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Exemplaire gratuit, n’est pas destiné à la vente

Issue 1 / Spring Summer 16



Soasig Chamaillard Sculptor

Alexis Cherigny Photographer

Erika Diehl Painter

Marion Giorgi Artist

Chin Sun Lee Writer

StĂŠphanie Stindel Artist


vant tout, la marque Monsieur Stindel HVW QpH GH OœHQYLH GH VœDPXVHU ¿QDOHPHQW rien d’autre qu’une excuse à devenir support artistique dans tous ses Êtats. Il est donc devenu très vite Êvident que si nous devions faire un catalogue, celui-ci devrait être une tribune artistique, un livre d’images ouvert à et sur notre univers, nos amis artistes, nos coups de coeur. C’est donc avec un grand plaisir que nous vous prÊsentons Monsieur Stindel Magazine. Nous espÊrons qu’il grandira, se dÊveloppera, aura une vie bien à lui et fera des Êmules.

First of all, and beyond any fashion idea, Monsieur Stindel as a brand was born from the idea of having fun, probably nothing else than another alibi to explore art in all forms. Soon it became very obvious that if we had to do a catalog, it should be some sort of a tribute to art, an image book on and opened to our art world, our artist friends, our visual crushes. So it is with a great pleasure and pride that we intoduce you to Monsieur Stindel Magazine. We hope it will grow and unfold, and will have its own existence. Enjoy!



S-M-L Page 16-17

Š Monsieur Stindel, Punchline

S-M-L Page 16-17


Š Monsieur Stindel, Green Dot Mask

Take a look at


Alexis Cherigny

Alexis Cherigny est photographe et rĂŠalisateur, il vit et travaille Ă Paris. Son travail est orientĂŠ sur la matière accidentĂŠe. “Il y a assez peu de recherche du lisse dans ma pratique de la photographie. La sĂŠrie Norway, c’Êtait un ĂŠloge de la lenteur. Tout est lent lĂ -bas. Le ferry est lent, les routes sont lentes, les gens sont lents, accĂŠder Ă  un glacier c’est lent, donc c’est un temps de contemplation obligatoire.â€?

Š Alexis Cherigny, Norway, Ferry I

Alexis CherignyLVDSKRWRJUDSKHUDQGÂżOPPDNHUKHOLYHV and works in Paris. His work is about broken texture. “I’m not looking for smoothness in my practice of photography. The Norway series, LW ZDV DQ HOHJ\ RI VORZQHVV (YHU\WKLQJ LV VORZ RYHU WKHUH The ferry boat is slow, the roads are slow, people are slow, accessing a glacier is slow; therefore it is a mandatory time of contemplation.â€?


Š Alexis Cherigny, Norway, Glacier I


Š Alexis Cherigny, Norway, Ferry II


And also...


Š Marion Giorgi, Buns, Chicken leg

Marion Giorgi


Philippine porte Basic Tuna Can. Adrien porte Basic Blue Boy. Š Mo n s i e u r St i n d e l , Ti c Ta c To e

Marion Giorgi est une artiste plasticienne qui vit et travaille à Paris. Elle travaille en tant que styliste dans le domaine de la mode. Cette série Buns est une invitation qui ne laisse pas le choix. A la couleur, à la texture, glacé, gluant, rosé, piquant, comme un répertoire de possibles et impossibles textures et matériaux. Sensuel. Répugnant. Inquiétant. Le dehors qui a explosé dedans. Ou inversement.

© Marion Giorgi, Buns, Colors I



© Marion Giorgi, Buns, Colors II



Basic Punch line. 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Blue Boy 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Carrot Guy 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Green Dot Mask 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Coconut Tree 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Venus Boy 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L


Basic Eyes 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Tous les modèles sont disponibles H/F

Basic School Boy 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Tuna Can. 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Mr Stindel Paris 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Mix up 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Mix up Pastel 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Mask 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

Basic Lips 100% Organic Cotton.S-M-L

All pieces are available for both men and women


Š Monsieur Stindel, Smoking Hand


Š Alexis Cherigny, Norway, Galcier II


Š Monsieur Stindel, Collection Spring Summer 16

Adrien porte Basic Mix up Pastel.


Š Monsieur Stindel, Collection Spring Summer 16

Philippine porte Sweat Pineapple. Adrien porte Nice Funky Bird.


And maybe...

Š Erika Diehl, False Flag


Erika Diehl

Erika Diehl est une artiste peintre, nĂŠe dans les montagnes d’Alaska. “Je peins l’acte de regarder, la dialectique entre l’intĂŠrieur et l’extĂŠrieur et l’expĂŠrience du temps au travers de la couleur. Evocateur du paysage, mon travail occupe un espace entre la reprĂŠsentation et l’abstraction.â€? Erika Diehl is a painter born in Alaska mountains. “I paint the act of looking, the dialectic of interior and exterior and the experience of time through color. (YRFDWLYH RI ODQVFDSH P\ ZRUN RFFXSLHV WKH VSDFH between representation and abstraction.â€?


Š Erika Diehl, Sleeping


© Stéphanie Stindel, Igor, Feutre sur papier, 2015

Stéphanie Stindel



Soasig Chamaillard

Issue d’une societé occidentale chrétienne, PDUpÀH[LRQHVWLQÀXHQFpHSDUPRQHQYLURQQHPHQW Je travaille à partir de statues abîmées, provenant de brocantes ou de dons, que je restaure et transforme. Je ne cherche pas à choquer ceux qui croient. Je ne cherche qu’à toucher ceux qui voient. Growing up in a western Christian world, P\WKLQNLQJKDVEHHQLQÀXHQFHGE\P\HQYLURQPHQW ,ZRUNIURPYLQWDJHEURNHQVWDWXHVWKDWL¿QGLQÀHD PDUNHWVRUWKDWDUHJLYHQWRPH,UHVWRUHDQGWUDQVform them. ,DPQRWWU\LQJWRRIIHQGWKRVHZKREHOLHYH ,RQO\WU\WRPRYHWKRVHZKRVHH


© Soasig Chamaillard, Notre Dame du Poulpe

Š Marion Giorgi, Poulpe


The Sound As It Tears by

Chin-Sun Lee The sound of scissors slicing through silk has always held me in thrall. If you do not know what I mean, you have only to imagine the rippling surface of a length of silk—perhaps a woman’s slip, white DV QHZ VQRZÀDNHV ZLWK GHOLFDWH fastenings—destroyed by a pair of small golden shears. You slice along the grain while the shears move almost of their own accord, and the fabric rips with a vicious elegance that is wonderful to the ear. Other pleasures can be derived through different senses, the possibilities of ZKLFKDUHLQ¿QLWHZKHQRQHFRQVLGHUV the varieties of the human species, and their responses. Even in the case of identical twins. Take Sylvia and Sabine, for example, long accustomed to being


mistaken for each other. Walking beside them along the Rue du ChercheMidi, a practiced eye can discern a tiny brown mole on Sabine’s left cheek, where her sister has none, and also note that Sylvia is half an inch taller. But these discrepancies can easily be repaired with a sharpened crayon and the right set of heels. Otherwise, the girls are remarkably similar, with alabaster faces of nearfrightening oval symmetry, hair of the same coppery hue, milky grey eyes and aquiline noses, pink lips with even pearly teeth. I imagine them as small children, their mother dressing them in different colors in order to tell them apart. Perhaps they’d be naughty and switch their ensembles, so she might mistake one for the other. They like to play in her dressing room, large and

lined with mirrors. Stripping naked, they each stand facing opposite ends and stare at the double images of WKHLUKHDGVZLWKWKHLUUHÀHFWHGH\HV forever multiplying, until one of WKHPSUREDEO\6\OYLD¿QDOO\JURZV dizzy. , VHH WKHP ULÀLQJ WKURXJK WKHLU mother’s dresser to discover, layered neatly on the bottom shelf, a white silk wrap, long and heavy with braided fringe. Sabine pulls it out and ZDONVRYHUWRWKHYDQLW\¿QJHULQJWKH cool buttery

© Soasig Chamaillard, Eau-Delà


30 © Stéphanie Stindel, Sans titre 7

silk while the fringe ends tickle her wrist. With a pair of nail scissors, she carefully slits the delicate material in smooth even slashes. As the scissors slice through, the fabric gives a slight resistance, making a sound that is wonderful to her ear. The whole time she is aware that what she is doing is bad—that there will be repercussions—but this only enhances the act. As I am also aware that my actions might have repercussions. I follow the two girls, now nubile and adult, their shapely calves swiveling in simultaneous precision onto the Boulevard Raspail. I keep my face hidden beneath a charcoal grey fedora, though this precaution seems unnecessary. The girls are oblivious to their surroundings, focusing their gazes straight ahead in the practiced manner of those accustomed to attracting attention. A light patter of rain begins to fall. I open my umbrella, but soon others do the same so that my view is obstructed, and I

become frantic until I notice the girls opening their umbrellas too, bright pink domes bobbing in a sea of black. Now it becomes even easier to watch them while I remain hidden. A right turn at the Rue de Sèvres, a quick left onto the Rue de Grenelle, and then they disappear into an archway of a building with a façade, at least, that I know very well. Precisely at four, I press the buzzer. “Oui?â€? says a female voice, polite but sharp. I give her the code: “NumĂŠro neuf-cinq-trois.â€? After a pause, the gate unlatches and I push through. I cross the bleak courtyard and up three stone steps to a pair of heavy brass double doors. They open automatically at my approach. Inside there is only a dark room with a woman behind a counter. Despite the dim lighting, I can see that she is middle-aged, though attractive and carefully groomed. She rustles through some hidden papers and, without looking up, says in perfect English, “Monsieur, you are quite

on time. And your references are impeccable.â€? By this I know that the funds requested, an exorbitant fee, have been successfully transferred. She lifts her head to assess me, and smiles. “The sisters are waiting for you.â€? A hidden door to my right slides open to reveal a tiny elevator with fully mirrored walls. I step inside and the door shuts. The elevator clicks and whirs, taking me higher and higher, as I multiply and grow LQÂżQLWHO\VPDOOHUDQGVPDOOHUXQWLOI am past a point

I cannot see....

In the darkness, I close my eyes until the sensation of vertigo passes. It is not quite the time for me to disappear. With my eyes still closed, I remind myself that I have a purpose, and thrust both hands in my coat pockets—the left caressing a silk blindfold and the right, a pair of shears.




Exemplaire gratuit, n’est pas destiné à la vente

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Crédits : Soasig Chamaillard www.soasig-chamaillard.com Galerie Albane 1 Rue Suffren, 44 000 Nantes Galerie Caroline Tresca 14 Rue Servandoni, 75 006 Paris www.galerie-caroline-tresca.fr Alexis Chérigny www.alexischerigny.com Erika Diehl www.erikadiehl.info Marion Giorgi marion.giorgi.m@gmail.com Chin Sun Lee www.chinsunlee.com Stéphanie Stindel www.stephaniestindel.com www.galerie-caroline-tresca.fr DRM Galerie 2 Boulevard de Courcelles, 75 017 Paris www.drmgalerie.com

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