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One Lord, One Life, One Calling King Solomon had a clear understanding of the temple and its purpose. In his prayer in 1 Kings 8:27 he writes, “Will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!�. Solomon did not write that the nations would be subject to Israel but to God Almighty. This ministry of making the Lord known to all people was to be the great destiny of the Jewish nation. Somehow, they completely missed the boat. As time went by, they kept trying to scale God down. They tried to stuff their great and awesome God into their little temple and make Him their private possession. They tried to turn Him into a little tribal god to whom no one but them had access. How easy it is to repeat that same mistake today. Friends God is still at work today and we cannot contain Him, all we can do is praise Him for allowing us to be servants in this great work. Here are a portion of the statistical results for 2009: - Decisions for Christ 313,163 - Baptisms 82,261 - Congregations started 4,104 - Discipleship training 87,591 All GLORY be to this great God we serve and love. On behalf of the board, staff and missionaries we want to thank you all for your ongoing faithful support and prayers. Ray Airosa - Executive Director

TOP VACANCIES around the world Australia - Volunteers Much needed help for expanding work, one or two days a week. Spain - Maintenance personnel Maintain the camp grounds in a manner that makes them attractive, functional and safe for staff and campers of all ages. Hungary - English Teacher To use English education as a means of building relationships and sharing the Gospel.

Haiti - Radio Station Administrator The role of the Radio4VEH Administrator is to provide oversight and direction to the department heads to help their departments run smoothly and effectively to accomplish the objective of the station. Mexico - Accountant/treasurer Direct the finance department and its vision for finances. Participate in any area that fulfils the mission of evangelism, church planting, leadership development and partnership as assigned by the director. Mozambique - Rescue and recovery. We need someone who is interested in the awareness of Human Trafficking and Gender Injustice.

OMS Mission Statement One Mission Society unites, inspires and equips Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ, multiplying dynamic communities of believers around the world.. Our Focus Intentional Evangelism, Church Planting, Training Leaders and Strategic Partnerships WINTER 2010



David Gunston In 2008 my life took on a richer perspective as I became involved in OMS short term mission trips. My background is in practical trades, which made these mission trips the perfect outlet for serving God with my core abilities. Eighteen months prior to these opportunities, I felt God speaking to me about serving overseas, and in Gods way, things came together to see His light on the pathway ahead of me thanks to like hearted members of Gods family. My first trip was to Rybinsk, Russia Out of Rybinsk, Mishelka Taylor (OMS Missionary) and willing servants of a local church provide regular support to an orphanage in Arëfino by way of engaging the children in fun and constructive activities such as cooking. In doing so the children experienced God’s love in a simple yet meaningful way. My involvement included repairs to an old room, and the establishment of a shower and washing machine facilities. Whilst these practical additions were invaluable and often taken for granted in western society, the real privilege was to experience the camaraderie with the local church family, and especially seeing the children’s faces when we provided some push bikes and spent a little time with them. My Second trip was to Suva, Fiji. Homes of Hope is a refuge for women and children, and here our mission was to help with building a home for the Wilson family (OMS Missionaries). I was touched and amazed to witness the stories of transformed lives especially for those who young women who had stayed there longer term to grow and experience fullness of healing. Praise God. As I write this I have just returned from my third trip which was again to Russia where we renovated a room for the orphans. I sincerely encourage you to prayerfully consider a short term mission trip to experience what God is doing in our extended Christian family on a global scale, and to enjoy a season of amazing growth in your own faith. A trip like this will help you to be more informed and purposeful in your prayers, and I wholeheartedly believe, your walk with God. David Gunston

UPCOMING SHORT TERM MISSION TRIPS HAITI - 2- 9 June 2010 Visit the radio4veh station, give out radios and encourage and evangelise the Haitian people, after all the destruction that has taken place. Ukraine Camp 10-26 July or 31 July- 16 Aug 2010 Teaching English to Ukrainian university students, sharing in games, sports and bible discussions. FiJI 16th- 31st August 2010 We will visit schools, hospitals, orphanages, squatters settlements, and a Fijian village. We will be based at Homes of Hope, a refuge for pregnant women, and serve the people there. We will work with a local church, where we will do some services, outreach etc.. Russia August 2011 Help renovate a orphanage in Rybinsk Hungary Camp 5 -27 July 2010 Teach English camps not far from Budapest and share your faith with young people. Africa January 2011 Come and be part of a team to encourage and build up the believers in OMS churches in South Africa and Mozambique. This will include visits to newly planted OMS Churches. You will also visit children’s homes and see the devastation of AIDS in Africa. Korea July 2011 Adventures in English is a program of teaching English to Korean missionaries in the Seoul Theological Seminary. Equipping them with a very vital tool for their service ahead. For more information please contact us at:

A publication of One Mission Society Australia ABN 51 798 590 297 PO Box 897 Ringwood Vic 3134 Tel (03) 9872 4209

PO Box 251 Arana Hills, Qld 4054 (07) 3511 0911

Mark Burbidge - SPAIN One of the things that surprised me was that deputation isn’t that bad. It’s actually a real joy - it is hard to stand up and expose yourself about where God is taking you, but after the formalities are over people would come and say, “Mark, as you spoke it reminded me of the time when God said to me...” And it went on. These stories were so inspirational. So many people told me such wonderful stories about how they have been moved by God to do things that they never thought they would. This of course gave me hope as a “newbie missionary” - that even though at times I feel like I’m getting nowhere, that I should just press on. And where God has done the calling, He also does the equipping. The only problem during this trip was this. Too much food... too much good food.... It was great.... As they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Thank you so much... although I will need a fair bit of training to get the weight off! Thank you especially to all those that gave me board and lodging. Thank you for your hospitality, generosity, love, encouragement and a listening ear. I hope for those I met that I was able to inspire you to walk closer with Jesus, as you truly helped me to press forward in Christ. Please continue to pray for me and the work in Spain. I will be going to Spain as soon as a visa arrives. Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Ian Bongers -AUSTRALIA It is my daily pleasure to be a support to our overseas missionaries, enabling them to be fruitful in church planting efforts and other life changing ministries. I count it my blessing to be involved in the lives of the missionaries accomplishing so much for God. For the past year I have been ministering in a local Chinese church as the leader of the youth group. I find it a sobering responsibility to lead this group of 60 teenagers in their weekly Sunday morning church service and mentoring them through the sometimes rocky high school years. This continues to be a very fulfilling role and I thank the Lord for opening this door. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Theology and trying to balance ‘missions’ and ‘ministry’ subjects. A large part of my Theology degree is study of the Chinese language in preparation for further ministry amongst Chinese people.

Sergeii, Tanya, Susidko - UKRAINE How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Rom 10 :14-16 This is the guiding verse for the Susidko family. The Susidko family are joining an OMS church planting team in the Ukraine. Please pray for them as they begin the hard but privileged task of raising support.

The Wilson Family - FIJI

Michelle Taylor - RUSSIA Michelle Taylor was able to return ‘home’ to her beloved Russia recently to be involved in an Orphanage remodelling project. Our goal was to transform an old run down classroom into a ‘simulated Russian flat’. The task was huge, time was limited and materials were sporadic but with a heartfelt thanks to the Lord and a fantastic team, we got the job done in perfect timing. I just received a touching email from the Orphanage Director thanking myself and the team again for their amazing love gift of remodelling the room and making it into a practical room with multi-function uses. They already have a schedule made up for each of the groups to go in there for their rest time and also for the Rainbow of Hope ladies to conduct ‘Life Skill’ classes in helping our older orphans prepare for life in society once they graduate. This was yet another tangible way of showing both the Director, staff and children of this Village Orphanage, how much HE LOVES THEM and how much he wants to have a relationship with them. The Blagovest ladies are so very faithful in going out regularly and spending time with the children in conducting craft and Life skill classes with them. Thank you for being a ‘BIG PART’ of this project, you have been a tremendous blessing and partner in this work. Thank you with ALL my heart. Mishelka

One of our mums came to us from a village in the interior of Viti Levu 18 months ago. She had been abused from the age of 13 and was used at will for sex by many men in the village. She thought it was “normal” to have sex with many men at anytime! She had two children who were very ill (malnourished) and the whole situation looked a hopeless mess when she arrived at the campus. So much so, that we had extensive discussions about this woman’s inability to care for her children. But 18 months later the same woman has developed into a wonderful caring mother, her children are healthy and she is a prime example of how love and encouragement can turn life around. She has taken on the challenge to learn good parenting skills and her commitment to her children is beautiful to observe. It’s hard to put into words what a dramatic turn around has occurred in this situation, but then again why should we be surprised if nothing is impossible for God and we are looking to Him to bring about the transformation. The Wilson Family

The Carlson Family - USA At the airport: Passport and boarding pass in hand, I smiled at the airline security officer. I had learned to say as little as possible. “Good morning,” he said, making conversation. “It’s going to be a long day. Nobody loves me.” As he handed me my documents, I looked him in the eyes and said, “Even if nobody loves you, God always will.” PRAY for James, the airport officer, to experience God’s love. The Carlsons serve with One Mission Society at the World Headquarters in Indiana. Greg is director of regional ministries, coordinating the vision of eleven geographic regions where OMS relates with U.S. churches to promote missions and develop donors. Shirley is writer, guest speaker, and home manager! They have served with OMS in Colombia, Mexico, Russia and Uruguay. The Carlsons have four children: Micah, Madison, Nicholas, and Tiffany. Please keep them in your prayers

Billy & Jeanne Campbell - ASIA

Joe Cavanagh - MEXICO

Hey, my name’s Joe Cavanagh, I’m from Brisbane Australia and I have spent the last year in Mexico City as an extreme walk missionary, working with street kids and in church planting. People say that being a missionary is a sacrifice (wealth, family and friends, comfort) but I have gained more in the last year than I could have imagined. I spent the majority of my time working with a team of Mexicans ministering to the street people of Mexico City. Doing what we can to love them, speak the word of God into their lives and encourage change from a life defined by drugs and other worldly pleasures to a life lived with a better purpose in Christ. I also had the opportunity to work with two church plants one in the drop in centre for the street kids and another in a town called Toluca just outside the city. I spent the first three months studying Spanish and continued to learn for the rest of my time. God is perfectly faithful and although I was faced with challenges in language, living, ministering and the change of culture and customs, I learnt so much of myself, of Christ and of our world. I thank God for all the relationships I was able to form with fellow workers and friends, I was not expecting to be so accepted so warmly into the culture and families, I did come out of Mexico with family though and it made the experience so invaluable and unforgettable I sometimes wish I was still there. My year in Mexico has continued to grow my love for the word of God and I will most likely begin Bible College to equip me for full time ministry afterwards. I want to thank everyone who supported me through prayer and financial gifts. Thank you so much for making my trip possible. Dios les Bendiga, Joe

The months ahead will be VERY busy indeed. There is need for a special visit to Myanmar at the end of May. In June a missions team from our local church in Hong Kong will visit the Hope House school and training centre. In July, we plan to have our annual family holidays, which will be a welcome break from the fast pace of life here in the East! In August, Jeanne will return to Australia to meet a group from our former home church in Melbourne who are planning a missions team visit to Cambodia in December. The construction at the Myanmar Vision Christian College (MVCC) is progressing well; the goal is to finish the main college building by the time the students return to their studies on 15th June! We had a recent SOS from the MVCC Principal, Ronald Cung, asking for urgent help – some additional funds needed to complete the main college building! We have promised Ronald that we will join him and the college staff in trusting that God, through supporting churches and individuals, will provide the funds necessary to complete the work. Throughout our lifetime in Christian service, we have been amazed at the answers to prayer and the generous support, for the special projects and the leadership training ministry, that has come from all who have partnered with us in the Lord’s work – and the end is not yet! Indeed, there is still so much to be done in the interest of evangelism and the strengthening of the church here in Asia; we are constantly challenged by the many opportunities. Therefore it is with fresh determination and dedication that we press on, grateful for the health and strength given to enable us to do this. THANK YOU for continuing to pray for us and supporting the work and ministries to which we have been called and assigned to in Asia.

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The Cotton Family - SPAIN David and Catherine Cotton and their three children (aged 16, 14 and 12) have been in Spain now for three and a half years ... after what they thought was to be only a 12 month mission experience. They were called by God to stay longer, given the incredible dearth of evangelical churches throughout the country, in the midst of large portions of, Spanish people also turning their backs on Catholicism. “We could not walk away from a situation where there were NO evangelical churches within 80 kilometers of where we were living, to return to our Sydney residence where we were blessed with three such churches within 80 metres of our home!” It so happened, that the day after they moved into their new village, Algete, not far north of Madrid, a new evangelical church plant was starting with local Spanish Pastors. This church is now flourishing with over 50 adults in attendance and some 25 children. We are working with the local Pastors (Josue and Prisca) whilst also working with OMS’s Vision Norte Project and their vision for house churches to be planted in 14 other surrounding villages. We are very excited for all that the Lord has in store for this land and to be able to work alongside local Spanish Pastors is all in the Lord’s plan for better equipping the Spaniards in their mission efforts. David and Catherine are currently attending six weeks of Cross Cultural and Church Planting training at OMS’s Headquarters in the US. Following this they will come on out to Australia to report back here, to raise awareness of their call and work in Spain.They will be working with OMS in Australia from September through to the end of the year. If you would like for them to meet you or to have them speak at your bible study or church, later in 2010, please either contact the OMS office or e-mail them at David & Catherine Cotton

Greg and Shirley Carlson (World HQ) $………………. Michelle Taylor (Russia) $………………. Ray Airosa (Director OMS Australia) $………………. Mark and Cheryl Wilson (Fiji) $………………. Mark Burbidge (Spain) $………………. David and Catherin Cotton (Spain) $………………. Sergii and Tanya Susidko (Ukraine) $………………. Joe Cavanagh (Mexico) $………………. Billy Campbell (Asia) $……………… Ian Bongers (Admin, Australia Office) $………………. Cambodia School Project * $……..……. Rainbow of Hope (Russia) $…………… .. Sonny Solar Radios (Haiti) $……………..... Healing for Haiti—nutrition project $……………..... Kandalaksha Project (Russia) $………………. Sports Club (Colombia) $..................... OMS Australia Pledge Partners Fund $………………. Where most needed $………………. * ‘OMS Overseas Aid Fund’ (tax deductible) Total $…………..….. Cheques - Please make cheques for missionaries and projects payable to: OMS International, PO Box 897, RINGWOOD, Vic 3134. For the special Overseas Aid Fund projects (tax deductible) please make cheques payable to OMS Overseas Aid Fund. Direct Deposits – If you wish to make a payment directly through your bank, pay to: Westpac. (Please check with us for Overseas Aid fund tax deductible deposits as this is a separate bank account.) Acc Name: OMS International Australia- Inc. Acc Number: 733-172 BSB: 628724. NOTE: In the transaction details please be sure to include your name and the name of the missionary or project you are supporting. Credit card donations:- (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS only) By phone – call us on 03 9872 4209 Web site – By mail – complete you credit card details below and return this form to OMS at PO Box 897, RINGWOOD, Vic 3134. PO Box 251, Arana Hills, Qld, 4054 I authorise OMS International to deduct a payment of:AUD$ [ ] $100 [ ] $50 [ ] $25 [ ] or, $_____________ [ ] Once off [ ] Monthly Card Type: [ ] Visa [ ] Bankcard

[ ] Mastercard [ ] Amex

Card No: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Name on Card:……………………………………… Expiry Date:………………….. Signature:…………………………………………

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