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Factors To Look At Concerning German Shepherd Lines Finding the right source for the German Shepherd you want is an important task which requires research and consideration. Although they share a particular breed of dog, not all of these dogs are the same, each one with their own niche in the dog community. Knowledgeable German shepherd breeders are the perfect source for show quality dogs with pedigree blood lines. Both show dogs and working dogs are offered, each possessing their own unique qualities based upon what you are looking for. A rancher or a police department by way of example would want a working dog with higher energy as opposed to a family pet where young children would need less activity and aggression. Bred for more specific purposes are American/Canadian shepherds. The perfect breeder will have the answer in the form of a content, healthy dog what ever your needs might be. Knowing what exactly you need beforehand is the secret to finding the right dog. Quite a few pet owners know, not all the dogs are alike. This is especially noticeable with German Shepherds. Dogs bred from the working line are usually more aggressive and have a stronger prey instinct. This means they have a tendency to chase and take hold of fast-moving objects. For families with children, this mixture is probably not a good match. Their much higher stamina means that they need more exercise to keep them content. These kind of dogs need strong discipline when being trained, but prove reliable workers after learning. They are most content by active positions including police dogs, farm dogs, and hunting dogs. Because of their temperament, they are often housed in kennels rather than in the home. Naturally, this line is not the best for family pets. German shepherd breeders nevertheless can come up with the right lineage based upon what you are requiring. More calm temperaments are the show line dogs yet they still keep their ability to protect. Friendlier and much easier to control, these dogs are the ideal fit for families with small children looking for a lively companion. These dogs can nonetheless be trained to work with some determination despite the fact that they are calmer and more stable than dogs from a working line. The family can remain safe and happy as well as the dog which is very important. While the dogs in the working and show lines are part of the authentic German breed, something else has developed in North America. The American/Canadian shepherds are carefully bred almost exclusively for dog shows, with looks and movement being the primary focus. Different from the German lines, these dogs are not held to many of the same standards. Among other exemptions, their lines haven't any temperament, endurance or dysplasia test demands. This typically leads to dogs with nervous personalities who might even have a tendency to bite because of fear. This less legitimate line should perhaps be avoided though they are usually less expensive. When searching for the right German shepherd, one more thing to consider is how the dog is being raised. Before you make a final decision, many breeders will allow you to view the facilities they use and see what the conditions are really like. To be sure the dogs are very socialized they are typically raised in a family environment before they locate their final owner. For anyone that may be looking, no matter what the needs are the perfect German shepherd is out there, you just need to go find it. Who knows, looking into this hard working, personable breed may just result in a new four legged friend.

Von Der Otto German Shepherds

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Factors To Look At Concerning German Shepherd Lines Studying the accessible German Shepherd breeders locally is the method to obtain a healthy, happy puppy. To learn more about Von der Otto German Shepherds, see their webpage at

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Von Der Otto German Shepherds

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Factors To Look At Concerning German Shepherd Lines