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Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens

Annual Report 2013 1- A message from ARAT President 2- The year in review            

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ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

1- A MESSAGE FROM ARAT PRESIDENT: Another year is gone and ARAT is continuing its journey towards excellence. ARAT is satisfied with the work that has been done so far. Most of the objectives set in the 2013 Annual Meeting were reached despite all the encountered challenges mainly related to resources shortage and current unstable situation in country. We are proud that our association is growing up rapidly. We are also proud that the average age of our members is 23 years! Have a look at this year’s annual report. May this give an idea on what Tunisian Young hams can do?

Tunis, December 25th 2013 ARAT President

Ashraf Chaabane KF5EYY


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

2- THE YEAR IN REVIEW  Last Year’s Annual Meeting ARAT has held last year’s Annual Meeting in January 19th 2013 in capital Tunis. Most of ARAT Members attended the meeting and we had guests as well. The meeting started with a presentation by Nizar Ben Rejab who is an Electrical engineer and interested in Amateur Radio. Nizar created his own digital mode named SIM31. During his presentation, Nizar went through digital mode communication techniques and ended with explaining the main advantages of SIM31 as an enhanced version of PSK31.

Part of the attendence

SIM31 Software presentation

The presentation was followed by another presentation where Ashraf Chaabane – President of ARAT - went thought 2012 Annual Report outlining the main activities carried out during the year, encountered difficulties and challenges. The meeting ended with a presentation by Wael Arfaoui of the plan for 2013 and key objectives of ARAT.

Annual Report 2012 Presentation & Discussion

Key Objectives for 2013 Presentation

 EC Meetings ARAT EC has held around 8 Face-to-Face Meetings over the year. Skype Meetings were held nearly on weekly basis and whenever needed.

 International Meetings Ashraf Chaabane has visited a couple of radio clubs in the United Kingdom; Stockport Radio Society SRR and Warrington Amateur Radio Club WARC.


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

He gave a presentation in each club about Amateur Radio in Tunisia and ARAT Activities.

SRR - Ashraf giving a presentation of Amateur Radio Hobby in Tunisia

SSR - ARAT activities and discussion

Giving a presentation in WARC

Awarded Honorary Membership in WARC

ARAT – represented by its president – was invited by Qatar Amateur Radio Society QARS to attend Qatar National Day ceremonies and activate A71QND Special call. It was a nice opportunity to meet up with other Arab member societies and discuss possibilities to organize common activities (DXPeditions, Arab contest…) to promote the hobby among Arab youth.

Ashraf Chaabane with Arab Society representatives

ARAT President giving a word to Al Rayan Television

 Trainings ARAT’s trainings were mainly focusing on youth centers and academic organizations. More people are attending the advanced course run by ARAT. Training courses are becoming more and more specific upon requests from members. Here below some photos of the trainings we made during this year:


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013


December 27 2013 – Borj Cedria – Marwen giving presentation



October 13 2013 – Engineering School of Gabes – by Hamed 3V8ESG


October 23 2013 – Ash giving training - JOTI/JOTA

October 23 2013 – Wael running “Pile up exercise”

Vertical / Dipole Ant building

Mars 2013 – Ali introducing APRS


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

Since individual licenses are not yet issued for individuals, ARAT has organized training sessions using HamSphere Software to its ARAT Members any anyone interested in becoming Ham Radio operators. Among the attendees where airplane pilots wishing to improve their radio operating skills.

ARAT Hamsphere Meeting - Net Control

 On the air! The total number of contacts made by ARAT members during 2013 after collecting logs and uploading to Club Log is estimated to be over 22’000 QSOs.

 Main Projects The main project conducted by ARAT in 2013 was the organization of TS8TI DXPedition to Djerba Island AF-083. ARAT has invited an Italian team to take part in this activity. The Italian team was consisting of Fred/IK7JWX (Italian Team Leader), Antonello/IK2DUW, Ampelio/IS0AGY, Rosy/IW2NLC (YL), Stefano/IK6JRI and Vincenzo/IZ8LFI.


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

TS8TI QSL Card – Front Side ARAT was responsible on paperwork, customs, logistics, bookings, etc. 8 operators from ARAT were taking part in this DXPedition with the Italian team.

TS8TI Antenna Setup

F5PUT – ARAT Member operating TS8TI

The main objective of the DXPedition is to provide radio equipment to the Engineering School of Gabes ENIG. This school holds a license “3V8ESG” since over 10 years without being able to get on the air for lack of equipment. Having a radio station inside an engineering school teaching Communication Technologies is a must.


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

TS8TI QSL Card – back side Thanks to this activity run by ARAT and the Italian Team, the Engineering School of Gabes was granted a transceiver and some vertical antennas. Ali Abdelhedi, active member of ARAT, was assigned chief operator of this station. 3V8ESG ARAT Club counts now 4 active operators (which are also Telecommunication engineering student).

Ali & Ashraf getting the transceiver from Fred IK7JWX

Setting up antennas in 3V8ESG

3V8ESG Setup ready!

3V8ESG on the air!


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

3V8ESG QSL Cards printed – Thanks LZ3HI for sponsoring

 QSL Management ARAT is endeavoring to re-activate the existing QSL Bureau. ARAT is working on finding alternative routes to enable sending QSLs back overcoming the postage fees problem. Thousands of outstanding QSL cards are now sorted out and ready to be shipped to other QSL Bureaus.

QSLs Sort out – Aweb Dziri and Aymen Zdiri

QSLs ready to be dispatched to Club Stations

We expect to have all outstanding QSLs delivered to other QSLs Bureaus by the end of 2014. Other ideas for a QSL bureau are under discussion.


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

 Collaboration with Tunisian Administration Collaboration with the Telecommunication Ministry and the National Agency of Frequencies has continued during 2013. Three official meeting were held to update the laws ARAT suggested to organize the hobby in 3V-land and to define the licensing process for citizens. We expect the law to get approved during 2014

 IARU Membership Unchanged from 2012 Annual Report: “Tunisia application for IARU-R1 Membership is still pending. We are still helpful that IARU-R1 will re-consider our application in 2013 so we can do better representing Tunisian Hams interests as the membership will allow better efficiency dealing with Tunisian Administration, having funds to support our programs, etc.”

 Emergency Communication During 2013, ARAT has drafted its own emergency communication plan. This plan still needs further development and will be subject to a major update once individual licenses start to be issued. ARAT was also invited by the Tunisian Presidency to attend a seminar about “National Strategy for Risk Reduction and Disaster Management”.

President of Tunisia giving a word at the beginning of the “National Strategy for Risk Reduction and Disaster Management” Seminar


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

ARAT President talking about Amateur Radio key role in Emergency Communication

Establishing contacts with Military officers for future collaboration

 Articles & Media ◊ ARAT and its 3V8ESG have received a favorable mention in CQ Magazine – April 2013 issue.

◊ In celebration of Amateur Radio Day, president of ARAT was invited by the local FM Radio Station “Radio Sfax” to talk about amateur radio in the world and specifically in Tunisia.


ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

Ashraf Chaabane in Radio Sfax talking about ham radio hobby in the occasion of Amateur Radio Day

 Social Networks ARAT Facebook Page is an important way of reaching out the public, and especially to younger hams and potential hams. It’s also where ARAT activities are announced. The subscribed people in our Facebook page has been doubled in one year reaching 1260 by the end of 2013. ARAT Facebook Page:

 Visitors ARAT Members are always happy to receive and host radio amateurs visiting Tunisia from around the world. ARAT is committed to facilitate radio operation of any ham visiting the country.

Roman UR5QBB (May 11th, 2013)


DJ2BC Visit (October 22th, 2013)

ARAT – Annual Report – 2013

 Upcoming… -

Ashraf Chaabane – ARAT President – is qualified to represent the African continent in the World Radio Team Championship in Boston 2014 ARAT has applied for 3V1HQ Callsign to be obtained in 2014

3- THANKS Many thanks to the following people for the great support: -

General Scout Chief, Mr. Wahid Laabidi Director of Institute Superieur de L'Animation Pour la Jeunesse et la Culture, Mr. Mohammed Dris Director of the Engineering School of Gabes, Mr. Najib Ben Jemaa Jean Louis Rifait F5PUT (Resident in Tunisia and active member of ARAT) Hranislav Milosovic YT1AD


ARAT 2013 Annual Report