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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Escuela Nacional Preparatoria No. 1 “Gabino Barreda”

Name: Hernández Soto Monserrat. Teacher: María Elena Delgado Ponce de León. Group: 509 Subject: English V.

By: Hernรกndez Soto Monserrat

PAGES 1. My personal Information.


2. What’s better romance movies or horror movies?


3. Comparatives and superlatives.


4. Survival Guide to Prepa #1


5. Happy Birthday Laura!


6. Mother’s biography.


7. “Yo también tengo un padre” (Book Review).


8. My Holidays in 2009 (A weather anecdote).


9. Meaking arregaments (Hopes & fears).




Dear, Santa Claus…

Hi. Well, I´ll start with my personal information. My name is Monserrat but all the people call me Monse, I am 15 years old. I live in a small community. I´m from Mexico City. Mi birthday is in August.

Now I´ll talk about my hobbies, well I like singing with my best friend, I like swimming and I don´t like football. I love skirts and dresses too. I love romantic movies.

Now, I´ll tell you about my family. I have one sister, her name is Karime. The name of my father is Gilberto and the name of my mother is Alicia. I live with them in my house. My sister is 9 years old.

Finally, I´ll tell you about my pets, I don´t have any pets but I´d love to have a dog.

Monserrat: Hello girls! Jessica: Hi Monse! Laura: Hi Monse! Jessica: How are you? Monserrat: I’m very well. Jessica: Why? Monserrat: Because I have free tickets! Laura: Really? Monserrat: Yes, Would you like go to the cinema with me? Jessica: It’s a good idea! Laura: Yes, let’s go! Monserrat: What do you prefer romantic films or horror movies? Jessica: I think horror films are better because they are more interesting. I guess these films have more action than the others, but I don’t like the people killed in these movies. Laura: I think romantic movies are better because they are more tender than horror films. These are my favorite movies. Furthermore, romantic movies have fantasy and happy ending.

Monserrat: I guess both films have something in common, but in my opinion I think that romantic films are more appropriate for a date with your love and horror films to come out with your friends. For me the two are my favorites.


Laura: Hello. Monserrat: Hi, Laura. It's Monse. Laura: Oh, Monse. How are you? Monserrat: Fine, thanks. I just wanted to call to say happy birthday. Laura: Oh, thank you! Monserrat: You're welcome. And, do you have party? Laura: Yes, I do. Monserrat: Oh My God! I have your gift. Laura: Where is my gift? I want my gift. Monserrat: Wait! I will go to the party and I'll give it you. Only wait! Laura: Ok, the party starts at 6 o'clock pm. Monserrat: Ok! I will stay with you in the party. Laura: See you later and thank you. I love you. Monserrat: I love you too, and Bye For Now. And happy day!

Alicia Soto Ramos (18/01/63)

Alicia born in a little town San Luis de la Loma, Guerrero. She lived with her parents. She have 3 brothers and 5 sisters. When she was 7 years old, began to do housework with her mother and sisters. While her brothers went whit her dad. She was always very dedicated to her studies and always had good grades.

When she wanted to go somewhere, she had to ask permission from their parents. The places she visited as a child were rivers, beaches and parks. At age 15, she came to live in MÊxico with his dad and her brothers. While her mother was in Guerrero to take care of the house and the Alicia’s sisters. She began working at age 18 because her mother had died when Alicia was 16.

Alicia had her first boyfriend at age 20. When she came to him, she asking permission and accompanied of his brothers. She married at 27 years old with Gilberto HernĂĄndez Rivas and had two daughters Monserrat (16 years old) and Karime (10 years old)

This is the story of a girl, she has divorced parents and she lived with her mother. The author is Christine Nรถstlinger. The novel is set in Viena.

The book tells the story of Fely, she has divorced parents and she lives with her mother. She needs to find solutions for her problems and learns to live with her father. It is an interesting story because it shows many forms of solution to family problems. An example is when Fely needs to take a decision to choose whit who she lives.

This story makes you feel sometimes happy, sad or worry about things or problems with friends, family, lover, and etcetera.

This happened in 2009, when I traveled to Acapulco with my family.

We were at the beach, when we arrived we stayed in the hotel and then we get out at the beach. When we stayed in this place, at first the weather was extremely hot and sunny, I was very happy with my family.

We ate in the beach and played. But soon after the weather changed and started to rain and the wind was horrible.

We came back to the hotel and we talked about somethings, then we slept. In the end, the rain stopped and the weather was quiet. The next morning we came back to City Mexico.

Dear Laura,

I am writing to check your travel plans to visit next week.

What time is your train journey to get there? The train station is located just outside the city, so it is likely to arrive at 10 am. So it's probably best to get a taxi to conference centre. It should cost about $50. Have the address?

Arriving at the conference centre, I'll introduce you to everyone and see through the programming of the week. Then we'll take you to your hotel. In the afternoon, we'll all go out to eat.

You meet Anna at reception desk? At 10:30? I give you mobile number? You can call if late or problems.

Hope to see you next week.

Best wishes, Monserrat.

This year, I was a good girl. I complied with my obligations and I did all my homework. I obeyed my parents all the time. So I want for Christmas this:

 One Direction’s album.  A blouse and green pants.  A bag.  And the last thing is happiness and peace for my family, forever.

I hope you can give me this things. I hope you are well. I send greetings and kisses.

Take care, Monse loves you.

My learning journey!  

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