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Montana Automobile Dealers Association AUGUST 2018 NEWS BULLETIN

Montana PRESIDENT’SAutomobile MESSAGE: 2018 MTADA Family Convention Wrap Up Dealers Association With another convention under our belts, I think that those of you that came out to Big Sky would agree, this was one of our best years yet! Everything from the food, to the sessions to the live entertainment left little to be desired.

Eric Henricksen

Kicking off Friday, during our All Member meeting, we discussed plans for the coming year! We MTADA President discussed the progress with the technician program and it was reported that there are currently 2 programs registered with the Department of Labor and each program currently has 1 apprentice. In addition to the technician program it was reported that the MTADA is partnering with the Oregon Auto Dealers Association to bring a website to our dealers where we will be able to offer 6000 new products. This will be huge! It will provide a larger product base as well as better tracking and easier ordering! We were also joined by Jon Bennion, MT Chief Deputy Attorney General. He reported that Tim Fox, Attorney General, is expected to make a full recovery. He also presented on the drug epidemic hitting our state. This is a major issue that affects everyone across the state in one way or another. This cannot be changed or fixed overnight. It will take everyone across the state to come together as a community to protect the future of the younger generations. We were also lucky enough to be joined by both Lee Enterprises and Vitu. Both gave great presentations on what their companies do for Montana and where they are headed in the next year. Following the All Member meeting we had an outstanding President’s Banquet! We started the night off by honoring a very special person on the MTADA team, Jim Sewell. Jim has been general counsel for the association for the last ten years. He has been influential in bringing the association to where it is today! We were also pleased to announce this years MTADA Eagle Award recipient, Don Kaltschmidt! In addition to presenting the MTADA Eagle award, we also announced the 2019 Time Dealer of the Year for Montana, Steve Zabawa! During the President’s Banquet we were also honored to have messages from Senator Jon Tester, Senator Steve Daines, Congressman Greg Gianforte and Montana’s Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale, who is also running for the United States Senate. To end the evening, many of our attendees joined in and tried their hands a Texas Hold’em. Taking 1st place in the tournament was Michael Healey from ADS Inc., second place to Kaylee Felio from PartsEdge, and 3rd place went to yours truly, Eric Henricksen, your 2018 MTADA President!


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Montana Automobile Dealers Association DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE:

How Auto Tariffs Pose a Risk to Every Dealer On balance, President Donald Trump has been tremendously positive for the U.S. auto industry. Less than a month before President Trump was inaugurated, I spoke at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit and warned that, after back-to-back years of record auto sales, the industry was on the cusp of the first slowdown since the Great Recession. Since ours is a cyclical business, I knew that years of 17-million-plus annual sales couldn’t last forever. And then a funny thing happened. The headwinds I was seeing eased. The economy, already doing well, really started to gain steam. Jobs were being created at a healthy rate, and unemployment continued to fall. Consumer confidence was up. And the demand for new vehicles remained strong—so much so that in 2017 we had our third consecutive year of new-vehicle sales topping 17 million. Then came the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the beginning of 2018. As of June, industry analysts were again making 17-million-plus predictions for 2018 sales. It was in this context that an alarm went off when the Trump

Administration announced plans to impose tariffs of as much as 25% on imported automobiles and automotive Don Kaltschmidt parts, threatening higher vehicle prices NADA Director and reduced choices for the American auto buying public. Higher vehicle prices and reduced choices could reduce consumer demand and throw into reverse the economic gears that have been driving newvehicle sales forward. Why is President Trump threatening action that could hurt our industry and customers? I believe the president has identified and is deeply concerned with three things that are hurting America: 1. The loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. over the past 30 years; 2. The U.S. trade deficit, which ballooned to $568 billion in 2017; and 3. An unlevel international trade playing field that puts the U.S. at a significant disadvantage in many areas, even with our strongest trading partners. Continued on PAGE 5

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Montana Automobile Dealers Association Montana Automobile Dealers Association


A Pledge to America’s Workers The White House is calling on businesses – including newcar and -truck dealerships – to sign a “Pledge to America’s Workers” to improve workforce development and increase vocational training opportunities for students and workers over the next five years.

Upon confirmation of your pledge, a member of the Trump administration will reach out to dealerships regarding potential inclusion in a White House press release and/or in-person signing.

On July 19, President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing the National Council for the American Worker and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which includes the “pledge” initiative and a plan to address urgent workforce issues, including a national campaign to raise awareness of the skills crisis.

The President, members of his Cabinet, and senior staff (including Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump) will be traveling across the country promoting the pledge initiative and there could be opportunities to participate in an in-person signing at a dealership over the next few months. n

NADA’s leadership attended a meeting at the White House on Aug. 2 and asked administration officials to consider addressing the dealership technician shortage as part of its workforce initiative.

Lutz is 2018 NADA chairman and president of Extreme Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Jackson, Mich Source: Charles Cyrill, NADA Director of Media and Public Relations

Wes Lutz

2018 NADA Chairman

If your dealership would like to make a pledge to increase career opportunities for students and workers, including apprenticeships, work-based learning programs, continuing education, on-the-job training or re-skilling, send an email to with the following information: ■■ Dealership name/address; ■■ Dealer principal name; ■■ We pledge to enhance career opportunities for ____ individuals over the next five years; ■■ Commitment start date; ■■ Point-of-contact info. ■■ Interested in doing an in-person signing with a senior administration official? (Yes/No); ■■ Dealership representative doing the signing; ■■ What does your new commitment include?; ■■ Include a quote for a White House press release; and ■■ Dealership bio.


Raising the Bar Yet Again

Proud Recipient of 6 Dealers’ Choice Awards Diamond – Compliance Training Diamond – F&I Product Training (New) Diamond – Sales Training Platinum – F&I Training Platinum – Service Training Platinum – Special Finance Training


Montana Automobile Dealers Association


“AS IS” Means What It Says Shanika Monee Boyd purchased a used 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe from Steve’s Key City Auto. Steve’s sold the car “as is.” Testimony at trial indicated that Boyd initialed next to large print on the sales order that indicated the terms of her purchase: “AS IS—All used cars ‘as is’ unless indicated here.” The sales order prominently indicated: “NONREFUNDABLE; AS IS.” Boyd also signed the bill of sale, which indicated that she was accepting the terms set forth on the sales order. Boyd also signed the “Buyers Guide,” which indicated that she was purchasing the vehicle as-is and without a warranty. The buyers guide provided, in large, bold, capital lettering, on the middle of the page, that the warranty applicable for the vehicle was “AS IS—NO WARRANTY.” Next to that, in somewhat smaller print—but still in bold, capital lettering—it indicated, “YOU WILL PAY ALL COSTS FOR ANY REPAIRS.” Next to that language, the buyer’s guide further indicated, “[t]he dealer assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the

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vehicle.” Boyd signed the buyers guide in the middle of the page, in the section R. J. “Jim” Sewell, Jr. indicating “AS IS—NO WARRANTY.” MTADA General Counsel The car broke down and was inoperable a few days later. Boyd sued Steve’s in justice court for the $3,000.00 price of the car. Boyd testified that she had an oil change after her purchase and a controversy arose over whether fresh oil was put in the vehicle. In the face of all the “no warranty” language, the trial court still awarded her $1500 because, in reviewing the repair estimates, there was no indication that the car’s failure resulted from loss of oil. The trial court noted that there was no warranty, “but a car should last more than three days.” The trial court acknowledged the vehicle had been sold “as is,” but indicated that a vehicle “should last a little longer off the lot than three days. Steve’s appealed and the Appellate Court reversed (Boyd v. Steve’s Key City Auto, 2017 IL App 3d 160614), holding that use of the term “as is” was sufficient to disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability under the Illinois version of the Uniform Commercial Code, 2-316(3)(a) and relying on an earlier case, General Motors Corp., 359 Ill. App. 3d at 105 that held a dealer’s disclaimer in a purchase agreement that the car was being sold “as is” was sufficient to disclaim the implied warranty of merchantability. The Court also relied on Clemons v. Nissan North America, Inc., 2013 IL App (4th) 120943 which held that the UCC permits disclaimers of implied warranties by an expression like “as is” or other language which makes clear that there is no implied warranty). The sale of goods “as is” or “with all faults” is a common factual situation in which the circumstances surrounding the transaction are in themselves sufficient to call the buyer’s attention to the fact that no implied warranties are made or that a certain implied warranty is being excluded because such terms are understood to mean that the buyer takes the entire risk as to the quality of the goods involved. n

Visit us at or give us a call at (866) 885-5610.



Montana Automobile Dealers Association Director’s Message

Montana Automobile Dealers Association


NADA fully appreciates the Administration’s desire to address these imbalances, but we object to the tools being considered by the Administration to achieve these goals. That’s because tariffs or the imposition of import quotas are blunt instruments that fail to account for the reality of today’s globalized auto industry. No vehicle is 100% domestic The world’s automobile manufacturing and assembly industry, and the integrated global supply chain upon which it relies, is extremely complex. Because of that, it is not unusual for foreign nameplate automobiles assembled in the U.S. to have a higher “domestic parts content” than domestic nameplate automobiles assembled in the U.S. In fact, according to a study by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR)—commissioned by NADA—on the consumer impact of auto tariffs, automobiles assembled in the U.S. have a U.S.made parts content of, on average, only 60%. To put that another way, every single American-made car and truck is partially an import. Therefore, tariffs on autos and parts would affect every make and model sold in the U.S., making this an issue that engulfs the entire industry. In

addition, when American consumers take their vehicles to a dealership service or body shops for maintenance or repair, the parts used for that work may well have been imported as well. But far from being burdensome to domestic manufacturing, this interconnectedness has created domestic U.S. manufacturing opportunities for all OEMs—not to mention a wide array of choices for consumers. In 2017, 52% of new vehicles purchased from American franchised dealers were assembled in the U.S. FCA, Ford, GM and Tesla’s U.S. plants produced 29% of all vehicles sold, and the other 23% of new vehicles sold were produced by international brands in manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. Of the remaining 48% of U.S. sales that were imported, more than half were assembled in either Canada or Mexico. The broad impact of tariffs Competition by manufacturers, and among dealers, provides our customers with unparalleled transportation options and choices. But this vibrant industry could be undermined because tariffs or quotas could lead to: Continued on PAGE 8

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Montana Automobile Dealers Association Montana Automobile Dealers Association

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Saturday morning started with our fabulous speakers Eric Chase, Wes Lutz and Jason Volny! All three of these men are standouts in our industry and it was a huge honor having them at our convention. After the morning sessions we held the annual exhibitor luncheon, a great networking event with our vendors and dealers. After the Exhibitor Luncheon many of our attendees loaded the bus and headed down the mountain for the MTADA 9-hole Scramble Golf Tournament. Congratulations to Rob DeMarois of DeMarois Motors, Michael Yamamoto and Tim Sullivan of US Bank and Mickey Flynn of MVD Express on your first-place win! To end Saturday, we had a fantastic Barbeque dinner by the pool with an awesome “Roast your own S’mores Bar”. It was so much fun to watch the older generation reminisce and act like children again while roasting some S’mores. The night ended with some swimming in the pool size hot tub.

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This year we ended our convention weekend with a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We didn’t get to see as much wildlife as we thought we would but some of the most beautiful parts of Yellowstone are the thermal features. We were able to see the Fountain Paint Pot, Old Faithful Geyser and the Old Faithful Inn, and many others. For those of you that have never been to Yellowstone, I highly recommend it! Next year our convention is being held in Kalispell, MT at the Hilton Garden Inn August 9-11, 2019. It will be a little different from what you are used to so please don’t miss it! If you have any questions or comments regarding the conventions please reach out to Jordan Glosser, our Dealer Services Coordinator, at (406)4751339. n Eric Henricksen is the owner of Don Aadsen Ford in Ronan, Montana

ADS of Montana is the State’s leading provider of F&I training and products. We specialize in our State of the Art training concept through our Team One approach. We represent the best product lines available in the US! We are a MONTANA company and headquartered in Bozeman, no need for a company employee to fly in and see your store. We work with over 75% of non public New Car dealers in the State.



Montana Automobile Dealers Association Director’s Message


■■ Higher new vehicle prices. According to CAR, a 25% tariff applied to all imported vehicles and auto parts would lead to: a $4,400 average increase in the price of all vehicles sold in the U.S.; a $2,270 average increase in the price of all U.S.-assembled vehicles sold in the U.S.; and a $6,875 average increase in the price of all imported vehicles sold in the U.S. ■■ A loss of dealership jobs. According to CAR, a 25% tariff on imports will result in the loss of 117,500 of the 1.1 million U.S. new-car dealership jobs (a loss of 7 jobs per franchised dealership).

The tax and regulatory policies of this Administration have renewed business and consumer confidence, and a healthier auto industry pays countless economic dividends at the local, state and national levels. We see that every day in our communities. As dealers, we are optimistic that the Trump Administration can achieve similarly beneficial trade policies without imposing the serious risks that come with auto tariffs. In the coming weeks and months at NADA, we will do everything we can to help make that happen. n Source: Peter Welch, NADA President and CEO

■■ Less choice and decreased competition. Global companies will send products to other markets, which will reduce competition and customer choice. ■■ Higher prices for used vehicles. Used vehicles are substitutes for new vehicles, and used car prices rise when new car prices rise. ■■ A loss of state and local taxes. Vehicle sales are major revenue generators for all levels of government. Car sales are responsible for 18% of total retail sales in the U.S. ■■ A decline in fleet turnover. Decreased new vehicle sales (up to 2 million units, according to CAR) inhibits fleet turnover. This means it will be harder to get safer, cleaner, and more efficient vehicles onto the road. ■■ Deferred maintenance and repair. Higher parts prices will lead to a deferred demand for automobile service and repair. ■■ Sweeping macroeconomic ramifications. A loss of as many as 750,000 U.S. jobs, and a $62.2 billion hit to GDP, according to CAR. In my January 2017 World Congress speech, I described the next four years as a unique opportunity to ensure that personal transportation remains affordable for millions of Americans. We must remain true to that mission.



Montana Automobile Dealers Association

IT Security Tip: Russian Hackers Are Now Able to Turn Off Your Lights It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that hackers working for Russia claimed “hundreds of victims” last year in a giant and long-running campaign that put them inside the control rooms of U.S. electric utilities where they could have caused blackouts. The Russian hackers broke into supposedly secure, isolated networks owned by utilities with relative ease by first penetrating the networks of key vendors who had trusted relationships with the power companies. “They got to the point where they could have thrown switches” and disrupted power flows, said Jonathan Homer, chief of industrial-control-system analysis for DHS. In a briefing on Monday, it was the first time that DHS has given out information in an unclassified setting with as much detail. It continues to withhold the names of victims but now says there were hundreds of victim sites, not a few dozen as had been said previously. It also

Montana Automobile Dealers Association

Erin Dickey IT Services Director DIS Technologies

said some companies still may not know they have been compromised, because the attacks used stolen credentials of actual employees to get inside utility networks, potentially making the intrusions more difficult to detect. Although if stolen, your username and password are not necessarily going to give hackers the keys to the power grid, you can see how important it is to safeguard your credentials. If you need ideas on how to protect your data, give us a call at 866-293-9359 and mention this article. Our IT staff will be happy to assist you. You can also download our free report, The 7 Most Critical IT Security Protections Every Business Must Have In Place Now To Protect Themselves From Cybercrime, Data Breaches And Hacker Attacks. To get instant access, go to our website: n













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Thank You for Your Submissions Thank you to all who submitted your questions for this month’s article!

LESKOVAR HONDA RONDALEE BAKER Q: Why now will we not reprint a TRP, Lien security filing payment receipt or the security interest processing form? There is a column there for print but no toggle button to reprint anything I called the TRP and they said they were told by the state not to provide one. Why? A: A TRP can be reprinted using the reprint toggle button, if reprinting a TRP on the same day it was issued. When reprinting a TRP on the same day it was issued, you will have the option to reprint the SI perfection letter and/or the payment receipt as well. A TRP can be reprinted after the day it was issued as long as it is prior to the permit expiring and prior to the title and registration being processed, using the void toggle button. You will use the void option for things such as a lost, stolen or damaged TRP as well as a TRP that was issued with incorrect information, a SI was perfected in error or a purchaser’s information needs to be adjusted. The training video located on the TRP site covers all reprinting options in detail and is a great resource for TRP challenges. n



Montana Automobile Dealers Association Montana Automobile Dealers Association


Congratulations to the Montana’s 2019 Time Magazine Dealer of the Year Candidate – Steve Zabawa! It was 25 years ago that Steve Zabawa, and his business partner John Soares, decided to move their families to Billings, MT and buy a dealership. This ended up being the best decision they ever made. Rimrock Auto Group has expanded from one dealership to five carrying eight brands and employing over 200 great employees. Steve is also the technology developer of WebBuy, a click to buy digital retailing app for new car dealers across the United States. Steve and his wife, Susan Sullivan, have raised 7 children and have 9 precious grandchildren. It is with his children and grandchildren in mind that Steve founded SafeMontana, an organization fighting against the illegal drug trade in Montana, and working towards a safe Montana for all. Steve is also very active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Boy Scouts of America.

Congratulations to the 2018 MTADA Eagle Award Recipient – Don Kaltschmidt! Don “K” Kaltschmidt is dealer of Don “K” Chevrolet-Subaru-CDJR in Whitefish, Mont. He started in the automotive business in 1980 working as a salesman at City Chevrolet in San Diego after finishing his tour in the US Marine Corps. He left there to work at Harloff Chevrolet-BMW with management opportunities. In 1985, he moved back to his home state of Montana and got a job as sales manager before being promoted to general manager at Jim Dowen Chevrolet in Whitefish. He became sole owner in 1991 after buying out Dowen and Tommy Thomas and by 2011, he expanded to include Subaru, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. Kaltschmidt serves on the board of directors of the National Automobile Dealers Association, representing Montana’s franchised new-car dealers. (Term: January 2016 - January 2019) Industry Service ■■ Past vice president, president, chairman and board member, Montana Automobile Dealers Association, 2006-2013 ■■ DEAC Chair, Montana Automobile Dealers Association, 2006-present ■■ Member, Montana Automobile Dealers Association Trust, 2006-present ■■ Member and president, Montana Chevy Dealers, 19921998 Community Service ■■ President, Rotary Club, 1995-present ■■ Member, Marine Corps League, 1990-present ■■ President and member, FBIA, Chamber Board, Church positions, NRA, 1995-present


■■ Republican National Committee, 1990 ■■ Delegate Republican National Convention, 2012 ■■ State Republican Party, 1990 ■■ United State Marine Corp, 1975-1981 Awards ■■ Survey Media Best Dealer Flathead, 2012-2014 ■■ Chamber’s Business of the Year, 2012 ■■ Time Dealer of the Year Award winner for Montana, 2015 ■■ U.S. Marine Corp Medals for good conduct, sharpshooter, 100 PFT Education ■■ Flathead Valley Community College, Kalispell, Mont.


Montana Automobile Dealers Association

Redirecting Primary Care Some of us still remember the days when doctors made house calls to us after hours when we came down with an unexpected illness. When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with appendicitis after a house call from my primary care doctor late in the evening after enduring hours of abdominal pain and suffering. It was that twilight house call that got me redirected to a hospital and then an appendectomy to remove my near-bursting appendix that likely wouldn’t have made it through the night. This method of managing care has been making somewhat of a comeback as of late; with telemedicine widely available for employers and even 24-hour concierge care which takes telemedicine to a whole new level; even dealing with emergencies using technology like video triaging and electronic prescriptions. In some states, the after-hours house call has been less of a retro idea and more of a rebirth of what once was available. Just like those old bell bottom jeans, the house call doctor is back in style.

start-up investment to build and staff a primary care clinic, and for the ones that do, we know it’s only a compliment to the health plan. Most of these clinics eat into the company’s revenue until the overhead settles down and more workers redirect themselves to an employer run clinic. Employers won’t see the return on investment By Emma Passe for at least three years but more likely Account Executive EBMS five. All employers should know that on-site health centers cannot be profitable or generate any additional revenue for their organization; these offerings only allow claims to be paid at a lower, more wholesale price, and therefore can off-set some of your health plan claims spend but that’s about it. And, often we find employees feeling anxious about seeking care from a facility that is controlled and managed by their employer. People tend to worry about their privacy, discrimination, and sometimes even the quality of care. It is not unusual for on-site employer clinics to be staffed with nurses and physician’s assistants who, while are more than capable at delivering care, are still not quite providing primary care at the same level a qualified PCP would.

Access to care is more available now than ever and these types of solutions provide a quick fix for anyone in need of a doc, however, somewhere in this abyss of availability, we lose the benefit of building a relationship with our provider. With a mass of convenient options via Skype and iPhone, we rarely get to see the same provider twice and frequently end up relaying our medical history a half a dozen times a year to a new provider that has to start over with a new patient every time they get pinged for a telehealth visit. This is where a direct primary care model is filling The Montana Automobile the gap. Dealers Association has A lot of us pay a monthly fee to partnered with EBMS to watch movies, or visit a gym, or even provide you and your to have our items shipped within employees with a variety two days. What if our employers of resources to keep you paid for a primary care subscription physically and financially for us? A way in which we could well on your journeys. seek out and receive care from a So pass it on! Consider consistent and familiar primary care sharing this information provider, and instead of employers with your employees so paying claims of unknown amounts, you can empower them they just pay the monthly fee for to be their healthiest our access to unlimited care? Some selves. After all, a healthy employers with on-site or near-site workforce means a health centers are almost there, but healthy business. many companies don’t have the

Educating Your Members Begins with You


So, what benefits could a direct primary care subscription serve to a company? Well, actually, quite a few. In DPC the employer would pay something equivalent to a Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) fee for the member to have full access to a group of providers practicing primary care, covering things like consultations, annual physicals, lab orders, and even some imaging or x-ray. The PEPM would cover any claims that would normally result from an office visit, but these providers don’t bill insurance at all which means this becomes a fixed cost on the health plan spend rather than a variable. Who wouldn’t love that? DPC doctors get paid a portion of the PEPM for each patient and they eliminate the administrative nightmare of billing insurance carriers which frees up their


Montana Automobile Dealers Association Redirecting Primary Care


Montana Automobile Dealers Association

time to actually practice medicine instead of insurance. And, because they know their revenue opportunity up front and are able to shrug off filing insurance claims, DPC doctors don’t need to overload their practice with more patients than they can efficiently manage to try and offset the hours they lose to the administrative fight. These providers can take less patients, allowing them more time with each once and a heightened focus on the illness rather than the symptoms. For the member we’re getting rid of the copayment, the coinsurance, or dealing with a carrier at all for any claims assistance. The members and their families are able to foster a relationship with a provider they can see over and over again without the stress of the cost burden being an issue - No more avoidance of care due to the unknown bills later. While primary care and “medical homes” are certainly not new ideas, the direct primary care route and medical subscriptions are an evolving solution that easily redirects care to a more efficient model; to better and more capable providers, while reducing out of pocket costs to employees and employers, and simply put, it’s an easy and uncomplicated way to deliver care. We must keep it simple though and ensure that we’re incentivizing employees into the DPC landscape where we can waive copays and out of pocket costs. Some brokers will encourage a cost share with the employee to counteract the PEPM investment from the employer, but we don’t want that. We want to give employees an option to see a trusted and credentialed doctor at no cost to them; we want to start managing chronic conditions and lessening the gap in prescription refills. We want to give employees a real benefit, save the plan money, and create a healthier and more conscientious workforce. We may not be quite to the good ol’ days of the late night house call just yet, but our ability to offer out of the box solutions is just ramping up. We’ve figured out a way to deliver health care that best meets the needs of our workers and lower the financial burden for the company at the same time. Isn’t that what we pay our consultants to do? n



Montana Automobile Dealers Association


2 0 19


LAS VEGAS MARCH 22-25, 2018 JANUARY 24-27

SAN FRANCISCO SAVE THE DATE registration ATTENDEE REGISTRATION AND HOUSING Attendee IS NOW OPEN. and housing opens October 2, 2017.


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August 2018 MTADA Newsletter  
August 2018 MTADA Newsletter