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50 Bred Heifers - Shipwheel Cattle Company

These heifers come right out of the heart of our cowherd. Many are half sisters to the bulls selling in this sale, sired by some of the industry’s top A.I. sires as well as our top Shipwheel herd sires. We do not develop the heifers in the feedlot. They winter on grass pastures and hay meadows with a lot of room to travel, hay and SweetPro blocks. They should weigh approximately 1000lbs. by sale day and have had PregGaurd Gold FP10, Scourgaurd 4KC, Maxi/Guard pinkeye vaccine and Dectomax pour on. The heifers will be grouped in Lots of 5 with calf age and sex. Some of the heifers will be carrying A.I. calves by our top Shipwheel herd sires, such as Sitz Far & Wide 6908 and S Chisum 255-our high selling choice of the May 2013 Spickler sale. The natural bred heifers will be carrying calves by some of our top bulls selling in this sale- lots 1 & 2 as well as CCAR Uncommon Z317, our choice and the high selling bull from the Currant Creek Angus spring sale. Highest bidder has the option of taking a minimum of 5 up to 50. Group information will be available sale day. Heifers will be selling fi rst.

Dave And Pam Reid—Geraldine, MT 18 Black Angus Bangs Vaccinated Replacement heifer calves. Dave and Pam are offering a fancy set of February and March born heifers. They have been buying bulls form us every year since we started Shipwheel. They also have been their heifers and some of their cowherd for many years. The steer mates to these heifers, who have gone to a repeat buyer for many years, averaged 740 lbs.



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