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Volume 10, Issue VIII

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Partner Agency Dues! Updated SNAP Guidelines The Yaak Food Cupboard Free and Reduced Price Meals for Families Delivery Schedule Glasgow Regional Meeting

Inside this issue: Partner Agency Annual Dues


Updated SNAP Guidelines


Featured Partner Agency


Free & Reduced Price Meals for Families


Delivery Schedule


August Network Connection


Regional Meeting in 5 Glasgow Recipe—Onion Rice 6

August 2010

Online Food Safety Certifications Now Available to MFBN Partners!!

ner Agencies. Feeding America has teamed up with ServSafe® and is now offering an online Starters Food Safety Training for Feeding America Members and their Partner Agencies. The process is simple: 1) Contact the MFBN and request enrollment in the ServSafe® Starters Food Safety Training course; 2) Use the license number provided by the MFBN to start your online course; 3) Complete your course within 60 days and receive an online Certificate of Completion from ServSafe®. The MFBN will be providing details about the online course, eligibility, how many certifications an organization can receive, and additional information during the August Network Connection conference call on the 25th at 2:00 p.m. (see details on page 5). The Montana Food Bank Network is excited to offer We would like to offer free training sessions to all Partner the first online food safety certification course for Part- Agencies that have submitted

signed 2010 contracts and 2010 annual dues to the MFBN. If you would like to participate in the free online training but have not yet submitted your annual dues, please contact the MFBN immediately and submit your payment as soon as possible. This is an exciting opportunity for all Partners to help their staff and volunteers learn more about food safety and obtain a certification from ServSafe®. Remember that all Partner Agencies must have at least one valid food safety certification on file with the MFBN by December 31st. This is your chance to learn more about food safety and provide a new opportunity for your organization to shine! We look forward to hearing your thoughts during next week’s conference call and to viewing all of your certificates of completion!!!

Import or Export? The MFBN Explains the Newest Addition to Their Inventory—Elbow Macaroni The MFBN recently received a substantial amount of elbow macaroni pasta with very unique labeling. The product originates from Great Falls but was prepared for export to Japan. As a result, the language on the packaging is in Japanese. We ask that all Partners who order this product provide an explanation to their clients. The MFBN is very conscious of concerns surrounding product sourced from overseas and want to make sure that staff, volunteers and clients distributing and receiving this product are aware that the product was made in Montana even though the labeling is in Japanese. The product will be available on the Shopping List as Item # 5299. Please feel free to contact our office with questions.

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The Affiliate

Partner Agency Annual Dues Provide Opportunity for MFBN’s Partners The MFBN would like to thank those Partner Agencies that have submitted payment of their annual dues. Each of these Partner Agencies are now eligible to receive equipment through the 2010 Partner Agency Capacity Building Mini-Grant and will be able to sign up for free online ServSafe Starters Food Safety Training courses. We are excited to provide these opportunities to Partners in good standing with the MFBN and promise to continue to provide you with the best possible resources and opportunities to help strengthen your organization. If you are among the partners that have not yet submitted your annual dues, you will not be eligible for mini-grants or free online food safety trainings until payment has been received. Thanks again to everyone who worked to get their dues to the MFBN on time. We look forward to providing you with the best service possible.

Updated SNAP Income Guidelines As of September 1, 2010 the Gross Income Limit for SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is increasing. This change will benefit clients who have a higher income but also a significant number of expenses. Please remind clients that meeting the Gross Income Limit does not guarantee they will qualify for benefits. Applicants also need to meet a Net Income Limit in order to

qualify, which is calculated by a case worker. Applicants can receive several deductions for living expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, child care, etc.) to help them meet the Net Income Limit. Please contact Lorianne at the Montana Food Bank Network if you have any questions (406 -721-3825 x230 or

2010 Partner Agency Dues

*NEW* SNAP Income Limits (Effective Sept. 1, 2010 through Sept. 30, 2011)

Household Size

Gross Monthly Income

1 2 3

$1,806 $2,430 $3,052

*Add$624 for each additional household member. *Some households with a previously disqualified member will need to meet a lower Gross Income Limit. Call for details.

Meet MFBN’s New Employee— Ben Darrow

Request and Reminder from MFBN’s Inventory Department

Meet Ben Darrow, Development Coordinator for the Montana Food Bank Network. Ben is originally from Whitefish but has lived in Missoula for 15 years, where for the past 7 years he worked as a contract fundraiser. He brings this extensive fundraising and event planning experience to the MFBN, where he looks forward to using his skills to expand the direct mail campaign, organize special events like CANstruction, and as the contact for the Montana Shares program. Ben thoroughly enjoys the work that he does and we were fortunate enough to get his attention at the Big Sky BBQ this past June. In his free time, Ben – a self-proclaimed “computer geek” –enjoys fishing and baking. He and his wife are also expecting their first child in January. Congratulations and welcome, Ben!

It has recently been brought to our attention that many Partner Agencies are not reporting shortages from FAM orders to the MFBN. If you have not been reporting FAM order shortages to our inventory department, please begin doing so now. By tracking shortages, the MFBN will have a more accurate account of all inventory moving in and out of our warehouse. Thanks to everyone that has been reporting shortages, but let’s try to get everyone on board. Thanks for your cooperation!!

Volume 10, Issue VIII

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Featured Partner Agency- The Yaak Food Cupboard who will show up for food, and are sure to have a few extra boxes for first-timers. Since Troy is a 55 mile oneway trip to The Yaak Food Cuptown, Kristie says that board in Troy, MT is now what they love most is in its 10th year providing “the opportunity for food assistance to residents fresh fruits and vegetaof the remote valley. Prior bles” available through to its start in 2000, when the MFBN. People in The the founding members of Yaak like to be selfThe Food Cupboard heard sufficient, and large quanof families in need, 6-7 tities of fresh produce families would literally raid gives them the ability to their own cupboards to take it home for canning, make food boxes for drying, or storage in their root cellars. In their secthem. When the food in ond year, a client took their own cupboards was no longer enough, they home a box of little red looked into starting a food potatoes that were pantry, which they fittingly sprouting and inedible named The Food Cupand planted them in his board, explains Kristie garden. Every year since Ledbetter, one of the foun- then this same client ders. Ten years later, and brings in boxes of The Food Cupboard is still sprouted little red potaoperating out of a rent-to- toes for others to plant in own shed in the their gardens. One year, woods. They generally the client’s garden froze have a pretty good idea of and he was going to be

unable to bring in potatoes for everyone. Luckily another man in town had some potatoes of his own, also from the MFBN, and happily shared to restart the garden and the spuds haven’t stopped rolling since. “We all hit on hard times” says Kristie, and the idea of “paying it forward” drives The Food Cupboard. Everyone shares vegetables and recipe ideas and is no longer embarrassed to get food assistance. Kristie’s three kids have grown up with this mindset; from watching food boxes get packed from their car seats to the active volunteers they are today, working alongside the founders and longtime volunteers to serve 74-82 families in need each month. To nominate an outstanding Partner Agency for next month’s Affiliate, contact Agency Relations at extensions 232 or 235.

Help Families Receive Free and Reduced Price Meals This Year

the year. So if situations change, families may apply or reapply at any time. There is no limit on how many times a family can apply. Why Apply: Kids that receive adequate nutrition are better behaved in class, have increased attention spans, and have fewer absences from school. If a child misses school due to illness, chances are a parent must miss work to take care of that child. School meals also have benefits for local communities. Each school meal program must hire employees to cook, clean, and monitor food services. That means more local jobs for community members. Getting more families to participate in Free and Reduced Price School Meals can also help your community beyond the school year. Participation in Free and Reduced Priced School Meals can help a school qualify for The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). SFSP provides free meals to children during the summer when school is not in session. A school must have a certain number of children eligible for Free and Reduced Priced Meals in order to have a Summer Food site. You can go to the MFBN website ( gethelp/schoolmeals ) and print off applications to have available at your facility. If you have any questions about School Meals please feel free to contact Emily at (406)-721-3825 ext. 250 or

The school year is just around the corner and that means many kids across MonGross tana will receive balanced and nutritious meals through the Free and Reduced Household Monthly Price School Meal Program. School Meals provide free or reduced price lunch, Size Income and in some cases breakfast, to 45,852 kids across Montana. That’s up to ten meals each week, per child, that parents don’t need to worry about providing. 1 $1,670 However, there are still 39,867 kids eligible for Free and Reduced Price School $2,247 Meals that are not signed up for the program. Many families simply do not know 2 about the program or how to sign up. Partner agencies can serve as a great re3 $2,823 source and connect families with School Meals. If you are not familiar with the program here is a quick summary: $3,400 Who Should Apply: Any family that meets the income requirements (listed be- 4 low) For each How to Apply: Families need to fill out the one page application and return it to additional their child’s school office. If a family receives SNAP benefits they may take in their family mem- $577 benefit award letter instead of an application for School Meals. ber, add: When to Apply: Families may apply for School Meals at any point throughout

Gross Annual Income $20,036 $26,955 $33,874 $40,793


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The Affiliate

August/September/October Delivery Schedule All delivery times will be published online and in the Affiliate concurrently to scheduled delivery dates. If for any reason your scheduled delivery time changes from what has been published, MFBN staff will notify you immediately.




31-Aug 31-Aug 31-Aug 31-Aug 31-Aug 31-Aug 2-Sep 2-Sep

10:00-10:45 11:00-11:15 11:30-12:00 12:15-12:30 12:45-1:45 2:00-2:30 10:00-10:45 12:45-1:15

Stevensville—Pantry Partners Victor School—(Victor Schools Back Pack) Victor—House of Praise Hamilton—Bitterroot Valley Calvary Chapel Hamilton—Haven House, WMMHC West House Darby—Darby Bread Box Bozeman—Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Gardiner, BSYC, West Yellowstone, YSSC, Headwaters Helena—Helena Food Share, Helena Pre-Release, Montana Youth Homes, Elkhorn Treatment Facility, Transitional Living Facility, Rocky Mountain Development Council, (Helena Schools Back Pack) Seeley Lake—Seeley-Swan Food Bank Dillon—Beaverhead Community Food Pantry, (Dillon Schools Back Pack) Butte—Butte Emergency Food Bank Butte—Butte Rescue Mission Anaconda—Project Care, Discovery House Maxville—Face to Face Food Pantry Livingston—Livingston Food Pantry White Sulphur Springs—Meagher Country Nutrition Coalition Lewistown—Central Montana Community Cupboard, B/G of Lewistown, FCCOA Roundup—Musselshell County Food Bank Hardin—Helping Hands Garryowen—Center Pole Foundation Billings—Family Services, Alternatives/Passages, Montana Rescue Mission Laurel—Community Hope Joliet—Joliet Food Pantry Columbus—Project Hope Big Timber—Big Timber Community Food Bank Thompson Falls—Community Harvest, Thompson Falls Seniors, Gospel Mountain AOG, (Thompson Falls Schools Back Pack) Trout Creek—Trout Creek Seniors, Open Gate Ranch Youth Group Noxon—Community Services Fellowship, Noxon Seniors, Heron Seniors Troy—Troy Food Pantry, The Food Cupboard Troy—Troy Community Baptist Church Food Pantry Libby— Libby Food Pantry, Libby Seniors, Libby Christian Church, Kootenai Valley Head Start Alberton—Alberton Seniors Alberton—Alberton Community Food Pantry, (Alberton Schools Back Pack) Superior—Community Food Bank of Mineral County, Superior Seniors Plains—Plains Community Food Bank, Shekinah Kitchen, Hot Springs Food Pantry, Plains-Paradise Sen iors, (Plains Schools Back Pack) St. Ignatius—St. Ignatius Seniors St. Ignatius—Mission Valley Food Pantry Ronan—Ronan Bread Basket, Mission Valley Seniors Columbia Falls—Columbia Falls Food Bank Whitefish—North Valley Food Bank, Whitefish Four Square Church Eureka—Tobacco Valley Food Pantry, Eureka Four Square Church, Tobacco Valley Seniors Polson—Polson Seniors Polson—Polson Loaves and Fish Food Pantry Lakeside—Westshore Food Bank Kalispell—Flathead Food Bank, Church 29 Food Pantry, Lighthouse Christian Home, Samaritan House Kalispell—N.W. MT. Veterans Stand Down Big Fork—Big Fork Food Pantry Arlee—(Arlee Schools Back Pack) Great Falls—Great Falls Community Food Bank, Salvation Army, Fish, St. Vincent DePaul Choteau—Teton County Food Pantry, Pondera Food Pantry Browning—Blackfeet Food Bank

3-Sep 11:30-12:00 8-Sep 8:30-9:00 8-Sep 10:30-11:15 8-Sep 11:15-11:30 8-Sep 12:15-1:00 8-Sep 1:45-2:00 9-Sep 10:15-10:30 9-Sep 12:00-12:30 9-Sep 2:45-3:15 9-Sep 4:45-5:15 10-Sep 7:30-7:45 10-Sep 8:15-8:45 10-Sep 10:00-10:45 10-Sep 11:15-11:45 10-Sep 12:00-12:15 10-Sep 12:45-1:15 10-Sep 2:00-2:15 14-Sep 9:00-9:30 14-Sep 14-Sep 14-Sep 14-Sep 14-Sep 16-Sep 16-Sep 16-Sep 16-Sep

10:00-10:30 10:45-11:30 12:15-1:15 1:15-1:45 2:15-3:00 8:00-8:15 8:15-8:30 9:00-9:30 10:30-11:30

21-Sep 8:00-8:15 21-Sep 8:15-8:30 21-Sep 9:00-9:30 21-Sep 11:15-11:45 21-Sep 12:15-12:45 21-Sep 1:45-2:30 23-Sep 8:00-8:15 23-Sep 8:30-9:00 23-Sep 9:45-10:15 23-Sep 10:45-11:30 23-Sep 11:45-12:00 23-Sep 12:30-1:00 23-Sep 2:30-2:45 28-Sep 8:30-9:30 28-Sep 10:30-11:00 28-Sep 12:15-12:45

Partner Agency

Volume 10, Issue VIII

Upcoming Events/Updates

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August 25th @ 2:00 p.m.—The Network Connection Please join the MFBN for the monthly Partner Agency conference call on Wednesday, August 25th at 2:00 p.m.

Topic: “Online Food Safety Training” This month the MFBN would like to discuss online food safety training for Partner Agencies. Online ServSafe Starters training has been made available and we would like to share information on the course and hear your thoughts. Please join us for this month’s Network Connection to learn more about this fantastic training opportunity. We encourage all who can to participate. To participate in the conference call: Dial 866.740.1260 Enter your access code: 7213825 Delivery Schedule continued… 5-Oct 5-Oct

1:45-2:15 2:45-3:00





6-Oct 6-Oct

9:45-10:00 10:30-10:45



6-Oct 6-Oct 6-Oct

12:30-1:00 1:30-1:45 2:15-3:15

6-Oct 6-Oct 6-Oct

3:15-3:30 4:30-5:00 5:00-5:30

6-Oct 7-Oct 7-Oct 7-Oct

7:00-7:30 8:00-8:15 8:45-9:15 9:45-10:30

1-Oct ` 8-Oct Oct


Ashland – St. Labre Food Pantry Lame Deer – Boys and Girls of the Northern Cheyenne Nation Colstrip – Colstrip Community Food Bank Miles City – Custer County Food Bank Wibaux—Wibaux Food Bank Glendive – Dawson County Food Bank Sidney—Boys and Girls Club of Rich land County Culbertson—Culbertson Food Bank Poplar—New Life Mission Wolf Point—Wolf Point Thrift Store & Food Bank, Wolf Point Seniors Wolf Point—Basket of Hope Glasgow—Valley County COA Glasgow—Valley Community Food Bank Malta—Malta Food Bank Harlem—Harlem Food Pantry Chinook—Chinook Food Pantry Havre—Havre Food Bank, Feed My Sheep, Boys and Girls of the Hi-Line Order Form Packet posted online and mailed. Order Forms Due In !! Missoula—Missoula agencies begin scheduled pick ups


Requesting Need Food Now Pallets Requires Flexibility Last month the MFBN began offering Need Food Now pallets to Partner Agencies experiencing inventory shortages. During the first few trial deliveries we learned a little more about the process. Here are few things to consider before you request a pallet: 1) Need Food Now pallets are for partner agencies that are experiencing an emergency inventory situation, that is, without a Need Food Now pallet, they will be forced to stop their distribution until the next delivery; 2) You must be able to receive your shipment within an 8 hour window; 3) You must have a forklift onsite to receive the delivery. The key to this process is to be flexible! If you have questions please contact Michael Gardner at Ext. 233. Thanks!

Regional Meeting in Glasgow—August 25th! Please join us in Glasgow this month for a Regional Meeting! The meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 25th at the Cottonwood Inn & Suites on Hwy 2 in Glasgow. You can view the agenda online or call Jeff Gutierrez at Ext 232 for more information. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by August 24th. We hope to see you there!

Schedule for Order Forms Date Inventory Request Packets Will be Mailed/Posted August 20, 2010

Date Orders Will Be Due Back to MFBN

Delivery Date Range

August 27, 2010

October 1, 2010

October 8, 2010

November 12, 2010

November 19, 2010

August 30th – October 8th October 11th – November 19th November 22nd – December 31st

The Affiliate

Page 6

The Montana Food Bank Network 5625 Expressway Missoula, MT 59808 Phone: 406-721-3825 800-809-4752 Fax: 406-542-3770

August’s Recipe – Onion Rice Ingredients: 1 cup uncooked white rice 1 (10.5 ounce) can condensed French onion soup 1 (10.5 ounce) can beef broth

Directions 1. 2. 3.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). In a 9x9 inch baking dish combine rice, soup and broth. Place butter slices on top of the mixture. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake 30 minutes more.

Item No. 5307

Find more recipes at recipes


Nutrition Facts Recipe makes 6 servings Calories 287 Calories from Fat 148

Log on to our website!

Amount Per Serving Total Fat 16.5 g Saturated Fat 9.9g Cholesterol 43 mg


Sodium 747 mg


Potassium 64 mg

MISSION Working to eliminate hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education, and advocacy.

VISION Building a unified force to address hunger in Montana.

%DV 25% 49%

Total Carbohydrate 30.4g Dietary Fiber 0.8g Sugars 2.2g Protein 4.4g Vitamin A 12% Vitamin C Calcium 3% Iron 14% Thiamin Niacin Vitamin B6 Magnesium Folate

2% 10% 3% 9%


15% 18% 6% 4% 31%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Please include your invoice number on all payments to the Montana Food Bank Network. We want to make sure your checks get applied to the correct agency and invoice. Thanks for your cooperation!

MFBN Staff Executive Director Peggy Grimes x225 Director of Development Mark Brennan x228 Development Manager Kathryn McCleerey x244 Development Coordinator Ben Darrow x226 Director of Finance Paul Tripp x224 Accountant Clark Tower x223 Director of Operations Michael Gardner x233 Transportation Manager Rob Shipley x240 Purchasing & Inventory Control Manager Bob Spencer x251 Agency Relations Manager Megan Hill x235 Agency Relations & Volunteer Coordinator Jeff Gutierrez x232 Warehouse Randy Neel x234 Director of Public Policy Kate Bradford x231 Public Policy Manager Bernadette Gunn x227 SNAP Outreach Coordinator Lorianne Burhop x230 Community Outreach Coordinator Emily Dunklee x250

The Affiliate  

MFBN's monthly newsletter for Partner Agencies.