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Project 1

For “Audience or Target Market” It is the opening project of my lesson. My target is quite clear, Children’s Illustration or may say drawing as a kid. A short story is suitable for this story. Cause my audience and target is just young children or teenagers. I think a good illustration story can be understood without words. This is a story about girl’s dream, also express the girl’s wishes. Make a new relationship between people and pet. Not only the owner and pet, they can be friend, they can do lots of things together. Because animals also have feel and they will be happy or sad, lazy or outgoing. They know who loves them, they will rely on their owner, so do owners. It is a balanced relationship and balanced treatment. I have a cat at home, and we communicate quite often, from the beginning until now, I know her better, she knows me better too. When I was sad and crying, she will come and look at me, she “mew” to me and use her hand to touch my tears. Like she is trying to comfort me. My I deal’s born was the moment we both lying on the floor and stare at each other. We are so closed like mom and daughter and intimate friends.

analyse of Core Sessions: Creative Practice. The reason I chose to do a diploma before MA is I want to try more and more creative ways. MA should be really busy and If I do something without knowing it, it might influence my MA grades. I still want to consolidate also build my base. When I first time came to the first lesson, I could feel “that“ is what I Want. I have weak part during creating, like researching for one named project, I was always focusing on one might wrong might not

Project 2

For “Alter Ego” I chose the famous character Mona Lisa as the protagonist, if she is a real person and still alive, where will she go, when she left France which country she would go traveling first. How is the journey would been. What kind of people she will be interested in. Does she wear modern costumes, etc. It just about imagination and make fictitious character and real life together. She might be the other kind of woman which is different from my personality setting of her. On this project, I planed a journey for her, get out of the frame and look around the brand new world. She is famous, famous people might want to know each other. She might go to see her own smile in exhibition. My outcome is just one of million ideas, the thing she might do. It takes lots of fun when I deal the images, like that’s real happened. When I was doing this project, when I tried to put modern cloth and hat on her, changed her hair style, she drinks with other famous people during her journey. It could happen many many interesting thing like what you want her suffered.

the best idea to process my work and creatting. The creative pracitice helps me a lot, not that busy schedule, I have enough time to think and experience.. I tried lots of different material to drawing different or similar things. I learnt a lot, and know better about illustration and how can I be better which was the question I did not find the answer in my 3 years’ BA course. the Random projects trained me explore more ideas. most of our projects are really open like I can do everything I think they are connected.

Project 3 For “word” I have to say I was nervous and did not know how could I start with the brief. I am a illustrator and my most weak part is typography. I afraid of that typo destroyed my works. But this time, I researched a lot and and many friends who are illustrator too. Why do not I just draw out the “words”, I am a illustrator. Type face and fonts could be created by others, so do I. Use different materials to draw out the words, the feel is totally different from writing words. I defined the typo as another kind of drawing. I decided to do a sort of sighs with few phrase combined with my drawing. It could be print as a small poster that you could post on your web, could be a present emotion images set as whatever profile or new updating. Also with the original painting board hanging on the wall or as a hang out board outside of your house or bedroom. Now I have a new definition of typo. Work with it could have lots of fun and experience.

for this half year, the first semester I quite enjoy the processing for creating, even though I had some hard time to think about my project., good thing is the final outcomes make me feel confident and for the outcomes and research practice part. tutors are helpful and genetal, useful feedback hleps a lot as well. before I start my next semester, I have a month time to careful think of my major project of this year. I think i could improve much before I step to MA.








abilities. The skills they gain in the training is necessary to expound on their knowledge. In doing so they would be able to work well with others from different or similar professions.

Creative art is the oldest documented form of art. Ancient artists used paintings to communicate their feelings. Creative art is wide in scope, from photography to painting and performing arts such as dancing and music. Often

Throughout an arts course, communication exploration and development of

these skills are inborn within an individual and only training brings perfection in

new ideas is vital for the success of an artist. An artist gains knowledge,

the art Giglio (2015, p. 205). Creative arts have a lot of benefits, both for the

understands techniques and experiments with ideas in real life (Porter, 2014, p2).

individual artist and the society at large. The artist can use their skill to benefit the

Artists are supposed to be curious and inquisitive to test their instincts in different

society, such as helping children with their cognitive development, emotional

situations. Artists use the skills gained in training to generate helpful ideas, adopt

development and social development. For the artist, creative art becomes a source of income if pursued professionally, it also becomes a source of joy and fulfilment

new skills and refine, practice and articulate extensively. Artists training course also equips an artist with skills vital for succeeding in life.

since it is something that the artist loves doing. For an individual’s talent to be nurtured, it is key that they become subjected

A lot of people suffer from depression. It is estimated that annually, 7% of

to training. Training helps the individual horn their skill so that they become very

the population suffers from bouts of loneliness, emotional and mental lows and

good at what they do. According to Giglio (2015, p. 203), for the best outcome,

other symptoms that can directly be linked to depression. However, artists such as

people from other fields such as business are included in the training. Training

musicians, dancers, inventors etc. are more often than not forming a large

subjects upcoming artists to a wide variety of fields. It also subjects these artists to

percentage of people suffering from depression (Christensen, 2013). It is not clear

other artists of similar nature thereby helping them learn from each other. With this

whether or not it is the depression that drives them to express what they feel inside

inclusivity, people from wider professions come and gain the creative artistic

through art, or if it is the art that contributes to the onset of depression. Throughout





history, many renowned artists and creatives have suffered from bouts of

depression that motivates them to be good at what they do and come up with

depression. Artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Charles Darwin are examples of

admirable pieces of art.

renowned artists to have suffered from depression.

Vincent van Gogh is typical example of a creative artist to have succumbed Psychologists and psychiatrists tend to agree that the prevalence of

to depression. He was born in 1853 and died in 1890. The last two years of his life

depression amongst artists is high because they tend to amplify their thoughts

before he committed suicide at the age of 37 years were characterized by unstable

(Christensen, 2013). Since creative artist are often deep thinkers, they tend to go

moods, recurrent psychotic episodes and a strange personality (Blumer, 2002).

over and over again details that bring them pain and suffering. This over thinking

Diagnosis made by French physicians who were treating van Gogh have been used

and re-living of painful situations is perhaps what psychiatrists have identified as

by modern psychiatrists to establish the exact ailment he was suffering from.

the source of depression among the artists. This over thinking is often done in an

Temporal lobe epilepsy was identified by Henri Gastaut in his study of the artist’s

attempt by the artist to better understand the situation that befell them. This

life and medical history which was published in 1956. Van Gogh’s medical history

tendency to focus on thoughts and feelings of what happened is the manifestation

also confirms that he had a preexisting bipolar condition and had suffered from two

of depression.

bouts of reactive depression.

Because of creative artist’s love of overthinking, their depression often stays

A few months before committing suicide, van Gogh painted a picture that

for long than that of ordinary people (Christensen, 2013). Depression, while

best illustrated the depression he was suffering from. The painting depicted an

hindering the affected person from leading a normal and healthy life, actually helps

elderly man sitting alone on a simple chair in a room that was empty. The man’s

the affected to focus on areas that they need to make better. For artists, it is the

hands were balling over his eyes (Blazer, 2010). The interpretation that can be derived from this particular paint is directly linked to the depression he was




suffering from at the time. The use of an elderly man is ideal since elderly people


have a lot of reasons to be depressed, such as death of their spouses. The body

Blazer, D.G., 2010. The origins of late-life depression. Psychiatric Annals, 40(1),

language used, that of leaning forward illustrates that the elderly man has some

pp.13-18. Available at

internal pain that is weighing him down, another reason to be depressed. The fact


that room is empty except for the chair he is sitting on illustrates that the man has


perhaps lost his worldly possessions and is depressed as a result. The fact that the man is alone in the room with no companion means that the man is suffering from loneliness which is directly linked to depression. The painting’s tittle, At Eternity’s

Blumer, D., 2002. The illness of Vincent van Gogh. American Journal of Psychiatry, 159(4), pp.519-526. Available at doi/abs/10.1176/appi.ajp.159.4.519

Gate, means that perhaps van Gogh knew he was going to die. Creative Practitioner Inquiry in the Helping Professions, 1-6. Giglio, M. (2015). How Student Creative Collaboration and Teaching Practices

In conclusion, it has been demonstrated that creative art is inborn within the

Affect Each

artist. However, subjection to training makes the artists horn their skill and excel at what they do. Depression is a major problem that affects a significant proportion of the world’s population. However, its prevalence among creative artists tends to be high. A number of reasons are attributed to this high prevalence, key among them being the thoughtful nature of artists, in which depression thrives. Vincent van

Other. Creative Practitioner Collaboration in Teaching, 201-205. Porter, S. (2014). Introduction to ‘Creative Practitioner Inquiry in the Helping Professions’. Tanner Christensen, 2013. The link between depression and creativity, and how it

Gogh is a good example of an artist to be affected by depression. He

can be good for you. Available at

communicated what he was feeling inside by use of his paintings.


1. Rouge (film)

2. Farewell My Concubine (film)

3. My father and mother (film)

readed and watched

4. Danshari (book)

depression diary

brain formatting


Passion cannot be released

day-off equal relax?

there are rains inside my thought

look at the girl in the wind

tehy said i am the lucky one, they said

do not judge me i am a freak

I don’t give a shit what I have now. aim to destroy

can i be washed by wash machine

there are always many faces around

waking up makes me dysphoric

sometimes I hate to be a woman

is any place to hide which cannot be found

A place called black

where is the beginning of life? an egg?

I find climbing makes me feel good

I wish I could be a koi everyone loves me everyone

sudden wants to have some wagashi

why always dark inside house

what you see is not really

see just a human

black blood in cubes

that is every Buddharupa looks in my eyes

crumbly people carry the heavy things

cute character?

yes, it is cute just from here fresh one

the door of the seamy side has been opened.

crazy people always look silent

only ocean could hug me, tightly

and dark


dream, which is

the place I cannot fly to

life always give few options that

what kind of death I want

compared with hopelessness

disappointment hurts me more

once it broken

never goes back

I would like to soak in whine

rather thanformaldehyde solution

K1465354 SHUHAN ZHANG PM7000 portfolio  

K1465354 SHUHAN ZHANG PM7000 portfolio

K1465354 SHUHAN ZHANG PM7000 portfolio  

K1465354 SHUHAN ZHANG PM7000 portfolio