the desired game. CHECKING & VALIDATING TICKETS Players will be able to check their ticket to see if they have won by scanning the barcode with the Check-A-Ticket located on the front of the machine.


MT QRG Version A

LOTTO GAMES All buttons on the Lotto Games panel are Quick Picks good for the next available draw. To play specific numbers for lotto games, players must insert a completed play slip into the play slip reader.


The terminal will accept $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills with a maximum credit amount of $250. The bill acceptor will not accept bills until the credit drops below $100. The terminal does not give change.

USE RULER TO VERIFY TICKET LENGTH WHEN LOADING TICKETS (See Step 2). DECIMAL EQUIVALENTS ARE GIVEN ABOVE INCH MARKINGS. 12 11.875 11.75 11.625 11.5 11.375 11.25 11.125 11 10.875 10.75 10.625 10.5 10.375 10.25 10.125 10 9.875 9.75 9.625 9.5 9.375 9.25 9.125 9 8.875 8.75 8.625 8.5 8.375 8.25 8.125 8 7.875 7.75 7.625 7.5 7.375 7.25 7.125 7 6.875 6.75 6.625 6.5 6.375 6.25 6.125 6 5.875 5.75 5.625 5.5 5.375 5.25 5.125 5 4.875 4.75 4.625 4.5 4.375 4.25 4.125 4 3.875 3.75 3.625 3.5 3.375 3.25 3.125 3 2.875 2.75 2.625 2.5 2.375 2.25 2.125 2 1.875 1.75 1.625 1.5 1.375 1.25 1.125 1 .875 .75 .625 .5 .375 .25 .125













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TROUBLESHOOTING: TO UNLOAD INSTANT TICKETS: 1 - Press (UNLOAD BOOK) on the Maintenance Menu. 2 - Enter the bin number to be unloaded. Press...